Emma Cums to London: Ellie’s Story


Even though she didn’t like missing out on her ration of sex for long periods Ellie could have coped if it wasn’t for the fact that Emma was fucking Adam, virtually every chance she got. Or almost every chance she got anyway. The reality was that Emma still felt uncomfortable about Ellie’s presence in the same house while she was fucking and would have liked a little more privacy which would have allowed her inhibitions to drop still further.

When they went to the circus school they were playing rather than seriously training but just as back in Canada they played hard. They were hoping on the back of their performance to get auditions for Cirque Du Solei and their play was more impressive than some’s serious training.

Ellie was not exactly on the pull that afternoon but if the opportunity presented itself she was not going to refuse. When Adam suggested she do some balancing with Dave who was a good few years older than most in the training space while she was working with Adam she first of all wondered about his age but then noting his broad shoulders and that he had the six pack that seemed to be almost obligatory among those training during professional practise time thought why not?

They went through the standard repertoire or standing on shoulders, handstands in hands etc. before moving on to some of the drops and despite never having worked together soon they were managing routines that they could have performed in front of an audience without any problems. Her weight of less than fifty kilogrammes meant that Dave could have got away with some moves even with bad technique but as she held her body tight and jumped well everything except the most difficult moves they tried was easy.

As they stopped for a drink of water, Ellie saw Andy, one of the long term regulars at the school massaging Rachael’s shoulders and commented,

“That looks good. I could definitely use some of that.”

Rachael looked over from where she was lying.

“You should get Dave to give you a massage. I was one of his case studies when he did his massage and aromatherapy training.”

Ellie wondered if it was going to be that easy. Lots of people at these places were very touchy feely without actually ever having sex with the people they trained with. Mind you if he didn’t succumb to the plan that was forming in her mind he was either gay or had incredible self control or possibly even both!


Dave lived only a few doors away from Adam in Stoke Newington so when training time was finished he got a lift back with him and the two girls. As the car pulled up to let Dave out Ellie made her move with a coyness that was so false Emma had trouble not bursting gaziantep escortları out into laughter.

“Do I get that massage now?”

“Sure, just let me freshen up first and I will get everything ready. Do you want to come in now or go round to Adam’s first?”

Ellie liked to shower with her usual brands of toiletries so went back to where she was staying. She had no trouble thinking about the hands that had lifted her so easily lifting her to a different sort of high and had done so with her own hands before leaving the shower.

Dave showered quickly. Then he put up the massage table in the loft conversion covered it with a fresh towel and chose a mixture of lavender and ylang ylang essential oils to add to the organic hazelnut oil he liked to use for massage.

With the hot late summer sun having shone all day and the windows in the loft being closed it still felt a bit like a sauna even after the windows had been opened. Ellie Stripped off quickly and told Dave not to bother with a towel to cover her as it was so hot.

Ellie was only the third person if you discount girlfriends that had stripped right down to the buff for a massage with him and the first to not have any pubic hair. He was immediately glad of the loose track suit bottoms he wore for doing massage that hid the instant erection he gained.

The oil on her skin was almost too hot as Dave started to massage Ellie’s back. Quickly she realised he really did know what he was doing. As his fingers pressed deep into her muscles she found tension draining away from her body that she didn’t even realise she had. By the time Dave had finished with her back and buttocks and started on her legs Ellie was fast asleep. When asked to turn over so he could do the front of her legs she barely woke up enough to comply before she was off in the land of dreams.

So much for her plan of letting her legs open wide enough to give him a view that he would know was deliberate! By the time she woke up and realised she had been sleeping there was barely time for plan B.

“Could you do my breasts? They always get a bit sore a couple of days before I am due.”

Ellie couldn’t recall her dream but it must have been a good one because she was feeling extremely wet, especially given the fact that she hadn’t given Dave the view she was certain would make her seduction of him certain.

Surprisingly Ellie was not lying about her breasts being sore but she had never thought of getting someone else to massage them to ease the pain before. Normally the few days before her menstruation was when she fancied sex less though her desire came back with a vengeance the day after her flow started.

Even this did not feel particularly sexual as Dave worked her small breasts with his hands. Much to her surprise the pain went and they also felt less bloated after a while. Ellie couldn’t be sure if the brushing of her nipples was an accident or not. It was time to be less subtle still.

Ellie reached between her legs and started to make small circles on her clitoris with her left index finger. At the same time her other hand opened up her labia.

Slow he might have been but Dave was not made of stone.

“So you want to play.”

With that he lowered his lips to hers as his hands gently squeezed her nipples till they were rock hard. Dave traced his way down her chin and neck with his tongue travelling down to the valley between her tits before locking his lips around a nipple. At the same time his hands slid under her butt lifting it high enough that he could see her crack from his position sucking her breasts.

Eager to taste her juices Dave lifted Ellie to the end of the table so her ass rested on the end. He knelt down and started to give the pussy that Ellie felt was so neglected some serious oral attention. He licked the juices she had already spread around her labia up then took one side between his lips before swapping his focus to the other. His tongue probed deep into her waiting vagina and for ten minutes she enjoyed a tongue fucking before she finally felt his lips and tongue reach her clit.

The effect was almost electric, Somehow she stayed on the massage table as her legs clamped around Dave’s head, her orgasm threatening to make her lose control completely.

When her screaming had subsided Dave picked Ellie up and placed her on hands and knees on a thick gymnastic type mat he kept in the loft. Knowing that she was as we as can be from his oral ministrations as soon as he had removed his clothing he placed the hard tip of his cock against her waiting cunt.

Before Dave had a chance to push forward Ellie had pushed back to surround his sex with her own. He was thicker than she had expected but it had been to long to wait to let her vagina accommodate his girth. She bucked backwards against him and then forwards with a rhythm that quickly worked her up to another mind blowing cum. Her muscles spasmed around his, and when Ellie reached behind to feel Dave’s balls, heavy with his unspent seed that was all the stimulation he needed.

She felt the heat of his cum as it blasted her inner walls. At the same time her vagina continued to squeeze as if desperate not to miss out on a drop after such a long period of abstinance.

Ellie placed her hands on the floor and taking charge made her demands.

“Stand up and lift me from the hips, keeping yourself inside me.”

Unusually Dave had not gone soft and he complied and as soon as they were in the wheelbarrow position started again to drive his piston in and out of her well oiled cylinder. Left hand holding her hip Dave moved his right around so he could reach her bud and he worked his magic with his fingers as he continued to enjoy Ellie’s tightness around him. Again and again his groin pushed up against her ass cheeks as he buried himself up to the hilt.

Ellie felt that familiar urgency as the tension built again, so much it was almost painful and then that glorious release. Feeling her start to cum Dave speeded up, taking his prick right out and pushing back in to the limit with each thrust until again he joined Ellie in her orgasmic bliss.

They were both covered in a mixture of sweat, massage oil and some parts of their bodies with both male and female cum.

“I think I need another shower now.”

“Not so fast, I need to taste you first.”

Ellie knelt in front of Dave and taking his now flaccid member between both hands licked the head clean before gently pushing the tip of her tongue into the eye of his snake. Next Ellie proceeded to run her tongue up and down Dave’s full length working her way around his circumference till she had cleaned him completely of their combined juices. Only then did she take him into her mouth, fastening her lips tight around him, working her lips from his base to top until after fifteen minutes she started to get a response. When he was finally hard Ellie relented.

“Now we can have a shower.”

There was to be no let up for Dave in the shower. The water up to temperature almost instantly with the press of the button on the electric unit Ellie’s arms clasped around his neck and she lifted her legs to lock them around his waist. Supporting her upper thighs with his hands Dave could reach her labia with his fingers and as his cock made its way in and out of the pleasure tunnel his fingers travelled the length or her swollen lips, up to her clitoris and back down again. With each thrust Ellie felt him touch her G spot and in less time than she would have thought possible she was approaching another climax.

Sensing her proximity Dave moved one hand to her ass and after a couple of minutes running his finger around her hole he pushed one finger in and through the wall of her bowel pushed against her vagina and his own sex as it pumped in and out.

Dave felt his balls empty yet again albeit with rather less cum than before. Seconds later Ellie’s joined him and sated they proceeded to wash each other.

Dave wondered if he could survive a week and a half at the pace Ellie had wanted from the evening but decided that if he couldn’t at least it would be a good way to go.

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