Dreams of Yesteryear

Double Penetration

The four older guys were sitting in a booth at their favorite bar, almost empty early on a rainy Tuesday evening. They were talking about their kids, the prospects for the Giants this year and how life had treated them. None of these were new themes.

Max heaved a sigh. “I can’t tell you how happy I am not to travel anymore! God! There was a time I woke up in Dallas and had no idea that is where I was! Thank God, they left a morning paper under the door.

Sam chuckled. “Yeah, Bonnie and Clyde said it best. ‘Life on the run ain’t no fun’.”

Lou raised his scotch glass. “Yeah boys, but there were times, right?”

All four nodded. Sam and Harry smiled and nodded very slowly. Harry sighed and shook his head.

“So?” Max asked. “Why the smile. What is flitting across your so called brain?”

Harry waved his hand at Max. “Fahget about it. It was a long time ago.”

By now the other three were all looking at Harry. After all, a new story? Something to make this early evening go faster? C’mon Harry!

Sam, who was sitting next to Harry gave him a friendly poke in the ribs. “So, tell us already. What made you smile. It’s not one of your more common acts.”

Harry sighed again and stared above their heads. “Well, okay. But only because it’s raining outside and I’m not leaving until it stops. Harry settled a little deeper in the corner of the booth. Sally the waitress came by and they all signaled for one more.

Harry continued to look over the heads of the two friends across from him. The murmurs in the room faded from his conscienseness. He had the picture in his mind as if it had happened yesterday instead of thirty odd years ago.

At the time, Harry worked for a furniture company. This particular promotion required him to travel through a number of medium to small markets and set up mattress sales at various hotels and promote them as one-day specials on hotel grade mattresses. Once he had the deal set up, the trucks would come in, his sales crew would arrive, the locals would flood in, mattresses would be sold and once the sale was set, Harry was on his way to the next town.

Harry was in his thirties and while not a tall man, and a bit balding, he was an attractive guy. Well built, with piercing hazel eyes and a ready smile, Harry was the picture of a salesman.

Harry was married, three kids and happy. He was not happy to be on the road, but hell, make the most of it, right? So, the sale in Charlotte was set. He was staying at the Westin which was nice, with a fine restaurant, a comfy bar and a good bed.

Harry, as usual, had dinner sent up by room service. As he ate his steak and potatoes, he got his paper work done and went downstairs to the business center to FAX it to the home office.

He laboriously fed the paper work into the machine and waited. As he did he glanced across the lobby at the Grill Room. It was not crowded. As the last copy ground away and the machine beeped at him to let him know it had done its duty, he took the papers, clipped them together and put them in his little portfolio which he carried everywhere.

He thought to himself, “well, one little brandy and I can probably call it a night.” He had a ten o’clock flight to Atlanta and home in the morning. He strolled across the lobby and up to the bar. He ordered a Courvoisier and looked around the Grill Room. It was a richly paneled room with heavy chairs, large oak tables and excellent food.

“What would have been so bad to eat a little later and do it here?” Harry sighed to himself. Second thoughts bugged him. As his eyes swept over the restaurant, he spotted two ladies having dinner alone at a corner table. They were late forties to early fifties. An easy ten years older than Harry. As he stared at their animated conversation he noticed they each had a glass of white wine in front of them. The silver ware was still neatly set on the table. They had not started dinner as yet and since the menus were still in front of both of them, obviously they had not ordered as yet, either.

Harry to this day does not know what came over him, but he was suddenly walking boldly through the room, up to the table and standing there smiling. Both ladies, somewhat startled, looked up at this younger man, smiling and standing there with a snifter of brandy in his hand and a leather portfolio under his arm.

“Ladies,” Harry had this mellifluous voice that could be commanding at a sales meeting and seductive under the right circumstances. “I hope I’m not intruding. But you look so lovely sitting here and were so animated in your conversation. I wonder if I might join you with my brandy?”

As he spoke Harry looked at both of them. The one on his left was a little bit overweight, but she carried it well, wearing a light blue dress and a strand of pearls around her neck. The neckline of the dress showed some cleavage to a generous pair of breasts.

The lady to his right was the older of the two, an easy fifty. She was rail thin, but elegant looking with a tight black sheath Escort Kızılay dress, diamond earrings and a bracelet to match. He saw that they both wore wedding bands. The skinny, elegant one also had a diamond engagement ring to match the wedding band.

The younger, heavier of the two smiled. He saw the lines around her eyes crinkle. Obviously she was used to smiling. Her teeth flashed very white against the dark red lipstick on her full lips. “Well, aren’t you the charmer! Are you with the hotel?”

It was Harry’s turn to laugh. “No m’am,” he chuckled as he sat. “I’m your proverbial traveling salesman. Have you ladies eaten dinner yet?”

The thin one spoke up. “Just about to. What did you say your name was?”

“Harry. Harry Shepard.” That was close enough to his real last name so he could remember it.

She spoke again. There was an elegance to her voice. “Well, Mr. Shepard, what would you recommend?”

Harry sat and took the menu from her. Just then, the tall, Middle Eastern looking waiter arrived tableside. “Ready to order?”

Harry smiled up at him. “What are the specials for tonight?”

The waiter rattled off some fish and some steak specials, the older of the two chose a trout the younger a veal risotto. Harry went for a cup of coffee.

Before the waiter left, Harry picked up the wine list from the table and ordered a bottle of a light California Chardonnay. As he handed the menus and wine list to the waiter he turned back to the two ladies. “Ladies, thank you so much for brightening my evening. Of course, dinner is on me.”

The elegant one said, “Mr. Shepard, no need for that. You are not even eating!”

“It’s Harry, dear lady and I ate already, with no idea that this lovely surprise was waiting for me. Please. It is my pleasure.”

The younger one, on his left, held out her hand. “Muriel. Muriel Blanchard.”

He took the hand, very small and delicate for a larger woman like this and kissed it gently. “Charmed.” He turned to the other one.

“Grace. Grace Dempsey.” She too held out her hand and he kissed it as well. It was larger, stronger but very soft.

The waiter arrived with the Chardonnay and poured a smidgen for Harry to taste. It was excellent. The waiter poured all the way around. Harry asked questions politely and found that Muriel and Grace lived in Memphis and had come to Charlotte for a regional meeting of a non-profit on which they served as State board members in Tennessee.

Grace had two boys, one a senior at Notre Dame, the other a sophomore at LSU. Muriel had a boy and a girl, both in high school. Grace’s husband owned a Ford dealership, Muriel’s an insurance agency.

The bottle was empty before dinner was finished. Harry was telling them tales of visiting Costa Rica, Mexico and his hobby of photography. He told them of going deep into jungles and taking pictures of rare birds and high mountains. Most of it was true.

Half way through the second bottle of Chardonnay, they were laughing uproariously at stories of Harry’s time as a disc jockey in Philadelphia, at Muriel’s stories of as she said, “believe it or not a cheer leader about twenty pounds and many years ago.”

Grace was a bit more reserved, but she contributed with the story of a party at their house where everyone ended up in the swimming pool. Harry was about to order some after dinner drinks when Muriel put her hand on his wrist. It was warm, very warm.

`”Harry, you’ve been so kind. Buying us dinner and all. We have that bottle of brandy from the banquet, don’t we Grace?”

Grace nodded assent. “Well, come up to our room and let’s share that. I don’t want to lug it home on the plane.” She saw Grace raise an eyebrow. “Oh, come on Grace! Loosen up. Harry? Are you a serial rapist?”

Harry smiled and took a hand from each of them. “Not in this life, ladies, I swear.”

Ten minutes later, bill paid, up the elevator to a suite on the twelfth floor and they were sitting, Harry in a wing chair, the two ladies on the couch, the brandy and three glasses from the mini bar in front of them.

Muriel turned to Harry. “Harry, this is the most fun I’ve had in years! Isn’t it Grace? Such wonderful conversation, such an interesting life you have led. Not an ordinary traveling salesmen at all!”

Harry bowed from the waist. “Thanks you m’am. But I’m sure your life is not dull.”

“Ha!” Muriel snorted and took a pull on the brandy. “George has not made me laugh in years. Matter of fact he hasn’t made me in months!”

“Muriel!” Grace burst out. “What a terrible thing to say. Harry, I’m sorry.”

Harry held up both hands. “It stays in this room, ladies. I live in Orlando, you are in Memphis. All is safe.”

Muriel laughed lightly. “Now Grace, tell me all is hunk dory on Rodney Place?”

Grace sat back and crossed her legs. Nice legs thought Harry. “Well, yes. But, quiet, I’ll admit.”

Harry spotted a deck of cards in the open mini-bar. He took them out. “Anybody for cards?”

“Can’t Kızılay Escort play bridge with just three of us.” Said Grace.

“Harry, what do you suggest,” asked Muriel.

“Well, twenty one – blackjack. That’s simple.”

“Fine,” said Grace. She had finished her brandy and her words were slurring just a bit. “What’ll we, uh, play for?”

Muriel looked Harry straight in the eye. “How about we do this. The winners stay pat. Losers have to take one item of what they are wearing off.”

Grace looked sharply at Muriel. “Muriel! That’s strip, umm…poker, isn’t it?”

Harry smiled at both of them. “Well, okay. So it’s strip blackjack. Shall I deal?”

Two nods. Harry shuffled, dealt. His show card was an ace. Muriel had a ten, Grace a three. Muriel said “Hit me.” He dealt. Another ten. Grace laughed a real giggle. “Hit me too, man!” She slurred.

Harry poured more brandy. He dealt Grace a ten. He stayed pat. Muriel turned over her cards. Two tens and five. Grace said “Hit me one more time.” He dealt a queen. “Shit!” Said Grace.

She turned over her cards. A queen, a ten and a three. Harry tuned his over. An ace and a seven. He shrugged. “Ladies?” He questioned. Grace took off one of her diamond earrings. Muriel her wedding band. Interesting.

Fifteen minutes later a pile of jewelry sat in the middle of the table, along with two pairs of ladies’ shoes, Harry’s tie and one shoe. On the next deal, Harry hit black jack with an ace and queen, Grace had a flat twenty-one with a queen, a three and an eight. Muriel had a queen, a five and a ten. Slowly she got up from the couch, turned her back and removed her panty hose.

Five minutes later, Harry’s shirt, both shoes and one sock joined the pile along with Grace’s panty hose, removed in the same discreet way. The next deal was crucial. Harry and Muriel lost. Harry had one sock to contribute before it got serious. Muriel stood, a bit unsteadily. “Harry, would you help me?” She said quietly. She turned her back to Harry and reached both hands to the top of her dress, pointing at the zipper.

He stood, reached up and slowly unzipped her dress, revealing strong shoulders, a tan bra, a full back and two long, straight legs just a bit on the heavy side. Muriel turned around and smiled. She stepped out of the dress.

“Well, here I am. Am I a good sport?”

Harry looked at her full bust held so well in the tan bra. She wore a pair of light tan panties through which he could see a brown patch of pubic hair. “Yes m’am,” he breathed. “I’d say spectacular.”

The game continued. The brandy bottle was empty. Harry’s trousers were long gone. Grace had shed her dress showing small upturned breasts in a silk bra and full panties that were almost underwear. They had both admired Harry’s legs and chest.

“Running and the gym ladies, thank you!” He replied snappily. He couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t drunk. And, when Grace took off her dress, Harry began to get a hard on.

Next deal and nobody was saying last deal. Losers were Grace and Muriel. Muriel stood first and off came the tan bra. He breasts had just begun to sag, but were still full and luscious. Harry stared and then saluted. Grace defiantly took off her bra and the two small breasts stood straight out with nipples that were easily an inch long.

“Well, screw you. Muriel. Are these so bad?” She directed this at Harry who was sitting swiveling his head from one-half naked lady to the other.

“Why Grace,” he said in his soft voice. “They are beautiful.”

“And natural, too!” She said, still defiant. “C’mon, feel ’em if you don’t believe me!”

“Oh, but I do!” Harry protested. Grace stumbled a bit but kneeled in front of him. “Feel!” She demanded. Harry reached out one hand tentatively and encircled her right breast.

Oh, yes, ” he said and while he was at it, began to stroke that elongated nipple as well. Grace stayed kneeling, her eyes fluttering.

Muriel pounded the table, gently. “Deal!” She demanded.

Grace crawled back and sat in front of her spot on the couch. Muriel continued standing. Harry remained seated because his hard on was pressing through his jockeys. He dealt and lost. So did Muriel. She stood and stripped off her panties, the last vestige of clothing.

He fumbled under the table and tossed his jockeys on the pile. He remained seated. Grace reached under the table and took his penis in her hand. “Hmm,” she said. “Nice.” And removed her hand.

When Grace lost her panties on the next hand and stood, they all were now standing . “Well, Grace said, “staring at Harry’s upright penis. “What is the next thing to give up?”

Harry looked at them both. Muriel, her full breasts filling her chest, her brown pubic hair covering a lush looking vagina, her strong legs. He looked over at Grace. Amazing! She was shaved!

Her legs were more wiry than skinny. He breasts amazingly upright. Her face, long and thin. Looked much nicer in the subdued light of the living room.

She looked Kızılay Escort Bayan up into Harry’s face. “Well? Any ideas?”

Yes,” he said slowly. “There is one thing we used to do in service when we got to this point.”

Muriel looked at him curiously and then he saw her eyes go to his penis as well. “We used to take the next loser and challenge him to do something he had never done before.”

Grace plopped down in front of the couch. “Deal!” She practically shouted.

He did. Muriel a nineteen. He a seventeen, Grace a twenty-two.

Muriel had a smile playing around her lips. “Well, Grace? What’s it to be?”

Grace smiled and slid under the table. Harry saw her roll over on her stomach and then felt her hand on his penis. He looked down and saw only the top of her head. Suddenly, he felt her lips close around him. She began to suck back and forth. He could believe it was something she had not done before, at least not often, because her teeth raked the underside from time to time. But, overall, it was really very pleasant.

Long before he was ready to cum, she stopped and rolled back, appearing above the table and sitting on the couch. “There.” She said with finality. “Never done that.”

Muriel was looking at her. Harry noticed her nipples had gone taut and she was breathing heavily. “Never had oral sex with a man, Grace?”

“Not on the first date,” she giggled.

Harry wondered what came next. “Umm…shall I deal another hand?”

Muriel shrugged, her breasts bobbing slightly. Harry dealt the cards. Man, if only this were for money! He had a ten and an Ace. This time both ladies lost.

Harry looked from one to the other. Grace looked at him through half closed eyes. “I guess we both have to do what we have never done before, right?”

Harry was not drunk. He was not sadistic. But he was turned on. He knew that both the ladies were. Harry was in a situation brand new to him. One, he had never been in “three way”. Two, these were two upscale Southern Housewives. How far would they go? He was about to find out.

“Okay then,” he said softly. “It’s my call.” He stood and pulled the table away from the couch. Grace was sitting back on the couch, her legs slightly apart. Muriel was standing in front of the couch.

“Muriel,” he said, “sit down.” She sat.


“Yes, Harry,” eyes still half closed.

“You never gave oral sex to a man on first date before, right?”

“Yes, Harry.”

“Well, really, that was cheating, because well, you have given head, right?”

“Only to Bobby – my husband. And only about three times.”

“Well, that is still cheating, anyway. So you have to do something you really, really have never done before. And Muriel, you too.”

Grace stood. “What do you want me to do?”

“Have you ever made love to a woman?”

Grace gasped and put her hand to her mouth. “No – never! I – I Wouldn’t know what to do.”

Muriel snorted. “Oh yes you would.”

“Muriel, have you ever?” Grace gave her a stunned look.

“No, but tell me you have never seen a porn movie – ever.”

“Well,” Grace shrugged. “What do you want me to do?”

Harry was completely turned on. “Muriel, spread your legs.” Muriel got a wicked smile on her face. She spread her legs and then to the surprise of both Harry and Grace, she took her hands and held her vagina open, revealing a lush interior, where the clitoris was visible right at the opening. “Now, Grace, on your knees in front of Muriel and let’s see how you do.”

Grace looked at him. She shrugged, knelt in front of her friend and put her face close to Muriel’s crotch. “I’ll say this, my friend,” she said gutturally, you smell good. Like love.”

With that she took her face and pushed it almost inside Muriel. He tongue began to lick the inside of Muriel’s vagina. Muriel looked curious at first, staring down at Grace, but then she began to shiver. Her legs fell farther apart. She took both hands and put them in her friend’s hair and pushed her in even closer.

Harry sat down on the couch to get a different view. He sat next to Muriel and watched her begin to writhe. She looked over at him and then took one hand away from Grace’s head and took his penis in her hand.

She leaned down and took him in her mouth and began to suck at the tip, so she wouldn’t lose Grace in her lap. Then she stiffened, took her mouth away, thrust back on the couch and cried out “Ahhh! I’m cumming!”

Grace sat back, her face wet with Muriel’s juices. Muriel continued to shudder. Grace took her right hand and thrust three fingers inside Muriel. She began to stroke swiftly. Muriel was throwing her head back against the back of the couch. She reached out and grabbed Harry’s hand.

Harry was mesmerized. In the back of his mind he thought when he asked Grace to eat Muriel, the evening would come to a sudden close or perhaps something more conventional. But this was amazing – especially on the part of Grace. He felt even at the dinner table a sensuous connection with Muriel. Grace? A cold fish. Wrong again!

Grace pulled her hand out of Muriel and sat back on her haunches. “Well, how’d I do?”

Muriel was leaning back against the couch and breathing heavily. “Oh God! I begin to see what Lesbians are all about.”

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