Don’t Forget to Clear Your Browser


Kira sat at the back of her college human biology class doodling on a notebook, bored shitless by the lecture. This was her last class of the day, and the time of day she became the most antsy. The only 2-hour lecture on her schedule always had her struggling to stay awake and pay attention, and today she’d given up retaining any of the teachings. She opted to take out her phone, positioning it under the desk. She thought about what she wanted to do this weekend as she scrolled through Instagram. She saw an ad for a new horror movie that piqued her interest. She tapped her home button and then tapped on the internet app. Her eyes widened in terror as she was greeted by a porn website page that she had forgotten to close. A girl mid-dick sucking with her tits out fully visible on her phone screen.

‘Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Oh my god fuck. Oh no.’ She thought, immediately panicking.

She twisted her wrist quickly, pressing her phone screen to her thigh to conceal it and tapping the lock button. She didn’t want to turn and look at the guy sitting next to her, but she found her head rotating anyways. She’d hoped he hadn’t seen anything, but he instantly looked up from the phone to lock eyes with her. The look of total shock on his face that mirrored hers told her he most definitely had. She felt her face grow hot, and knew it was turning red. She quickly broke eye contact with him and stared at the front of the room like she was a model student.

‘Maybe he’ll think it was a pop-up ad?’ She tried to reassure herself, tried to make up any excuse, but the way she looked over at him was probably a dead give-away. Kira hadn’t really spoken to the guy that sat next to her apart from mandatory class partnerships to briefly discuss assignments. She couldn’t even recall the dude’s name.

‘Brandon? Brian? Something with a B…’

She had no idea how to handle this situation. Should she say something? Write him a note? Talk to him after class? She felt as if maybe she was blowing this a bit out of proportion. ‘It’s not a big deal! Everyone watches porn.’ She felt herself cringing at the thought of every having to face the guy again, and she was assigned to sit next to him the whole semester.

He crossed his arms, and he sat back lazily in the chair. She sat back as well, looking him over for the first time. She’d thought he was just some weird punk kid who always wore black and smelled a bit like cheap cologne and cigarettes, but upon further inspection she found him to actually be attractive. He had one of those faces that could look cold as marble, and a sharp jawline leading up to a messy brown hair. The thing that struck her was the smoldering gaze, dark eyebrows that tilted slightly inwards, shadowing his narrow brown eyes. He glanced at her and Kira hurriedly looked away as if she wasn’t just staring.

The professor handed out a worksheet and Kira wordlessly focused her attention on completing it. After a while when she’d finished, the guy was flipping a pen around his thumb and skillfully catching it. He tended to do that often and Kira usually watched him out of boredom. She noticed his name scribbled on the assignment. ‘Blake’, she was close.

“Okay so why don’t we get into groups and discuss amongst yourselves what you got for the labeling.” The professor announced. The room started with quiet murmurs and got louder. Kira grabbed the sheet Escort Eryaman of paper and stared at it. Neither of them spoke for a while, they just stared at their assignments. Kira noticed instead of ‘Pectoralis Major’, Blake had written ‘Boobs’ on the labeling line. Kira laughed as she pointed at it with her pencil.

“I think you got that one wrong.” She turned to look him in the eyes and was met by a sly grin. She realized she was entirely correct about dreading facing him because her humiliation returned, and she found herself quickly turning away and craning her neck over her paper rather than keep eye contact.

“Funny how you’d point out that one but not this one.” He motioned to the line that corresponded to the ‘Orbicularis Oris’, the muscle above the lip, that instead, in scribbled writing read ‘cock hole’. Blake clearly found that to be funny and chuckled softly. Kira found it to be horrifying because the porno was paused on a blowjob scene and that meant he definitely saw. He twirled his pen around his fingers, and she felt him burning a hole in the side of her head. She rotated her head and met his eyes, steeling her expression.

“It’s the Orbicularis Oris.” She deadpanned.

“Lotta O’s in that one.” He cocked his head and slouched in his chair.

“Makes me want to think of other fun words that start with ‘O’.” Kira narrowed her eyes to a glare, and his mouth eased into a cock-sure smirk.

“Hmmm. Obscene?” He lowered his tone to not be heard above the din of students. Kira swallowed hard and clenched her paper between her fingers.


He sat up from his slouched position and leaned over, he was just inches from her face. His height on her made Kira have to tip her chin up an inch. Kira froze and looked between his eyes, taking note of the light dusting of freckles across the bridge of his nose.


His breath smelled like spearmint. The wicked smile that turned up the corners of his lips grew bigger as his eyes seemed to trail down her body without moving his head. He dragged his eyes back up to meet hers and rolled his tongue in his mouth, making one side of his sharp jawline protrude momentarily. Kira thought he definitely knew what he was doing, and it was all very intended to catch her off guard.

“Those aren’t muscles.” Kira replied dumbly, as if her mouth was on autopilot. She wanted to smack herself in the forehead. She could never speak like a normal person when she was around good-looking guys, and realizing Blake was no exception frustrated her.

“No, they aren’t.” He assured her, his low tone vibrating in her chest.

“That’s a nice skirt.” He nodded at the white cotton mid-thigh skirt she wore. Kira glanced down at it then back at him.

“Uh-thank…” She felt his hand suddenly rest on her thigh, above her knee. Kira jumped at the sudden contact. She then looked around the room to see all of the students busy working in groups, and the Professor doing something on his computer. His palm was hot, almost abnormally so. His fingers splayed out and gripped her leg lightly. Trying to get over the initial shock, Kira did not know how to handle this situation. Yell? Smack him? Do nothing and freeze like a moron? She chose to do the latter out of sheer curiosity.

“What muscle is this?” He leaned his chin on his other hand, resting his elbow Eryaman Escort against the desk. Kira couldn’t believe the nerve of this guy but found herself not really wanting to make a scene.

“Uh… Femoris? Or something…” She trailed off as his hand moved further up her thigh. She had no idea why, but she found her stomach fluttering with excitement. His palm moved along the skin of her thigh, thumb hooking over her skirt and pulling it up until he reached the top of her leg. The sensitive skin elicited goosebumps forming all over her from the contact. She felt a shiver run up her spine, and a heat in her stomach. One of his long fingers tapped on the inside of her thigh, dangerously close to between her legs.

“What about this one?”

Kira felt her body vibrating with adrenaline from the sudden thrill. Fear and arousal tightened her throat and she felt a flood of liquid between her legs. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

“A-Adductor. Wait, that’s wrong.” She found herself momentarily considering that she’d probably be failing the exam next week when his hand suddenly turned over, cupping her between her legs over her panties. Her hand shot out to grab his wrist and they both stopped. His gaze on her seemed darker, almost predatory. Two of his fingers applied pressure directly on her clit, and she worried about her panties getting wet. Then she worried about why she wasn’t stopping him. He rubbed in a slow circle and she tightened her grip on his wrist, but at the same time relaxed her legs apart a few inches.

“Wait, Er-Blake…” His name seemed strange in her mouth. Kira found her breath hitching as he lightly flicked the very tip of his finger up her clothed clit.

“Alright can I have quiet please.” The professor spoke loudly, the entire class hushed and directed their attention back up front.

“Hear that? Quiet, please.” Blake nearly whispered, moving his fingers lower to press against her entrance, still over her panties, the cotton of the crotch area absorbing the liquid until surely, he could feel it soaking through them. She was positive he could by the satisfied grin he wore. The lecture started. His fingers moved up and down her slit, so slowly she began to ache. The tension in her core muscles made her quiver slightly. He alternated between looking to the front of the class and side glances at her.

Something about the thrill of it, the danger, the risk, made what he was doing to her so fucking hot she could hardly stand it. The teasing, painfully slow and with deliberate pressure in all the right places had her chest rising and falling faster with her breaths. He looked at her over his shoulder as he hooked one finger on the waistband of her panties, signaling for her to get them out of the equation. Kira hesitated for a few heavy seconds before carefully and quietly hooking her thumbs under her panties, and slowly lifting, pulling them down to rest just above her knees. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but the buzz in her head and the hot need between her legs made her not care about the morality of it.

Blake moved his fingers back between her legs again and they slipped against her wetness. He quirked an eyebrow at her and Kira nearly felt embarrassed by how soaked she was for him. He looked back to the front of the class. He slid his fingers over her bare clit a few times Eryaman Escort Bayan and she had to bite down on her tongue to stifle a moan. She realized then how difficult it was going to be to not make any noise, especially as he slid 2 fingers into her. No resistance, she was way too wet for that, but the muscles of her pussy tensed around his fingers, throbbing and twitching with need for release. He curved them perfectly, seeming to know exactly where to press.

Kira bit the sleeve of her shirt hard, stuffing as much of it into her mouth as she could. His fingers moved so slowly, she’d never in her life had a guy finger her and make it feel this good. Usually it’s a horrible fast pumping that doesn’t do anything, but the leisurely strokes had her building up torturously steady. He moved them in and out, sometimes removing them to rub across her clit. Kira twitched and panted into her shirt sleeve, neglecting to make a peep. She felt herself getting close and she knew she had to stop him, she had to warn him somehow, she couldn’t do this in a class full of people. She grabbed his wrist, but his fingers curled to that damn spot again and Kira felt the pressure in her stomach building. He glanced at her, heavy lidded and anticipating. Kira shook her head, she wished she could tell him. His fingers moved once, twice, three times, until Kira felt the pressure overflow, and burst. Her legs shook hard, and spread wide as she doubled over, her forehead hitting the desk as she tried to conceal her face while the orgasm tore through her.

The burst of liquid that came from between her legs immediately soaked Blake’s hand, the chair, and her skirt. Blake watched her gushing form a puddle. He didn’t stop, her grip tightened on his wrist, but he kept stroking until she couldn’t handle the sensations, her knees bent inward and her legs shook so hard she thought somebody would hear. She dug her nails into Blakes wrist and finally he stopped, slowly pulling his fingers from her throbbing entrance. Kira breathed heavily, trying to come down from the climax. The reality set in, she’d just squirted in class.

She didn’t move from her position for a while until she had her breathing under control. When she lifted her head, Blake stared at her with the same shocked expression as when he saw the porn on her phone. Kira glanced around the room again, nobody had noticed them. She grabbed her soaked panties and pulled them up slowly. Both of them unsure of what to do, Blake removed the zip-up hoodie he had on and held it out to her. Kira used it to absorb what she could, then sat on it in hopes it would help dry her skirt and keep the chair from dripping anymore onto the floor. She sat in uncomfortable dampness for a while, all while feeling way too blissed out by the satisfaction of an orgasm. Finally, the bell rang, Kira waited for the bulk of the students to exit the class before standing. Blake stayed back as well, clearly waiting for the rock-hard bulge in his pants to disappear.

“Uh… here’s this.” Kira awkwardly held the sopping wet hoodie out to Blake, and he stared at it.

“Kira, do you actually think I want that back right now?” Kira hazily retracted the outstretched hoodie and opted to stuff it into the front pocket of her backpack, hoping it wouldn’t soak her books. She found herself battling with what to say then. Should she thank him? No, that’s fucking weird. Should she apologize? He seemed to notice her discomfort and stood. He was much taller than Kira than she’d initially thought. He wrapped one hand around her waist and leaned down, planting quick a kiss on her cheek.

“Bye. Don’t forget to clear your browser history.”

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