Fingers slipping along, traipsing, tripping, gliding… discovering folds and spots, ticklish and not. Slowly the groan builds deep in your throat as my tongue seeks your ear, kissing, sucking… fingers still teasing, feather light, just wondering, exploring, learning through touch. My mouth fascinated with your taste, my tongue licking and kissing along jutting bones. Swirling along your smooth chest.

I smile into your half-closed eyes, you are enjoying this, while you cannot even comprehend how little I have done… I am curious, I want to see you react, feel your body tense and your hips move, I want to feel your need…

I want you to need me while I simply caress your body, I want you to need more, to demand more, but you don’t know that. You don’t know where this is going, but I am hoping that you can guess….

My fingers snake along your arms, slowly massaging, kissing the soft Escort Eryaman flesh. Allowing my tongue to draw small spirals on your skin, lightly blowing, and kissing, alternating hot and cold.

As I cover you with my body, I just don’t want to let go, you pull the covers over us, I am worm, and comfortable, soft and protected… The little hairs on you chest tickle my own, and my hands begin to wonder again… To touch, to explore, drawn to your hip bones, following contour lines, outlines, memorizing shapes and shadows to be put to paper the next morning, but for now it is just the light caressing… the teasing…

You have a beautiful body, you have this way of making me ache inside… Deep inside, where you fit so well, and as the thought drives me, I move over you once more, slowly sliding down to meet your body, stretching to fit, to meet in that perfect way, and Eryaman Escort again I hear the groan building. Do you know how much I love that sound? How difficult it becomes to go slow and sweet, torturing the very hardness I have impaled myself upon?

As our bodies meet, I lean forward to claim your mouth, the muscles inside of me doing all of the work, teasing and sucking, pushing and pulling… I can feel you growing, and while my eyes watch your face, drinking in your expressions of pleasure, my mind is seething with my own.

My hands slide down your arms, finding your hands tangled in bed sheets, wound and gripping, looking for something to hold, they rise to meet my own and hold tight for a second. Just a second, until they move to quell the quiet torture being slowly inflicted upon your cock.

Holding my body to your own you roll over and pull my legs to your Eryaman Escort Bayan shoulders. The rough demands to fuck me uttered from your lips excite me in ways I cannot even explain. You lean forward, my legs framing my face as you kiss my lips and suck my tongue deep in your mouth. My body is warm and shaking, I am so close, so close.

I whisper to let you know, a faint smile in your eyes, harder and deeper, I can feel you, and my voice escapes me, becomes an entity of its own as I scream, sounding you name, not caring who or what hears the sound of the passion we have made…

…And it builds, growing, heat and energy, hot and cold, powerful, and so very weak. The lust seeping through my blood, shattering its way trough my mind. My body gripping your own, moving with you, seeking more, wanting you to cum with me, wanting you to share this feeling, and as if my mind willed it so, I feel your body stiffen, your cock throb, and the heat spread within me.

“…Oh god baby, how do you do that?” you whisper in my ear, and as my body curls into meet you, I can’t help but to think that you haven’t seen anything yet.

I somehow got distracted along the way.

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