Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 21


I arrived home from my auto shopping trip about five o’clock, making sure to check my front door for any new placards Barry might have hung, then pulled into the garage and pushed the button over my sun visor to close the garage door. I sat in the car for a minute thinking about my day. I’d given my attorney the okay to get my divorce finalized and let a total stranger slam his hard cock into me. I was feeling more than a little sticky, his cum still oozing from my cunt and my wet jeans sticking to my thigh. I need a shower I said to myself.

After a quick shower, I said down with my laptop and logged onto my email server. I had two new emails one from Daddy and another from someone who’s email I didn’t recognize. I opened Daddy’s first, he wrote, “Angel I’ve given your email to Rhys Collins and asked him to get with you to begin looking for your new place. Rhys is a young go-getter and I’m sure he’ll be able to give you several options. I know you’ve asked me not to schedule any appointments for you until you let me know you’re freed up but I have a client who has asked for someone with your special talent. Would you be available this Thursday about noon time to handle this appointment? Please let me know as soon as possible. I met with Silk today and gave her a wardrobe advance. She mentioned that you had offered to help her purchase appropriate clothing for the position. I want to thank you in advance for doing that because I’m not sure she has a handle on what our employees should dress like. Daddy.”

I sat back for a moment thinking ahead. I’d need at least a day with Silk outfitting her with clothing to fit the Elegant Escorts style and at the very least a half day handling the new appointment Daddy wanted me to handle. On top of that, I’m most likely have to meet with Rhys Collins to get him started finding my new home. Keeping Daddy happy is always top on my list of things so I clicked on reply and typed, “Daddy: I’ll be happy to handle the Thursday appointment. I can fit everything else in around that. Please send me the particulars when you can. Angel.”

Before moving on to Rhys’ email I dialed Silk on my cell phone.

She answered, “Hello.”

“It’s Angel,” I replied.

“Oh, hiya Angel, I didn’t add you as a contact on my phone so I didn’t know it was you calling,” she said.

“Make sure you do,” I suggested.

Silk said, “I sure will. I got my wardrobe advance today.”

“I know, which is why I’m calling. What day can we plan on going shopping?” I asked.

“I had my photo shoot today so any day this week will work for me.” Silk answered.

“I have an appointment this Thursday so either tomorrow or Friday will work for me,” I replied.

“Let’s go for Friday, that way you can tell me all about your appointment,” she suggested.

I was hoping she’d suggest Friday, that would free me up to meet Rhys tomorrow, “Friday will be great,” I answered.

“I’m so excited to start working on my wardrobe and I can’t thank you enough for your help. Let’s plan on meeting around 10:00 A.M. when the malls open,” she said.

“Sounds like a plan,” I replied.

Before we ended our call, Silk said, “Angel I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed being with you Sunday night. I’ve fantasized about that for a long time.”

“It was spectacular,” I replied. I thought about suggesting we do it again sometime but figured I could address that possibility when we met on Friday.

“I’ll call you Friday morning Silk,” I suggested.

“Okay goodnight Angel,” she replied.

“Nite love,” I answered then disconnected our call.

I thought for a moment about the possibilities of being with her again. I wonder if when Mr. Takamora is in town next if he’d be interested in having a lovely Asian and a sexy round eye pleasure him. I was certain I’d look very sexy in a kimono. I’d have to let Daddy know I’d be interested in that kind of appointment.

I next opened Rhys’ email, he was short and to the point writing, “Angel I got a call today letting me know you’re going to be looking for a new place. I would like to talk about your needs, feel free to call me anytime, my cell number is shown below. Look forward to hearing from you. Rhys.”

He apparently knew enough not to write who had called him which I was certain was a request from Daddy. I wrote his cell number down and deleted the email.

I wanted to set him up for tomorrow or Wednesday morning so I dialed his number and was instantly switched to his voice mailbox. “Hi, I’m sorry I missed your call, if you’ll leave your name and number, I’ll call you back as soon as possible.”

After the beep I recorded, “Rhys this is Angel can you give me a call when you get this. I’d like to schedule a meeting for tomorrow if you’re available. My number is shown below. Thanks much.”

So much for firming up a meeting, if he didn’t get the message tonight, I’d have to squeeze him in another day. Geez, it’ll be so nice when I’ve gotten all this BS in my life handled and I’ll be able to concentrate Escort Ankara on my work I thought.

I heated some soup and sat down at the kitchen table to eat when my cell phone rang. I recognized the number immediately, it was Rhys returning my call.

“Hello, this is Angel,” I answered.

“Hey babe, it’s Rhys,” he replied.

Normally I would inform him that I’m not his babe but decided to let that comment slide. “Thanks for returning my call,” I said.

“You want to meet tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yes, tomorrow or Wednesday, if you’re free,” I said.

“I’m booked solid tomorrow, but we can talk now about what you’re looking for now and then I can start looking for what might be available.

I was a little disappointed that he couldn’t meet with me, after all, I was about to trust him to find me an agreeable place to live. I wanted to get a feel for how good a realtor he was so I asked, “How long have you been in the real estate business?”

He answered, “I got my bachelor’s degree in business three years ago and started my real estate job a couple months later.”

I did some quick mental math and figured he was closer to twenty-five than thirty.

“What kind of place are you looking for?” He asked.

I thought for a moment then answered, “It’s only me so I don’t see a need for more than two bedrooms. I’d like one and a half baths and since I hardly ever cook a huge kitchen isn’t necessary.”

“You’ll have a ton of options to purchase a two-bedroom condo and almost all have more than one bath,” Rhys commented.

I added, “I have a rather extensive wardrobe so a big walk-in closet is something I’ll need.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem, Angel. What part of town would you prefer?” He asked.

“I would prefer something on the outskirts of town, but since I travel all over to meet with clients anything except downtown would be fine,” I replied.

“That’s good, the prices rise as you get closer to the center of the city,” he commented.

I had to assume Rhys knows what kind of business Daddy has and that he would be working with one of Daddy’s employees so I asked, “Have you helped any of Daddy’s other employees find housing?”

He paused for a moment then said, “Do you mean Franklin?”

“Yes, but all his girls call him Daddy,” I answered.

“Oh okay, well I’ve worked with two other ladies who were referred by him,” he replied.

“And how did that go?” I asked the obvious question.

He giggled before answering, “Very well, they were both extremely pleasurable to work with.”

His giggle and the fact that he described both as pleasurable told me he got more than his commission on those sales.

“What do you mean pleasurable,” I asked.

He paused for longer than a moment before answering. “Angel I know that Franklin is your pimp, so I came to an agreement with the other two whores that I’d reimburse them fifty percent of the commission if they made it worth my while.”

While I’d let his use of the word babe slide early in our conversation, I wasn’t about to let him refer to Daddy as a pimp and his employees as whores.

In an angry tone of voice, I answered. “Mr. Collins, Daddy runs an escort business and neither you or I should think of him as a pimp and second, his employees are Elegant Escorts, not common street corner whores and I’d appreciate it if you change your attitude toward me in that regard.”

He actually laughed, then replied, “You say potato and I say potahto, the fact still remains that you and every one of his employees are paid to fuck strange men.”

I certainly couldn’t argue with him about that but his demeanor still pissed me off and I asked. “Do you expect me to fuck you, Rhys?”

Without hesitation, he responded, “If you want to get a fifty percent reimbursement on my commission, not only do I expect you to fuck me but also give me a couple of incredible blowjobs.”

I shot back. “You better be one hell of a fuckin’ realtor if you expect that.”

He laughed again and said, “I am that and a whole lot more.”

“Show me, Mr. Collins, I’ll expect your call,” I said before I hung up on him.

Twenty minutes later I was still steaming about how he automatically assumed that because I was employed by Daddy that I’d be an easy fuck. I decided to find out a little more about Mr. Rhys Collins. I powered up my laptop and did a Google search for his name and the real estate firm he worked for. The firm’s site opened and I clicked on the link “Our Agents”, then scrolled down looking for his name and photo. His bio was near the bottom which I assumed meant that he either isn’t one of their top agents or his seniority placed him near the bottom. His photo revealed why Daddy was using him to find housing for our girls, Rhys is a rather handsome twenty-something black man. His brilliant white smile contrasted with his dark skin. As I clicked on his bio it basically read the same as he’d told me during our phone conversation. Ankara Escort But at the end, he added, “I’ll work harder for your family than any realtor you’ve used before.”

I closed the window and sat back in my chair thinking, “Time will tell how hard he’ll work for me and also if the rest of his body matches his youthful, handsome appearance.”

I decided to check my email expecting Daddy would have replied with details about my Thursday afternoon appointment, which he had. I opened the email and instantly discovered it was rather lengthy.

He wrote, “Angel thanks so much for agreeing to handle this appointment. I’m sure you will recall me telling you that several local politicians are clients of ours. While this client isn’t a politician, he is a deputy chief in charge of the police department’s vice squad. We have an agreement that several times a year I provide him with our services in exchange for him keeping his officers from looking into our business, Thursday is one of those times. His name is Daniel, and he saw your photo on the website and specifically asked for you. Normally this would be a couple hours in an out of the way motel room outside of town, but he’s asked me to include some role play this time. What he’s requesting is for you to dress like a street corner whore and meet him at the Commerce Truck Stop off exit 15 off the interstate at noon. He’ll approach you, flash his badge and take you into custody, handcuff you and place you in the back seat of his car. From there he’ll transport you to a local motel where he’ll have already checked in. He was somewhat vague about what he wants from that point forward, but I’m certain he’ll want to interrogate you. I’m sure you get the picture and I’m more than willing to tell him the deal is off because you don’t want to play the part he’s suggesting. This appointment will not involve any tip directly from him but I’ll be sure to make it worth your while should you decide to agree. I’ll need your confirmation tonight to make the call to Daniel first thing tomorrow morning.” Thanks so very much, Daddy”

“PS Either way please delete this email after you’ve read it, there’s way too much information contained here to have it remain in your inbox.”

I sat back and thought about Daddy’s request. In the past, I’ve enjoyed doing role-play scenarios with clients who asked for it and to be totally honest playing the role of a slutty street hooker kind of excited me. It seemed somewhat odd that for my next appointment I’d be dressing just the way Silk had when she visited me on Sunday evening. I did have some hesitation about being handcuffed and thrown into the back seat of an actual police car, but all this would take place at a location where its most likely happened many times before. If I agreed, I’d win a ton of points with Daddy and I felt certain he would make it worth my while.

I deleted his email, then opened a new one to him. In the subject line, I typed, “I’m in for Thursday.”

I didn’t bother to write anything in the body and after clicking send I deleted that email also.

I’d had a rather busy day so I decided to go upstairs and relax a while in my bedroom before turning in for the night. I grabbed my laptop and headed for the stairs. I walked into my bedroom, turned on a light and closed the door. As I looked around the room I thought; this has always been my safe spot, the sanctuary where I could escape the ugly things in my life. I felt kind of melancholy knowing that in the not too distant future I would have to give up the comfort of this room. Yes, Barry and I had shared this bedroom, and in the beginning, we’d enjoyed some wondrous times together. But more recently it often became the place where our arguments began and he would stomp off to sleep on the sofa.

The idea of no longer having this safe spot was something I knew would pass, my new bedroom, wherever it may be, would provide me with the same feelings once I turned it from just a bedroom into my special place. I think what upset me more was the knowledge that once I was gone, Barry and Connie would turn the room into their special place. She would become the woman who’d have wondrous memories of being here. I felt tears of sorrow welling up in my eyes and I finally broke down and had a good long cry. As the tears flowed, I turned off the light and crawled into bed, then curled up in a fetal position and cried myself to sleep.

I’m not certain if the long cry I’d had last night or the dreary overcast sky that dawned Tuesday morning was to blame, but I slept in till after ten o’clock. After rolling out of bed, I walked to the bathroom and after using the toilet stood up and looked at my reflection in the vanity mirror. My eyes appeared rather puffy and my hair was a mess. I’d showered yesterday after my quickie with Phil and hadn’t bothered to apply any make-up. I leaned closer to the mirror and studied my complexion. For the first time, I noticed small wrinkles at the corner of my eyes and what I’d always considered minor imperfections Ankara Escort Bayan on my face seemed to be more pronounced this morning. I smiled for the first time this morning thinking that perhaps I should schedule a facial massage more often and not count on the other kind of facial that I’ve grown to enjoy to keep my skin soft and supple.

I slipped on my favorite fluffy white robe and headed downstairs. While I waited for the coffee to brew, I began thinking about my appointment on Thursday afternoon. Daniel would be expecting a slutty, street corner whore appearance for his fantasy role play, and I knew that nothing in my closet would fit those expectations. Since I had nothing planned for today, I figured I could visit my favorite lingerie shop and purchase something more appropriate. As I sipped my coffee something dawned on me. I recalled that a year or two after we’d married Barry accepted an invitation to a Halloween party and since he never passed on an opportunity to show off his trophy wife, he decided that we would go dressed as a hooker and her pimp. I dashed off to the basement and found a tote marked Halloween costumes after flipping the lid off I began digging through the assortment of things only worn for that holiday. Near the bottom I found the outfit that I’d worn once before, a white stretchy tube top and a bright red micro mini skirt. If they still fit, these two garments would surely catch Daniel’s eye. I dug down to the bottom but couldn’t find the wide fishnet stockings I remembered but figured that they had been ruined by Barry when he got his whore alone after the party.

Clutching the tube top and micro mini skirt in one hand, I headed upstairs to see if they still fit. That party was before my breast augmentation surgery so I was fairly certain my big, firm tits would stretch the tube nearly to its limit. I slipped off my robe and the satin shorts I had worn to bed then pulled the tube top down over my head. It was about eight inches top to bottom and when I centered the middle over my nipples not only did my lush deep cleavage show but the bottoms of my big tits were revealed below. My chest looked encumbered in the tube top but I left it on and pulled the red micro mini skirt up over my hips. This skirt didn’t come close to covering my ass even when I moved it down a little and I knew that if I went without a thong someone looking from behind would be able to see my naked ass. I slipped on my highest red stilettos and moved to view my appearance in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. From the front, my big tits looked like they were about to burst through the stretchy tube top but I liked the look of the red micro mini skirt. I knew that any thigh high stockings would be totally revealed below the skirt. From behind, not only were my long sleek legs completely revealed, but the bottom of my ass cheeks also showed. I smiled at myself knowing that Daniel would love this view.

Turning around again I decided that the tube top fit way to tight and to confirm that I tried jiggling my tits a little and they barely moved. I needed something less confining and revealing. I removed the tube top and went to my closet, how about a white cotton blouse with the bottom tails tied in a knot just below my tits I thought. I rejected that idea, knowing that I wanted Daniel to have easy and immediate access to my tits if he decided to pat me down during the arrest. I stood there thinking for a minute then pulled a white cotton tee shirt from its hanger. As I held it up in front of my body I thought, I could modify this cheap tee shirt to give myself a sluttier look. I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off the short sleeves, then slipped it on to judge how much of the shirt had to go so the bottoms of my big tits would show a little. I made a small cut where I wanted to shorten the shirt and took it off, then carefully cut the bottom evenly all the way around. Trying it on again I decided another inch or two would have to go to ensure that my tits would show. I took another two inches off the bottom and tried it on again.

“Perfect,” I said out loud, the bottoms of my tits could be seen and it fit loose enough that Daniel would be able to slide his hands up under the cotton tee shirt easily. I turned side to side viewing how the shirt looked from every angle.

I decided to remove some material below my armpits so from the side a little of my tits would show, and also trimmed the neckline so it fit looser around my neck, one final snip with the scissors opened the neckline above my cleavage, not enough to reveal any of the soft flesh between my tits but enough to entice any trick I’d meet on the street.

As I removed my whore costume I thought, all I’ll need to get is a new pair of black wide fishnet stockings tomorrow.

Wednesday turned out to be a waste of a day, I knew I wouldn’t hear from Phil about a new ride, and I didn’t expect Rhys had even started searching for potential condos for me to look at and Silk wasn’t expecting to hear from me until Friday morning. I dressed a little after noon and ran out to buy the fishnet stockings I needed for my Thursday afternoon appointment with Daniel. I spent a couple hours in the evening looking at real estate listings on the internet and turned in about ten o’clock.

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