Detour in Chicago


David Hauser had been sent out to the Regional Payment Center in Chicago to see why their computer was losing money — or really misplacing it, since there was no indication that it was going outside the government. The records in Washington said what was really there, so it wasn’t too serious, but it was still annoying that things didn’t add up right. Annoying enough that the Treasury Department was very willing to fly someone out to look into it.

He left D.C. in the middle of the September day and got to the hotel in Chicago at four in the afternoon local time — too late to really start on the problem that day, too early for any sort of nightlife. (Federal policy is to get people in with lots of time to rest and adjust to time-shifts, but one hour of difference Daniel could take in his stride any day.)

Daniel was sitting in a chair in the hotel lobby half-reading a local newspaper when he thought that the woman who was standing by the front door and looking out looked sort of familiar. He didn’t really know anybody in Chicago, so he had decided that she just looked like somebody he knew when she turned and recognized him.

It was Suzanne Freeman, whom he had worked with five or six years ago, in his first government job, just outside the cafeteria in the GAO Building. They were a few desks apart then, tracking deposits through banks. He went from there to go into computer trouble-shooting, and she got transferred into specialized auditing.

She came and sat in a chair right by him. She told him that she was in town to check up on the Customs office at O’Hare Airport. They put her in town late last night and she had spent today, Wednesday, figuring out what she wanted to look at. She was supposed to be here two more days and go back over the weekend.

Daniel had been given a more flexible schedule, at least partly. If he couldn’t solve the problem here by Friday afternoon, he was supposed to finish it at his desk in Washington through Escort Sincan printouts or by calling up files through a modem.

While he hadn’t seen much of Suzanne for years, they had passed each other in the halls and once in a while talked on the phone at work about problems that went from her to him. They knew a lot of the same people, and Daniel remembered her as being very nice.

Both of them were very glad to have someone familiar around to talk to in a strange city. They talked for a couple of hours, then went out together to find a place cheap enough to have the federal per-diem allowance pay for it. A Chinese noodle place fit perfectly.

Over dinner, Daniel learned that Suzanne had never been in the city before, so he offered his services as guide to the local sights. (Ten days experience in two trips through.) This kept them going until 10:30 at night.

When he walked her back to her room, Suzanne gave him a quick goodnight kiss, which he really hadn’t expected. A few minutes later, as he was getting ready for bed, he decided to follow up on it, though, and he called her room to set up a meeting for breakfast together.

The next morning, he returned the kiss. They separated after breakfast and worked on their respective problems all day. There was a message from her on the hotel switchboard when he got back, asking about meeting in the lobby at six for dinner.

That night’s conversation was largely about what they had been working on that day, but once they returned to the hotel and she invited him to sit in her room and talk, the talk became more personal.

It only came back to him later that she asked him as the door closed how he was getting along with Janice. Janice was the last girlfriend she knew about, and was two or three back, he explained to her; he was sort of dating two women now, neither seriously. She sort of smiled with raised eyebrows and said that she was not involved with a man either.

It Sincan Escort was probably close to ten when she said to him that it seemed stupid to talk across a couple of feet of distance, with her on the bed and him in a chair. They were adults, she was sure that she could trust him, so why didn’t he join her and sit on the bed.

It was kind of a mutual decision that she lean on the arm that Daniel put around her, with his back against the headboard. This situation, sitting in bed with a young woman who looked better every minute, started influencing his mind. And hers. Pretty soon she stopped in the middle of a sentence and turned up her face and he kissed it.

That led to another kiss, and in a little while her breath got faster and she was trying to avoid looking at the front of his pants. Suzanne said to him, or maybe to herself: “It’s not as if we are strangers. But on the other hand, it’s not as if we see each other a lot. But that cuts both ways, doesn’t it?”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well, if things don’t work out, sort of.”

“You mean if we have a relationship and one of us wants to get out of it, there won’t be a problem from hard feelings at work.”

“Also, I mean a girl has to think of her reputation. I can trust you, can’t I? You won’t talk about me, if, if we keep going this way?”

“If we do… Only to you. And no hard feelings if you don’t want to. It would be nice, especially if it only begins here, but I can survive without it.”

“I… Yes, I want to. And I know you do.” She touched him between the legs.

Daniel got off the bed and he took her hand to help her up also. He unbuttoned her frilly blouse while he kissed her, and exposed her black lace bra. When he put her blouse on the easy chair, she pulled his tie loose, then took off his shirt and nuzzled his chest.

“I like the way you smell,” Suzanne whispered.

Daniel opened her bra in the back and brought Sincan Escort Bayan it forward to where she could shrug it off. The little peaks pointed at him.

They stood there for a moment pressed together with her hands gently squeezing him where it felt the best to be squeezed gently. Then Daniel pulled down the zipper on her skirt and as it dropped, Suzanne tugged his belt open and reached in to tug on something else.

He stepped back and zipped down his pants. Daniel stripped his shorts off and took Suzanne in his arms again. His erection was against the bare skin of her stomach now, and his testicles touching the nylon of her panties. His head bent to her mouth and his tongue entered it to meet hers.

When he straightened up she was flushed with passion. She stepped back to lie on the bed and Daniel joined her there.

They caressed each other on the legs and upper bodies for a few more minutes before he drew down her panties and began to touch Suzanne more intimately. Not much was needed there. She was ready for him. She whispered that she wanted him to continue.

He raised her legs slightly and entered her soft liquid cave. It took a moment for her to spread apart enough, and far in enough, for him to fit, but she had no hesitation. She was very responsive to his every movement and they built slowly until he was pounding in more quickly than he could count. When the first explosion hit her, he paused, then he began to enter and withdraw at a slow pace. Suzanne dug her nails into his back as she went through a string of orgasms.

They didn’t have to meet for breakfast; they just went down together. Though they did go back to their rooms to change afterward. Her audit was finished halfway through the day and she spent the afternoon seeing the city. His job was 90% finished on Friday, with some details to be done in D.C. They ate dinner and went to bed early (yes, both together). What they did there was less spectacular than the night before, but very satisfying. They had moved all her luggage into his room, and they went together to the airport for their early morning flight.

Curiously, she was reluctant to continue a physical relationship when they were back at work, but it came, it came.

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