Delivery Buoy


I sit at my desk, looking at the clock and wondering what today will bring. Probably the same as yesterday or the day before.

Aggravation, surely, deception, possibly, excitement, rarely. Proof to be told, here comes female co-worker1. She takes aim at my desk, lowers her head and huffingly charges my way.

A smile creeps up to my stoic face. A vision comes to me. As she charges towards me, her face red with outrage, fury or displeasure (pick one, it usually depends on which day of the week we are) her heels gets caught in a network cable running across the floor. The result is a slow-motion moment of intense pleasure. I see her face register surprise as it quickly loses altitude. Her eyes grow larger as gravity cheerfully claims victory by knock-out. Her pupils lose focus on myself and zeroes-in towards the hard-tile floor.

Arms flailing, she tries to stop her inexorable descent. Maybe chickens could fly, but this goose is going down. In a flurry of dropped papers (surely the work she was going to blame me for), Houston we have contact. The muffled grunt, the unceremoniously hitting of the ground, the although very slight chance she has injured herself make my day.

A cherry on top of my fantasy would be for her blouse to rip by getting caught on a desk corner she narrowly missed, exposing her grandma-style underwear to everyone for even further jubilating embarrassment. Now that would bring a smile to my work face and my workplace. I could milk this intense pleasure for weeks, maybe months if I ration myself. But alas, that is not to be. Reality snaps back into place as I see her skip over my fantasy’s accomplice cable.

She reaches my desk and turns to the person she was leading. A messenger it would seem. “Here she is” female co-worker1 coldly states. “Now she can show you back out once your business here is finished, but I am on my lunch break”. That startled me a bit. Lunch time usually never creeps up on me. I usually stalk it for most of the morning. It would seem this time the prey fell upon the hunter unaware.

“Thank you very much” states a deep, hearty voice belonging to the unknown stranger. As female co-worker1 turns around, the stranger looks at her, smiles a smile that would light up the silver screen and wishes her “Bon apetit” with a wink. She stutters a step and quickly retreats toward office entrance, blushing slightly.

I hear the staccato of female co-worker1 heels quickly move away. The sound misses a beat as she steps over the pitfall of the network cable. Damn, not coming nor going. Oh well, let’s store that fantasy for another day.

The stranger’s attention turns back to me. I take him in. Tall, well muscled, dark-haired, a mischievous look on his face like he’s enjoying everything life has to offer. His green eyes focus on me and I feel like a sunrise after months of darkness north of the Arctic circle. Wow, now there’s a sight for this bleak London morning. The stranger’s exquisite mouth move, yet I fail to comprehend his words. I shake my head, close my eyes and stutter Escort Ankara “I am sorry, I didn’t hear what you were saying” I blurt out.

“Are you a love goddess that has come down to earth to tempt every living being on this planet?” he asked.

Immediately, a feel a rush of heat to the face. I must’ve turned beet red. “What??” I stammer completely taken aback. I couldn’t believe my ears. Did he just say that or did I imagine it. The stranger wolfishly smiles, looks down at his hands and says “then you must be Angela Songbyrd” reading my name from the envelope in his large, slim-fingered hands.

“… y.. yes, that is my name” I finally stammer, still feeling the effect of his first comment. “I am glad you are, as there seems to be no-one else here would you be an Angel from above” smoothly says the stranger.

I start to stand up and reach for the envelope, but he withdraws it away from my hands. “I have instructions for this delivery” he states. “Please sit back down, for that is the first instruction”

A bit stunned, I comply. I wonder what the heck his instructions are and more importantly who send this letter.

“Please close your eyes, this delivery was meant as a surprise” the stranger quietly states.

I close my eyes, but they popped open back up as the list of senders remains agonizingly blank.

“The sender mentioned you had to follow these instructions to the letter and that you shouldn’t worry. It is all for your Bliss and that should you not want to follow these simple instructions, I would have to return the package to him”

Now at the mention of that word, different images pop-up within my head. Sadly no image steps forward to identify the sender, but my curiosity is piqued. More like stung to be precise, but curiosity fights with caution. After a few brief moments of a restless tug o’ war, caution retreats to its corner, vanquished. “Heck, might as well tempt Fate and see what this package is. The only other thing would be to continue with this dreary day, and I am for a change of pace” states victorious curiosity within my head.

Aloud, I ask “Any other instructions” as my eyes peacefully close.

“yes, only one” states the stranger. I feels a slight movement, air brings to my nostrils a spicy, fresh scent. One if his finger very lightly touches both of my lips as I hear a whisper in my left ear “Only that you remain silent and concentrated on the delivery”

His finger is satiny soft on my lips. It is warm, reassuring, soft. Did I mention extremely sensuous? I must have. As I try to form a protest, his finger slides softly and tantalizingly left then right. His hot warm breath carries to my ear a “shhhhhhh” so soft I think I might have dreamed it.

The movement across my lips, the air caressing my ear, my neck squelches any protest caution tries to hurl from the defeated corner. I let out a little sigh of relief as I give in to the instructions. My shoulders dip a little as my closed eyelids relax. My mouth is suddenly dry and an automatic reflex Ankara Escort make my tongue moisten the inside of my lips.

A jolt of electricity spark through me as the tip of my tongue sneaks through my lips and makes contact with the restraining finger.

The stranger’s other hand comes in contact with my left shoulder, gently bringing a shiver through me yet again. As I get accustomed to its reassuring presence, movement can be felt, up the shoulder towards the base of the neck. Involuntarily, my head shifts slightly to the left. As the hand reaches the base of my neck, skin meets skin as my blouse falls short of protecting my skin. His fingers curl and reach the back of my neck. His hand is on my skin and my body’s defence response is goosebumps. Now that will surely repel him. A soft moan tries to reinforce the goosebumps, but both are ineffective. His finger have a brief tangle but soon his fingers curls across the base of my skull bringing unbelievable amounts of good feeling all over my body. Slowly the fingers retreat, laying shivers in their wake. I shiver yet again from head to toe, feeling ashamed of letting a stranger be so close and personal with me all under the pretty thin excuse of a “special delivery” but truth be told, my body needs this, wants this so badly she would probably break down for sending the stranger away and breaking down at the office happens quite too often.

As my body responds, tingling feeling start in private places. This simple touch has brought me more pleasure than I remember for a good long while.

His fingers continue their trek down from my neck and slip underneath my blouse. Shivers continually course through my body, and the feeling of his finger on my skin concentrate these towards my nipples. I feel ashamed to respond in such a way, but I reason if I have my eyes closed, I don’t see my stiffening nipples and he might not notice them. I have no idea what he is looking at, but I know one thing is I do not want his touch to leave me in this state.

As his finger reach my lingerie strap, they seem to naturally follow the silky trail. My body responds with a tightening in my lower stomach and in the nipples. The stranger must be blind if he doesn’t see how erect they are. They must be straining both lingerie and blouse to their tearing point. My left shoulder raises itself, in hope of quickening contact with the stranger’s hands. Agonizingly, the wanted, nay desired contact, doesn’t materialize. His finger divert from the lacy path and reach my side, seemingly willingly missing my breast that now long to be touched. His fingers reach the soft roundness of the exterior of my breast and trace a path underneath it, not quite touching but not completely ignoring it.

I try to slouch in my chair but expertly, as if he could read my mind, the stranger’s hand keep constant light touch, not giving more contact that I crave.

I am squirming in my chair now, the tension building as I crave contact. His finger reach the bottom of the lush valley of my breast and spawns Ankara Escort Bayan across the gap.

As his finger lightly glides across my other breast, a tension coils within me. His fingers now seem to retrace their path across my breasts, still just touching, still not giving me the release I need. My whole body is now alight with passion. And always his soft breath on my neck, his velvety finger on my lips and his tracing across my silky lingerie.

Pressure mount on both my breasts for a few moments, then relaxes. Fresh air engulfs itself within my overheated cleavage, stiffening my already hard nipples.

The cool air spreads to my whole torso, which now feels completely exposed.

I feel movement in front of me. My legs are nudged apart and my skirt bunches up, abandoning my thighs to the conqueror.

I feel totally exposed, yet the warm trace of his lips on my neck calms me down, even though I should be panicked.

Panicked by what his happening to me, panicked that I could get fired but most importantly panicked at the thought of female co-worker1 smug look of triumph but in the present stage all I care about is the next step.

I unconsciously move my body forward on my seat. I feel his heat between my thighs and respond to it in an uncontrollable lusty need.

I do not have long to wait. My underwear is gently nudged aside and I feel boiling hot skin press at my entrance. It is almost inconceivable that steam isn’t produced by such heat meeting such wetness.

I strain forward a bit more and am rewarded with the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach as you are being filled. That sensitive entrance, stimulated and eagerly awaiting it’s male counterpart. I shiver again as the first entrance seems to take forever, sending splashes of colour across the back of my eyelids.

The slow rhythm picks up speed, and from a slow crawl, and now approaches the speed of a runaway train.

The dam seems to burst as I feel his lips on my neck with just a trace of teeth. I shiver and involuntarily my shoulder crunch up as I lose control of my body.

My mind reeling, his scent filling my nose, his restraining finger still in place he whispers to my ear “Happy Valentine’s day” which pushes me over the edge.

His odour, warmth and touch seem to retreat from me. I sit with my eyes close, relishing the feelings I just experienced. There is a movement of air. Fresh new scents reach me. Familiar personal scents replace this strangers’ pleasing aroma.

I bask in the glow, picturing my lover sending me this magnificent gift.

Suddenly, the harsh voice of female co-worker1 sends me crashing back to reality. “Hey, nap’s over.. get back to work”

My eyes flare open, panic suddenly conquering the pleasure I felt. All I see is my dearest co-worker retreating smirking towards her desk, having accomplished her dirty deed.

There is no sign of the stranger, everything seems to be normal on a grey afternoon. My heart slows down a bit. I sneak a peak at my clothes, everything is in place, if a bit dishevelled.

I am even starting to think I imagined all of it until I spot a discrete pink envelope on my desk. Maybe in it a signature, a tell-tale sign. Maybe not. Whatever the case, I will cherish this day for a very long time.

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