Dee’s One , Only Affair Ch. 02


When Dee touched my hand with hers yesterday afternoon I wondered what she was doing. Then when she lifted it to her lips, I was stunned. When she took my hand and kissed the back of it and licked it with her tongue it was very erotic. I couldn’t believe how soft and incredibly warm wet lips and tongue were. My cock started to grow instantly as I saw he look into my eyes. There was such lust in them. It was a moment in time that I will never forget.

The rain had just begun outside now as light drizzle was hitting my windshield. I turned on the wipers as the light turned green. As I drove towards Dee’s house I remembered back to that moment in time, I didn’t know what to do or say at first. I wondered if she was just kidding with me. I had to find out. I told her to pull over and after doing so, she moved to me. We kissed for the first time and the power in her kiss told me she wasn’t kidding or fooling around. Dee wanted to kiss me. As we did the sexual tension dam that has been building between exploded and flooded over us. As you read in chapter one I gave her two very good organs with my hands and fingers. I wanted to eat and fuck her so badly! But the timing wasn’t right and the place wasn’t either.

So we explored each other, me doing more exploring than she did. I couldn’t get over the size and shapes of her breasts. Nor could I ever imagine they would be as beautiful as they were in my hands. Her body was much better than anyone but her husband and now me realized. Her legs and inner thighs were so soft and smooth. Her vagina was soft and puffy and her pussy hold as tight as I have ever felt on a woman. Yes, Dee would be a fantastic prize and one great fuck. The affair had started and I wanted it as much as she did.

As I began to think about her that evening I called her. I told her I would drive tomorrow and she agreed. I told her I would be there a half an hour early. She told me she would be ready and then we hung up. I made the call so my wife could hear me. I didn’t want her to think anything was going on, and I was sure she didn’t

The next day I arrived in front of Dee’s house at 7AM rather than 7:30AM. She was standing in the doorway of her home. As I stopped the car I saw waving. She wanted me to come in. With the rain coming down harder now, I ran up her walkway wondering where her husband was? He had already left for work.

As I entered the house Dee closed the front door and melted into my arms. As I kissed her she lifted herself up and wrapped her arms and legs around me. She began moaning and whimpering as her tongue fucked my mouth! She was hornier than I was if that was possible. I held her under her ass with both of my hands and felt how round and firm it was. I could also feel the heat radiating from between her legs and out of her pussy. That was something I missed yesterday Dee had a Escort Ankara great ass too. I backed her against the wall in the living room and began to dry hump her. She held on to me and began to hump me back. She moaned, “Oh God Bud! Oh God! Oh God!.” As I pushed my hard cock against her she rubbed her pussy hard against me. We held each other and as I licked her neck and ear I whispered, “Well did you fuck your husband to death last night?”

She rubbed her body on me and giggled as she said, “Almost and you? Did you fuck your wife like an animal? You know like you told me you would do?”

I laughed and told her, “Yes! But I was thinking about you all the time. Dee I want us to have sex! I mean real sex, fucking sex!”

She moaned again and told me she had fucked her husband half the night and was so afraid of calling him by my name as he made her cum three times. I said, “Lucky bastard!”

She laughed and lowered her legs to the floor. I pulled her blouse open she wore no bra. I bent my head and sucked on her red hard nipples.

Her shoulders began to tremble as she held my head tight against her breasts. Her nipples were red and hard. I loved how her tits and nipples looked. “Hush,” I told her even though she hadn’t said anything. I pulled her closer and tighter to me, arms wrapping around her body. She held me as I made love to both tits.

As my hand went down her body and cupped her pussy on the outside of her skirt, Dee’s trembling became shutters and soft sighs and whimpers escaped from her lips. Her knees gave out but I caught her in my arms and lowered us both to the floor. I held her tight as my heart beat against her breasts.

We remained on the floor in the center of the living room as the storm began to rage outside. Swaying trees, booming thunder and arrow sharp lightening flashed as our passion built and built. She glanced up into my eyes with a look that told me she wanted to fuck me too.

She reached up to me and pulled my face to hers, my lips to hers our bodies merged and melted together no air between them. I tasted her lips again this morning as our tongues were like snakes. She wore clear lipstick and I could taste it as my mouth and smell it as my lips locked on hers. Neither of us said another word to each other now. Only passion and lust was pulsing in our veins. It was an unspoken hunger between us, which had awaked between us.

I pulled away for a moment gasping for air she had me that worked up. Her eyes were bright and very large now as she looked up into my face. Even with a dark almost black sky from the storm outside I could see the fire in her eyes.


“Hush,” she softly sighed using my own words. She pulled me down completely harder on top of her. I knew she cold feel the outline of my hard cock pressing against her hard pelvis Ankara Escort as I lay between her open legs.

Wrapped in each other’s arms, we lowered ourselves completely on to the floor now. As I lay between her open thighs, her skirt had moved up around her stomach and all she had on were her nylons garter belt and the thinnest sheerest pair of panties. Looking at them anyone could see her entire cunt. But, we were both were still clothed.

As huge trees swayed from the strong wind, the rain beat so hard against the windows of Dee’s house I was sure it was hailing. As fingers loosened and peeled away clothing, our limb entwined and the lightening became even more prevalent.

Now completely nude she moaned that she could feel my cock pressing against her wet vagina. I asked her if she wanted it inside her so I could show her how I can fuck her? She whispered one word, “Yes!” As she did I placed the swollen purple cock head at the center of her small round hole. Dee moaned again, ‘Do it Bud. Push it in!” And as she told me, she lifted her as up off the rug so it would be easier for me to insert it. I did!

As the storm grew more violent with each minute that passed our passion grew white hot. No fear of our spouses knowing what we were doing now was even considered. Nor did we care at that moment if they were sitting in the room watching us. Nothing was going to stop us from allowing each other to enjoy the other person’s body. Lost somewhere between lust and passion the rhythms of sex began for both of us. There were soft cries of pleasure and louder moans and sighs of lust as our bodies merged and then pulled back only to merge again! We found the room to small now as we began to bump into the furniture as we rolled around on each other’s body feeling the intense enjoyment that only comes from the first fuck together. Jesus!! Dee’s pussy was so tight and small I felt like I would cum almost immediately as I pushed into her. It was hard to get inside her. She felt like I was tearing her slit as I pushed. I went slowly and she told me I wasn’t hurting her. I pushed more into her.

As I enplaned Dee’s body completely with my hard on, lightening flashed so bright it seemed like it had hit the house. The loud sound of thunder made me jump. The strike was very, very close as I embedded her now completely with my cock!

As I did, Dee arched her back and lifted her hips and ass up off the floor again which lifted us both up off the rug. Seconds later as she climaxed and screamed as her body began to cum and flood her vagina with her warm wetness of cum. “OH YES!” was all she said as she arched us up off the rug again and again! Dee began to go wild under me cumming and climaxing like no woman I have ever known.

I wasn’t far behind. My body thrust deep into her and as she lifted her legs and Ankara Escort Bayan locked them around me, she held me tightly inside her. I held her and whispered in her ear that I was going to cum too. She moaned and squeezed me even tighter as she told me to fill her with love. I had no choice I was already cumming now pumping the first shot of my first load of warm wet sperm deep inside her womb.

As the thunder boomed and lightening flashed all around us now Dee’s heart was booming with the beat of pure sexual need. Higher and higher she climbed the ladder of climax. One after the other after the other was making her scream again and again as she humped and humped and humped my body almost bucking me off of her more than once.

My mouth was wet and hot on her breasts, nipples and on her throat and shoulders as I kissed, licked and sucked on any place I could reach. I was dizzy and in a sexual fog as she held me deep inside her body fucking me wildly! My lips moved to hers, hungry. Our bodies shared our cum and our mouths shared our tongues!

We had shared our bodies together for the first time and it had been fantastic. As we lay on the living room rug with Dee under me and the storm raging outside she held me tightly and told me not to move. We both felt the wonderful feeling of our sex locked together. Her vagina held my cock tight and deep and it was wonderful.

I don’t know how long we stayed that way but soon I felt her moving. Rotating her hips and softly telling me she had to move. She told me, “Oh God Bud! I can’t hold still any longer. I had to fuck you! Oh Bud! Oh yes baby! Your cock feels so good inside me. You feel so good!”

She felt that exquisite tension swelling inside her again. At first it was slower than the previous ones. With slow even motions now she began to rock her lower body round in small circles. They began to grow wider and faster as she started to orgasm again! With my cock still three-quarters hard she moved faster and even faster and then when I didn’t think she could move any faster under me she did! Still faster she arched her back and cried out with an animal sound from deep inside her throat! Then she achieved another climax. This one was the best yet! Again now with even more rapid thrusting of her hips up into me as her orgasm grew! It swelled throughout her entire being and made her scream out as her body reached the peak and she achieved a level of pleasure she had never known before. She told me this later as we drove to work, later.

I met her cries of passion with my own orgasm and pumped more cum into her squeezing vagina tunnel! Like the thunder and lightening outside we joined together again and climaxed almost in unison. For an untold time we held each other not moving. My cock was as deep inside Dee’s body as far as I could possibly get it. She held me with her arms and legs wrapped tightly around my body. Locked in this embrace we lost the storm, our spouses, and the world. We lost everything but each other. We were both drained.

An hour later I woke her and we dressed for work. We arrived late and blamed the storm.

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