Daughter Training Ch. 07


The small community of Fertile Valley has been expanding rapidly as of late, not only due to the number of healthy incest babies being born every day to happy couples but because of its spreading reputation as a place where family members don’t have to hide their love. In addition, very few people who come to Fertile Valley ever leave due to the strong community and old-time values that had seemingly been lost to the outside world. Anyone who leaves Fertile Valley does so extremely reluctantly. Nobody planned for this paradise of family trees with branches that connected back in themselves to form at all, much less grow or be so large, but once the internet became a big thing, happy incestuous couples that faced persecution from ignorant bigots searched for places they didn’t have to hide their love. Fertile Valley didn’t advertise itself but every family that lived there recognized the look of true family love and how it differentiated from that of simple lust. A real man fucks his daughters because he owns them and loves them enough to want to impregnate them. His physical love blends with typical fatherly love to make the greatest love that a man can feel for another person. The best fathers treat their daughters like the cum dumpsters they are, but still kiss them, hug them, take them out, buy them gifts, learn their interests, teach them new things, and guide them through life with their bellies swelling with their siblings. Training one’s daughter to realize her purpose as daddy’s slut is more than just a carnal need that their bodies scream for, it is practically a sacred duty. This proper fatherly love is what girls need to be the happiest they can be. Those who don’t understand this and simply use their daughters for sex are not welcome in Fertile Valley.

Available housing inside of Fertile Valley is rare but when it comes onto the market it is always reasonably priced. Everyone who lives there knows of the bigoted views of many who would, amazingly enough, frown on a man being a grandfather to his own daughter. Fertile Valley is like an island of sanity, a place where if something happens to the head of a family, the son would take over for his father and breed the females like a stud-horse, as would be his natural obligation. There were people that would see a daughter hanging off of her daddy’s arm as they walk down the street together with her face covered in paternal spunk and make the absurd claim of “abuse,” somehow not understanding that *actual* abuse was when a daddy *didn’t* cum in and on his daughter after she was ripe. What could be more abusive than withholding that feeling of closeness that a daughter craves and deserves to feel with her daddy?

Put another way, how could anyone believe that a daddy withholding a portion of his love from his little one was at all a good thing? Once the population of enlightened families reached critical mass, all residents and landowners did their best to make sure such perverse values didn’t take a foothold in their incestuous utopia by ensuring any openings were filled with those who were either already actively engaged with incest, had been in a happy incestuous relationship in the past, or at the very least desired to have and raise children in the proper way within the boundaries of Fertile Valley.

The enrollment roster at Fertile Valley School, serving preschool through 12th grade, grew fast as well. Education there is top-notch with personalized education and advanced programs. Construction for expansion of the school seemed to be continuous for years on end. Since Fertile Valley kids would need to interact with other kids once in a while, they were taught to tolerate the backward views of people they might meet but never hate anyone for their beliefs or how they chose to live their lives. Fertile Valley kids were happier, healthier, and more loved than kids anywhere else.

That isn’t to say Fertile Valley kids don’t have some disadvantages relative to kids elsewhere, but they are relatively minor; for instance, it is common for young children to believe that certain words are synonyms, such as mother and sister or father and brother, until they get older. As a result, special teaching books for the kids help them practice on how to use words for family relationships when outside of the home.

In church and school, there is a lot of emphasis on family values and obeying your parents. Strong, close families are the core of Fertile Valley’s success. A new trial set of three poster designs that has recently been approved and put on display around the school attest to that fact. They all follow a similar design scheme: the Fertile Valley School logo near the top, a core value of the school near the bottom, and in the middle, a photograph of a smiling family that consists of one or more 18-year old seniors with their biological parents.

One of the new poster designs says “Responsibility to Family” underneath a photo of a very proud dad standing next to his extremely Ankara escort pregnant daughter who wears a beaming face, a scandalously short skirt, and a shirt stretched so much that the buttons that were on the verge of popping off. Daddy has one hand around his daughter’s waist, and the other reaching in front of her, palming her obscene belly. Upon close inspection, a shiny line running down one of the daughter’s bare thighs can be seen.

Another poster has the caption “A Winning Tradition.” A brother and sister appear with their mother and father, who themselves are a brother and sister pair that graduated from the school 20 years prior. The younger brother and sister are wearing the current uniforms of a basketball player and cheerleader, respectively, while their parents are wearing equivalent uniforms from their days in school. The father stands behind his daughter, and the mother in front of her son, with the males towering over their respective partners as they hug them close and paw at their swelling bellies; the females cover each hand with their own and lean backward lovingly.

The last in the new trio of poster designs says “Academic Excellence” under a photograph of a girl with glasses and a ponytail sitting at her desk, the camera facing her head-on, perfectly capturing gleams of white streaks covering her face. The girl’s daddy sits next to her, leaning in to point at something in her notebook as she appears deep in thought, the index finger of her right hand placed over her lips as the rest of her hand sits near her chin. Her left hand is reaching tantalizingly out of the picture to her father’s lap, while her tongue peeks out one side of her mouth as she idly tastes the markings that paint her face.

For the most part, Fertile Valley sexual education is similar to most schools but doesn’t waste time on pointless topics like birth control. Also, when they turn 18 years old, kids can get materials from their school guidance counselor on lots of topics. Pamphlets and videos with titles like “Family Breeding” and “How To Worship Daddy’s Cock” are the most popular. Lots of other literature is frequently distributed as well, such as guides on how to prepare an asshole to get stuffed with daddycock, or how to deepthroat paternal prick, as well as informational cards about how family members should never use condoms.

Truly, over the last two decades, the Fertile Valley School had improved by leaps and bounds.

The borders of the community grew whenever possible, but there still wasn’t enough space to satisfy the demand of all the couples with a close degree of consanguinity; many of them settled instead in communities bordering Fertile Valley, slowly converting them into more tolerant and enlightened communities. A common topic of conversation on the streets today is about how there are plans to incorporate Fertile Valley into a proper town, forming one legal entity that absorbs its sister communities into one large haven of family love, where no true and pure love is banned simply because of how closely the lovebirds were related. Everyone was looking forward to the day when their mail would be delivered to their new address in the town of Fertile Valley. There is also talk of the ordinances that will come soon after, such as mandating family conjugal rooms in all businesses. With the high birth rate, Fertile Valley will even build its own hospital with an extra-large maternity wing. There were already a number of doctors and nurses waiting to transfer, knowing that the fear of legal consequences was risking unsafe births for too many babies. These honorable medical professionals are excited about making sure that fathers will have no problems with signing on the dotted line on the birth certificates for the babies they put inside their daughters and hope they see the day that all girls will feel empowered and comfortable enough to go into a hospital and say, “This baby is my daddy’s, and I want everyone to know!”


Joe and Erin Copperworth, the current principal of Fertile Valley School and his secretary, moved to Fertile Valley eighteen years ago after being referred by close friends. The school is one of the organizations in the community which always seemed to be hiring and had been so even before public expressions of incest were so overt. The Copperworths remember moving to Fertile Valley when when a daddy and daughter might be walking down the street together holding hands, but without a single drop of cum visible on the girl’s body.

Joe and Erin didn’t know each other before moving to Fertile Valley but did arrive around the same time, three months before the start of the new school year. They both started as teachers and fell in love while on the job. They found ample opportunities to suck and fuck at work. In fact, they suspect that their daughter Brittany was conceived as Erin was bent over her desk. Erin still remembers licking up the remnants of the load that made her daughter, relishing Ankara escort bayan each tasty drop that drooled down her thighs or dripped on the floor. Joe later became the principal and took on his wife as his personal secretary, an odd move that was met with no complaints. The school ran better with a happy principal, and this principal was happy with a secretary that spent much more time under his desk than sitting at her own

The Copperworths each had incestuous relations in the past, which was a key reason for being given their first jobs at the school. Erin had fond memories of her father fucking her teen pussy in her bed and at motels. She took her father’s heavy loads down her throat and in her ass, taking care of him in ways that her mom never did. Erin remembered her father always being so reluctant to get her pregnant because of how he knew people would react, especially his wife. But Erin’s mom would barely touch her own husband anymore, as the marriage had been on a downward trend for years. Erin loved her mom even if she was always was a terrible wife, never being her husband’s whore.

Erin’s parents got divorced a few months before she turned 20, which was after she had been fucking her dad for over a year. She bounced on daddycock all the way through college and both her pussy and asshole took the shape of the cock that owned her. It all turned sour the day her father told her that he had found someone else. He wanted more kids and didn’t want to impregnate his own daughter. The news cut like a knife through Erin’s heart, but she understood. She cried every night for a week, but she understood. Time slowly healed the wound and when her father got married to his new faithful slut and told his daughter she was going to have a sibling in nine months, she was happy for him. She still wondered sometimes what life would have been like if she tricked her dad into knocking her up, maybe hooking her legs around his ass as he thrust on top of her right before he came, keeping him from being able to pull out. But she could never have done something like that to her daddy against his wishes. She was a good daughter. She knew her daddy was a good daddy but society’s pressures kept him from treating her properly.

Being a man, Joe’s past incestuous experiences were obviously different. He had a sexy older sister who relieved his horny teen balls, drinking his cum every morning and every night. When home alone together she would take his cock out and practice her skills on his family cock, eager to drain his seed down her throat. She seemed to have an insatiable thirst for her brother’s semen and was practically obsessed with discovering new ways to be his oral slave. She even got a tongue piercing just to see if he’d enjoy it. Joe remembered the argument she had with her parents about that piercing, which started only one minute after taking yet another load down her throat. She had just wiped her face clean, licked up the spare spunk, and was checking herself in the mirror when her mother walked by and saw the shiny tongue stud that moments before had been helping to get sibling-semen into sister-stomach. Joe overhead the fight while safe in his bed, exhausted from his sister’s test of another technique, listening to his mom tell his sister she looked like a slut. The biggest problem the pair had was that when their parents were home it was harder for the horny siblings to make his cock spurt cum into her mouth. At least, until Joe’s sister had a wonderful idea.

Joe and his sister had technically had separate bedrooms; in actuality, it was one large room that had a divider installed, though it was so permanently inserted in such a way that one would be hard pressed to tell. Luckily the past owner that made this modification cheaped out on materials and the wall was only about an inch thick. After realizing that they could hear each other masturbate, Joe’s sister had the genius idea of making a hole in the wall. She declared that Joe could stick his cock through it at any time and she would suck it, no matter what she was doing. This was the best idea Joe had ever heard, and nobody had ever worked so fast to complete a home project. In short order, Joe had made the hole the perfect height so they could each be on each of their beds as they enjoyed themselves. Joe then had his own glory hole sister who gulped down more loads than either of them could count. It was heaven to Joe and one day told her that he wanted to use her pussy too. She wanted to give him all of her holes but didn’t want their parents to find out, especially with the worst (best) case scenario of a big swelling belly by her own brother. The idea of his sister’s flat stomach start to protrude because of him got Joe hot under the collar but he acquiesced, happy to still be what he felt was the luckiest brother alive and have his hot sister draining his cock multiple times per day. Unfortunately, Joe’s sister went off to college, leaving Joe at home wishing he Escort Ankara had a slut to dump his load into. Joe’s sister got pregnant her second year away, and ever since then Joe hasn’t felt his cock spurt as his sister’s piercing work around his shaft.

Until Joe met Erin, he thought he’d never have a hotter slut than his sister and that nobody else would ever swallow more of his semen. Luckily for him, his future wife turned out to not only have an insatiable cum-thirst but was excited to be owned in her other holes as well. Their shared incestuous histories added white-hot fuel to their sexual fires.

Both Joe and Erin sometimes perform incestuous roleplay together, pretending to be related to each other in different ways. Joe pretends to be Erin’s daddy and Erin pretends to be Joe’s sister and each scenario always led to the fantasy of an incestuous baby being conceived. Unsurprisingly, Erin missed her period the month after the wedding and five months later they discovered their new baby would be a girl. Joe couldn’t help but fuck his pregnant wife more and more as she got bigger and bigger because she just looked so sexy. The pregnancy went well but birth complications meant that Erin would have difficulty conceiving more children. They each wanted a bigger family but decided that they would have a happy family regardless of what happened in the future.

The Copperworths would have been happy with a boy but a daughter presented possibilities that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. A thought crept into both of their minds: perhaps they could have more kids, after all. Not just that, but kids that were a part of each of them, if they could be patient. They both wanted it but didn’t speak about it at first. It wasn’t too long, though, before the prospect of a real, actual, wonderful fantasy would dominate their sex life; a fantasy that Erin knew in her heart would come true. They do say, after all, like mother, like daughter.

A year after giving birth to her daughter, Erin spoke to her husband about their shared but still unspoken fantasy. She had been edging her husband using her mouth for over an hour while he manipulated the controls of a remote control vibrator stuffed up her ass.

“Honey, I have something to tell you.” Erin removed her mouth from Joe’s cock with the look on her face that always got her what she wanted; her head tilted down with puppy-dog eyes looking up at him, her forehead slightly creased as if she was worried about something, and a pouting mouth. A string of saliva and cum connected her lips to his cock head as she talked.

“What is it hon?” Joe moved his hand down to her face to caress her cheek. “You can tell me anything. Don’t stop, though.”

“Well, you know how we had one kid so far, and you always wanted more, right?” *Lick, slurp*

“Oh yes, I loved making my woman’s belly swell.” Joe grinned as he remembered his wife as she was pregnant.

“Well we’ve been trying and trying and the doctor said your semen…” *lick, nibble, suck*, “… your delicious cum… mmmmm…” *suck, slurp*, “…is fine, but that I might not conceive again…”

Joe groaned as his wife worked her tongue just like he liked it. “Don’t worry about all that dear, we’ll keep trying.”

“I know Joe but I was thinking, someday Brittany will be breeding age…”

Joe groaned as he held his wife’s head still, a signal for her to pause so he could recover.

He let go, and Erin continued, “… and we live in such a wonderful place, maybe we can expand our family that way…” *lick, slurp, lick*

Joe tried to relax as his wife began her finishing techniques, a signal that she was getting ready to swallow a huge load.

“And there’s no reason we need to stop with one.” *slurp, gag, slurp* “I’m sure our daughter will be raised right and will be a regular baby factory.”

At this point, Joe completely surrendered himself to his wife, his mind overloaded with perfectly perverse fantasies.

“I’ll always be your slut but I’m sure we can raise another one for you. Would you like that, dear? Do you want me to train our daughter when the time is right? Do you want a daughter-slut?”

Joe couldn’t even answer, it was too much to be offered what he was afraid to admit to his wife was his greatest desire, fearing her response until now. His cock was on the verge of shooting the biggest load in years, even bigger than the one that made his daughter.

“I’ll do it.” *lick, suck* “I’ll train her.” *slurp, nibble* “Your daughter.” *slurp, lick* “Your cock will…” *lick, nibble, suck* “…give her a big belly.”

Erin felt the twinges that meant her husband’s cock would soon erupt and jammed her fingers deep into her pussy while Joe simultaneously used the remote control to set the vibrator in her ass to maximum speed. Erin then quickly stuffed her husband’s 7-inch-pussy-pleaser into her throat as her throat muscles worked frantically to swallow each jet of creamy cum. Erin’s orgasm almost broke her as she imagined the cum she craved knocking up their kid.

Afterward, they cuddled in their own way, with Joe lying back, caressing his wife’s head as she rubbed her cheek on his deflated cock.

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