Date Day Ch. 04: Home

We arrived home and walked in the door when she turned to me with an embrace that shook me to my core as she whispered in my ear “Take me, I am yours.”

We made our way to the bedroom as we kept kissing and running our hands all over each other like teens shedding clothes on the way. I told her “You were so good today with everything you deserve a nice treat, now lay face down and get comfortable.”

She climbed on the bed laying down with her arms crossed under her pillow and legs slightly spread. I got on straddling her legs and leaned over her back kissing her neck. I continued with the kisses across the top of her shoulders, neck and earlobes while running my hands up and down her sides eliciting coos of pleasure from her. Slowly I started to trail my kisses down her back not leaving any spot untouched by my lips and hands. I reached the spot where her back and ass met and started kissing the outside of her right cheek up and down working in towards the center, when I reached the center I gave a quick flick of my tongue to the top of her crack and moved to her left cheek repeating this.

When I reached the center this time I gently pried her cheeks apart kissing and licking the inside tasting her juices that had been pooling there all day. As I came to her tight crinkled little asshole I barely let my tongue graze across the outermost ridges causing her to lift her hips up and back trying to get more pressure. I gave her one firm lick right in the antep escort center of her forbidden hole, swirling my tongue around it, earning a moan of approval before withdrawing and starting to kiss down the back of her right leg, paying a little extra attention to the back of her knee. When I reached her foot I started up the inside of her leg. When I got to her upper thigh her ass raised up off the bed and her legs spread a little farther. I kissed right up to the edge of her dripping lips barely brushing my lips across them as I moved to her other leg to repeat the process which earned me a frustrated groan from her. When I returned from my trip up and down her left leg I ran my tongue from her clit to the top of her ass with the lightest touch possible and told her to turn over.

She turned over so fast I thought she might have broken the sound barrier. I started with a deep long kiss with her and moved on to kissing her neck from ear to ear and down onto her shoulders and across her collar bones. I continued down onto her right tit kissing and licking in circles slowly working in towards her nipple. When I reached it I gave it a long slow lick teasing it before I took it in my mouth and gave a quick suck and nip with my teeth which caused her to cry out. As I let her nipple pop free from my mouth I looked her in the eyes and said “Mmm your tits taste like cum.”

With the image of me tasting all the other men’s cum on her tits she moaned out “OH GOD YES, LICK IT ALL UP.”

I repeated the same on her left tit, moved into the valley in between them and continued the journey down. As I reached her mound I moved into the crease of where her legs and pussy meet only to tease her lips with light touches before continuing down the front of her right leg and back up the inside of it. When it got back to the top I lightly blew on her clit causing her to moan. I began licking the outside of her lips from bottom to top with just the tip of my tongue alternating sides ever so slightly moving towards her center. When I began licking the inside of her lips she began thrusting and moving her hips trying to get more stimulation where she needed it most to no avail as I moved with her.

When I was sure I had covered all of the areas but the most sensitive ones several times I finally dipped my tongue into her steamy dripping hole as far as possible thrashing it around causing her to shudder and moan for more. I slowly withdrew my tongue and started dragging it upward towards her rock hard clit which I barely flicked with the tip bringing a gasp from her. As I inserted two fingers into her I sucked her clit hard into my mouth and ran my tongue over it bringing her to an instant but well deserved orgasm as she sprayed me down with her girl cum. I kept my fingers still and released her clit as she came down from her orgasm. As she lay there panting and recovering I slowly started working my fingers on her g-spot. When she started moving her hips again I started in on her clit soon bringing her to another screaming orgasm. As she came down from this one I removed my fingers and climbed up beside her kissing her and holding her.

When she had fully calmed down I looked at her and asked “Are you ready for the main event now?”

She exclaimed “God yes, I was ready for it all damn day.”

With that I slid between her legs and started rubbing my cock up against her slit teasing her yet some more before I slid it slowly in all the way before withdrawing just as slow. I then just slipped in the head and moved it back and forth in her entrance creating wet squelching noises and driving her wild. Without warning I drove my cock deep into her causing my balls to slap against her ass and a flood of her juices to be forced out as she screamed out in ecstasy. I settled into a steady rhythm of slow withdrawals and forceful thrusts.

She started moaning and cumming all too soon adding to the pool of wetness, as she would come down off one orgasm another one would immediately start. Soon enough I could feel the tension building in my balls and couldn’t hold back any longer as I shot jet after jet of my cum into her as we came together. We lay there catching our breath for a minute giving each other little kisses between gasps of air before I said “Thank you for today, I really enjoyed showing you off and teasing you today.”

She replied “Not near as much fun as I had, maybe we can do it again some time.”

“Well” I said “I don’t have any plans tomorrow.”

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