Daddy’s baby girl_(2)


I don’t own this story, I found it on line and wanted to share it.

Waking up one morning Sarah, age 23, woke up and walked to her bathroom. She smiled softly as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her long brown hair cascading down back. She looked at her vibrant blue eyes, smiling ever so softly. She was excited, tonight was the grand opening of a BDSM club in her home town. The club was geared towards Daddy Dom’s and Mommy Domme’s and their baby girls or baby boys. However it was open to anyone and everyone. The club had a few rules, which she had not yet looked over. She then decided to look over them when she finished her shower.

Stepping into the shower, her body already nude from the night before, she washed her hair twice. As the conditioner sat in her hair she washed her body, slowly and carefully. She heard the barking of a dog and chuckled, getting out of the shower she walked into her bedroom and opened the kennel by her bed. “How are you doin’ Mandy?” She asked the puppy girl as she ran out of the kennel, in all her naked glory. Sarah was by no means a Domme, but she was allowing her friend to reside with her. “Arf arf arf” was what she got in response.

Sarah put some food in Mandy’s bowl and then did her hair and got dressed. Sarah decided on her baby blue dress with ruffles. She got it custom made for herself. She then looked for her paci, when she went into subspace she was a 4 year old little girl. She wanted to eventually find the right mommy or daddy Dom/me to take care of her and allow her to be a 4 year old all the time. When she found her pink paci she placed it into her mouth, suckling on it happily. She began to pet Mandy, whom she hoped could be taken in by the Dom/me who took her in and allow Mandy to be the ‘family pet’. Mandy was not in it for the sex, nor was Sarah.

The both of them did come as a package deal and would be open to a sexual relationship, but much preferred the aspect of being just a 4 year old and her pet puppy. Sarah smiled and began to giggle as Mandy licked her. “Silly puppy” Sarah squealed out. She looked into Mandy’s bright green eyes and ran her fingers through her long blonde hair. “Gooooood puppy!” Sarah squealed. Mandy in turn barked and panted happily, moving her ass in a way that made her ‘tail’ wag.

Sarah decided not to eat today and instead focus on getting Mandy ready to go to the club. Before she started to get Mandy ready however she pulled out the rules and began to read them.

Rules for ‘The Dungeon’

Rule number one: All submissives, male or female MUST be accompanied by at least one Dom/me. They do not however have to be collard.

Rule number two: All parties present must be aware of the club safe word, or have their own in place. The club safe word is ‘Safeword’.

Rule number three: One must respect the collar of another sub, if another sub is collard they are not yours to play with unless their Master or Mistress says otherwise.

Rule number four: Ones limits MUST be respected at ALL times, if one safe words the other members of the scene must STOP right then and there and provide the proper aftercare.

Rule number five: If you find a potential Dom/me or submissive, limits, rules and guidelines MUST be discussed in a private room.

Rule number six: Once you are done with a toy YOU MUST CLEAN IT.

Rule number seven: You must supply your own whips, crops or anything of that nature, for sanitary reason, Dildos and strap-ons will be provided for purchase in the lobby, brand new and in the package, or you may bring your own.

Rule number eight: If any of the above rules is broken a staff member may ask you to leave, do so at that point in time. You may or may not be banned from the club.

Giggling Sarah picked up her phone and decided to call her best friend Mark, who happened to be a Dom. He was not one for the ladies though. “Hi there baby doll.” Mark answered his phone, knowing Sarah would be in her ‘subspace’.

“Hi! Can you come to the club with me an Mandy tonight?” Sarah asked, giggling like a child.

Mark chuckled and then replied with “Yes of course little one.”

That was the extent of the conversation and Sarah hung up and then found Mandy’s latex puppy suit. She took out Mandy’s tail and then helped Mandy into the puppy suit. The two girls then walked into, well Mandy crawled, the living room. Sarah turned on a movie and plopped down onto the ground, suckling her paci and petting Mandy the whole time. A few hours later the doorbell rand and Mandy began to bark. “Hush puppy!” Sarah giggled and then let Mark in. Mark was wearing leather pants and a tight white shirt. He had his whip on hand, just in case, and he had blue-green eyes. His hair was pulled back into a pony tail.

“Let’s go ladies.” Mark said, hooking a leash to Mandy’s collar. He then pulled out a rope and had Sarah grab it so she didn’t run off. He smiled at the site before him, a little girl and her puppy dog.

“Okie! Puppy come ons! We might getsa daddy or mommy!” Sarah said with glee, she then dropped the rope and ran to get a folder with papers, her and Mandy’s limits and contract, which would be subject to change depending on the Dom/me.

Mark chuckled and decided to just hold Sarah’s hand. The three of them made their way to the club, Mandy panting happily, Sarah taking control of the leash and holding Mark’s hand with her free one. Once at the club they were greeted with a Goddess and Lord. “Hello there.” Mark said with a polite smile.

“Hello, status of the girls?” asked the Lord of the club, a tall man with dark hair and eyes.

“Sarah here,” Mark started, pausing to lift the hand holding Sarah’s “Is an un-owned baby girl.” He then pointed to Mandy “And this is…” He paused, allowing Sarah to answer.

“Dis is Mandy! My puppy!” Sarah giggled.

“Is Sarah a switch?” Asked the Goddess, a striking blonde with amazing blue eyes.

“No, Mandy started as her friend and once they learned they were both into the lifestyle they decided to become a package deal, a baby girl and her pet.” Mark replied.

“Hmm are you their protector while they are un-collared?” Asked the Lord.

Mark simply nodded, “I’m Sir Mark.” He spoke.

“I am Lord Brent, and this lovely Lady here is Lady Annabel, but is called Goddess by ANY subs.” Lord Brent replied.

“You may enter ‘The Dungeon'” Lady Annabel said softly, but with a firm hint to her voice.

“Thank You my Lady” Mark said, being respectful. He then nudged Sarah and Mandy. Mandy barked and bowed her head respectfully, whereas Sarah glared at Mark “No nice…” She muttered. Mark grinned; he knew she was going to show her true colors tonight, in hopes that a daddy would be willing to take her on. The Lady and Lord arched their eyebrow at Sarah. “What is ya lookin’ ats?” Sarah asked, going into complete 4 year old mode, speaking and all.

“It is you who is the rude one young one.” Lord Brent corrected her, and then glanced at the whip on Mark’s hip.

Sarah followed His gaze and giggled. “Him no use its on me” She then removed her paci and stuck her tongue out. Mark took that as His cue and swatted Sarah’s ass four times, twice on each cheek. “Hey!” Sarah squealed, and rubbed her bum. She glared once more at Mark before turning back to the Lady and Lord. “Fowgive me my Lord an Goddess.” Sarah whispered, knowing to show she knows how to correct herself as well.

The Lord and Lady nodded, waving the three of them in. Sarah lead Mandy around, she paced her paci to Mark “Keep its safe pwease?” She asked Him. He simply nodded and put it into his pocket, following the girls closely. Sarah was getting many stares; it’s not every day you see a baby girl walking a puppy girl. A tall man, around six foot one, stopped Sarah, noting Mark was with them. He nodded to Mark and then looked to Sarah. “Hello there little one.” He cooed softly.

Sarah giggled and smiled up at Him. “Hewo” She whispered as she took in His appearance. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, not to intimidating, and His eyes were honest and truthful, like Mark’s. She noted they were a lovely ice blue. His hair was short, dark brown, almost black. A soft smile graced his face.

“How are you today little one?” He asked, placing His hand to the puppy for her to smell. Mandy sniffed His hand then barked in approval. Sarah giggled and Mark glanced around, finding a vacant room.

“Shall we move somewhere more private?” Mark asked, noticing how He was looking at Sarah and Mandy.

The Man nodded and the four of them walked to a private room. Locking themselves inside, Sarah squealed when she noted the doll house. She dropped Mandy’s leash and ran over to the doll house and began to play, knowing Mark would do all the talking. Mandy looked from Mark to her now dropped leash and Mark nodded, so Mandy bolted to Sarah. Mark smiled as Mandy laid down beside Sarah while Sarah played. “I’m Mark; I am Sarah and Mandy’s protector.” Mark said.

“I’m Michael; Beautiful girl and pup there.” Michael replied.

“Yes, they are, but they don’t go alone, they are a pair. They have a list of requirements here, and I am to be the one to have the final say.” Mark replied.

Michael nodded and read the list that was passed to Him.

Sarah’s Rules

Number One: Mandy stays WITH ME!

Number two: I am a baby girl; I want to be 4 years old.

Number three: I would prefer if we kept it NO SEX!

Number four: I have to sleep in a ‘baby girl’ room.

Number five: Sir Mark gets the final say.

About me: I am a 4 year old trapped in a 23 year olds body. I will act like an adult if the situation calls for it, such as running to the market, or work. Unless I am in a community where it is not uncommon. I am seeking a mommy or a daddy. One that will allow me to keep Mandy, my puppy. I am not a Domme by any means, but I like having Mandy as my puppy, it’s like a child loves their pet. Mandy is my cherished pet.

Mandy’s Rules

Number One: I am but a puppy, prefer NO SEX!

Number two: I love my ‘owner’ (for all intensive purposes) Sarah.

Number three: I don’t want to be separated from Sarah.


Number Five: I know Sarah didn’t list her limits (she has a short attention span) they are as such NO BRANDING, ANYTHING ON MY LIST, AND ANAL. NO DIAPERS

About Me: I am a fun loving energetic pup. I am seeking to be a ‘family’ pet. I want to continue to belong to Sarah. She is not a Domme, but for all intensive purposes, she is my owner. I love her very much and do not want to leave her. I will be a good dog, I promise. Arf arf arf!

“If you don’t mind my asking, why must they stay together?” Michael asked.

“I suggest you read page two before asking anything.” Mark replied with a chuckle.

We have to stay together because, one, Sarah took me in when I was on the streets (as a human) and we both discovered we are into this lifestyle, and therefore Sarah became my ‘owner’ I want what’s best for her. As she wants what’s best for me. If one of us doesn’t approve of a Mommy or daddy Dom/me it is a NO GO!

As a pup I sleep in a kennel and use potty pads, sometimes I will go outside. I sleep in Sarah’s room, as I protect her. She protects me in return.

*giggles* it’s me Sarah now, If we choose to go on trial with ANYONE it won’t be right away, unless Sir Mark thinks it’s a good match. Sir Mark has his own boys, but loves me as a sister. The trial would be at my home, which Mark pays for, as I don’t work. Nor does Mandy. Mark has it set up so that I have my perfect baby girl room, and Mandy has her ‘room’ but sleeps in mine with me, in her kennel, and sometimes on my bed. You would be staying in the guest room, and Mark would stay with us, to ensure the safety of myself and Mandy. If it works out, you would take over payments of the apartment, as Mandy and I WILL NOT MOVE! Our apartment complex is very familiar with this lifestyle and we have a private court yard in the complex where we meet up with other baby girls and puppies, even some baby boys. We all play together while our mommies and daddies (or in mine and Mandy’s case Mark) watch us.

If you are still reading, I applaud you. (By the way, this is now Mark speaking) *chuckles* the reason why I applaud you? You actually MAY just be a good match for my girls. I love them both very much. Their contract is just agreeing to the above terms, it is subject to change. Also, if you manage to become their daddy or mommy Dom/me, you WILL NOT have people outside of this lifestyle at the house, and you will call ME to find out the shops and such to go to, where Sarah can be herself and where Mandy is welcome. I will NOT be YOUR Dom, but I will be continuing to watch over MY girls, and should it work out, I will slowly ease my way into the role of just a friend.

“Seems simple enough” Michael said when he paused, and then he read the final notes about the trial, by Mark.

TRIAL: If you go on trial you will reside in their home, I will be with you all as well. The trial can last anywhere from 2 months to a year, depending. I will be residing in the home DURING THE WHOLE THING! I make the payments, until the trial is over if it works out you take over. If it doesn’t work out then you are not to come back without consent from myself. If the trial doesn’t work out you are not to bother my Sarah and Mandy. I say ‘my’ a lot, when in all actuality I prefer men, I just happen to have known Sarah since she moved here and began to care for her as an ‘older brother’ rather than a daddy. Once again, if you’re still reading I applaud you. YOU ARE DONE! NO MORE TO READ!

Michael laughed as he turned and saw Sarah lying on top of Mandy. Mark walked over and removed the paci from his pocket; after making sure it was clean he gently placed it into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah’s eyes drifted closed, as she fell asleep. Mark looked at his watch and noted it was 8:30 in the evening.

“I have to get these two home, I will give you my number and you can call me tomorrow and we will all meet up.” Mark said.

“Of Course.” Michael replied, He tiptoed over to the sleeping girl and gently kissed her forehead. ‘Sleep well little one.’ He whispered every so softly.

Mark smiled softly and walked over, gently picked up Sarah and then took Mandy’s leash. “Come girl, let’s go home.” Mark said in a soft commanding tone. Mark left, carrying Sarah, Mandy trudging alongside Him on her leash. Once Mark made it back to the apartment he unhooked Mandy’s leash, and then whispered, “Come.”

Mark lead Mandy into Sarah’s room, he pulled back Sarah’s pink Barbie blanket and placed her into the bed. He tucked her in, after taking her dress off of her, deciding to leave her in her panties, and then patted the bed. “Up here tonight girl.” He whispered to Mandy. Mandy jumped onto the bed and Mark helped her out of the suit and replaced her tail plug. He smiled as Mandy curled up protectively around Sarah and fell asleep.

Mark made his way to the guest room, deciding to stay there for the night, knowing Sarah was going to be up early and scared if He was not there.

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