Daddy Landlord- Becoming Dad


Being a landlord during the prolonged shutdown was not ideal. Bars, restaurants, gyms and clothing stores all closed for months at a time or just simply defaulted on loans and went into bankruptcy. People couldn’t pay their rent and banks closed on property owners who couldn’t make their mortgages.

Luckily Tina and Jessie and Nate were not overextended, which allowed for them to stay afloat and even do a little speculation on properties. Nate still didn’t want Monica to move in before marriage, but when her mom Audrey got sick with Covid-19, he softened.

Life was just too short.

Luckily Audrey make a slow but full recovery because after their first and only date, Nate and Audrey became golf buddies. She could beat him in a round of 9 if she used the Lady’s Tee Blocks and they walked their clubs around the course so she generally used the Men’s Tee. Now, they took a cart and she used the Lady’s Tee and still lost. But she was getting better. And Nate missed his golf time with what he fully believed would be his mother-in-law before too long. And their bonding took nothing away from his love with Monica, which is why Audrey had given Nate her blessing on their latest round of golf.

Before he proposed- which he mostly had planned- he wanted just a little bit of help from Tina and Jessica. He needed to ask for their help and was sure they would help. They loved Monica and were glad Nate had found her- or she found him. They had called a working dinner meeting for the next night, and Monica was of course invited to come along since her role in their partnership had become more and more important.

Damn. He was close, but not quite ready yet. Why couldn’t they wait another week? But they had been adamant so Nate and Monica had accepted their invitation. But this gave him the opportunity to ask one of the ladies and maybe solicit some last minute womanly advice on his plan.


They met at the upscale seafood restaurant and bar that the ladies had opened in the ground floor of their Court Avenue District apartment- one of their many gambles that had paid off gloriously. During wine and appetizers Jessie asked Monica to come with her so Monica could see what they had been discussing, so they excused themselves.

Now alone with his ex-wife, Nate asked Tina for help in his proposal.

“How do you plan on doing it?”

“Well, I had planned in coming here and…”

“STOP! That’s so overdone. Nate, you love her, right?”

“Yes,” he said, knocked back on his heels. He didn’t know if he should defensive or offensive but he was going to lose control of the conversation. But he did want their opinion.

“If you want to do dinner and propose, at least go to and Italian restaurant and have a violinist…”

“Nice idea…in ‘normal’ times,” he said.

“Fair enough. Skydiving? Axe throwing?” Tina threw out.

“Scuba diving?” he asked.

“How about…” just then the other two came back so Tina and Nate changed the subject. Monica looked stunned? Confused? Different than when she left anyway and Nate noticed the wink and slight nod Jessica gave Tina.

After small casual conversations and dinner, the ladies asked for Nate and Monica to come upatairs for a business proposition. “I thought that’s what dinner was,” Nate asked. Looking at Monica, who nodded, he decided to follow them.

In the elevator, Monica took his arm and laid her head on his upper arm. She seemed “clingy” for Monica. As the elevator door opened and the ladies stepped off, Monica quickly said, “I think we should think about their proposal. I’m on board.”

Confused, he looked at her but her poker face only smiled.

What “proposal”? He wanted to propose- that’s the only “proposal” he was interested in.

They got right to the point. “Nathan,” Jessica said, “Tina and I want to have a baby to raise,”

“Adoption?” he asked. “Do you need help?”

“Yes, we need ‘help’, Nathan, but not that kind,” görükle escort Tina said.

“Okay…?” he said. He didn’t see it coming until…

“We’d like you to father a child with Jessica,” Tina said.

Wow. Mind BLOWN!

“Uh, you mean, like at a clinic, right?” he asked.

This time Monica spoke up and said, “That’s expensive and the lawyers get rich. Earlier, when Jess and I went into the back, she asked me, and we now think…”

Monica paused, then continued, “We think ‘traditional methods’ would be better.

“What?!” Nate couldn’t believe this. Part of him was excited, but mostly he was upset. Pissed maybe.

All three ladies- three of the most beautiful ladies he knew and he’d slept with them all.

Jessica. Redheaded firepot, sexpot. Smart, funny, likeable but she had stolen away his first love…

Tina, his ex-wife. First love, still beautiful. She had broken his heart but he still loved her almost as much as he could ever love anyone. Anyone except…

Monica. Beautiful, youthful, energetic Monica. He didn’t deserve her, but she loved him deeper than he could imagine. He didn’t deserve to have any of these three even talk to him, yet they all desired him, even the lesbians. Life just didn’t make sense, and now all three wanted him to fuck Jess and knock her up.

Monica had an idea that was different than ours, but it shoukd work,” Jessica said.

Now it was Tina’s turn to look confused.

Monica spoke up again, “Going through a lawyer or to a clinic is costly and by no means a guarantee. WE think, if I warm you up and you just finish in Jess, that should work.”

“So I’m just a ‘stud’ then? And you are fine with this?” he asked. Why was Monica okay with this? “What is my role- OUR ROLE- in the future?”

That hadn’t been decided, so Tina answered quickly, ” Aunt and Uncle?” she offered.

Nate’s head was spinning. He couldn’t think clearly. “I, uh, I need…I need- WE need to talk. Tina, remember…”

“Yes, Nate, and this will be fine. I always wanted to be a mother, but couldn’t-” Tina started.

“How do you know I’m not the reason we never…”

“It’s not you” Tina said. She was privy to information Nate wasn’t privy to yet.

“Nate,” Monica started. “Remember that one fantasy of mine you helped me accomplish a few months ago?”

Yes, he did. Fucked her silly while she was having phone sex with her stepbrother. It was awesome for him, too.

“There are still unfulfilled fantasies on the table and you can fulfill them for all of us. But enough for know, we will go home and talk about it,” Monica said.


Details arranged, fears somewhat abated, Nate agreed to attempt to father a child with his ex-wife’s lesbian wife. While his much younger girlfriend- whom he thought more and more about marrying- not only encouraged and lobbied for this, was also going to participate. All during a global pandemic that had destroyed the world’s economy yet somehow had managed to fatten his wallet.

None of this made sense.

Jess had announced she was ovulating and awaited his sperm in her vagina and womb to fertilize her egg. Keeping the talk “clinical” somehow was supposed to not make it feel weird.

Yea, right.

Attempt 1 was designed for Tina to get Jess worked up and ready while Monica would get Nate close, and just before he was ready to ejaculate he would switch to Jess and leave his life-giving DNA in her womb.

In other words, Jess and Tina were going to do what they did and Nate would fuck Monica until he was almost ready to cum and then he’d switch holes and nut inside Jessica’s waiting pussy, hopefully knocking her up.

But during her fertile week he would cum in her about every day or day and half, hopefully maximizing his load every time. It also was a week of lots of steak, eggs, protein shakes and no alcohol, the theory being it would make him more potent.

When Nate bursa escort bayan and Monica went over to the ladies’ place, they had candles lit all over the bedroom and a loveseat in the bedroom for extra fuck space, if needed.

“Monica, lie down on the bed, on your back, please,” Tina commanded. Apparently she was taking charge of this session.

Monica did as commanded, near the head of the king sized bed. Jess did the same at the foot of the bed.

“Nate, gently finger your lover. Feel her warmth, her wetness,” Tina said. “Mmm, you like that, don’t you Monica. Yeah, Nate, now lick your fingers. Mmm, I bet they taste like her, don’t they?”

As Tina said something, she was doing the same to Jess. Tina’s own fingers lingered in her mouth as she savored Jessica’s juices.

It progressed to licking, sucking and eventually Tina penetrated Jess with a small dildo, fucking her, taking her close to orgasm, readying her for Nate’s load.

“Go ahead, Nate, fuck Mon, just don’t cum in her. You need to give your load to Jess,” Tina said.

Nate easily slid inside his current lover. He could feel her outer lips widely opened, caressing beyond the base of his cock. Nate had fucked all three of these women repeatedly. Each one of them had things he liked about them. But sex- fantastic sex anyways- had to be mental. And this whole thing felt cheap.

“Oh god yes, Nate. that’s it! Fuck my pussy,” Monica moaned. She moaned, writhed and within a few more seconds used her legs to pull him in, pinning his cock inside her as he flooded her womb with a massive load of sperm. He flooded Monica, not Jess.

“NOOOOOO!” Jess yelled as she quickly tried to get to Nate’s cock. Hopefully any residual cum would be enough.

But all 4 of them knew it wouldn’t be enough. A last ditch effort at Jess trying to scissor Monica only served one purpose- Monica wanting more.


As per their agreement, 24 hours later they tried again, then agreeing to wait 36 hours before going the next time. However, this time the agreement was changed to allow Monica and Tina their time in a separate room than Nate and Jess.

Monica and Tina fingered, dildoed and scissored each other, eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms. By mutual agreement with just the two of them and unbeknownst to Nate and Jess they also filmed each other.

Nate and Jess were more like an awkward first date fuck than long term fuck partners.

“Nate, I know this is, uh, kinda…”

“It’s weird,” he finished. “My girlfriend is fucking my ex-wife while I am fucking my ex-wife’s wife, trying to knock her up. You can’t make this shit up,” he said.

“Well, technically, we aren’t married.”

“You’re not?”

“Not legally.”

As this conversation moved to awkward silence, they started to undress each other, hoping for the mood to improve. Jess had a magnificent body, and Nate got hard pretty quickly. Nate was still a good looking guy and Jess felt herself get wet as well.

“Nate, I want to taste your cock while you lick my pussy.”

Nate got in the middle of the bed and Jess seductively moved her hips over his head. She spread her legs wide and slowly settled over his face, giving him a long look. She expertly took his cock, studied it, then licked up one side and down the other before taking about half of it in her mouth and humming out a long “Hmmm”.

Nate let out a gasp as he spread her cheeks apart. The angles coming together from her legs and torso made a flat plateau of smooth flesh. Her labia were slightly apart and he could see a glistening of excitement. He used his tongue to touch it. He relished the taste and went deeper for more and he rubbed her puckered asshole, dipping a finger two knuckles deep.

“Ooohhhmmmgawwwd,” she gasped, dick in her mouth. The sensation sent a shock through her body and she sucked harder and faster.

“Don’t make me cum, Jess.”

She slowed down some bursa escort and begged him to go faster. She WANTED to cum before he stuck his cock inside her.

“Oh, Nate, make me cum then fuck me!” Jess moaned. Shortly after that, she shivered, screamed and rolled off. Nate immediately rolled on top and with almost no friction bottomed out- the tip of his cock rubbing the deepest parts of her insides. As she came down from her first orgasmic wave she though no man had ever touched her so deep. As she felt his load fill her, making her tingle, she knew she was going to have his baby.

But she would keep that secret to herself as long as she could.


36 hours later then another 24 hours after that concluded the breeding for the first month. However the dymanic had shifted for the four of them. Tina and Monica went shopping a few days later, leaving Jess and Nate to deal with a city housing inspector alone. Not that all 4 of them needed to be there- usually Tina or Nate handled it, but somehow, this time, it was expected that Jess and Nate would do it together.

So they did. “Nate, I want to feel you in my ass again, but this time, I want you cock, not just a finger,” she begged.

Nate didn’t even have a guilty conscience this time. He was hard. Anal sex was something he’d done before, but wasn’t a huge fan. However, this time, he said he was up for it (pun intended).

They went slow, took almost an hour before he had his cock burried in her ass as she fingered her clit. She squirted, he came, and as he pulled out, they both made a mess and needed a shower and the sheets headed for the washing machine.

But things would never be the same after that.


“Why did you guys take a shower?” Tina asked.

“Bats in that building,” Jess said.

“Yep,” Nate said. Technically it was true, the building they inspected did have bats, but leaving out the anal sex mess part of the story seemed like the way to proceed.

“Did ya shower together, you scoundrels?” Monica joked.

They had, and after Nate’s cock was cleaned off, he pressed Jess against the shower wall and fucked her pussy hard.

“NO!” he said, almost too quickly and defensively.


Next month, as the covid shutdown ramped up uet again, closing bars and colleges. Business was getting more difficult. The four of them would be fine if it only lasted a month or two this time, but much longer and decisions would have to be made.

“How do we want to try and get pregnant this month?” Jess asked.

“Well, I thinknit seemed more comfortable for Tina and I to be in a room and Jess and Nate in a separate room,” Monica added.

“Sounds good,” Nate said. “Less pressure on me.”

When they were alone, Nate asked how Jess wanted it.

“69 followed by Reverse Cowgirl,” she said, very decisively.

Nate couldn’t complain, and as she was riding his cock his thumb went up her ass, causing her to squirt. They showered together once again.

The fourth and final agreed upon time for the second month, all Jess wanted was to be fucked in her ass again.

“But aren’t you ovulating right now?” he asked.

“It’s early, but I think I’m pregnant, Nate.”

Nate was speechless. For one, he thought it would be 6 or 8 weeks before a pregnancy test would give them an accurate reading. For another, he wanted one more month of fucking Jess.

“It’s okay, Nate, I won’t say anything if you won’t.”

And he wouldn’t. Sex with Monica had become routine and bland. He thought of Jess more and more.


Month Three, Jess secretly told Nate she was pregnant so they had to make the most of this time. She would not be able to pretend next month. So they did. And they filmed each other. Jess had found the videos of Tina and Monica so she thought it was fair.

After the fourth and final session. Monica said she had an announcement.

“Hopefully you get a positive test, Jessica. I really do. Because I hope you feel the glow that I feel,” Monica announced.

“What do…” Nate started to ask, stuttering, because he knew. He just knew.

“Nathan, honey. I’m pregnant,” Monica said.


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