As I see you sitting there in the chair at your desk, I am startled by the beauty of the curve of your cheek, in the warm glow of the desk lamp, as you type your hopes and dreams onto cyber-reality. A tear forms in the corner of your eye, and slowly trails down your cheek to disappear into the collar of your soft chemise blouse. I linger a few seconds before moving, afraid that I might ruin the emotion of the moment, and make you lose the thought that is obviously preeminent in your mind. I listen to the soft click, click, click of the keyboard as I watch the words appear as if by magic across the face of the screen. You’re so still and intensely concentrating on the task at hand that you don’t notice my careful, quiet approach into your domain.

As I come closer, you begin to notice my presence, as if a firefly danced in the corner of your vision, you begin to turn, then stop, apparently deciding that I’m only in your imagination. As well I should be. How I came to be here, I know not, yet am grateful for the opportunity to spend this moment frozen in time with you. I approach closer still, daring you to ignore my continuing presence. You antep escort glance over your shoulder, this time beginning to acknowledge that you are no longer alone. Then, before you become frightened by my intrusion, I lean in and whisper “I love you”. A questioning look of recognition begins to form on your face, as you ask “is that really you?” I reply affirmative, then softly kiss your outstretched hand, and look into your red-rimmed eyes, still filled with tears, and say “I am here for you…now.”

As you begin to stand, I put my hand on your shoulder and gently push you back into your seat. I move my hand slowly from you shoulder down your arm and across to your breast, gently fingering the pattern of the chemise blouse, then moving up to the open neckline. You give a soft shudder and lean back to allow my touch free access to move inside your blouse. I lean down and begin softly kissing your face, forehead…eyelids…cheeks, then I move on to your soft trembling lips.

Hesitantly at first, then with increasing hunger, your lips gently parted, our tongues intertwining, dancing with a primeval passion, we kiss. We are transfixed in that moment in time, removed from all worldly concerns, caring only about the love we feel rising in our souls, transporting us to an Eden of our own making. As your skin begins to flush, your temperature rising…pulse racing…heart pounding, my fingers still searching, they gently begin exploring inside the confines of your bra, pushing it aside and down to release your heaving bosom from its prison of cloth and underwire.

Softly moaning, you feel my fingers exploring the soft velvety areola, your nipples begin to harden, rising to my touch, color darkening. As your heartbeat begins to pound with the rhythm of the night, I release your lips from their ecstasy to trail butterfly kisses down your neck, tracing the veins in your throat ever downward toward the v-shaped nest of flesh between your breasts. I begin to use my tongue to encircle and enfold every delicate inch of your ample bosom, until you can feel the heat in the air around us rising toward the heavens. Slowly at first, then with ever-increasing speed and passion I tease your breasts, gently biting…licking…suckling, pulling you deeper into my mouth, trying to take you in all at once.

Then backing off, I stand and gently pull you up and into my arms, carrying you toward the master bath. There are several scented candles burning in the otherwise darkened room. You can smell the jasmine and cherry blossom giving the air an earthy aroma of quiet bliss. I stand you in front of the roman spa tub, and slowly so as to savor each moment, begin to undress you. Unbuttoning your blouse, one button at a time, from the bottom up, I gently slide it off your shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

As I reach around and unfasten your bra, I notice that in my earlier passion, the bra left some red marks on the bottom of your breasts, which I gently kiss to lesson the awareness. Not letting you react, I move on, unbuttoning your pants, lowering the zipper, and sliding them down. Cradling your legs behind the knees, one leg at a time, I carefully pull your pants off and discard them. While still kneeling, I slowly slide your delicate lace panties off your hips, down your legs, over your calves and off to reveal your whole body, glowing, naked and beautiful in the soft glow of the candles.

Shivering with anticipation, you stand there, not yet completely sure of my intent, and await my pleasure…

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