Critters Won’t Care


Too restless, I couldn’t settle myself. This was typical after a particularly stressful work week. My thoughts fretted over all the anxieties and tension that had built up over the last few days as I changed into not-work clothes.

A simple pair of cotton drawstring pants went on over my bare skin. Ahh, much better. They were my favorites, so lightweight and comfy. It was summer, and too hot for underwear, even at four in the afternoon. I threw on a faded green tank top.

I let my hair loose from the confinement of the neat, tight bun I had worn for work. I grabbed my brush and ran it through my brown hair as I padded into the bathroom. Pulling it back, I separated it into strands and began weaving them into a single, thick, sensible braid. The end of it slapped the small of my back when I tied it off and let it go. I peeked in the mirror. Ugh, I need more sleep. The circles under my eyes were too dark.

The rest of me was looking better, though my heavy breasts and full, curvy figure weren’t flattered by the old comfy favorites I’d thrown on. I shrugged in the mirror. The critters won’t care. I was ready to bounce off the wall with the tension that rode tight through my body. Without delay, I flipped off the light, walked through the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle and my little backpack before lunging out the back door. I let it slam shut behind me.

Slinging the small pack over my shoulders, I skipped down the steps and out to the road. I put in my earphones and flipped my music player on. My favorite remix started. I walked fast, my steps hitting to the beat of the music. The road I lived on had a half mile before it turned into a trail head, and I wanted to get there as quickly as possible.

The late afternoon sun made the skin on my back prickle. The ground-eating, loping pace I set began to soothe me, revitalizing my muscles with each step. The street was old asphalt, pitted, and rough with gravel. I passed a couple more houses, set back from the road, like mine. Another song ended and before the third began, my steps slowed. The end of the road. I chuckled to myself.

I walked around the dull looking steel barrier, on the other side of which the road continued as a dirt trail. As I stepped off the pavement and onto the earth, I pulled the plugs out of my ears, stowed the music player in my pack, and swigged some water. The trail angled south and descended steeply. Downhill I went, the trail quickly disappearing in a dense cloud of green.

I took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of moist earth and thriving undergrowth. The trail followed the burbles of a lazy creek, and the lush, riparian growth encompassed me in a riot of green. Birds sang and twittered at each other above me. A squirrel scolded me in sharp, staccato chirping. The smells and sounds of life around me were heady, dizzying. A natural smile lit up my face and my step took on a happier bounce.

Slender willow trees, draped with their slim graceful leaves, seemed to be leaning in toward the creek to hear what the splashing water was saying to the rocks. Sunlight dappled the path in patches and bursts as it filtered down through the trees. The air here was already cooler than up on the road. Now where is my turn off?

I was watching the edges of the path intently for my own small side trail. There! I pushed past a stand of wild roses, careful to avoid getting snagged on them. A smaller rabbit path led off into the trees. I hadn’t seen anyone today, but the main trail was well used. Now that I was off of it, and away from the chances of seeing another soul, I relaxed.

My pace slowed. The peace of the wilderness sank into me. My footsteps fell quietly in the shadows of oaks and sycamores. The woods pulsed with life and the rhythm flowed through me.

After another twenty minutes of blissful hiking, my trail climbed out of the forest and up a small, grassy hill. At the top, a massive, ancient oak tree grew. A few huge shards of granite rose up out of the earth in a rough, irregular ring, crowning the hill. Spaced a bit more regularly, they would resemble some British standing stone circles I’d seen in photos. But these had grown in with the tor, and the huge old tree had grown up among them. This was my own sacred place. I had been coming here for years and had never found traces of another visitor. Even better.

The ground was covered in tall grasses that let up a rich, verdant aroma as I sat down in them. I sat cross legged, leaning back against one of the sun-warm boulders. I groaned in pleasure. I felt tranquil, so changed from an hour before. I took my shoes and socks off, letting the long blades of grass tickle my bare feet. Sinking down to lie on the ground, a new waft of sweetness from the grass under my body tickled my senses. The sky was a brilliant blue, set off by some bright wisps of cloud.

My body felt alive. My muscles tingled from the exercise and the cool earth beneath me made me shiver. Wisps of hair framing my face had come free from the hasty braiding görükle escort during the hike. My hand brushed my breast on its way to pull an errant hair from my face. Both nipples hardened from the brief touch. Sensitive, are we?. I felt so alive, my skin highly sensitized. I let my hand trail back down to slowly trace circles around one, teasing it into a hard knot of flesh. A wave of sensual awareness washed from my teased nipple over my whole body, coalescing in my gut and settling lower. I stopped. I was hesitant to encourage my sudden arousal.

But, well, why not? I continued toying idly with first one and then the other nipple until both were fat, hard points pushing at my thin cotton shirt and starting to ache. I let my hand slide lazily from my breasts down to my belly, then under my shirt to the top of my pants.

I untied the drawstring and slipped them off. Now I was completely naked from the waist down. Naughty girl… I felt strange. I’d never masturbated out in the open like this. Just because I’d never encountered anyone right here didn’t mean that someone couldn’t show up. This was very naughty, and then the lasciviousness of it swept over me.

My fingers caressed down my leg and up my inner thigh. Slowly they traced the lips of my exposed sex, just missing my clit. My stomach tightened and my body began to smolder. Mmm, just a quick one…

I felt exposed lying there, half naked, in the cool grass. The wide sky open above me, the only shelter the nearby boulders. I could feel the soil and grass beneath my bare ass, connecting me to the earth. It was exhilarating, exciting. The chances of being discovered were slim, but the possibility brought a thrill. I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the temptation, letting my fingers find my hot little pearl.

I teased at my clit with slow, light circles. I felt it swell under my touch, becoming almost too sensitized. The intensity of the sensation heated my entire body. I dipped my finger into my own wetness and continued circling my clit. My lips parted slightly, my breath quickened and started to come in pants. My breath matched the rhythm of my fingers, both accentuating the build towards an inevitable crescendo. I squeezed my nipple and shuddered, the moisture from my fingers lingering there, cooling and causing my nipple to harden more. I felt the current of pleasure like electricity shooting from aching nipple to my pussy. My surroundings faded as the orgasm built within me. Oh, ohhh fuck, yesss…

A shadow fell across my face. My eyes flew open, expecting to see a cloud passing overhead. Instead I was looking into a pair of mischievous, mossy green eyes flecked with gold. The laughing eyes were framed by a halo of soft, brassy curls. I squeaked and sat up instantly, hands shooting out for my pants. Which weren’t there.

“Looking for these?” He held up my pants and his face matched his eyes, lit in amusement.

Oh my god, oh fuck, awww shiit! I had to have been absolutely glowing crimson. I was so completely embarrassed, humiliated. There were no words for how badly I wanted to turn into an insect and scurry away. Holy fuck this can’t be real. Oh my god! But he seemed real enough, standing over me with my clothes held in one tanned hand. How did I not HEAR him?? For an eternal second, I was speechless.

“Please…” I choked out, looking down from him and reaching for my pants, my face flaming anew. My thighs were clamped tightly together trying to hide my sex from his view. This just can’t be happening!

“Aw now, that was just lovely.” He chuckled again, in a low throaty sound. He had a couple of days’ worth of stubble on his face, just a bit darker than his mop of curls. His broad, lightly furry chest was bare to the sun and wind. He wore a faded pair of jeans with a brown leather belt.

Just below his belt I could see this stranger had enjoyed what he saw. Oh boy, what have we here? I couldn’t help but admire him, despite the shock and embarrassment of being interrupted. My body was still flooded with sexual need. To compound the shame radiating in me, I felt the moisture trickling down my inner thigh. I was so wet and ready. And here, right before me, was heady temptation. I snapped my eyes away from his crotch. My mortification was intensified at my increasing arousal in front of this stranger.

Oh my god, how long was he there? I wanted to die. Long enough to sneak up on me and get my clothes from practically beneath me without my noticing! I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t think I COULD say anything right then.

“Here, lass, you look like you could use a little help. Yes?”

Lass? Help? What? What accent is that? The urge for coherent thought was losing to my absolute desire to die immediately. I reached out for my pants in his hand. Pleasepleaseplease just give them to me? I was acutely aware of my nakedness. Even my toes must be blushing.

“Ah, nah, that’s not what I’m meaning.” He knelt down over me and leaned in bursa escort bayan close. He smelled of sweat and something else, sweeter, like the earthy, vanilla scent of living pine bark. His scent induced a strong sensual response deep within me. It was intoxicating. That his obvious, unmistakable arousal stemmed from me, playing with myself, this was… stirring. Aren’t I supposed to be fighting to get away? In this churn of competing urges, I was utterly unable to act decisively.

“This is what you need.” He leaned even closer, so I felt his words hot on my skin. “This,” he kissed my chin, under my ear; “This,” his whispers brushed my neck, my collarbone. My body, so very close to orgasm only moments before, responded before my brain, with a fresh ache of desire. The warmth of his breath, his mouth on my skin sent a flush of raw craving radiating through me.

I placed my hand flat in the soft curls on his chest and felt his heart beating heavy and strong. My fingers slid lightly down to his side, feeling the muscles that wrapped his ribs. Nice. I wanted him. I wanted to be fucked. My aching pussy clamored for it. Fuck it all. Fuck it all and fuck me too.

I met his eyes and saw that the humor in them joined with intensity and purpose. I leaned my head back, exposing my neck for more soft kisses. He obliged. His lips on my neck, behind my ears, under my chin, sent waves of heat coursing along my nerves. My brain was getting fuzzier with every nibble. I found my voice, choked though it was.

“You want to lend me a helping hand?” Did I just SAY that? I felt his lips smile against my skin.

“Hand or mouth, or…?” His voice was a sultry rumble.

My stomach turned over and my nerves sang. The heat of his mouth raised prickles all over my skin and his rough, calloused hands roamed my body, sending shivers across my flesh. My embarrassment was fading away with every touch. His wandering caresses found my breasts.

“Why not? This feels good, no?” He casually rolled a nipple between his fingers, as I had done to myself not long before. A jolt shot along my nerves directly to my cunt, wet, so ready. I groaned aloud.

“Fuck. Yes.” I whispered, then, “No! Who are you? I don’t know you…” I know the way your hands and mouth feel on me.

He pulled back, looking me in the eyes. I was falling into those green depths.

“Does it really matter? Who’s gonna know?”

I couldn’t summon any logic, let alone an answer. Does it matter? His face filled my vision, his lips so close. I shut my eyes, shaking my head.

“I didn’t think so.”

His words were a low growl that cut something loose inside me. I wanted him, this stranger. I needed to be fucked, I ached for it. This was so bad. I’m such a good girl, what am I doing? I felt dirty, slutty, and lewd. Raw desire expanded within me and overpowered any lingering thoughts of impropriety.

His kisses, the feel of his hands on my skin, even his scent was overpowering. My heart pounded, my nerves were vibrating. I wanted more of his touch. I wanted his body all over mine. I had to taste him. My need coalesced in the pit of my stomach and sank lower, seeping fierce craving into my cunt. I ached with the force of my need. I was dizzy with it, drunk on lust and unable to stop.

I pulled my top off over my head, tossing it aside along with the last of my inhibitions. Completely naked, I lay back in the soft grass, offering my full breasts to him. He smiled down at me, a wicked grin, making my heart beat ever faster. His lips closed on my nipple and he sucked gently, still rolling the other between his fingers. Oh my god! The craving in my pussy deepened. All my senses were alive and feeding my lust. His every touch was igniting my skin and ricocheting along my nerves, converging between my legs. I could feel my soaked sex swell in response, throbbing in rhythm with the thudding of my heart. I couldn’t help it; my hand was drawn down to finger my cunt.

“Tcha. None of that, now.” He took my impatient hand by the wrist and pinned it to the ground above my head. His kisses made their way slowly from my breasts downward, making me squirm and twist. I could not have resisted now if I’d wanted to.

He sat up before me, watching. His fingers played lightly along my inner thighs and my legs parted for him, exposing my hungry cunt to him. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my mound, lighting my swollen lips and moist, yearning crevice. I must have been a sight before him, like a flower enticing him to smell the sweet, heady scent of my nectar, caress my delicate petals, and pluck me. My lips were parted, shadow and light played across my breasts as my chest moved with my breathing. I had always been so shy, always so reserved. I’d never been like this, a wanton, uninhibited creature summoned forth by lust. My naked body was exposed to the sun, to the warm breeze, to this stranger who was playing me as an exquisite instrument. His fingers just barely brushed my clit and I couldn’t bursa escort help but moan. It was too much and not enough. I needed more and I writhed in supplication to get it.


He leaned forward and I felt his whisper against my inner thigh, his breath hot on my sensitive skin. His tongue ran along my slit. Holy fuck, oh fuckfuckfuck. I think some of that was out loud. He found my clit and lapped at it, driving me insane. My sex was so swollen, impossibly sensitive to every stroke of his tongue. His lips nibbled and sucked, his tongue delving into me and lapping at my inflamed pearl. I was tense, my whole body rigid and shaking with the anticipation of where his tongue would touch next. He invaded me with it, licked at my flowing honey. His tongue continued to flick, twirl, and suck at my clit, sending me into shaking convulsions with the intensity of the pleasure as it radiated out to my toes and back. My thighs shook and twitched with his every stroke. I couldn’t breathe. The sensations overwhelmed me, too intense to bear any longer.

“I can’t… ohmygod, fuck, oh, oh, unh, OHHH!” The deep well of pleasure exploded from within me. My vision turned black before wild colors danced behind my closed eyes. I ground my pussy into his face, the contractions of the orgasm rolling over me relentlessly.

He stopped touching me. I shook and gasped for air, incapacitated. Muscle control crept back slowly. Rolling onto my side, I fought to regain some composure. I felt his hands caressing my back, my sides, so soothing. After a few moments, I was able to sit up.

I didn’t want to look at him. Logic and thought began coming back to me, and all the uncomfortable emotions that were tied to immoral deeds. I was again aware of my exposure, embarrassed.

“Ah now, lass, I daresay you are a vision in that state.” He brushed something from my hair. I’m sure his fingers felt the heat of the blush on my face. I risked a glance and shouldn’t have. I couldn’t look away.

Stark lust was writ on his face, in his eyes, demanding to be answered. An uninhibited wildness arose from deep inside me and took over my will, a chiming answer to his expression. I grabbed the back of his head, entwining my fingers deep into his soft curls. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him, my tongue meeting his. I could taste myself on him, sweet and heady. The slow burn within me began all over again.

I leaned into the kiss. I only broke off so I could taste his neck, his chest, nibbling and laying kisses wherever my lips met his flesh. My hands were eagerly exploring him. I played back and forth over the flat muscles along his back, down his stomach. I found the bulge in his jeans. My fingers traced the outline of his imprisoned cock, fingernails scratching along the rough denim. I fumbled at his belt.

He pushed my clumsy hands away and undid it himself. I couldn’t help getting in the way again. I was eager to hold his cock, feel his arousal, to grip him tightly in my fist and stroke him. So fucking hard. Once he was free, I couldn’t wait. I shifted to plunge his gorgeous cock into my mouth, sucking him down deep. He gasped at my greedy licking and sucking.

“Ah, lass…” Had I caught him a little off guard?

My lips slid along his length, dragging back to his lovely engorged head, and sucking him back down, trying to get all of him into my mouth. My eager tongue swirled around his tiny hole, teasing out the sweet droplets. My lips formed a firm seal around his cock and I sucked back down his shaft, this time managing to take him to the root, making myself gag a little.

To my utter delight, he hardened even more. Encouraged, I found my rhythm, sucking, licking, devouring him. My hands found his sack, and fondled him. Ohmygod, how could he possibly get harder?

He shoved me back off of him, replacing his cock with his tongue in my mouth. I groaned against his lips as he pushed me down onto the ground. I felt his rigid cock at my cunt, parting my pussy lips, seeking entry. The feel of it was devastating. To have his cock so close to where I want it, the expectation and need to be invaded by his unforgiving, rigid prick was blinding. My cunt was hungry for him, and I couldn’t stop wriggling and squirming. The anticipation of being penetrated was crushing. I lifted my hips, inviting him, enticing the head of his cock that was barely pressing into me.

“Fuck!” His tone held a tinge of frustration, then he whispered in my ear, “Relax lass, let me in.”

I was too tense in anticipation. I obeyed him, relaxing as much as I could. Slowly, so very slowly, he slid into my eager sex. Holy hell. I gasped as he plunged the rest of the way into me, filling me, my softness taking in his hardness. My cunt clamped down on him, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from him.

“Holy fuck, you are so fucking hard! Yes, yes, fuck me. Please, yes, please fuck me…” I found myself begging, though he was already thrusting, filling me. I was out of my mind, my pussy spasming in pleasure around his cock. He withdrew and my wet sex sucked at him, my hips following to keep him inside me. I whimpered audibly as he slid his length out of me. When he thrust back into me, I cried out. The guttural sound vibrated deep within me and around his cock.

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