Ben was unlocking the door to his apartment when he heard the first scream. It took him a moment, but the second scream drew him down to the first floor. The front door to the apartment below his was open; a bag of groceries lay on its side just inside. He stepped forward cautiously, hearing another cry.

There was a woman, sitting on the kitchen counter, her feet drawn up. She gave him a wide eyed look while pointing at the floor. “Get rid of that thing,” she pled, her voice trembling as much as the hand that pointed, “Please…please, help me.”

Ben stepped into the apartment and looked down. In the middle of the kitchen floor was a large cricket. He snorted, then looked up at the woman again. “A….cricket,” he chuckled, “Crick-et.” You’d think it was something horrible.

“Please…” Her eyes pleaded with him.

Ben stepped further into the apartment, watching the woman. She had moved in only recently and he hadn’t met her yet. An oversight, he thought, eyeing her tousled blond curls and big blue eyes. Her skin, a bit pale at the moment, looked like cream and he imagined it would feel as soft. She wore a tee shirt and shorts, leaving long slender legs bare. A pair of flip flops lay on the kitchen floor. Maybe being her rescuer would have its benefits.

“I’ll take care of it,” he said, hiding his smile and picking up a glass from the counter and a letter from the mail scattered over the floor. He approached the cricket, hearing the squeak from the counter. He scooped the cricket up and carried it outside, releasing it into the bushes beside the parking lot. Then he returned to the apartment, stooping to pick up his backpack and carry it in with him.

“Close the door, please,” the woman asked, still sitting on the counter, “Please, keep it outside.”

Ben complied, then picked up the groceries and mail as he approached the kitchen. He dropped everything on the first counter, placed his backpack on the floor and then crossed to the woman. She gave him a hesitant smile. “Thanks.”

He stepped closer. “It was just a cricket,” he murmured.

“I know,” she gave a little shrug, slowly letting her legs dangle off the edge of the counter, “but…eww.” She gave him a second little smile, then crooked her finger at him. “My hero…”

Ben grinned as he stepped closer, between her legs, and she slid her hands up to his shoulders. “I guess I am.”

One of her hands slid into his hair as she leaned closer. “Then I guess you deserve a reward,” she whispered. She brushed her lips along his jaw.

“I’m all yours,” he answered, his voice husky. His body was heating, tensing, as her fingers playfully stroked his cheek, then fiddled with the collar of his shirt.

“Aren’t I lucky,” she purred. Her hands dove to the hem of his shirt, gripping and tugging it up, peeling the tee over his head. She gave a little hum, stroking her fingers over his chest and shoulders. She gave a little smile, then leaned close to brush her tongue along his bottom lip.

“We can debate luck later,” he growled, cupping her face in his hands and pressing his mouth to hers. Personally, he’d never been so glad for a cricket. She was sweet, warm, soft…his hands stroked down her arms. “Let’s find a bed.”

“I can help with that,” she murmured, wrapping her legs around his hips, “But, remember, this is your reward. I get to play first.”

His mind went blank for a moment at her antep escort words, then he scooped her close, enjoying the press of her body against his as she slid her arms around his neck. “Ladies first,” he managed.

Her chuckle was warm against his neck as she swirled her tongue just under his ear. “Bedroom’s to the left,” she whispered, then laughed again, “but I guess you know that. You’re the one upstairs, yes?”

Ben carried her out of the kitchen and across the living room. “Yes,” he answered, “Why?”

“Oh, Ben, that’s so good,” she mimicked with another breathless laugh as he tumbled her onto the bed. At his arched brow, she smiled, “She was very loud.”

Ben straddled her body, leaning on his arms, looking into her smiling face. He didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or proud. Finally he just laughed. “Teri is loud,” he murmured, leaning down to kiss her, “But she has other…benefits.”

“I know,” the woman lifted her hips to rub against him, “You were rather loud as well.”

Now he was embarrassed. “Sorry…”

“Don’t be,” she teased, her hands circling his wrists, “Now I get to sample myself…” In a swift move, she shifted and knocked him off balance, using her advantage to roll on top. She lowered her head and stroked up from his belly to his chest with her tongue. His breath caught in his throat.

“I can’t wait,” he managed. Her fingers were busy unbuttoning his jeans, brushing his straining cock, as his hips lifted unconsciously. She made a little sound of pleasure as she tugged the denim apart and then slipped her hand inside his boxers. Her fingers wrapped around his stiffening shaft.

“Oooh, Teri was right, you are a big boy,” she purred, easing his cock free. Ben felt his face flush, but couldn’t think beyond the sensation of her fingers stroking him. He watched her lick her lips and felt himself swell even more. He reached down, trying to push his jeans and boxers down, and she laughed, helping him peel them and his shoes off, until he lay naked on her bed.

“My hero…here’s your reward,” she murmured, resting one hand on his thigh as she used the other to wrap the base of his cock. She leaned down, swirling her tongue over his tip, making him groan. Ben propped himself up on his elbows to watch her lap at his erection, stroking her tongue up and down his length. She gave him a wink just before she wrapped her lips around his head and started to suck.

“My God,” he groaned, his hips lifting from the bed. She just pushed her lips down further onto his cock. Both her hands wrapped around his base, her thumbs stroking up and down as she bobbed her head, sucking him in and out of her mouth. Ben fisted his hands in her sheets, the sensation of wet heat enveloping him, the pressure of her mouth so close to what he needed. He could feel the tension building in his groin, his balls tightening… “I’m going to cum if you keep it up,” he panted.

She pressed her mouth down to swallow as much of his shaft as she could, his head stretching her throat, her eyes locking on his. She held a moment, feeling him pulse inside her, then slowly eased up, sliding his glistening cock out between her lips. As she let his head pop free, he groaned and her fingers tightened, stilling his release. She licked her lips, watching him. “Do you want to cum in my mouth,” she purred, “or would you rather fill…something else?”

She leaned back on her heels, peeling her own tee over her head, baring her bra-less breasts to him. They were firm, rosy, her nipples hard beads that made his mouth water. “Well?”

Ben just stared, unable to remember her question. She shifted forward, pressing one hand to the bed between her legs as she leaned on it and used the other hand to tug her shorts over her ass. She gave a little wiggle of her hips and her breasts bounced and Ben’s mouth went dry suddenly.

“Sweetie,” she purred, “You need to choose your reward.” She worked the shorts off, then sat back again, spreading her legs to show him her bare pink flesh, already glistening. “Do you want me to take you into my mouth and take you over…” She licked her lips. “Or do you want to bury that cock in my cunt and fill it with your cum?”

Ben groaned, “Are you kidding?”

She spread her arms and laughed. “What do you want, Ben?”

Instead of answering her, he suddenly lunged forward, catching her arms and pulling her toward him. Using his advantage, he rolled on top, pinning her down with his hips. “I’ll take what I want,” he murmured, then kissed her hard. Her body was soft under his and he deepened the kiss, savoring the taste of her, sliding his tongue between her lips as her mouth opened. He feasted on her mouth until he felt her hands sliding down over his stomach.

“Don’t rush me, babe,” he growled, catching her wrists and pressing them back onto the pillows. She smiled at him and gave him a wink.

“Oh, Ben, that’s so good,” she teased. He just growled and bent his head to nip her breast. She gasped and this time he gave her a wink.

“I’ll give you good,” he whispered, swirling his tongue around her nipple, watching her eyes narrow, her tongue stroke her top lip, “But you have to promise to keep your hands where they are.”

She flexed her fingers, making a little pout. “I promise,” she finally whispered.

Ben just smiled and released her wrists, watching her hold her hands steady, but her fingers wiggled in a wave as she smiled. “Good girl,” he chuckled. He shifted to his knees, trailing kisses and licks down her body. She squirmed a little under him and he could hear her breathing falter. Hiding a smile, he nipped her stomach, then her thigh, using his hands to spread her legs.

“I didn’t get a good look before,” he murmured, dipping his head to press a kiss to the inside of her thigh. “Mmm.” His tongue stroked over her swollen folds and her hips lifted. These lips were even sweeter and he used his thumbs to part her folds, exposing her juicy pink pussy. His tongue stroked up and down her slit, teasing, savoring.

He could feel the tension in her body as he used his tongue to rub her clit. She was making little moans and animal noises, panting and breathless, and he felt like his own body was on fire. He wanted to feel her cum, to taste that rush of cream, before he buried his aching flesh in her soft center. He thrust his tongue against her pussy, tilting his head to watch her pleasure, seeing her body arch. His hands held her hips as he lapped at her quivering hole, swirling around, dipping in, making her hips buck until she cried out, cumming hard.

She shuddered, limp beneath him, as he came up to his knees, draping her legs over his thighs. He wrapped a hand around his shaft, stroking his head against her creamy folds to watch her belly quiver. “Ben,” she moaned, her eyes opening slowly, her hands shifting restlessly on the bed. He smiled as he fit his head against her opening, then leaned forward to press his lips to hers.

“How’s this,” he murmured, pushing inside her. He clenched his jaw at the soft heat, the tightness of her cunt and the slickness that enveloped him. She moaned, arching up to press to him, her legs wrapping his hips.

“Oh God,” she panted.

“My sentiments exactly,” he managed, starting a hard, driving rhythm, fucking her eagerly. He groaned as she writhed, thrusting his cock as deep and as hard as he could. Her hands started to reach for him and he caught her wrists again, pressing them back as he leaned forward, his hips against her hips as he worked his shaft in and out.

At his mercy, she could do nothing but shift and squirm and moan breathlessly as he drove her higher and higher. Ben wanted to hear her scream, wanted to feel her cum on his cock…he wanted more. “Come on, babe,” he growled, “Give me all you’ve got.”

“Ben, please,” she moaned, straining under him, thrusting her hips to meet his. She was so hot, so desperate, so close…

He guided her hands to the headboard, wrapping her fingers around the rungs. Even as she clung, Ben’s hands pressed against her thighs, tilting her hips to thrust down into her cunt, drilling deep. She cried out breathlessly with each stroke and he gritted his teeth, trying to hold back his own growing need to cum. His cock was aching, swelling, throbbing. The grip of her pussy was so tight, so hot…she felt so good.

“Ben,” she whimpered, her fingers tightening on the rungs.

“Scream for me,” he whispered, close to her ear, his tongue stroking her neck, “Scream for me as you cum.”

He rocked his hips with each thrust, rubbing himself against her clit even as he filled her. He felt the first ripples of her inner muscles and thrust harder, intent on pushing her over…before he came himself. Her hands went to his shoulders, clutching, as he hammered her pussy, grunting.

“Ben…” It was the scream he was waiting to hear. With a hoarse groan, he tightened his grip on her thighs and drove deep, his cock swelling tight within her as she arched up, sobbing. Her pussy clamped around him, milking him as she shuddered through her climax. His penis pulsed as his breath caught and then he came, erupting into her like a geyser, groaning as he collapsed forward onto her. Her cunt milked every drop, her muscles rippling around his shaft, their cum mingling as it spilled around him.

He eased back, pulling free and collapsing to the bed beside her. He lay on his side, sweaty, out of breath, spent. She lay on the bed, giving him a lazy, satisfied smile. “Thank you for rescuing me,” she whispered, stroking a finger down his chest.

“I don’t even know your name,” he murmured, catching her hand. She bit her lip and he felt his cock jerk with the memory of those lips touching him.

She shook her head. “You’ll laugh,” she said softly.

“I want to know your name,” he answered, catching a curl in with his fingers and giving a light tug, “You know mine.”

“Cricket,” she whispered, closing her eyes. Ben bit back the laugh she was so worried about and pressed a kiss to her lips. Her eyes opened in surprise and he deepened the kiss, adding a little heat. When his mouth lifted from hers, she continued breathlessly, “Cricket Wagner…my mom is a little…unique.”

“Hey, I’m pretty into crickets,” he couldn’t hold back the chuckle, “especially blond ones….”

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