Coach Carter and His Catcher


Keith’s first and last season as assistant softball coach/assistant football coach at Westside high school was unofficially coming to a close today, which was the last day of school for all students. He knew the day he was hired that he probably wouldn’t be stuck coaching high school sports for long, and sure enough he’d gotten the call he’d been waiting for from Georgia Southern, and starting next week he’d be back in college, coaching football full time. They weren’t a top program, but they were respectable in their division, and his foot was in the door no matter how good or bad they were.

Even though he dreaded coaching softball, his background as a competitive baseball player and little league coach made him by far the most qualified coach on staff, aside from the longtime head coach, Sandra Lang. Coach Lang had long been saddled with a string of reluctant, underqualified coaches to give her the necessary assistance to field a competitive team. Now that she finally had someone that knew a little something about the sport, she was overjoyed, even leaving him to conduct practices on his own as the season progressed.

Keith, or Coach Carter as he was known to his students and team, was also nervous about coaching girls, but he had a good combination of easygoing humor and authority that allowed him to connect with the girls while keeping and earning their respect. As a young guy still in his twenties, he constantly had to remind himself that these high school girls were off limits, both to his eyes and in his mind, should either try to get away from him. In most cases, this wasn’t difficult, as most of his players wouldn’t catch his eye even if they were closer to his age and not on his team. There were a couple that made it hard on him, so to speak. And one, in particular, accidentally showed just enough of herself to set his imagination on fire.

It was a Friday afternoon after practice. They had lost on Thursday, and Coach Carter put them through an especially tough workout as a result of their poor effort. As they trudged back to the locker room, they complained to one another about how tired and sore they were. For the next half hour or so, he sat in his office catching up on paperwork and biding time for the girls to finish up in the locker room so he could shut the gym down and head home to his weekend.

He heard them talking as they filed out in small groups, and waited until he heard no voices. Keith walked past the lockers, and since none were open, he assumed everyone had gone. He proceeded to the shower area and just as he almost turned the corner, he heard a sniff echo against the tile walls and floor. Silently, he looked around the corner to see Jana, his starting catcher, standing outside the shower and wearing nothing but a towel around her hips. Jana was cute, but her looks had never really gotten Keith’s attention before. He’d always noticed that she had big breasts, especially for a short girl, but she had a very unassuming was about her, and she never dressed to show off her body.

He did, however, adore her a softball player. She didn’t have a lot of talent, but she was easily the hardest worker on the team, and no one was more competitive. Because of her low center of gravity and tough approach, he’d taken her from a backup outfielder and turned her into the starting catcher, which was always Keith’s position when he played baseball. On many occasions, they had stayed after practice to work on techniques, and he was always amazed how she seemed to absorb everything he taught her so easily. He knew she respected him as a coach, but he never picked up on her attraction to him.

As he gazed turned the corner at his naked catcher, he could see her pale back and the hourglass-like figure of her waist between her wide hips and broad shoulders. As she brushed her hair, he could make out the bulging side of one of her full breasts, jiggling with each movement of her arms. Just as she started to turn around, Keith’s head darted back behind the wall and he quickly tiptoed back out of the locker room, embarrassed that he’d peeked at one of his own students, and anxious keep himself from getting caught in an awkward situation. As he sat back down in his office, pretending to work, Jana came by to say goodbye a few minutes later. For the first time, he couldn’t help but glance at her chest for a split second when she wasn’t looking, and made a point to get up and walk out of his office with her, so he could watch her butt jiggle in her shorts as she walked away.

That little incident was almost a month ago, and every night since, Keith found himself masturbating to his fantasies of Jana. His brain worked to fill in the gaps between what he saw and what he couldn’t. He imagined her belly and waist, with just a little extra baby fat, and her big breasts hanging down as she straddled him naked. She thought about her muscular legs and wondered if she shaved her pubic hair. He wondered what her feet looked like. Did she ever get pedicures? He thought back to his own high antep escort school conquests, and how tight her pussy must be.

In practice, he found himself coaching from behind the plate more than normal, just so he could see her full ass squatting down while she caught pitches. He imagined her naked, crouching down in the same way, bouncing up and down on his cock. These thoughts embarrassed him, but he couldn’t stop them from coming.

As he was gathering the last of the softball equipment and putting it into storage, he thought about his team, and how proud he was of how they played. They’d gotten to the state quarterfinals for the first time in school history, and he knew that even though his teaching helped, it takes a team willing to work hard to succeed. Most of the girls had already said their goodbyes, a few even comfortable enough to lean in for a hug. The one that he knew he hadn’t seen yet, and at the point may never again, was Jana. As he dragged the last bag of clean laundry into storage, he heard a voice behind him.

“Need a hand, Carter?”

It was Jana, wearing a summer league softball t-shirt, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. She smirked as she barked his last name, having become more comfortable joking around with him as the season went on.

“Hey Jana. Nope, this is the last of it. Helluva season though, huh?”

“I just wanted to say thanks. You taught me a lot, and even if I’m not good enough to hack it on scholarship, I’m gonna make one helluva intramural league catcher”, she said in her sweet southern accent, smiling at Keith.

“You’re a great student of the game, Jana. I’m gonna miss you.”

As he was saying this, she approached him and wrapped her arms around him. Keith was almost a foot taller than Jana, so her face came up to his chest as she embraced him.

“I’m gonna miss you too…Keith,” she said, rubbing her hands in small circles on his back.

His heart raced from excitement, panic, and disbelief at what was happening, or was it? Hugs were okay, but as he thought about it, she wasn’t letting go. And, she’d never called him by his first name before. What was going on? And if she was coming on to him, what was he going to do. Granted, it was 4:00 and school was out, but there were lots of teachers and staff all around campus. “This is crazy,” he thought.

Anxious to break the stalemate and reassess the situation, he pulled his body back and sat down on the edge of the huge pile of laundry in storage. Doing so, he came eye level to her breasts, and quickly darted his eyes back up to her face.

Jana’s hands raised up to his shoulders, rubbing his up to his neck. “I’m not really that good at talking about this stuff, but….oh, hell…..I’m just gonna say it: I’m really attracted to you. I’m graduating and all, so I didn’t think I’d see you again, but now I did. And…’re not really my coach anymore, so…..”

Then she leaned in to kiss him on his neck, running her hands down his body, pushing him back onto the laundry. Keith felt her breasts come to rest on his chest as she took control and put him gently on his back. He knew what was happening, but was determined not to think about it. It was so inappropriate and so wrong, but was so what his body had wanted for the last month nonstop.

Keith moved his hands to her waist and ran them up her side, giving them both chill bumps as he felt the ample sides of her breasts through her t-shirt. Their cheeks brushed up against each other, and without thinking any further about what he was doing, he brought his lips to hers. She grabbed his cheeks with both hands and kissed him aggressively, sending her tongue into his mouth. His hands kneaded her buttocks as they kissed, Jana moaning into his mouth and beginning to gyrate slightly against his quickly-stiffening dick.

Hearing the sound of a distant intercom, Keith opened his eyes to see that the door to the storage room was open. Panicking, he pulled his face away from Jana’s.

“The doors open!” he said. “Someone can see us.”

Jana got up, walked over to the door, closed it and locked it. Just as she was starting to walk back over to him, she looked at Keith laying back on the laundry and said, “I knew I turned you on at least a little bit. Now we’ve got some privacy, and I’m getting a little hot.”

Jana crossed her arms down over her chest, grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, and raised it up over her head, revealing that belly that he thought so much about. Her breasts, which had to have been d-cups now that he was seeing them, were held tight within a basic white bra. She then pushed her shoes off and walked over to him in her socked feet.

“Now, where were we?” she cooed as she straddled her legs over him and kissed him from above. He felt a rush as his hands caressed her bare skin, so young and so soft. Now fully aroused and letting his desires take over, he had to see and feel her bare tits that he’d beaten himself off to so many times. The fell onto his chest as he unclasped her bra from the back. Jana tossed it across the room and grabbed the bottom of Keith’s school-logo polo shirt, coaxing it off of him.

As a college athlete, he was fairly toned and very muscular. Now, six years after graduation, much of the muscle was still there, but more than a little extra now hung near his waistline. He clenched his stomach as her little white hands caressed his bare chest and belly.

The both of them were now on a runaway train that had no chance of stopping before it ran completely off the rails. They each insisted on taking off each others clothing, until they were both completely naked. Keith unbuttoned Jana’s shorts and shoved them down her legs, revealing a tight pair of hot-pink cotton panties. He wondered if she thought there was any chance he’d see them when she put them on that morning.

Jana put her hand over his bulging cock through his pants, making Keith moan and knead her bare breasts with increasing urgency. She then unbuttoned his pants, and pulled both his shoes and pants off. Keith then grabbed her around the waist and flipped her over onto her back, causing her to squeal. As he hovered over her, she wrapped her bare legs around his, pressing him down toward her. As the hard shaft of his erection rested against her pubis, a flash of guilt ran through his head. Here he was, 6′-2″ and 250 lbs, damn close to having his way with a much younger (but legal! says the devil inside), much smaller girl, who didn’t know better like he did. He looked down between them, contemplating the fact that he probably weighed exactly twice what she did.

Then, as he saw her erect nipples staring at him, he forgot all about his concerns as he lowered his head to suck on these beautiful 18 year old natural breasts. Jana cried out softly and ran her hands through his hair as he nibbled and licked her areolas and hard nipples. she drew her legs up, massaging his back with her feet. She reached over him to take her socks off, as he did the same for himself with his toes. Jana stuck both big toes between his bare hips and his pants, pushing down in a forceful hint that Keith needed to be rid of them. She ran her hands down to unbutton them so Keith could take them off, underwear and all.

Stopping for a moment to marvel at Jana’s body, looked at her creamy full thighs, not so fat that they had cellulite, but not thin by any definition. Her calves were toned if a little big for her short legs, and tapered down to a pair of small, well-manicured feet with painted pink toenails. Her belly hung just slightly over the top of her panties, and her breasts spilled to each side of her as she laid down atop dozens of bags of laundry.

“Oh my god,” she purred as she locked her gaze onto his fully-erect penis. Keith was standing in front of her, and she brought her feet up to his crotch, locking them around his shaft. He moaned as she rubbed them up and down it’s length, wrapping her little white toes around the head and then back down. The view of her body, breasts swaying slightly as she moved her legs, and the view of her delicate feet massaging his big, veiny penis, combined with the massage, brought him closer to the edge than he wanted to be just yet.

Keith grabbed her feet, separated her legs, and lowered himself down on her once again, this time running the engorged glans of his member against the warm crotch of her panties. Jana gasped, then wrapped her legs behind him, massaging his thighs with her feet. First lightly poking, then grinding more forcefully, Keith and Jana fell into a rhythm as he grinded her little body into the laundry that was getting dirtier by the minute. The thin layer of cotton panties was all that separated his straining cock and her soft, moist mound. Moaning softly through their constant kissing, Jana’s hips pumped up and down to meet his thrusts and he pinned her hands above her head. “Oh my god, Jana”, he moaned, overcome with lust, and ready to fully take her.

Keith grabbed her panties at each hip and pulled them down her legs, raising them to remove the moistened cotton briefs from her feet. Now they were both naked, and Keith knew he had a little work left to do before he could fully make his fantasy come true.

He grabbed both feet, massaging and licking them one by one before moving down to her ankles, then calves, and soon slowly worked his tongue up the inside of her thigh, making her shudder with excitement. He looked up at her crotch, noticing that she kept herself shaven from the clitoris down, leaving a nice thick bush above and leaving a clean pair of slightly-swollen delicate labia below. He extended his tongue to her clitoris, making her yelp and jump slightly at the contact. Grabbing her hips with authority, He dove back in, working her clit until it extended out. Jana’s breathing got heavier and her moans got louder as he worked. “Ohhh! Put your tongue inside me!” she moaned as he lapped the sensitive folds of her labia. Happy to oblige, he sent his tongue into her blazing hot, sopping wet pink chamber. He established a rhythm which her body recognized and humped back into his face to. Her hands clutched his head, forcing him deeper into her crotch. Darting in and out of her pussy, his tongue started to tire. Apparently, it had been longer than he cared to remember since the last time he ate pussy. Unfortunately, it had also been a few months since he’d had sex at all, and he was anxious to officially end his drought. Keith had been rubbing his tool against the laundry underneath him his tongue worked her pussy, but it was time to give it the real thing.

Keith raised up and crawled up toward Jana’s face. As he started to lower his dick toward her wet crotch, she reached down between them and grabbed his penis, stroking it’s head.

“Keith, it’s so big…..I….I don’t want it to hurt,” she said, unable to take her eyes off of it, her hips still gyrating with arousal.”

“You’ve had sex before, right?” Keith asked, as he rubbed her breasts and stomach.

“Oh yeah, with a couple different guys. But…neither one was quite this big…and it’s been a little while since the last time,” she said, moving her hands up his chest.

“Just relax, Jana. We’ll take it slow. You’re plenty wet; I won’t hurt you, I promise,” he said, as he took her hands and clasped them to his, raising them over her head. Her labia were still wet from his saliva, which helped the purple head of his cock penetrate past the entrance. with his glans lodged just inside her chamber, he could feel the resistance of her tight canal, keeping him from pushing further without extra force. He let her hands go as he reached down to caress her breasts, holding his weight above her with his other arm. Keith slowly pushed the head forward, thrusting his hips toward hers. As Jana arched her back, the new angle allowed his penis to penetrate further.

“Unngghhh. Oh jesus god.” she moaned as his thick rod was now a few inches deep in her incredibly tight, hot pussy. Again thinking back to high school, he didn’t think he’d ever had sex this tight with someone who wasn’t a virgin.

“You okay, baby?” he whispered as he pumped just that first few inches in and out of her opening, pushing and pulling her slightly meaty lips with each thrust.

“Yeah, just go slow. It’s so big, but I’m okay. Be gentle, Keith.”

Keith pushed a little more of him into her body with each thrust. He could feel her nipples against his chest, her belly under the weight of his belly, and her legs and feet caressing his legs and ass as he slowly took more and more her her for himself. Her vagina was getting wetter as he continued to thrust, her body getting acclimated to his large organ after the initial shock. After a few minutes, he groaned as he bottomed out inside of her. He could feel the soft tissue at the end of her vagina touching the head of his penis, and he heard a subtle clap as his balls came to rest against her ass. Wanting to savor the feeling of being fully inside the object of his fantasies, he grinded his hips against hers while holding her tight. Jana cried out, clawing his back with her fingernails, and flexing her legs and feet to the intense sensation of having this big man on top of her and fully inside her.

After a deep breath, Keith backed almost all of his penis out of her, looked down to observe the juices on his shaft, then slowly sunk himself all the way back in as they both moaned. He held himself inside her few a few seconds, then gradually worked himself into a steady rhythm. His ass flexed and relaxed as he pumped his cock into his favorite catcher over and over again. She moaned to his thrusts and opened her legs up wider as her breathing quickened, then stifled.

“I’m coming……” she croaked through held breath, “………OOOHHHHH!!!!! she shouted as her convulsions stopped long enough to exhale her breath. Her vagina clamped down on his dick like a vise, seeming to pull it as deeply inside her as it can, then relaxed, then clamped down again. As her shouts turned back into moans, he picked up speed, feeling her hips buck faster to match him. He looked down between them to see her belly and big breasts jiggle underneath his movements. Her wide hips gyrated up and down, guiding his cock to massage different parts of her insides as she moved. She threw her legs up and over his back, locking her feet together at the ankles as he drove her body downward into the laundry. His breathing became ragged and he feared he was losing control as she moaned lustily under him, clutching at his chest from underneath.

“OH MY GOD, JANA!” he exclaimed as he pistoned in and out of her, dominating her body with the thrusts of several weeks worth of desire.

His brain told him him, “No, you CANNOT come inside this girl,” as he pulled out and laid beside her on his back, coaxing her to climb on top of him. He watched her, a rush of long brunette hair, covering her flushed face, and her big tits swayed in front of her as she straddled him. She was just as sexy naked as he’d dreamed she was, and now she was going to ride him in the storage room at the school where he’d coached her.

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