Cleaning Day Ch. 02


Kim and Darnell come out of the bathroom. Lying down on the bed together they drift off to sleep. Morning comes and Darnell awakens to the sexiest woman alive laying in his arms. Not wanting to wake her he just lies there watching her sleep. (thanking god she has chosen him as the man she wanted to be with). He knew deep down in his heart they would be together for a very long time. He always has a smile on his face.

Kim finally awakens from her sleep with Darnell staring into her eyes. It sort of startles her she jumps a little.

“You ok sweetie?” Darnell asks softly in his sexy voice that she loves so much.

“Yes” she replies leaning over and wrapping her arms around him not wanting to let go.

Darnell kisses her softly and wraps his arms around her pulling her closer to him. Grabbing a handful of her ever so wonderful ass he likes so much. Kim looks up at him with a fumy look on her face.

“Are you trying to start something?” Kim asks.

“Maybe” he replies smiling from ear to ear.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish Mr.”

“Are you saying I won’t finish what I start?”

“That’s exactly what I am saying” Kim replies smiling.

“Ok you asked for it now you’re going to get it.” Darnell replies as he jumps up and starts to tickle her till she wets herself. Kim is now upset cause she now has to go and take another shower and get all cleaned up again. She starts to get out of bed.

“Where are you going little one?” Darnell asks.

“I am going to take a shower and clean myself up is that ok with you?”

“No that’s not ok with me cause you see I wasn’t done yet.” Darnell replies in his stern voice. He removes her nightshirt, antep escort pants and thong that she is wearing. She is now totally nude as he takes her laying her back down on the bed.

“Now are you done, so I can go and take a shower?” Kim asks.

“NO” Darnell replies in an even harsher tone, now get up here and get on your hands and knees missy I think you need to be punished for getting that little tone with me.”

Kim notices his tone has picked up a bit and does as she is told. Darnell takes Kim’s hands and handcuffs them to the headboard smacking her ass a few times.

“Are you going to be a good little girl like I know you can?” Darnell asks.


With Kim now handcuffed to the bed Darnell gets up behind her and swats her ass a few more times sliding in behind her in a squatting position. Taking his left hand placing it on the headboard, taking his cock into his other hand he slowly starts to enter her. She gives off this light moan as he enters her from behind.

Moaning now louder and louder Kim starts pushing back against him Darnell he proceeds to slap her ass.

“Did I tell you to do that?”

“No” Kim replies, stopping dead in her tracts from pushing back against him.

“Ok you want to be a naughty girl today do you.” Placing both hands now on the headboard Darnell begins to fuck her harder and harder making her take it all at once over and over and over again.

“Are you going to be good or do I have to give it to you even harder?”

“NO!!! I AM NOT GOING TO BE GOOD, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?” Kim replies in a loud tone.

“Ok you asked for it.” Darnell replies. Fucking her harder and harder deeper and deeper, pulling back on Kim’s hair.

“How do you like my big cock in that tight little hole of yours you little slut?”

“I love it daddy give it to me harder, harder daddy!!!” Kim screams as she cums more and more on his cock.

“You think I am done with you? Well you better just think again cause today is going to be a day you won’t soon forget. Darnell replies.

Darnell, making Kim stay right where she is smacks her ass over and over again as she screams loudly,

“PLEASE DADDY, PLEASE NO MORE I WILL BE GOOD JUST DON’T SPANK ME ANYMORE PLEASE.” Kim begs and begs as Darnell keeps spanking her little ass bright red.

“You think all that begging is going to save you today well then think again missy cause for you being a naughty girl today is going to be a day where you are punished when ever I want to punish you.”


“GET UP AND GO MAKE ME SOMETHING TO EAT RIGHT NOW.” Darnell commands as he releases her hands. Kim gets up and starts putting on her clothes to go do as she is told. Darnell stops her.

“What do you think you’re doing little one?”

“Going to make you some food Daddy just like you asked.” Kim replies. Darnell getting again now really upset gets up walking over to Kim. Pulling back on her hair but not enough to hurt her neck (he knows her neck is sensitive).

“Did I tell you to get dressed or did I tell you to go make me some food?”

“You told me to go make you some food daddy but but…” Darnell stops her right there.

“But nothing I said go make me some damn food right now, before I get really mad.” Darnell replies smacking Kim’s ass a lot harder this time around.

Kim not wanting to make him any angrier then he already was, goes to the kitchen and starts making Darnell something to eat. About ten minutes later Darnell comes into the kitchen and Kim is standing there in front of the stove cooking him something to eat her nice ass is shining bright red from the smack he had given her but he felt no remorse for doing it cause if she had just done what she was told she wouldn’t have gotten spanked. Darnell walks up behind Kim grabbing her by the hips and pulls her ass back bending her over. Kim jumps, a little startled.

“DON’T YOU DARE MOVE, AND DON’T YOU DARE BURN MY FOOD.” Darnell commands in a very stern voice, as he smacks her ass once more reaching down between them he grabs his now throbbing cock sliding it up inside her all at one time. He begins fucking her slamming his cock in her as fast and as deep as he can. Kim starts pushing back against him harder and harder. Darnell reaches up and around her grabbing both Kim’s nipples twisting them harder and harder as he continues his burial of his massive cock inside her.

“FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME HARDER MAKE ME CUM PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE DADDY MAKE ME YOURS MAKE MOMMY CUM HARD!!” Darnell starts fucking Kim really hard, as she moans now even louder and louder as she cums all over Darnell’s big cock. Darnell grabbing her hips one last time releases his big load inside Kim’s nice wet pussy filling her full. As the start to recover Darnell notices Kim has let his food burn like he told her not to do.

To be continued.

To the readers: this is the second part of “Cleaning Day” for the first part and the continuation to this story see “Littlemissnaughtygal”

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