Claudia From The Convenience Store


“Beer and wine” was emblazoned in large letters across the side of the small brick building that housed a small store across the street from a run-down apartment community called the “Spanish Villas.”She was standing outside the “C’ convenience store, wearing tight little short-shorts and a much-too-small t-shirt that accentuated her model-like figure. She had long black hair that curled at the ends, that reached to the middle of her back. Her bronze-colored skin told me she was probably not from this country, but an immigrant. There was a line of about six or seven guys sitting on the side of the building, on the ground, migrant workers, looking for work, no doubt. She stood alone and apart from them, and they seemed to pay her very little attention.It was a warm day. The temps were near one hundred degrees. This was Texas and it was summer.I made a U-turn to check out the lovely. She gazed in my direction as I pulled up to the light and stopped. I made a right turn and headed down a side street, the circled back through the neighborhood of single story framed houses with fenced-in front yards. As luck would have it, she was nowhere to be seen by the time I made it around the block.“Definitely a hooker,” I thought to myself. Still, I was curious. But then again, I argued with myself in silence, street girls just don’t look that nice.I pulled into the parking lot of the convenience store beşevler escort and stepped into the store. I figured I might as well buy me a six-pack of beer, as long as I was in the area.I grabbed a six-pack from the cooler and as I stood at the register, waiting to pay, I became acutely aware that I was not alone. I glanced over my shoulder and saw my lovely, who was even more attractive up close than I could have even possibly imagined, standing right behind me. Our eyes met, for only a brief second, when the clerk said, “Next.”“Will that be all?” the clerk inquired.I turned and looked at my lovely and said,“I’ve got hers as well.”She looked shocked, standing behind me with an unopened bottle of water. When she didn’t respond, the clerk told her, in Spanish,“Esta pagando por ti,”which translated meant I was offering to pay for her water.She sat the water bottle on the counter, proffering a “Gracias.”“Deberia ir con el, el tiene cerveza,” she said. I don’t speak much Spanish, but I do understand a little.The clerk smiled.“Vamanos,” I replied in Spanish (“Let’s go!”)“Te habla espanol?” she asked. (Do you speak Spanish?)“Poquito,” I replied. I grabbed the bottle of water and placed it in the paper sack along with my beer.“Te habla Inglis?” I asked. (Do you speak English)“I know a leetle,” she replied with a strong accent.Once in cebeci escort the car, I introduced myself and she said her name was Claudia.“Te gusta Claudia,” I replied. (I like Claudia)She beamed a beautiful white-toothed smile as I dug out a beer and handed it to her. She popped open the silver tab and took a gulp as I did the same thing. She then unceremoniously wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.“Saludos!” she toasted.“Saludos,” I replied.“Do you need a ride home?” I asked.“No,” she replied. “I am looking for work.”“What do you do?” I inquired.“Anything and everything,” she replied in broken English. “Puedo limpiar.” (Meaning, “I clean”)“Entiendo,” I replied, to indicate I understood.“Your Spanish is gud,” she replied.“Lo intendo,” I replied. I took another sip of my beer.I could tell she was nervous. Beads of sweat had formed on her temple and her brow.“Es caliente,” I noted. (It is hot)“Si,” she acknowledged.“Eres tu caliente,” I noted. (You are hot)“No mucho,” she replied.”..y sexy,” I quickly added to gage her reaction.She flipped her soft long brown hair backwards and over her shoulder.“No mucho,” she softly replied.“Si,” I argued. “Veo los ojos te siguen.” (The eyes, they follow you)“Si,” she replied, “Pendejos.”“Am I a pendejos?” I asked.“No,’ she replied, speaking in English, “You are a nice man. You share your beer kolej escort with me.”“You speak good English,” I replied.“I know a leetle,” she replied, “so I try.”“Do you want to go for a drive?” I asked.She looked confused. I placed my hands on the steering wheel of my sports utility vehicle and moved them back and forth.“Vamanos?” I asked.“Si,” she replied.She pulled out a second beer and popped open the tab.“Do you want one?” she asked.“No,” I replied. “I am driving.”“Can we go to the park?” she asked.“Yes,” I replied. “Donde?”“I show you,” she replied in her broken English. “Turn here.”I followed her directions and within a few minutes were driving into a small park about a mile from the convenience store where we had met. The park road was a small black top drive and it took us into a wooded area with a large parking lot. I pulled into the lot and stopped under a shade tree.‘Do you want a beer?” she asked as I turned off the engine.“Si,” I replied. She popped open the top and handed it to me.“Saludos!” I toasted before taking a gulp.“I like you,” Claudia said softly as I looked out across the park.“You just met me,” I replied.“But you are a nice man, I can tell,” she quickly shot back.She slipped her hand across the seat divider and on to my arm.“Do you think I am sexy?” she inquired.“Yes,” I replied.“My boobies are too big,” she replied, cupping them in her hands and teasingly thumbing her nipples through the thin cotton fabric of her t-shirt. It was clearly obvious she was not wearing a bra.“They look good to me,” I replied.She took my hand in hers and placed my hand onto her left breast, squeezing my hand in the process.“Do you like them?” she pressed as she held my hand in place on her covered left breast.

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