Cheryl’s Passion Ch. 06


The next time I woke up it was 6:59 a.m. I was lying naked in bed, and there was still a stainless-steel shackle locked tightly on my ankle. April and her mother were both standing above me, wearing identical bathrobes.

“So, what did you think of my slave?” April asked her mother.

“She was incredible,” her mother replied, smiling, “Thanks for sharing her with me. She was the best sex I’ve had in …ever.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear it,” April replied, smiling back to her mother.

Then, she looked down at me, and said, “If my mother found your performance to be unsatisfactory, I was going to punish you severely. It would have hurt my reputation if my slave didn’t do a good job pleasing the women I loaned her out to.”

“She did a great job,” her mother said, still smiling enthusiastically, “She was amazing. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share her with me on a regular basis? Like maybe, once or twice a week? It would massively boost my endorphin levels and be extremely good for my morale.”

All of Mrs. Ladd’s reservations about having sex with a teenager seemed to have completely vanished. Her anxieties about her reputation, about being called a cradle-robber seemed to have disappeared. She now seemed totally at ease about having me as a lover.

April laughed and asked, “Just how much fun did you have with her last night?”

“A lot more than I’d expected,” Mrs. Ladd told her daughter, “A lot more than I’ve had in years. It’s the sort of fun I’d like to have again.”

* * * * * * * * * *

It wasn’t long after that, that I ended up moving in with Mrs. Ladd and her daughter. On the surface of it, things looked quite innocent. April and I were basically the same age. We were both in our late teens, and lots of young ladies moved in with their teenage, female friends when they left home. It was considered a practical way of saving money, by sharing expenses. And; being that April and I were both female; the casual observer would assume that there was no sex involved.

When I wasn’t at my receptionist job at the pharmaceutical company, I was packing up cardboard boxes and getting all my stuff ready to move to the Ladd Household. I ended up sharing a bedroom with April. Mrs. Ladd was a gracious host, and for the first few days the household had a real family atmosphere to it. I felt almost like Mrs. Ladd was my mother, and April was my sister. Both April and her mother helped me carry cardboard boxes, unpack cardboard boxes and find places to store all my stuff. April set aside space in her closet for my clothes, and Mrs. Ladd helped set up my computer in an unused corner of the living room.

However, the family atmosphere didn’t last long, and within ten days or so, things started to get deliciously kinky.

Of course, I had told April and her mother about the dream I’d had, where I was naked and publicly whipped on the athletic field of my old high school. That was an intensely erotic dream, and I would have allowed April to recreate the entire dream in the real world, but a public spectacle with a nude whipping at a public place like the athletic field of Fairwind High School just wouldn’t be possible. Somebody would call the police and have me arrested for public indecency.

However, there was another part of my dream that was possible and was still highly erotic.

In my dream, I was whipped by a servant that worked for the Ladd Household. She was a tall, lithe woman with an East-European accent. In my dream, she wore a very smart-looking uniform and carried a wicked, panful-looking whip in one hand.

In my dream, this woman was hired to be my disciplinarian. She was to make certain that I was properly groomed, worked hard, given strict rules to follow and cruelly punished whenever I failed to follow those rules.

Apparently, Mrs. Ladd and her daughter had spent a great deal of time discussing the possibility of hiring someone that could play the role of the strict disciplinarian from my dream. Both April and her mother spent hours doing research and trying to find a woman that was ready, willing and able to play that role. They had interviewed numerous women for the job without ever informing me of their plans. They kept the whole thing a secret from me, until they found the perfect applicant for the job.

I didn’t find out about any of this until one day; after I came home from work; and I met Stefania.

Stefania; much like the woman in my dream; was tall and lithe, and had an impressively narrow waist. She had an oval face, and high cheekbones. She was wearing a very smart-looking black uniform that was tight around the waist and torso, showing off her slender waist and flat tummy. Her uniform had long, black sleeves, with crisp, white wrist cuffs, and a crisp, white collar. Her uniform fit her so perfectly, I assumed that it had been custom-tailored for her body. Her black, leather shoes and black stockings matched the rest of the uniform, and helped give Bostancı Anal Escort her a very organized, very no-nonsense look. The uniform itself gave off an aura of efficiency and order.

She was tall enough, slender enough and graceful enough that she could have been a runway model. She had perfect posture, and her face had the potential to be pretty, however when she made eye-contact with me, her gaze was cold and merciless. It was utterly devoid of human warmth or empathy.

“Cheryl, this is Stefania,” Mrs. Ladd explained, after I entered the dining room area, “She’s going to be living here now. I’ve hired her as a live-in servant.”

April smiled at me, and then smiled at her mother. She was absolutely giddy with anticipation.

“Tell her what Stefania’s responsibilities will be,” suggested Mrs. Ladd’s daughter.

“Stefania will be our housekeeper,” Mrs. Ladd said, “However, she will also be your disciplinarian. The household chores will be split between you and Stefania. Stefania will decide which chores she does and which chores you will do.”

“Also, I will supervise, and inspect the quality of your work,” added Stefania, giving me judgmental glare.

Stefania’s voice was cold and admonishing. She also had a thick, East European accent, just like the woman from my dream. That accent might be Ukrainian, or it might be Russian or Romanian. I was horrible at accents, so I wasn’t sure, however, her accent, combined with her intimidating physical appearance, left me feeling instantly submissive towards her.

“And if Stefania finds the quality of your work to not be up to her standards,” Mrs. Ladd said, “We’ve given Stefania the authority to punish you in any manner she deems fitting.”

“I’ve told Stefania that you have a very high pain tolerance,” April added helpfully, “I’ve told her not to be shy about turning your bottom red.”

I made some incoherent vowel-sounds at this point. My heart was thudding painfully in my chest, and I felt feverishly hot. This was very much like some of my most intense sexual fantasies come to life, and it was overwhelming. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, and I wondered if I might pass out. I took in a deep breath, and then I slowly exhaled. I didn’t want to pass out, so I tried to calm myself and slow down my racing heart.

“She’s also to be in charge of your grooming,” Mrs. Ladd offered helpfully, “From now on, she’ll be the one who washes you, shampoos your hair, shaves your legs, shaves your armpits, shaves your vulva, applies your makeup and brushes your teeth. She’ll also decide what you wear to work each day, and help dress you anytime you’re allowed to wear clothing. She’ll make sure you look presentable.”

Wow. I was blown away by all of this. Even in my wildest fantasies, I didn’t think this much control would ever be taken from me. I had always assumed that even the most submissive of slave-girls would still have the freedom to shower and groom themselves without any interference! Stefania was going to take away even that small piece of independence from me!

“April suggested that you should also be available to Stefania, sexually,” Mrs. Ladd explained, “I only agreed to this after I got her medical records forwarded to me, showing that she was free of all sexually transmitted diseases. All of her tests show that she’s perfectly healthy, so I’ve given the go ahead.”

“If she orders you to eat her pussy, you have to do it,” April elaborated.

“I will punish you, if you refuse to have sex with me,” Stefania said coldly, “I have seen punishment room downstairs. I will be looking for excuse to take you down there.”

“We’ll be giving Stefania a great deal of leeway in deciding when and how you’ll be punished,” Mrs. Ladd said.

“I will be giving you list of rules,” Stefania added, “If you fail to follow my rules, I will make you sorry little girl.”

I felt a libidinous heat between my legs, and there was a throbbing in my sex and my nipples, that seemed to match the intense beating of my heart. My mouth was dry and I felt a delicious sort of fear as Stefania explained how much control she would be taking away from me, and how helpless I was going to be before her stern authority. An agonizing wave of desire passed through me, and I shifted my weight from foot to foot, as this Eastern European woman basically claimed me as her own personal sex slave.

“The first rule that my little blonde slave-girl needs to follow is rule about clothing. I expect you to be naked at all times, unless I personally give you permission to wear clothes. When you come from work, I expect you to strip naked, immediately. There must be no hesitation in this, or I will punish.”

April and her mother both gave me an expectant look. Stefania gave me an expectant look as well, only her look was much colder, and more authoritarian than the looks April and her mother gave me. The pounding in my head, and the overwhelming, feverish heat Bostancı Yaşlı Escort in my loins made it hard to think, but I suddenly realized that Stefania, April and April’s mother were all expecting me to strip naked, and to do it quickly.

With trembling hands I reached for the front of my blouse and began undoing buttons. Then, I unzipped my skirt and pushed it down my hips. I shed my clothes as rapidly as I was able, not wanting to displease my new disciplinarian. I had been given no warning that Mrs. Ladd would be hiring a stern, authoritarian woman to supervise, control and punish me, but I was attempting to adjust to my new situation as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

When I stood naked before Stefania, she looked me over with an air of superiority. She may have been the Ladd’s household servant, but my status was lower than hers. Stefania’s body language and facial expression made that obvious immediately.

“You have a body that will be a joy to punish,” Stefania informed me coldly, “Your breasts are not huge, but they are round, firm and perfectly shaped, and your nipples are very pink and erect, it is like they are begging to be pinched and tormented by a woman with cruel hands.”

Even naked, I still felt feverishly hot, and my heart was still pounding painfully hard in my chest. I could barely hear Stefania’s words over the intensely loud sound of my heart pounding, however the implied threat to my breasts set off some sort of protective instinct in my brain, and I reflexively raised my hands and placed them defensively over my breasts and nipples.

Stefania’s reaction was immediate.

“Did I tell the blonde, slave-girl to cover her nakedness?” Stefania demanded, and then she sharply yelled at me, “Stand at attention!!”

Before I had ever met Stefania, April had taught me what it meant to stand at attention. She drilled it into me repeatedly, and so persistently that it was an order I followed reflexively. As soon as Stefania barked out the order, I stood with my legs far apart, my hands clasped behind the back of my neck, my tummy sucked in, my elbows pulled back, my chin up and my breasts thrust forward.

That’s when I saw Stefania smile for the first time. I’m not sure which she liked more, the sight of my young, slender, naked body, or my immediate obedience to her commands.

Stefania confidently ambled over to my naked body, and almost immediately placed her hands on my naked breasts.

“I will examine you now, pretty, blonde girl. You will not use your hands to protect your naked body from me, no matter how much I might hurt you,” Stefania said coldly, “Do you understand?”

My heart seemed to skip a beat when Stefania asked this question. I was naked, vulnerable, and she just warned me not to defend myself, if she hurt me. A gasping sound escaped from my throat, and I felt a wet, throbbing in my loins, but I managed to reply, “Yes, Mistress.”

“I like it when you call me Mistress,” Stefania said as she cupped my naked breasts and rubbed her thumbs across my swollen nipples, “That will also be rule. You must always call me Mistress. If you call me anything else, I will punish.”

My nipples were swollen and super-sensitive. The way Stefania kept rubbing them was stirring up my libido even more. I moaned softly and concentrated hard on standing at attention for her. It wasn’t easy. There was a pulsing fire in my loins, and it made it hard to think, but Stefania was expecting me to be obedient no matter how many distractions were thrown into my path.

“You have body like Summer Glau,” Stefania said as she continued to examine my body, “You are skinny girl, but with good muscle tone and appropriate curves in the appropriate locations. It is almost like Pygmalion carved you out of ivory, and you were brought to life once his sculpture was perfect.”

I didn’t know who Pygmalion was, but I silently resolved to google Pygmalion the very first chance that I got.

Stefania’s hands grasped me everywhere, feeling every inch of me with her hands and judging the quality of my flesh. When she was done rubbing my nipples and roughly kneading my breasts, she went on to touch my calves and my thighs, squeezing them and checking them for resiliency and muscle tone. She ran her hands up and down my abdomen and my obliques, and complimented me on how firm and taut they were. She checked my arms and shoulders for firmness as well. I felt very much like I was a naked slave being examined before a slave auction, so a potential bidder could evaluate the quality of my body.

I was forced to open my mouth, so Stefania could examine my tongue, my teeth and my gums. Stefania made a big deal out of the fact that I had no fillings and that my teeth appeared to be perfect.

“No fillings,” Stefania exclaimed, “How can this be? I thought all American girls had fillings in their teeth!”

She grabbed my buttocks and squeezed them to check for muscle tone and resiliency. Bostancı Zenci Escort Then she pried my buttocks apart, and gently poked at the soft, pink flesh of my anus. I reflexively shuddered, and stifled a gasp.

My legs trembled as Stefania forced her fingers into the tight furrow between my buttocks, and played with my asshole. It was a very intimate and sensitive place to touch a girl, but Stefania wasn’t about to cut me any slack, or show me any mercy.

“If you are to be my slave, I must examine you everywhere,” she insisted authoritatively, as she rubbed her fingertips insistently across the sensitive flesh of my anus.

“Her anus is very pretty,” Stefania said to April and her mother, “But she is very squeamish about being touched there. Is there medical problem I should know about?”

“No, I’ve obtained copies of all of her medical records,” Mrs. Ladd replied, “She’s perfectly healthy.”

I groaned and had a vague memory of signing a release form, giving my regular doctor permission to turn over copies of all of my medical records to Mrs. Ladd. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but now it made me feel more submissive and more like a slave, knowing that Mrs. Ladd had access to my entire medical history. It was exactly the sort of thing a slave-owner would have had handed over to them when they purchased a slave.

“I would very much like to fuck her in the anus,” Stefania said as she continued to stroke and probe at my tender, pink asshole, “Unless there is rule against it. Is it permissible that I take strap-on and fuck your slave up the ass?”

There seemed to be a few seconds of hesitation, and then Mrs. Ladd replied, “There’s no rule against it, but just be careful. I don’t want to have to rush her to the hospital with severe rectal bleeding because you shoved something too large into her anus and tore her open.”

“Oh no,” protested Stefania, “I have impaled girl’s anus with fingers, dildos, candles and other phallic objects many times. I never tear anything open. I am very responsible. Slave-girl might not like it, but I will do no tearing, no medical damage.”

That having been settled, Stefania was given permission to violate my tight, virgin asshole as many times as she felt necessary.

By the time Stefania got around to examining my pussy, my pubic lips were swollen and I was soaking wet between my legs. Being treated like a slave is a huge turn-on for me, and Stefania had me naked, exposed and was examining me like a slave-girl, ready to go on the auction block.

“You are soaking wet,” Stefania exclaimed as she cupped my exposed vulva with her questing hand. “Are you getting aroused by the way I am treating you, blonde girl?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said timidly, “It’s a sexual fantasy of mine to be stripped naked and treated like a slave, by a cruel, domineering woman.”

Stefania raised one eyebrow at me, and then she turned to April and her mother and asked, “This is sarcasm?”

April shook her head and replied, “No, she’s being totally honest with you. She’s the most submissive girl I’ve ever met. She gets wickedly aroused being stripped naked, made helpless, forced to submit to strict discipline and punished by a cruel, lesbian mistress. That’s actually how we met. She was looking for a cruel, lesbian mistress, and I applied for the position.”

“So, you hire me, because you could not be cruel enough for her?” Stefania asked.

“Well, not exactly,” April replied, “I can be plenty cruel, but Cheryl thrives on humiliation as well as corporal punishment. The more witnesses there are to her being treated like a slave, the more humiliating it is for her. I’m trying to bring in as many people as possible to dominate her, and make her submission and her shame as public as possible.”

Stefania considered this for several seconds and said, “I may have some ideas to help you with this. We will discuss them later, when blonde slave-girl is not around to listen.”

Stefania then proceeded to examine my pussy in minute detail. She stroked my slick, swollen pubic lips, rubbed my hard, swollen clit and thrust her fingers deep into my vagina, probing deeply into my sex and exploring my intimate interior. I made pathetic moaning and gasping noises as she played with my pussy, bringing me agonizingly close to orgasm repeatedly, but never bringing all the way to climax.

“Aaahh, unnhh, uhhh,” I gasped and panted and made inarticulate vowel sounds as Stefania cruelly stimulated my libido, but deliberately denied me the orgasm that my overstimulated body so desperately needed.

* * * * * * * * * *

After that, Stefania and I developed a relationship that was very much like you would expect if slavery were actually legal in this country, and I was actually Stefania’s property. Stefania kept me constantly naked around the Ladd household, and she gave me a long list of chores to do. Stefania inflicted painful punishments on my naked body if I didn’t finish my chores on time, or if my work wasn’t up to her high standards.

I didn’t actually have a bed of my own to sleep in. Four nights of the week, I would sleep in April’s bed. Two nights out of the week, I would sleep in Mrs. Ladd’s bed, and one night of the week, I would sleep in Stefania’s bed.

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