Catfishing Chapter 1

Big Tits



Jasper Jensen’s pet peeve was size-queen women. Ordinary men with a five-and-half-inch cock shouldn’t have to put up with the laughter and embarrassment from self-entitled women. As a champion of the cause, Jasper decided to do something about the ridicule he and others like him received. He would make those women pay for their insults and taunting!

His simple plan utilized fake profiles on numerous dating sites. Thanks to the handsome image of someone else’s photo and details, Jasper’s catfishing brought interest from many women.

Over the past two years, he found it surprisingly easy to con desperate size-queen women. Married, single, fat, skinny, tall, short; his targets all had one thing in common. They wanted a man with a big cock.

Jasper’s routine involved gaining their confidence until they were dying to meet his alias, “Oscar.” The chase was fun, but the ironic pleasure was in the smoke and mirrors. After fucking each woman with his ‘average’ cock, his deception changed size-queens into adoring fans.



Rose floated on air as she walked into the coffee shop. At last, she would be meeting “Oscar,” her internet boyfriend. After spending countless hours with him on the computer and phone, she would finally meet with him face to face.

Oscar was very open with his thoughts and feelings, totally unlike her husband. During one of their “sex” conversations, she timidly asked about his cock; when he emailed her a picture of his ten-inch dick, it took her breath away. Every day she would look at “that” photo, picturing it in her pussy. The fantasy rolled continuously in her mind.

When Oscar asked for a nude photo, Rose reciprocated with sexy pictures of herself in a tiny bikini, which was as far as she was willing to go. The thought of Oscar seeing her naked for the first time made her heart race. She even shaved her pussy for him as he asked.

After five years of marriage, Rose never imagined she would cheat on her husband. They married right out of school, and her husband was the only man she knew intimately. She loved her husband; she did, but the thought of experiencing a cock bigger than her husband’s small one made her pussy wet. Rose’s girlfriend, Sylvia, kept telling her size matters. Today, she would find out if it was true.

Jasper recognized Rose as soon as she walked into the coffee shop. She wasn’t the most attractive catfish he had fucked, but she had an innocent charm about her. The simple red dress hugged her curves, and he couldn’t wait to get her out of it. From her bikini pictures, he knew what was hiding under the dress, and he couldn’t wait to fuck her. Rose was about to cheat on her husband. Any woman who dreamed of a ten-inch dick in her cunt deserved to be taken advantage of.

Rose kept searching the room for “Oscar,” frowning when she couldn’t find him, continually checking the time on her phone, unsure of what to do next. After bouncing from foot to foot for several minutes, she decided to order something to drink.

The room was large and noisy, so Jasper didn’t hear what type of drink Rose decided on. Only when the barista called out her name and “Dirty Chai” did he know her favorite drink.

Rose picked up her cup and sat at a table against the wall far away from him, continually searching for “Oscar.”

Jasper lost many potential fucks in the past because he pushed too fast or hard. He found each woman had a different “button” to push, and from their communications, he knew what would work on Rose. She came alone, like Jasper asked, glad Sylvia didn’t come as well. Rising, he went outside to call her on his cell phone.

Rose visibly jumped when her phone vibrated on the table. There was no number displayed, but instinctively, she knew it was Oscar. He liked his privacy, so she could only receive calls from him. “Hello,” she answered with guilt written all over her face.

“Rose, it’s Oscar. Are you at the coffeehouse?” Jasper said in a fake British accent.

“Yes, I’m waiting for you!”

“Is Sylvia with you?” Rose disclosed to him Sylvia was her closest friend and encouraged her to experience a big cock.

“Yes, no!” Rose said in confusion. “Yes, she knows we are meeting,” Rose whispered, hoping the people around her were not listening in. “She’s working today but said to say hi to you.” She didn’t add that Sylvia also wanted to fuck his big cock.

Jasper knew peer pressure was Rose’s weak spot. She needed to prove to Sylvia that she could do this. “Rose, I quite fancy you, you’re very lush. But I wonder if you know how jammy my cock is.”

The silence on the phone dragged on as Jasper waited for Rose to make the first move. If she capitulated now, then he had her.

Rose’s heart rate accelerated at the thought of being rejected by Oscar. It didn’t help she was self-conscious of her plain looks and small breasts. It made her feel less than desirable, even if her husband insisted she was pretty.

“I do!” Rose blurted out, embarrassed that her voice had risen. “It’s all I dream of,” she whispered in a softer voice.

Bingo! He had her. “I don’t believe you; I have another lass that is very eager for me to give her a rogering. I need you to show me you are deserving of my attention.”

The red tinge in Rose’s cheeks deepened from the embarrassing phone conversation. All she could think of was Sylvia and how disappointed she would be in her if today didn’t happen. “Please, Oscar, how can I prove it to you?”

“I want you to shag my friend first. If he says you do a proper job; then I know you will fancy my ten-inch cock!”

Silence returned to both cell phones.

Rose was stunned at Oscar’s suggestion. No, it was an ultimatum. Absently, she wondered if his friend had a large cock too, then shook her head in disgust. It was bad enough she would be cheating on her husband, but now the first time was going to be with a stranger. She knew Sylvia would do it; she bragged about all the guys she fucked behind her husband’s back. It was Sylvia who planted the seed in her mind to fuck a guy with a big cock. Now that dream was about to collapse.

Jasper needed to remain silent while Rose ran through the scenario. If she accepted, then she was his to fuck. If she refused, he would bring Sylvia into the conversation. He knew Rose was influenced heavily by her girlfriend.

“How would this work? Will you be in the room when your friend has sex with me?” Rose whispered into the phone.

She didn’t want to agree to his demands, but if that were the only way Oscar would fuck her, then she would consider it. Sylvia would probably tell her she was lucky to get fucked by two men on the same day. Wickedly, Rose thought of both men fucking her at the same time. Sylvia had experienced that; then again, Sylvia had done many unbelievable things. She was a slut, and Rose didn’t want to turn out like her.

“Wicked!” Jasper asked with excitement. “You agree!”

“Yes, if that’s what it takes to have sex with you,” Rose whispered into the phone, hoping no one around her was listening in on the conversation.

“Ace!” Jasper exclaimed as he did a fist pump. “After my mate finishes, I’m not going to have sex with you. I’m going to fuck you. You want to be gobsmacked by my huge cock, right?”

“Oh, god, yes!”

“Hunky-dory! You won’t regret this,” Jasper lied. “Now go outside; the bloke is waiting for you.”

“Now? Right now?” Rose panicked; this was happening too fast.

“You don’t want me or Sylvia to be gutted, do you?”

Oscar was right; she didn’t want to disappoint either of them. “Okay, but when will I see you?”

“Don’t worry; this is a one-off.” Jasper hung up. Now, it was all up to Rose and her desires.

Rose looked at her barely touched latte on the table. Her thoughts were rambling through her mind. Infidelity was a big one, but she was strangely excited too. Oscar was so handsome; he looked like one of those models you see in magazines. When he first contacted her on the connection website, she didn’t imagine he would be interested in her for a second. Even Sylvia was surprised when she looked at Oscar’s picture. It was only with Sylvia’s encouragement that Rose agreed to have sex with Oscar and experience a big cock. If she had to have sex with his friend first to make it happen, it would be worth it.

As soon as the door opened and Rose stepped out, Jasper let out a small sigh. He waved her over and smiled as friendly as he could. She smiled back and walked towards him, unable to maintain eye contact.

“Hi, I’m Jasper,” he said, extending his hand out.

“Hi, I’m Rose.” Oscar’s friend was cute, not handsome, but at least, he didn’t look like a murderer. He was taller than her, maybe five-ten, he had a tight polo shirt on, and she could see his muscles underneath. His scraggly blonde hair was longish but in style. His whiskers gave him a rough look, but overall, he dressed nice. He wasn’t the kind of guy she would notice or look at twice. Rose guessed he was around thirty-five, maybe ten years older than her.

Jasper held onto Rose’s hand. “Well, this is kind of awkward.” He wanted to make her think he was suffering from the same embarrassment. “Oscar put me up to this.”

Rose relaxed a bit; it seemed like Jasper was a pawn too. “Have you done this for Oscar before?” She couldn’t bring herself to say what this stranger was going to do to her.

“Never!” Jasper lied. “I can’t believe I agreed to have sex with you!”

“Me too!” Rose laughed in relief. Jasper’s face was as red as hers. She stood there self-consciously, holding his hand as his thumb rubbed her palm. He has lovely eyes, she thought, kind eyes. “So, how do we do this?”

Jasper wanted to shout out victoriously but kept playing the shy role. “Oscar said to take you to the hotel over on Broadway. He said you would pay for the room, and he would pay you back.” He watched Rose’s face to see her reaction; when she didn’t object, he squeezed her hand. “You have to promise not to tell anyone about this.”

Rose saw the wedding ring on Jasper’s finger. For some reason, that made her feel at ease; it meant he had as much to lose as her. “I promise. You have to promise too.”

“Okay. I’m glad you’re so pretty,” Jasper sheepishly blurted out.

“You think I’m pretty?” Rose blushed.

“And sexy too!” he laughed as he checked out her tits.

“Oh my god, you’re such a liar!”

He watched Rose bask in his compliments. “Oscar said you were scrummy, and he couldn’t wait to have sex with such a beautiful woman. He said fuck, but I didn’t want to be rude.”

“He called me beautiful?”

“Yes. You know, Oscar has a really big cock. I hope he doesn’t hurt you.” Jasper pretended to be concerned for her. “Have you been fucked by a big cock before?”

Rose couldn’t believe Oscar called her beautiful. Her tummy tightened up at the thought of Oscar’s big cock inside her. Jasper was still holding her hand, looking at her with puppy dog eyes. She was starting to feel sorry for the position Oscar put him in.

“So, have you?” Jasper repeated, breaking into Rose’s self-imposed daydreaming.

“Not yet; Oscar was going to be my first.” She couldn’t look Jasper in the eye, but she had to know. “Are you big too?”

Jasper laughed loudly, causing Rose to blush even more. “No, I’m average, but I promise you will be satisfied. We better get going, or Oscar is going to be mad at me. I have to call him and give him a report on how well you did.” He hesitated to stress the importance of his role. “I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.”

Rose couldn’t believe she had to participate in a sex audition before Oscar would “fuck” her. “Did he tell you what I have to do? I mean, the things he, oh god, this is so embarrassing!”

Jasper enjoyed Rose’s discomfort. “Yes, but I’m having second thoughts now. I’m not sure I can do what he asked. Maybe we should forget about the whole thing?”

She panicked at Jasper’s words. “Please, I won’t complain. I promise!”

The panic in her voice was what Jasper needed to hear. “Oscar wants a woman who appreciates his big cock. He travels for his work, so he is only in town a week or two each month. The last woman he was fucking was married, too; he said there are fewer complications that way. She moved away, so he was hoping you would take her place. I don’t want to add any pressure, but he also said there was one other woman in consideration.”

Rose didn’t know that Oscar wanted her to be his mistress. She started to imagine his big cock pleasuring her several times a month. It was a pleasant image.

Jasper checked the time on his watch. “Shit, we don’t have much time left. If we are going to do this, then we need to leave right now. Are you sure you want me to fuck you?” His crude words were meant to gauge her response.

Rose looked at Jasper; she envisioned she would cheat with Oscar, not this man. She rationalized this one-time thing would lead her to Oscar’s arms. “Yes, I want you to have sex with me,” she said bravely. “If that’s what Oscar wants.”

He looked at Rose and shook his head. “No, he wants me to fuck you. Can I fuck you?”

Rose didn’t know the difference between sex and fucking, but was too fearful to ask. “Yes, I want you to fuck me.”

“Ask me nicely, and say please.”

“Please, take me to the hotel and fuck me.”


“What? I said, please.”

“No, I’m going to call and tell Oscar you aren’t the right bayan escort gaziantep woman. He needs a passionate woman, not just a hole to stick his monster cock into.”

Tears welled up in Rose’s eyes. Her future rested in the hands of this man. Several people going by on the sidewalk slowed down to see what was happening, but she waved them on.

“I can be passionate; I promise! I’ll fuck you better than any woman has.” She was going to say his wife but didn’t want to upset him.

Jasper pulled Rose into his arms and hugged her. He put his ear against her ear. “I’m supposed to fuck all your holes. Your mouth, your cunt, and your ass. Are you willing to let me do that?”

Rose had never experienced anal sex before; Sylvia said it was terrific. “Yes, you can do all those things.” She hugged Jasper tightly, hoping that would change his mind.

“Oscar is going to love fucking your sexy body,” Jasper whispered into her ear. “Just make sure I’m happy; then he will make you happy.” He gave her a hard squeeze enjoying the softness of her breasts against his chest. “I can’t wait to see you naked. Did you shave your cunt as Oscar ordered?”

“He told you about that?” Rose worried about how much personal information Oscar shared with Jasper.

He ignored her question. “Look, I’m getting pissed off. Either you answer my questions, or you can go home. I’ll tell Oscar you’re just a cock tease and not worth his time, and to go with the other woman!”

“Yes, I shaved,” she said quickly.

“Good,” Jasper smirked. “I hate having hair in my teeth. Let’s go, we don’t have much time to fuck, and I want to enjoy all your holes before Oscar gets there. I’ll meet you at the hotel.” He paused, looking her eye to eye. “Rose, if you don’t show up, then I am going to call Oscar right away, and you will never get to fuck his big cock.”

Rose stood on shaking legs watching Jasper strut away. No one had ever bossed her around as Jasper had. She needed to stay focused on Oscar before she chickened out.

Slowly, she made her way to her car. The drive to the motel only took ten minutes, but it was enough time to think maybe this was all a big mistake. The sudden ringing of her phone made her jump.

“Jasper tells me you’re going to let him give you a leg over.”

Oscar was calling! Rose sat up straighter even though he couldn’t see her. She almost told him she changed her mind. Then his British accent made her swoon again. He wanted her in his life; Jasper said so. “Do I have to do this, Oscar? Can’t we meet up instead?”

“Listen, love; if you do this, we will do more than dogging. You’ve seen my dangly bits. Now, don’t get your tits in a tangle; don’t you want to see how my knob feels inside your quim?”

Even without Sylvia’s encouragement, she did want to see what a big cock felt like in her pussy. She missed out on so much by marrying her husband and never having sex with any other men. She loved her husband and his small cock, but she needed to find out if sex was better with a large cock. She plucked up her resolve. “Okay, I’ll do it, but I’ll be thinking of you the whole time.”

“That’s my sweetheart!” Jasper exclaimed. “If Jasper says you’re a good tart, I’m going to get your end away!”

“I can’t wait, Oscar! I’ll make sure Jasper is pleased.”

“I know you will, love!”

“I can’t wait to be with you!”

She looked at her phone in shock. Oscar hung up without saying goodbye. It was happening; she was about to sin with a stranger to get to Oscar’s big cock. She pulled up his picture from her saved photos; he was so handsome and masculine. The square jaw and dimple in his chin gave him a movie star look. The next picture was of his enormous cock. She knew it was dangerous to keep the risky photo, but her husband never touched her phone.

“This is what I want!” she said out loud in her car, “I need it, and I am going to do whatever it takes to make it happen!”

Jasper laughed out loud at how ridiculous Rose looked as she talked to herself in her car. He parked out of the way, hunched down so she couldn’t see him. Jasper had a clear view of her as she opened her car door and hurried into the hotel’s lobby. He debated making her wait for him, then decided he wanted to have a little fun with her. He quickly locked up his car and rushed to surprise her at the front desk.

“Ah, there you are!” Jasper said as he threw his arm around Rose’s shoulders. “You were in such a rush to get a room you forgot our bag of sex toys!” He relished the look of dismay on Rose’s face. “Did you tell the nice girl we need a king-sized bed? I’m feeling very energetic today!”

The young girl behind the counter smiled at them and winked at Jasper. “So, do you need two keys or one?” she laughed.

“Two, please,” Jasper answered. “We have someone joining us later.”

Rose wished there was a deep hole to escape and hide in, away from the amused look in the clerk’s eyes. The girl probably thought she was a big slut, needing two men to satisfy her. She started to turn and run away, but Jasper had a firm grip on her shoulders.

Reluctantly, she signed the credit card slip, and when the girl held out the keys, her shaking hand accepted them. Her brain went numb as Jasper directed her to the elevator and pushed the fourth-floor button. She let him control her down the hallway to the room. They stood outside the room of sin, and she forced herself to enter.

“So, we can do this two different ways,” Jasper said as his eyes roamed up and down Rose’s tight body. “You can be accommodating and let me fuck you, or I can take control and be rough with you. Either way is fine with me. Just remember, Oscar is waiting for me to report back to him.”

The thought of submitting to this stranger wasn’t appealing; still, it would ease her guilty conscience somewhat if she wasn’t a completely willing participant in cheating on her husband. She lifted her eyes to look into Jasper’s. A silly smile filled his face, and she felt his eyes molesting her body.

“Maybe a little of both,” Rose hesitantly said.

Jasper grabbed her shoulders and spun Rose around. He nestled into her bare neck, giving her soft kisses. His hands found her soft breasts and kneaded them, enjoying how her nipples responded so quickly. He was going to enjoy breaking this woman.

“Oscar is a lucky man to have such a beautiful, sexy woman to fuck,” Jasper whispered into her ear. “Do you swallow or spit when your husband comes in your mouth?”

Oh god, oh god! She didn’t know what to say. Her husband always pulled out before he came. She had to be brave for Oscar. “I swallow.”

“Good girl, the best cocksuckers always swallow. I’m going to enjoy fucking your pretty mouth.” Jasper put a finger against Rose’s lips and she sucked it into her mouth.

Rose didn’t want to enjoy how Jasper made her feel. Her neck was one of her sensitive spots, along with her nipples. How did he know about that? She hated that his rude comments turned her on. A small, unwanted moan escaped from her lips as her tongue teased his finger. She unwittingly twisted her head to the side to allow Jasper better access. She felt herself melting in his arms.

With closed eyes, Rose pictured Oscar doing this to her. The heat was building in her freshly shaved pussy; she had carefully removed all her pubic hair for Oscar, not this stranger.

Jasper felt Rose sagging against him; she was a horny slut, just like all the others. He reached down and roughly pulled the front of her dress up. His hand massaged her flat tummy before sliding inside her panties. He wasn’t surprised she was wet.

“You like this, don’t you?” Jasper asked. “Only a slut would let a stranger do these things to her. Are you a slut?”

“No! I’m a good girl,” Rose blurted out, helpless to resist the finger entering her inner folds. She hated that it felt good. Jasper’s fingers found her clit, and she sagged even more. “Oh, Jasper,” she moaned in confusion. “Can I be a good girl and a slut?”

“I guess we are going to find out. I’m going to give you so much pleasure; you may even forget all about Oscar.” He pushed and pulled his curled finger deeper inside her. “Your cunt is so wet for me.”

Rose hated that word, cunt. It made her feel like a slut. Maybe she was a slut like Jasper said. Perhaps she would turn into an even bigger slut than Sylvia. After all, she agreed to give her body to a stranger. She must be a slut. Sluts have cunts. Good girls have pussies.

“No,” she exclaimed when Jasper pulled his finger out. She almost told him to put them back in again.

“Suck my fingers.”

Rose obeyed and opened her mouth to suck on his smelly fingers. The aroma was strong, and the flavor was familiar; it was her essence. She liked to do this to herself. To cum on her fingers, then suck them clean. She rarely came when her husband fucked her with his tiny cock. This was her way of staying satisfied.

“Hmm, you will be sucking my cock just like that after I come inside you!” Jasper exclaimed. He was a little surprised at how pliant Rose became with so little foreplay. “Time to get you out of your dress.”

Jasper’s fingers undid the buttons on her dress. He could feel her body start to shake. He felt a strong urge to rip it off, but he didn’t want to push her too fast. Slowly, softly, he slid the dress off her shoulders, watching it fall and puddle at her feet, exposing her white bra and panties. He admired her tight ass before turning her around to face him.

Rose knew it was silly, but she covered her breasts with her hands. The thought of being so exposed to this stranger tormented her.

“You’re beautiful, so fucking sexy!” Jasper praised. “Take your bra off for me. Let me see your tits.”

Rose wanted to tell him she had breasts, not tits, but she couldn’t risk making him mad. She pulled her bra straps down and rotated her bra to get to the clasp. As soon as her “tits” were free, Jasper’s hands were all over her.

“Fuck, they feel so soft! I love how your nipples react to my pinching.”

“Please, that hurts.” She couldn’t believe he was turning her on. It disgusted her to be feeling this way.

“Now, your panties, I want to see your shaved cunt.”

Naked and afraid. That’s how Rose felt as Jasper’s hand explored her. She obediently spread her legs wider without being asked. It was official; she was a slut now. Only a slut would enjoy this degrading treatment.

Jasper smiled at Rose and her desperate attempt to remain cool to his touch. She was his now, and after today she would be for as long as he wanted to keep fucking her.

“Okay, my little rose, your petals feel just fine,” he laughed at his joke. “Now march your cute little ass over to the bed.”

The walk of shame took her to the king-sized bed. She sat on the edge with her legs glued together, waiting for the inevitable. Jasper was going to have sex with her. No, he said he would fuck her. That’s what Jasper said. He was going to fuck all her holes. She never thought of her body having “holes.” He was grinning at her as he removed his clothes, and when his boxer shorts fell, she got a look at the second cock of her sheltered life.

“You’re big!” Rose said, then bit her tongue for the uncensored comment.

“You think I’m big?” Jasper asked in astonishment. “What about your husband?”

She knew her face must be red from embarrassment. “You’re twice as big as my husband and much thicker.”

The praise went to Jasper’s head. The two blue pills he took earlier had his cock rock hard and pointing to the ceiling. He would take another blue pill later, then he could fuck her all afternoon and into the evening.

“Oscar” and Rose had planned this day out ahead of time. Rose’s husband was out of town for several days, so there was no rush. He was going to fuck Rose non-stop. Jasper planned on spending the night, and maybe tomorrow too.

Jasper walked the short distance to Rose, enjoying how she couldn’t stop looking at his “big” cock.

“Touch me; go ahead.”

Mesmerized, she reached out with both hands; he was soft and hard at the same time. Her husband’s cock never got this hard. Jasper had blue veins running down to the base; he was shaved smooth, even his balls were hairless.

She stroked him with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. The “eye” kept winking at her until a drop of pre-cum leaked out. She leaned forward and tasted it with her tongue. The salty flavor wasn’t unpleasant, which surprised her.

“Hmm, good girl. Now suck my cock with your pretty mouth.”

Rose couldn’t help gagging as Jasper’s cock touched places her husband never reached. The thought of Jasper shooting his cum in her mouth made her panic. What if she threw up on him? She told Jasper she swallowed!

Sylvia said every man tasted different, some good, some bad. She hoped Jasper was one of the good ones. Unlike her husband, Rose couldn’t take all of Jasper in her mouth. She went as deep as she could, then used her tongue to tease him. When he moaned, she said a little prayer of thanks that he enjoyed her efforts.

Jasper let Rose control the action, at least for now. Later, he would use her mouth with more urgency. Her soft hair felt good in his fingers; he pulled slightly, letting her know he wanted her to go deeper. She wasn’t bad, but he could tell she didn’t have much experience. “Oscar is going to be disappointed if that’s the best you can do.”

The words radiated in her brain; Jasper was displeased. Fuck, fuck, fuck! “I’m sorry, Jasper,” she apologized when she came up for air. “Will you teach me?”

He shook his head in mock disgust as Rose looked up at him with wet eyes. “I guess every slut has to learn to suck cock. You’re not bad, but you need to go deeper and suck harder. You need to worship my cock. Show me you deserve the privilege of sucking me. Now, try again.”

Jasper’s praise helped, but she needed to do better; suddenly, she wished she had taken Sylvia’s advice and practiced on a fake rubber cock. Jasper’s hands on the back of her head directed her mouth back to his cock. He kept pulling her towards him, forcing his cock deeper and deeper until her nose touched his belly. She couldn’t stop gagging, but he never let up, holding her head in his vice grip.

“Better,” Jasper said, “now let’s go a little faster.”

Rose never felt so helpless as he pumped his cock into her “mouth-hole.” Her husband was gentle when she sucked him; Jasper treated her the exact opposite. Tears ran down her face onto her breasts. How did this happen to her? Jasper was like a machine as he fucked her face. Several times, she felt herself fainting only to regain air for a brief moment. There was no stopping Jasper, she didn’t know how long he would go on, but every second felt like an eternity.

“There!” Jasper exclaimed as he pulled his cock out of her drooling mouth. “See, that’s how you suck a man’s cock. Fast and deep.” Rose’s despair only made his cock harder. “Now, thank me for your first lesson.”

She quickly covered her mouth as the bile rose in her throat. With an extreme effort, she swallowed it back down, wincing at the burning sensation in her throat. “Thank you,” she said in a barely audible hoarse voice.

“Your welcome,” he smiled, “now get on the bed and spread your legs. I want to see your cunt.”

When she didn’t move fast enough, Jasper grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. With one push, she landed on the bed. He stared down at her with stern eyes, switching from her face to her pussy.

Rose knew what Jasper wanted. She uncrossed her legs and slowly spread them for him, willingly exposing her inner sanctum to him. Jasper licked his lips as his eyes feasted on her; an evil grin widened across his face. She felt like an appetizer at a buffet.

“My turn,” he said.

Jasper dropped on her like a rock, his head landing between her legs. The sudden impact made her scream out in shock, but it turned into an even bigger surprise when his tongue found her sensitive spot. His rough abusive manner reversed to a gentle caring one. His tongue was like a mini-vibrator against her clit, and her hips rose in the air by themselves.

The trauma of Jasper abusing her mouth quickly faded as his talented tongue pleasured her. Her astonishment turned electric when his fingers joined in. Never had she felt like this; it was incredible, beyond belief. He threw her a curveball, and she was staggered. She didn’t want to be impressed with his reverence, but it was impossible to deny. He had the tongue of a serpent gone wild.

Jasper felt the tension drain from Rose’s body as her conflicting emotions surged. Giving head was his specialty; no woman could hold back once he commenced. The confusion was jolting Rose’s brain in the tug-of-war of whether Jasper was good or evil. He knew how the contest would end; she would come on his tongue with an earth-shattering orgasm.

“Oh, fuck! What are you doing to me!” screamed Rose. Her stimulation was at maximum. Every small shiver threatened to be a big one. Somehow Jasper kept her right on the edge. A cold sweat broke out on her body; his rough whiskers scraped the inside of her legs and female folds. Her cunt was screaming for release. Yes, she admits it; she has a cunt!

Rose was close; Jasper could always tell when a woman was close to coming. Rose pulled her legs back, offering herself wantonly to him. He pulled his wet fingers out of her cunt and felt for her ass. He buried one of them inside her then bit down hard on her clit.

The one-two punch pushed her over the top. Rose had never come this hard, ever. She screamed out to the room, not caring if anyone heard her. The intensity scared her to death; every nerve fiber in her body hemorrhaged in a combination of convulsions and tremors. Just when she thought it was over, another wave took its place. Nirvana, that’s where she was. She felt free and weightless, overcome with pleasure.

Jasper kept his finger in her ass as he scooted up the bed to kiss Rose. This kiss would let him know if she was surrendering her body to him.

As soon as Jasper’s lips reached her, she threw her arms around him, hugging him tightly. Her husband ceased to exist at that moment. She was dizzy from exhaustion; she never envisioned an orgasm could be so overpowering. Ever!

Jasper fingered Rose’s ass as she kissed him. When he offered her his tongue, she greedily sucked her extract like it was her favorite drink. Slowly she came down from her high. He had gotten to her soul; now, he would capitalize on her disorientation.

He pulled back until they were eye to eye. “Do you like my finger in your ass?”

She wasn’t sure. It didn’t hurt. “It feels strange.”

“Anal sex is part of fucking. If you resist, it hurts; if you surrender, you will find pleasure.”

Rose looked at Jasper in awe. How did he know so much about “fucking”? He abused her dignity, and still, he took her to a place she didn’t even know existed. Her husband gave her vanilla sex; that’s why she gravitated to Oscar.

Jasper surpassed her naïve expectations of infidelity. She should be feeling deep regret or guilt, instead, she wanted to continue this sweat-heavy encounter with this stranger. The obsessive desire to experience more validated her decision to cheat on her husband.

“You were amazing! I mean, what you did to me was amazing!” She knew she was gushing; the closeness of Jasper’s body against hers was feeding their new connection. Now that she had been “naughty,” her lust was in overdrive.

Jasper, aka Oscar, knew Rose’s husband didn’t satisfy her emotional needs. Sexual disenchantment was her norm. He would fill that void for her, and in turn, she would beg him to continue to fuck her. He would build on their physical bond until he became her emotional crutch.

“That was just for starters!” He laughed, “I promised you I would fuck you like no one else ever has.” He pulled his finger out of her ass. “Are you ready for more fun!”

“God, yes!” she exclaimed, not sure Jasper could top what he already gave her. “What do you want me to do?”

Jasper knew her G-spot was only a couple of inches inside her; he would focus on the angle of penetration. The first inch or two of her cunt was her most sensitive area. He knew at least ten different positions that would satisfy him and her.

“I’m going to fuck you from behind, doggy style. But first, I want you to kiss me like I am the best lover in the world.”

Rose felt something for Jasper. He wasn’t handsome like Oscar; he was like her, plain, but not ugly. She held his face in her hands, looking into his brown eyes. “Thank you; you’re an incredible lover!”

Her tongue found him, and she tasted herself again, greedily sucking. She pushed him back and rolled on top of him to take control. She kissed and licked his face clean.

His hands found her ass, and she jumped when he pushed a finger in again. The shock wasn’t so nasty this time, and she relaxed. If his finger felt this good, she hoped his cock would too. Every time she looked at his smiling face and eyes, she felt a surge of romanticism.

Jasper didn’t think Rose was pretending to enjoy this moment, but some women were good at projecting false emotions to get to “Oscar.”

He liked the light blue color of Rose’s eyes and how they shone so brightly. Even when he fingered her ass, she didn’t complain; her mouth opened wide, then she relaxed.

Jasper liked to fuck a woman from behind, so he didn’t have to see their eyes. Rose was different; maybe he would fuck her in the “clam position” so he could look into her eyes. He needed to be careful; this wasn’t hearts and flowers; this was about catfishing a wannabe size-queen.

Rose felt his hard cock against her tummy; she wanted to sit on him so bad her cunt was aching. God, it was official. She accepted the new name Jasper gave to her pussy. Now it’s called a cunt. Sluts have cunts; she kept repeating in her mind. I must be a slut.

Jasper enjoyed her fervent kisses as she squirmed on top of him. It had been a long time since a woman got under his skeptical skin. He pushed his finger deeper in her ass, and she kissed him harder. God damn! Rose wasn’t pretending. She gave in to him quickly.

The betrayal of her marriage vows gave him a sense of power. His insidious cunning had corrupted her morals. Now he would fuck her over and over in all her holes and enjoy every devious minute.

“Are you ready to get fucked?” he asked.

Rose was more than ready. Her lewdness felt incredible; she finally understood what Sylvia meant. If it felt this good with Jasper, she couldn’t imagine what it would feel like with Oscar. “Do it! Fuck my cunt!”

Jasper laughed at her use of the derogatory word. “Your cunt is going to take a beating today. I’ve changed my mind; I want to look into your eyes when my cock goes in the first time. Lie down on your back and pull your legs back.”

Rose gave him one last kiss and rolled to the side. Jasper reached for a pillow, and she spread her legs wide, using her hands to pull back under her knees. The last time she had been this exposed was with her doctor.

“Lift,” he said, then pushed the pillow under her ass. Her simple beauty made her face radiate in anticipation. He knelt on the bed between her legs and lined up his cock with her opening. He wanted the first thrust to be full as he drove his five-and-a-half-inch cock in her.

Even though he wasn’t “packing” a huge cock, this angle would make him feel twice as big. He placed a hand on each of her legs for support. Rose was biting her lower lip as her eyes locked on his. Damn, she looked so sexy, waiting for him to release his depravity on her. One quick look confirmed the angle was right; he would take her now. His body weight drove him down hard. He felt himself bottom out and she screamed.

“Wait, wait! You’re too big!” Rose begged.

He looked into her pleading eyes, ignoring her little whimpers. She was shallow, probably the shortest cunt he had fucked. “Take a deep breath,” he said, “I’m going to penetrate your cervix.”

“No! Oh god, stop! You’ll kill me!”

Jasper enjoyed her anxiety. He knew it was impossible to “penetrate” her cervix, but he could stimulate it with the tip of his cock. He had given women cervical orgasms before and knew they could be very intense.

Jasper held her down as he fucked her; this was nothing like the usual sex she had with her husband. She felt pain every time his cock hit bottom, she didn’t know if he was entering her cervix, but it felt like he was. She had a hard time feeling comfortable or pleased. Jasper’s eyes were glazed as he stared at her; she wanted to look away but couldn’t. Despite the pain, when he leaned down to kiss her, she welcomed his open mouth. Jasper slowed down his thrusts but kept going deep.

Even though his oral skills excited her, Jasper knew it would take a few minutes of constant contact with her cervix before she felt pleasure. The kiss was to relax her, to make her forget about the pain and feel the intensity. Her arms wrapped around him, and she constantly moaned, occasionally swearing out loud, when he hit bottom. Her cunt was tight, really tight, probably because her husband was so small; it felt like he was fucking a virgin. Letting go was the key; he needed her to trust him completely.

Rose could feel herself relaxing; her body opened to Jasper in a way that she never provided to her husband. Suddenly she felt a new sensation. A slow buildup of pressure was spreading through her body. She sucked on Jasper’s tongue, pretending it was his cock. She felt a tingling in her body. No, all over her body, from her head to her toes. Her mind switched from worrying to pleasure.

Rose fell into a vulnerable state of mind as she yielded to him. Jasper slowed down but continued to hit the spot deep inside her. His kisses were tender and passionate. He was kissing her sensitive neck when the damn broke.

“Oh, god, I love it!” Rose exclaimed as a wave of pleasure surged through her body. It radiated up and down, then back again. Suddenly she felt an intense love for Jasper. Stronger than the feelings she had for her husband. Her heart was pounding as another wave hit. She was floating; each time Jasper’s cock connected, it felt beautiful. She never wanted him to stop. There was a difference between sex and fucking. She loved fucking! It was earth-shattering.

He did it! Rose was having intense multiple orgasms. Tears were streaming down her face as she looked at him in awe and worship. Her mouth would open and close with each climax. His cock continued to ‘kiss’ her cervix, but much more gently now. He knew this could last for several minutes or several hours; it depended on the woman. Rose trembled under him with a look of love in her eyes.

“Oscar can never do this for you!” He needed to start breaking Rose of her hypothetical ‘need’ of a big cock.

“It won’t stop!” Rose exclaimed as another full-body orgasm hit. “Fuck! What did you do to me?”

“I can do this to you anytime I want to. Make you feel as beautiful as you look. Do you want that?”

“Again! I’m coming again! Yes! I want this from you! Oh, god! I’m peeing the bed!”

Jasper pulled out and slid down between her open legs. The fluids she expelled soaked the sheets under her. He licked her cunt, and she went wild, wrapping her legs around his head. His tongue intensified her ongoing full-body orgasms.

Jasper never knew how long the multiple orgasms would continue in a woman once he got them started. Some women only had them for a few minutes while others lasted much longer. He had a feeling Rose’s were going to last and last.

She rode Jasper’s tongue, clutching his head in her shaking hands. The deep pulsing pleasure rode through her body in waves, rising and falling. She was numb from the overwhelming spiritual bliss encompassing her. She didn’t need a big cock; she needed this. Another wave built, crashing into her being. She felt the energy flowing, connecting with Jasper, more potent than the first time she felt in love. Beautiful, soft, and hard at the same time. She never wanted to leave this moment.

Jasper needed to see her eyes again. To see the pleasure radiating through Rose’s body. He lifted her ass, kneeling on the bed with her legs over his shoulders. Her sexy cunt kept calling his name. Her inner and outer “Rose” petals were ruby red from the fucking and his mouth. Her erect clit begged him to suck on it. Her eyes closed as her body shook with another wave of rapture.

“Look at me,” he said, “talk to me.”

Rose couldn’t believe what was happening to her. This ordinary man rocked her world; complete with exploding fireworks. Even Sylvia never talked about having an orgasm like this.

Jasper’s tongue touched her clit, and she screamed out. “Fuck! They won’t stop! I’m peeing again!” She wanted to say she loved him, but it wouldn’t be right. Still, she loved his expertise. “I love it, Jasper; you’re making me feel incredible. Fuck, here comes another one!”

He reached for her nipples with both hands, pinching them between his thumbs and forefingers. The pain would enhance her gratification. He rarely did this for a woman; it was always about making them pay for wanting a man with a “big” cock.

Rose’s nectar flowed, and he drank from her fountain. She tasted good on his tongue, true ambrosia. Her eyes focused on his; the look was of pure contentment.

Fuck, he never fell for any of the women he catfished; this was a first. He recognized a reciprocal look in Rose’s eyes; he used her desire to get to her soul.

“Don’t stop; please don’t stop!” Rose exclaimed as he sucked on her meaty lips. “Everything you’re doing feels fantastic! I love you, Jasper! You’re amazing!”

She couldn’t help herself; that’s how she felt; she loved him and his cock, and especially his talented tongue. Her husband never made her feel this way.

“I’m so glad I met you! Hmm, your tongue is amazing! Yes! Just like that! Oh, baby, I love you!”

Jasper’s self-esteem blossomed. Rose said she loved me, twice. Her charm was winning him over. He knew it was the euphoria propelling her words. Still, his spirits soared. He took pride in showing a woman a big cock wasn’t the key to satisfaction. His ego took a big surge when she blew him a kiss.

“They’re not stopping, Jasper,” Rose exclaimed, placing her hands on his. “How long will this keep going? My body is collapsing into the bed. You’re melting me!”

Jasper pulled his tongue out of her cunt. “Your orgasms can last a few minutes or several hours.”

“Hours? Oh god! I will never survive! How do I stop them?”

“You can’t.” He kissed her cunt one last time and lowered her weak legs. “Roll over; I want to fuck your ass.”

Rose didn’t even hesitate if that’s what Jasper wanted; she would willingly give it to him. Her body was still in the throes of ecstasy as he pulled her hips up, sliding a pillow under her tummy. He massaged her back and bum, and she felt like she was at one of those expensive spas. Waves of contentment continued to flow through her weak body. She felt her legs being spread open and tried to assist him, but her muscles wouldn’t cooperate.

“I love your body,” Jasper announced, “so tight and firm.” He leaned down and kissed her upper shoulders, leaving kisses all the way down to her ass. He kissed each cheek, squeezing them together, then pulling them apart. Her tiny ass opening diverted his attention. “I’m glad I get to be the first to fuck your ass.”

Flames of hedonism licked at his soul. He gathered her juices with his fingers and spread them on her virgin hole. His carnal pleasures never included gentleness, yet that is what he gave to Rose.

She tightened subconsciously as Jasper’s finger slowly floated into her ass. “Hmm, I like that. Fuck me, fuck my ass with your big cock.”

“I will, but first, I need to spread you wider, so it doesn’t hurt you.” He added another finger along with some of his spit. She was compliant under him, offering no resistance.

Her continuing orgasms were fascinating to watch. He had never seen a woman have such a strong reaction to a cervix orgasm. He mounted her amenable body, using his hand to guide his hard cock. The blue pills were working, but he thought Rose was also contributing to his hardness. “Stay relaxed, and it won’t hurt,” he cautioned her.

She didn’t think she could be any more relaxed. “Okay,” she murmured.

His cock slid in; her ass was tight, tighter than her cunt. It was the most beautiful harmonious feeling in the world. “Are you ready, kitten? I’m going to fuck your little virgin ass.”

“Hmm,” was all Rose could muster. It didn’t hurt; Jasper was going slow, too slow; she wanted to feel more. “Faster, go faster.”

He kissed her neck and reached under her to find her nipples. “You sexy slut,” he whispered into her ear. “My cock loves your ass.”

“I’m in Heaven, right? This has to be Heaven! It feels so wonderful.” Rose sighed as he started to fuck her ass harder. “Yes, go faster!”

The irony was not lost of Jasper as she begged him for more. Usually, women begged him to stop. The sensual coupling brought out his animalistic nature. He pinched her nipples hard, as hard as he could. His mouth sucked on her neck, and he knew she would be sporting a large hickey as a remembrance of their coupling.

Her body danced under him; he couldn’t believe the orgasm waves were still moving her. He needed to come; all his senses were on overload. Maybe next time, if her ass was clean he would get her to suck him after. Suddenly, Jasper cared about Rose’s feelings.

Jasper grunted as he fucked her ass. She liked the feeling of being submissive, of being his slut. “More! Come in my ass; I want to feel you shoot deep inside me!”

“I’m never letting Oscar get near you. He doesn’t deserve someone as beautiful as you,” he whispered into her ear.

“Oscar who?” moaned Rose. “I don’t need him!”

“You right,” he breathed. “I’m going to fuck you over and over until we both can’t move.”

“I’m falling in love with you,” she whispered into the sheets, not knowing if Jasper heard or not. It was a fact. Her accommodating body loved Jasper’s violent thrusts as he plunged in and out. The jackhammer motion brought another orgasm wave to the surface as she basked in the fleshy sin of desire.

Jasper’s body went rigid; he bit Rose’s neck and pinched her nipples as he shot his cum deep in her ass. Jasper marked his territory. He pulled her sweaty hair away and sucked on her ear lobe. He didn’t want to pull his cock out. “You’re my lover now until I let you go.”

Rose should have been afraid of his claim, but she wasn’t. She wanted Jasper as much as he wanted her. “Hmm, I think I’m going to enjoy being your slut. I love fucking,” she laughed.

“Ha, ha! I have so much more to teach you.”

“I’ll be the best student ever!”

“I believe you!” Reluctantly he pulled out and looked at his cock. “Time for a shower,” he said as he playfully slapped her ass.

Rose rolled over and looked at Jasper. Suddenly she saw him in a different light; he seemed very handsome to her, sexy even. She thought his cock would be dirty, but it wasn’t. Sylvia bragged about sucking cocks clean after they had been in her ass.

“You need to learn to use an enema bag in your ass before we fuck,” Jasper suggested.

Rose breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay, then maybe I can suck you after? Would you like that?” She wanted to let him know she was willing to go that far.

“You read my mind. Damn, we are going to have so much fun exploring each other. Do you like to sixty-nine?”

It was frustrating being so inexperienced. Listening to Sylvia’s exploits made her realize that. “I know what it means, but I’ve never tried it.” She hesitated as his brow furrowed. “But I want to, especially with you!”

Jasper held out his hands to help her up. “In that case, as soon as we are clean, that’s next on our list.”

Rose threw her arms around Jasper and kissed him hard. Jasper brought so much pleasure into her life. She saw the same look in his eyes; maybe he was missing out as well.

He enjoyed her passionate embrace. Rose wasn’t teasing him, but if she was, she deserved an Oscar for her performance. He chuckled inside at his unintended pun; no, she earned him, not Oscar.


Rose reverted to her shy persona in the shower. Jasper was talking a mile a minute about all the “things” he would do to her and with her. She kept nodding and smiling at him as she reflected on what happened in the bedroom. Her emotions were returning to normal, along with feelings of guilt. She had cheated on her husband with a stranger. Sure, it had been fantastic, surreal, in fact, but the reality was setting in. Did she say she loved Jasper? She did!

“So, what do you think? Chinese or pizza?” he asked with a silly grin on his face.

“Um, your choice; I’m good with either.” Right now, food was the last thing on her mind.

Suddenly, Rose felt confused in the small shower. Her nipples were killing her, and the back of her neck was sore. Did Jasper bite her? The wave of orgasms finally receded, leaving her with stomach cramps. Her tender pussy and ass never felt so sore, especially her virgin ass. No matter how much she hurt, her body had never felt so good.

Tears started to flow, and Rose stepped under the showerhead to hide them from Jasper. The tears were not from guilt, just the opposite. She cried from the knowledge that her husband was no longer the most important man in her life.

Rose jumped when Jasper’s hands circled her body, clutching her sore breasts. His fingers stimulated her inflamed nipples. She tried to ignore the arousal, but her body had a different plan. Fuck, fuck! She loved how Jasper made her feel.

Jasper kept whispering into her ear how sexy and beautiful she was. Her husband said the same thing, but the words from this stranger seemed to have more merit. Maybe she wasn’t as plain as she thought she was. If Jasper thought she was beautiful, maybe she had been living in self-denial all these years.

His soft sexy words were playing head-games in her mind. Jasper said he wanted to fuck all her “holes” again, especially her sexy ass. She felt his hard cock push against her bum. How could he still be hard? Her husband only lasted a few minutes before he shriveled back to his tiny size. Jasper’s big cock felt so good inside her “holes.”

Suddenly, panic hit her. They forgot about Oscar! Jasper never called or texted him. Is he on the way over right now? She had to stop him.

Rose used her hands against the shower wall to push back and twist around. “Jasper! We need to talk! Please!”

He knew the look in Rose’s eyes; Jasper had seen it many times before. She was about to reject him. This slut was just like all the others, only concerned for her pleasure. He took a step back and waited for the bad news.

It felt right to be naked in the shower with Jasper. He was giving her those puppy-dog eyes. “We forgot to contact Oscar. Is he still coming over? We need to tell him not to.” After having Jasper’s big cock fuck her, she knew a ten-inch cock would destroy her “holes” completely.

Rose caught him by surprise, and Jasper forgot about his ruse. It was panic he saw in her eyes, not rejection. “Fuck, you’re right. I guess we got carried away,” he laughed. “As soon as we finish, I will call him.”

She didn’t resist his kiss, she welcomed it. Somehow, she was under Jasper’s spell. His tongue snaked into her mouth, and she teased it with hers. His cock kept poking her tummy, so she reached down to adjust him. As soon as she touched him, he moaned out, and it made her smile.

Jasper’s cock was so much bigger than her husband’s and harder. She couldn’t stop her hand from stroking him, enjoying how slippery he was from the water. This stranger’s cock gave her so much pleasure. Now that he had shown her the difference between sex and fucking, she wanted more. Much more fucking.

Relief flooded through Jasper; Rose wasn’t rejecting him; she even thought he had a big cock. Everything about Rose turned him on. Now that she was no longer interested in fucking “Oscar,” he would change tactics. He couldn’t wait to show her more of his sex tricks and introduce her to his toys. He pushed her against the shower wall, fingering her cunt. Rose spread her legs and rode his fingers.

“Can I suck you again? Rose asked with love in her eyes. His cock called out to her. Dropping to her knees was easy; she wanted to see his big cock up close again. She licked the tip, then opened her mouth, sucking the swollen head. Oh god, she was turning into a slut. How could she go back to her husband now that Jasper showed her what she had been missing?


Thank you for taking the time to read my fantasy. If Chapter 1 of Catfishing tickled your fancy, I appreciate your vote and any comments.

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