I’m a 60 y.o man and this is a true story that happened last summer when I visited friends and family who live in the country. During my stay there, I went down to see a good friend for a weekend of drinking and reminiscing. His name is Andy who’s similar age to myself, married, but no kids although he does own a 3 year old male Rottweiler called Carlo who is a huge, monster of a dog who is very friendly with people.
On the first night of my visit a gang of old friends went out drinking and got ourselves really pissed. At the end of the night, friends dropped Andy and I off at the house and I was to sleep on the big couch in the living room. As we got to his home Andy initially went to his room to get me a pillow and blanket but when he came back, Carlo followed him out to the living room and immediately wanted to play.
Andy asked me if I wanted to put Carlo in the garage for the night but I said, “No” and that he could sleep out here the living room with me. So Andy threw me a blanket, said goodnight and closed his bedroom door … and probably passed out as we were all so drunk that night.

Well, it was a warm evening and I was feeling kinda warm so I stripped myself down to my boxers and hopped onto the couch. Unexpectedly, Carlo came right over to me and started licking my face. Feeling a bit overwhelm by being confronted by such a huge dog as I lay there, I tried to pet him … doing so for several minutes as I started to recall the experimental sexual experiences I had had with dogs in my teenage years. My memories came back thick and strong and within no time, and despite the quantity of alcohol I had consumed that evening, I suddenly found that I had a strong erection. As I petted Carlo I started to what it would be like to have him on top of me, licking my face as if he were mating with me, face-to-face.

With very little coaxing, I encouraged Carlo to jump up on the couch with me and he lay right on top of me, his face in mine so that I could smell his pungent breath as he panted powerfully. So now I have a 90lb dog lying on me, pinning me to the couch and once again licking my face. This time however I was more sexually aroused and I deliberately parted my lips wide as I welcomed Carlo’s tongue slipping right the way into my mouth. It felt so sexually arousing that I just kept my mouth open and the next thing you know, I was making out with a Rottweiller … sucking on his tongue and French kissing him as he slurped and slobbered over my face and his drool ran into my mouth in a continuous stream. God, this was so sexually arousing that I almost came in my boxer shorts !!!!.

It was so intimate and so intensely erotic to be doing this with such a powerful animal! I felt so much like an animal myself and Carlo really seemed to enjoy it, too. For what seemed like forever, we lay there swapping spittle and with my arms hugging him around his hugely broad shoulders as we lay together in an erotic, animalistic embrace. It was so awesome because kissing is something I love doing with another guy but this took it to a whole new level of sexual pleasure!

Well, needless to say, my cock was rock hard having this horny, 90lb dog on me and my sexual arousal caused me to slide my hands down underneath his body and search for his big, sheathed cock which I quickly found … feeling his thick penis though his sheath and then starting to rub it using a wanking motion. To my excitement, Carlo’s cock started to harden almost instantly … his hugely thick penis slipping out from its sheath, allowing me to properly take hold of the moist meat of his unsheathed cock. To Yenibosna Escort my surprise, and despite his supine position, Carlo immediately started to try to hum my hand which felt great but which was also awkward with him on top of me on the couch and so I coaxed him off me and got him to lie on the floor.

By this time I was very highly aroused and I quickly got down next to him and put my face under his belly. His powerful, musky scent filled my nostrils and in my somewhat inebriated state I went straight for his cock with my mouth. To my great excitement, Carlo lay there and didn’t move as my mouth closed in on his exposed genitalia and before we both knew it I had his cock in my mouth and was slurping of his hugely thick and gorgeously juicy sex organ … eagerly sucking his most beautifully thick, veined, purple shaft with a rhythmic action meant to sexually arouse him and simulate the stimulation Carlo’s cock would experience inside a bitch during intercourse in the hope that he would orgasm and ejaculate into my mouth.

In this position I sucked Carlo’s cock for a full 30 minutes but my efforts were rewarded beyond m wildest expectation as Carlo started to become increasingly restless … his restlessness forcing me to restrain him as best I could as I sensed his feverish sexual climax beginning. Carlo started to whine so that I was concerned that it would wake my friend Andy and draw him into the room to find me sucking off his dog, but thankfully Andy was in deep, deep sleep thanks to the gallon of beer he had drunk that evening. Even so, by this point I was so sexually aroused that there was no way I was going to stop making oral love to Carlo until I got my ultimate reward which, when it arrived, came with a huge bonus. As Carlo whined and whined, I cupped his huge balls and ever-so-gently squeezed them, doing so repeatedly in a pulse like rhythm in sync with the deep inward sucks of my mouth on his swollen purple shaft and as I did I started to feel the Rottweiller’s cock starting to throb … a throb which seemed to grow stronger with every suck on his cock … throbbing which could be felt so strongly on the receptor cells of my tongue which was I had deliberately positioned against the length of Carlo’s incredibly large, meaty phallus in order to taste as much of the dog’s sex organ as I could for my own maximum pleasure. Feeling his cock throbbing so, I was in no doubt that my efforts were soon to be rewarded and this encouraged me to maintain my regime of repeatedly squeezing his balls and sucking his cock in sync whilst occasionally wiggling the tip of my tongue against the underside of his meaty shaft between successive sucks on his cock in order to coax my non-human lover to orgasm, which it evidently did, for as the throbbing of the Rottweiller’s cock increased in pace and strength Carlo suddenly started to growl until I felt his cock suddenly swell in an instant followed less than a second later by the first spurt of dog semen into my mouth. As Carlo started to ejaculate I sucked even more determinedly on his cockshaft for a few moments, wishing to make sure I would get his full load, but I had nothing to fear on that issue as spurt and spurt of dog semen continued to squirt into my mouth for what seemed like minutes, the Rottweiller’s sex fluids eventually flooding my mouth so much that I reluctantly had to swallow his precious gift although I did manage to retain a good quantity in my mouth so that my tongue could continue to savour the delicious, bitter-sweet taste of dog cum.

It was only when I eventually withdrew my mouth from Escort Bayan his penis that I realized just how big a Rottweiller’s cock actually is … my eyes feasting on his now-satisfied, deep purple, swollen shaft which glistened wet … wetness which I proudly realized was a mix of both my own saliva and Carlo’s semen. As I stared at his cock, Carlo started to lick himself clean which strangely made me envious … not only envious of wanting to do that for him with my own tongue but generally envious, as a man, of Carlo’s enormous and incredibly thick sex organ.

I stayed at my friends house for a few more days and I never managed to get Carlo’s cock out of my mind for a single second. Friends kept asking me if I was OK because to them my mind was elsewhere … which it undoubtedly was !!!. I slept 3 more nights on the couch but despite eagerly trying to engineer another chance to perform oral sex on Carlo the opportunity never arose. I did get to masturbate him once during the night however when his movement in the room woke me up just before dawn on the very last night I was there. I knew it was too close to morning to dare to try to repeat the events I’ve described above, but nonetheless I quietly encouraged Carlo over towards me so that he was standing alongside me as I lay on the couch which allowed me to reach under the Rottweiller’s belly and start to gently coax his penis out from its sheath. To my delight, this time Carlo seemed to know what was happening and he just stood there obediently as my fingers caressed his steadily growing penis until about 4 gorgeous inches were protruding from the end of his sheath which was all I needed to get my hand around in order to start to masturbate him. Wishing to take as much pleasure as I could whilst lying there in relative safety from being caught in the act I started to wank Carlo slowly and smoothly which, judging from his motionless stance at least, I quickly deduced that he was enjoying as much as I was !!!.

As I tossed him his cock gradually grew longer and longer, thicker and thicker, until his full 8 inches were available to me. Needless to say, I took advantage of every thick inch in order to give him (and myself !) the maximim pleasure possible. Every now and then I would stop and allow my fingers to run back along the length of his erect penis to its very base where, after gently squeezing the thick root of his cockshaft at my leisure, I proceeded to cup his low hanging balls and showed them my admiration for them by gently caressing them in my fingers before repeatedly squeezing them a little to let him know that I knew that where his spunk was stored, and that I wanted to feel it coursing through the length of his sex organ under my fingers and watch it spurting out from the tip of his penis and spilling onto the wooden floor beneath him.

I can’t tell you how horny I was. At 60 I’m normally noticeably less hard when I’m erect than I had been in my younger years, but at this moment (as during our earlier nights’ love-making) I was as hard as rock down below. Once again I started to wank Carlo’s thick shaft as he turned his head and stared at me in anticipation for what was soon to come.

At a sudden thought I decided to quietly get up from my lying position on the couch and kneel alongside the large Rotweiller so that I could give him a better hand action. This made it much easier for me and definitely made it more effective for Carlo who almost immediately started to whine a little as he had done during our previous nights’ encounter. Hearing him whining now spurred me on too so that istanbul Escort I started jerking Carlo off faster and faster as I knelt alongside him. The quickening speed of my hand made Carlo start to hump my hand as if realizing that he should be doing something to get the orgasmic pleasure which he knew he was about to enjoy. I was so horny myself that I desperately wanted to bring myself to orgasm and I knew that I was going to cum within a few strokes, but I was fully focused on getting him off first whilst I was still in my highly aroused state. I just had to concentrate on keeping my wanking hand smoothly working back and forth on his cockshaft to a fast but steady rhythm which I did whilst whispering to Carlo ; “Come on, there’s my boy, let’s get all of that lovely doggy spunk out of those enormous balls of yours !”.

Whether he understood me or not we’ll never know but almost instantly I started to feel his cock throbbing in the way which I now recognized as being the start of his orgasm … the throbbing growing more and more frequently as his climax approached … and then he came !.
Until the previous occasion when I enjoyed the pleasure of Carlo cum’ing in my mouth, but this time I got to watch him ejaculate at close hand which was a real turn-on for me … this dog semen spurting out in huge quantities … jet and jet of his potent sex fluid cascading from the tip of his huge, purple cock. It was so hot holding a Rottweiler’s fat cock as it pulsed sex-juice out all over the place. I re-positioned my hand and held his cock right down at the base where his huge knot which was suddenly apparent and I ‘milked’ his big cock with my hand close to the very base of his cock which felt so good as he continued to ejaculate for ages with little sign of ever ending.

Needless to say that my hand was covered in dog cum by this time and when he was almost finished cum’ing, I let go of his cock and started licking his cum off my hand. The intense musky dog smell almost made me cum spontaneously. Carlo however had moved and was lying down a few feet away licking his cock clean as I started to jerk off.

After a few strokes I was close to orgasm when I suddenly noticed the large pool of Carlo’s semen on the wooden flooring and I literally couldn’t stop myself from going down on all fours like a dog and starting to lap up his discharged semen. The taste and aroma of dog cum in mouth immediately brought back arousing memories of that night a couple of nights earlier and, using my tongue, I continued to lap up and drink down every last drop of his prodigious output.

Having done so I shuffled across the wooden floor to where Carlo was still licking his cock clean and I positioned myself as close as I could to his genitals with the intention of ejaculating over Carlo’s cock and sheath which I did with pleasing accuracy as a mass of thick dollops of my rich, creamy semen fell over their target … my orgasm heightened greatly by having the erotic sight of the Rottweiller’s huge, swollen, sensuously veined, dark-purple cock to further sexually excite me.

After I had cum, I knelt there, my head swimming from my orgasm and my sexual buzz, and as I did I watched proudly as Carlo started to indiscriminately lap up my creamy spunk along with his own.
A few minutes later, I crawled back onto the couch and was soon asleep with the satisfaction of knowing that Carlo and I had lapped up each other’s sex fluids and that I, for one, had enjoyed every last drop.
You may be pleased to know that I’ve got another visit to stay with Andy planned already … and I can hardly curtail my excitement because next time I plan to take Carlo for a long walk into the woods, just the two of us, and let him use me as his bitch.

If you’d like to hear what happens, let me know won’t you ?.

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