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My daughter has been doing webcam (or as I just call it cam) shows since she was 18. I didn’t know it was her when I just found her one day and started subscribing, but I just loved masturbating to such a nubile body. She would always be sensually whispering into her microphone and would wear different outfits while touching herself in such a way that would always make me crazy.

I think what drew me to the show in the first place was because her body reminded me of my wife when we first were married. Tragically, though, she passed away giving birth to our daughter and I haven’t been with another woman since. However, around the time I started unknowingly jerking off to my precious princess I began to feel the urge to find a sexual outlet.

I had been searching for anything to help me relieve my urges but actual sex just wasn’t doing it for me; I even experimented with a few men, but that didn’t work. So I turned to porn, erotic fiction, roleplaying with online strangers, meditation to get rid of the urges, anything and everything, but nothing worked until I found cam shows.

At first I just browsed different models to see which I would like best, but nothing was working until I found my daughter’s show. She was dressed up as a cheerleader, but it was obviously a costume due to the heart cut out in the chest of the belly shirt, and the short skirt that barely covered up even half of her ass. Her long, blonde hair was pulled up into pigtails that I could only see because they were so long. Her face was just off screen as she was bouncing up and down while doing a whispered cheer. I didn’t even realize she has got me so hard until I felt my pants becoming too confining and I looked down.

I knew then that I would try and frequent these shows as much as I could, angle I set up an account to be notified whenever she would be do a new show. As the months went on the shows went from sporadic to set into a schedule, and I was beginning to pay money for to get closer to certain goals to get her to do certain things. These things could be anything from removing a certain clothing item to sucking on a dildo, to even locking the show to the public unless you paid a certain Merter Escort amount to pay to view. I eventually started also paying for private, one-on-one shows and boy oh boy did I anxiously wait for those.

She eventually recognized my name and would greet me every time I would comment. This then led to private messaging and me discovering that she had just signed up not long before I had discovered her and that she led a life very similar to my daughter. I told her the basics of my life, and she eventually admitted that I reminded her of her father.

It was around the time of the confession that I started to notice my daughter more. She also seemed to be a lot more attentive of me; which raised my suspicion that my cam girl and my daughter were the same person. That thought was cemented in my brain though when one night she asked for a private video chat with me where we would both masturbate. I agreed, and when the mutual maturation began I noticed something just off screen due to the slight change in her normal camera setup.

There on her dresser was a picture of my daughter and I when we went to the beach last summer for her 19th birthday. I knew then that my daughter was the one I have been aroused by for the past year and a half and I blew my load onto my screen. I asked her to hold on one second and she agreed to wait but told me to hurry up or she would just have to go chat with one of her other loyal viewers.

I knew that wouldn’t happen because I would soon be in her room pounding her sweet little pussy until she wouldn’t even think of another man again. I burst into my daughter’s room and she looked shocked but still overly aroused.

“About time you got back Daddy,” she shut her laptop screen and threw her headset off before spreading her legs, “Now come fuck your bad baby girl.”

I wanted to do a lot to her, but I dove down and started eating her out which caused her to throw get head back and tangle her fingers into my hair, “Oh yeah daddy! Eat me! Make me cum on your tongue!”

I was really enjoying her tugs on my hair but I was enjoying the taste of her more. She tasted sweeter than I was anticipating and I just couldn’t Merter Escort Bayan stop licking at her cunt. I really have no idea how long my tongue and fingers were working at her snatch, but I knew she came when she forced my face on her so I couldn’t breathe and cried out so loud I am sure the neighbors knew she came too. I kept on licking her until she released my hair from her grasp, and when she did I climbed on top of her at began to grind my penis against her vaginal lips to coat it in her wetness before I forced my way completely into her.

It was like she was made for me.

Every move and sound she made as well as how tight she was squeezing me with her love tunnel, arms, and legs made me feel… well… perfect. I kissed her as I began to move in and out, and loved the sounds she made into our kiss. As my pace kicked up she met my thrusts and began mumbling nonsense that eventually turned into words of love and devotion for me which were returned with my own words for her. I had never even felt this wonderful and loved when my wife was still alive.

I was getting close when I felt her tighten around me. I had just made my baby girl cum again! I wasn’t done with her yet though, and decided to change it up. I removed myself from her, flipped her around so she was bent over the side of her bed, plunge back into her love tunnel.

“Oh baby girl. Daddy’s going to cum soon! Tell Daddy where you want his dirty cum! He is getting so close!”, I moaned out as I buried my head into her soft, wonderful hair.

“Cum inside me! I want to feel your hot jizz fill me up!” she screamed out and I picked up my pace even more, “Yes daddy! Mark my insides with your love!”

“I’m close baby! So close!” I began to suck on her neck, and, when I found her sweet spot, I sucked harder to leave a mark.

Not long after I released my seed into her, she began to cum again and squeeze my cock with her tight pussy, almost as if she was trying to milk everything out of me. When both of us were down from our high, I noticed that she has passed out from her orgasm. I pulled my penis from my daughter, picked her up in my arms, carried her to my room Escort Merter and positioned us on my bed so I was the big spoon. I passed out soon after.

I woke up in the same position as we fell asleep in, but, now, with an erect penis being slowly led by my daughter’s hands into her snatch. Once it was in she slowly moved her hips to hump it in and out of her pussy. She was going so slow so as not to wake me, or to wake me up gently. It eventually got to a point that I was so horny the I just had to take charge. I grabbed her hips and began to hump at her. She cried out, turned to look at me, and pulled my face to hers so we could make out. I went at her like an animal, just looking for pleasure, and she accepted me like she was in heat and just needed any dick to relieve her.

It didn’t take long for us to cum that morning, or maybe it did, time meant nothing to us. What I did know was that we both came together and it was magical. I filled her up and she squeezed me for more cum to fill her up. When I was on empty and she was full, I pulled out of her and watched as the cum leaked from her pussy. She laughed at my fascination before turning over, hugging, and kissing me. Once our makeout session was over we just stared at each other and knew that this would continue.

Years later and we are still together. She has moved into my room and we go at it like rabbits almost every night. Of course we would take a break once she got into college in the event that she needed to study, or to go to a party to keep up appearance of a normal college girl. I was just glad she didn’t have a want for any other boy on the side, and that she gave off the appearance to the world that she just wanted to focus on herself and her studies, or work, than on a relationship.

I also agreed with her want to stay on birth control until she graduated college and was more established in her career. However, once she graduated college, we moved to another city far from anyone we knew so we could be affectionate to one another in public. She was also making her way up in the world as a makeup artist and would work on anything from movies, to model photo shoots, and more.

She then surprised me on my 45th birthday, and when she was 26, in the middle of an aggressive fucking session, with the announcement that she was officially fully off her birth control pills…

She was announcing she was pregnant not even a month later, and we couldn’t be any happier.

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