Cabin Fever Pt. 02


She scoots up, snuggling next to me and she kisses my ear. “Kiss me so you can see how lovely you taste Kara.” My lips find hers and she moans as I suck her tongue into my mouth and share my nectar with her.

A noise startles us and as we look up, Josh and Bran are both standing in the living room watching us.

“Nice show ladies, may we join?” Josh asks with a grin.


I grab a blanket and cover myself, my high disappears and complete embarrassment sets in. I can feel my face flushing as I meet Josh’s eyes. He is smiling from ear to ear. Julie simply giggles, obviously much more secure in her sexuality than I am in mine. I can’t believe the boys aren’t pissed, here we are naked and smelling like sex, mind blowing sex. Damn, how long have they been watching us?

Not giving me a chance to respond or process, Josh comes over and lowers his mouth to mine.

“That was fucking hot sugar, don’t let us stop you” he kisses me feverishly as he gently pinches my nipple, an electrical current shoots straight to my still throbbing pussy.

The arousal I was feeling just before we got busted comes back with a vengeance and my pussy weeps with the nectar of the orgasm I just had. Josh breaks the kiss and sweeps his fingers in my sensitive folds.

“Fuck baby, you are soaked and you smell delicious”

“I wanna taste” Brian says as he grabs Julie and licks her chin, still wet and glistening from my cum.

“Mmmm” he groans as he kisses Julie deeply.

Brian looks our way with hooded eyes, “Kara your pussy in Julies hot mouth is quite the combo, yummy!” I blush at his brazen statement. Am I the only one here who feels vulnerable and exposed.

Josh pats the floor next to me and motions for Julie to come over. She hasn’t said anything and I am more than curious what she is thinking right now. My mind is racing a hundred miles an hour, I know what is gaziantep bayan escort about to go down and I just don’t know if I will be able to do it.

Julie senses my reservation, she strokes my cheek softly with her hand as she smiles at me. She leans in and whispers, “Baby, you can back out at any time if you need to, but I would really love to share you with Brian and I wouldn’t mind a piece of Josh, and I have to have some more of you. A lot more! What do you say?”

Just feeling her hot breath and hearing her sexy whisper takes me back to how amazing she just made me feel, I close my eyes and nod. What the hell am I getting myself into?

“Good girl” she whispers as she smiles against my ear. Why is hearing her say that so fucking hot?

Julie knows me well enough to know I am analyzing and debating what to do now. She places her hands on either side of my face and looks at me with heated desire.

“Stop thinking baby, just feel and enjoy.”

She slowly comes in for another kiss and my head spins. I take her advice and just feel.

As I become lost in her kiss, I feel hands on my tits, I moan into Julie’s mouth. The contrast of her soft feminine kiss and the strong firm calloused hands on my breasts is heady. I keep my eyes closed, afraid to open them, afraid I will chicken out and right now I want nothing more than for this to continue. My skin feels like it on fire, my nipples and pussy are aching.

As if she is reading my mind, Julie reaches down between my legs and slides her finger over my swollen clit. She circles the hard nub slowly as she continues kissing me, biting my lip and gently sucking it in her mouth. I can barely catch my breath. I can feel a muscled body pressing against me from behind, a hard cock pressing against my lower back as those calloused hands knead my tits and pinch my nipples. My hips start to rock against her finger, desperate to find a rhythm with her finger. She smiles against my lips, knowing my need, she slides her finger inside me agonizingly slow, I moan and she inhales my breath. Fuck this feels so amazing.

I’m so close to cumming, I can feel the heat building deep in my belly. Julie starts to pump her finger faster and faster and then she pushes another one deep inside and hits my sweet spot. I throw my head back, and it’s met by a strong shoulder to lean on. A warm mouth meets the hollow of my neck, “Cum Kara!”

My eyes snap open when I realize the voice is not Josh’s, but Brian’s. I see Josh over Julies shoulder, he is behind her just like Brian is behind me. He has one hand on her stomach and the other is rubbing her pussy, he is kissing her neck but staring me right in my eyes, they look so sexy together. Julie is staring at Brian too and I watch as she licks her lips and throws her own head back. Josh rubs her clit vigorously and Julie pushes deep and rubs her fingers across my g spot fast and furiously, we both explode. My body is quivering from the inside out, my pussy clamped on Julies fingers and pulsing as my orgasm racks my body, Brian softly kisses my ear and whispers….”That’s is baby, let go.”

I can barely hold myself up, my body like jelly. Brian pulls me into him, he is kneeling behind me, his cock in perfect alignment with my still pulsing pussy. He slowly slides inside and growls in my ear when he finally buries himself all the way. I manage to force my eyes open and Josh and Julie are mirroring the same moves. I didn’t think it would turn me on but it totally does.

I have a perfect view of Josh’s cock as he slides inside Julie’s pussy, she leans back into him, her eyes closed and her head thrown back, pure ecstasy on her face. She arches her back and pushes her breast out, Josh cups them both, he rolls her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and she responds by pressing her hips back into him, grinding her pussy back and forth, side to side. I watch as Josh’s eyes get dark, he is looking at me, his gaze going back and forth from my eyes to my pussy. He has the same view that I have and I can tell he is turned on watching Brian fuck me.

I sense that Josh and Brian have done this before, they seem to have a secret silent communication. I quickly disregard the thought as Brian pulls out and slides his cock up my slit, stroking my clit with the head of his cock. Josh does the same with Julie, when he pulls out she moans in disappointment until I see his wet cock peek out and slide up her pussy to her clit, a smile splays on her face and she bites her bottom lip as she moans in appreciation again. In unison, the boys continue their assault, rolling and pinching our nipples, sliding their cocks through our wet pussy’s, teasing our clits and then slamming deep inside again. They repeat this cycle until they have us both begging for release.

“Oh fuck Josh! Please!” Julie begs him.

“What do you want baby?” he chides her. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want to cum, please, I need to cum!” she yells breathlessly.

I look at Josh and smile, its as though he is waiting for my ok. “Make her cum baby” I coax.

Josh nods at Brian and they both bury their cock deep, pumping in and out, we are all on the edge.

Brian reaches his hand around and strokes my clit and it is my undoing. As I start to cum, Julie watches as Brian gets me off and she too goes over the edge. Brian and Josh take a few more hard , deep strokes and both pulling out at the same time and letting their cocks slide up our wet slits one last time, their cum squirting on our pussy lips.

We all collapse in a pile on the floor, breathing hard and completely satisfied. We lay there for a while not saying a word. Josh is the first one to speak. He rolls over and pulls me into his arms, as Brian does the same with Julie and says, ” This is going to be the best vacation ever.”

To be continued…

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