Burning Passion, Secret Love


A gentle spring breeze rustling through the tree tops was the only sound as they walked quickly down the path. They paused, looking around for other people. Time was short on these lunchtime meetings, but caution was always a concern. Seeing no one, he squeezed her hand and smiled as she met his gaze. With one last glance around, they left the main path, heading down a narrow trail. He held branches aside for her as their pace quickened. With a few more steps, they entered a clearing. Only a few yards across with a giant log lying across the middle, this small bit of solitude was their entire world. They paused, taking a moment to revel in the beauty of the space rus escort mother nature had provided them. Without a word, they turned to each other, his arms circling her as she placed her hands on his chest. his lips found hers as the hunger overwhelmed them both. These meetings were too rare, too far between for any time to be wasted. his hand slid up her back to tangle in her hair as their tongues danced. He was still shy about asking for what he wanted, but she knew how to make him quiver. She bit at his bottom lip as her hands worked eagerly at his belt. He moved his hand down her side, making her shiver yenimahalle escort as his fingers found the exposed skin under her shirt. He lifted the hem, sliding his palm up and over the mound of her breast. He felt his pants loosen and fall around his ankles as her own hand quested to touch the flesh of his quickly stiffening cock. He slid his fingers into the lacy border of her bra, finding her nipple and giving it a gentle pinch. A quiet moan escaped her lips, match by growl from his throat as she stroked him to full hardness. He pushed her away slightly, looking deeply into her eyes, falling… falling….. He needed her for hours, for ever actually, but time was running out for this moment. He kissed her deeply for just a moment more before grabbing her by the shoulders and turning her around. He pressed her forward, leaning her against the log as he reached down to lift the hem of her skirt over her hips. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and the sight of her already wet and glistening pussy drove him mad with desire. He gently slid a finger into her, spreading her juices across her lips, then brought the swollen head of his cock to press against her, pushing it slowly into her hot, welcoming pussy. Before he was all the way in she came for the first time, releasing a stream of wetness down her thighs. As her pussy contracted around his shaft, he held still, his throbbing manhood bouncing against her g-spot, sending her into a second orgasm. He began to thrust, slowly at first, then picking up speed.

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