Beth’s First time


Being home alone usually isn’t that bad but since my brother got his stupid dog I hate being left home alone.

I had just got home from cheer practice so I was in desperate need for a shower, my brother Caleb was out with his friends and our parents were out of town for the week so Kane should be outside.

I didn’t bother checking the house because usually Caleb puts the dog out before leaving, I went to my room taking off my clothes before heading to the bathroom.

Since nobody was home I could walk around naked without worrying about being seen, after my shower I heard walking in the hallway.

I decided to check out the noise since nobody should be home but, when I got halfway down the hallway Kane was staring back at me.

You know that saying that dogs can smell fear? Well I never really believed that until today, Kane sniffed the air before growling and slowly stalking towards me.

I panicked turning and making a run for my parents room, I was almost at the door when I tripped over one of kane’s toy bones.

Before I could get up Kane was on me, I froze feeling his breath on my neck I started to cry and silently pray that he wouldn’t bite me.

Kane growled sniffing me more, I was absolutely terrified. I wanted to call for help but I left my phone in my room before I went to shower, I moved my hips trying to push Kane off me but he took that as a sign Kayaşehir Escort for something else.

Before I knew what was happening I felt Kane’s hot cock rubbing against my pussy, I grew more panicked. There is no way in hell that I’m about to lose my virginity to a dog, I was supposed to let Thomas take it next week granted he didn’t know that I’m a virgin.

I tried to crawl away hoping that Kane would just give up but, he growled biting the back of my neck. It didn’t hurt but it was enough to make me not want to move again.

Kane started to thrust around trying to find my entrance, I began to think that he wouldn’t find it and would give up but as soon as that thought came he rammed his cock straight into my pussy.

I let out a scream filling him lodge his entire cock in my pussy. He gave me no time to adjust before he started fucking me fast and hard.

The pain in my pussy dulled and I started to enjoy the feeling of his cock fucking me. I let out a moan and started thrusting back matching his rhythm.

It didn’t take long before I felt like I was going to cum, I moaned biting my lip moving one hand to my pussy and playing with my clit

My mind started to go blank and I barely noticed the ball like mass that entered my pussy till it started to grow. I froze feeling my pussy expand around it, I had heard about this before he was knotting me Escort Bayan so he could fill me with his seed and make me his bitch.

I moaned ignoring the pain of my stretching pussy and rubbed my clit faster cumming hard as his knot rubbed again my spot. I sighed trying to calm myself down when I felt the first spurt of his cum enter my pussy.

I gasp pushing my hips back not wanting him to move as spurt after spurt of his cum filled my pussy. After what felt like 30 minutes Kane dismounted me and turned around so that his ass was now facing mine.

I was starting to get tired after cumming so many times but he still wasn’t done. I payed my chest on the floor to exhausted to stay on my arms when I heard the front door click open.

“Beth you here? I realized I forgot to put Kane outside before I left out,” my brother’s voice sounded through the house I silently cursed trying to pull away from Kane as I heard Caleb’s footsteps coming up the stairs but it was no use.

“Beth you up here?” His voice got closer and I knew he would see me knotted with the dog. His steps got closer and I heard him gasp telling me that he saw.

“C-Caleb it’s not what it looks like he attacked me when I got out the shower,” just when I finished my sentence Kane pulled his cock out of me and I couldn’t help but cumming again as I felt his cum start to rush out of me.

“Fuck istanbul Escort Beth you look so fucking hot right now,” he picked me up Carry me into his room and putting me on his bed.

“What are you doing Caleb,” I watched as he took off his pants before crawling on the bed.

“Let me fuck you and I won’t tell mom and dad you fucked the dog deal?” I nodded and he rammed his cock inside me.

“Oh fuck your so damn tight Beth,” he kissed me thrusting faster and I moaned meeting his thrust.

Caleb’s cock wasn’t as thick as Kane’s but it was still very thick and it was long.

“Caleb I’m cumming” I screamed my body shaking as I squirted soaking his lower body in my fluids.

“You’re so fucking hot Beth I’m gonna cum inside you” he bit my neck and sucked it surely leaving a mark.

I was about to tell him not to because I was ovulating but before the words could come out my mouth he stilled, I felt his cock jerk as spurts of his cum filled my womb.

He finished after a few minutes and dropped to the side of me leaving me dripping cum from both him and Kane.

“Fuck Caleb what if I get pregnant what are we gonna tell mom and dad,” I whined covering my face.

“Tell them it’s Thomas Fletchers, I heard you are supposed to get with him next week let him cum inside you” I nodded and drifted off to sleep.

After that me, Caleb and, Kane all had sex regularly whenever our parents were out. A few months after that I decided to take a pregnancy test and it came back positive so me and Caleb decided to move into a house together with Kane so we could raise our children.

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