Banging Bobby


I adored my cousin Roberta, and we would play together often, in the park, even though she disliked helping me with my messy model airplanes. She would comment that I am an older college guy that just may appear retarded by my playing with toy airplanes.

I would respond typically with “my engineering goals need a bit of stimulation!” Giving her fuel for her spicy comeback. “Most of you guys, that are older than myself, seem to have more basic interests. Is model airplanes a sign of being Gay?”

“Bobby, you are one naughty little girl, but I love you even though you are a stand-up comic in training!”

We would occasionally fish from the banks of the lagoon, only to toss our catch back because our parents were a bit too orthodox, and too proud to permit eating “wild game.”

After her 18th birthday, she kind of drifted away from me, and developed a friendship with a boy named Rodney, that was a prissy kind of guy, but one that girls kind of liked.

One day she called and asked if I would like to go to the park, and I thought it would be great. “Well stop at my house and we will go together.”

“Okay Bobby, see you in about a half hour.”

Her apartment door opened and there was Bobby in a cute yellow short sundress (that fitted her marvelously). “Hi sweetie,” and I gave her a peck on the cheek, “you look great. Are you ready?”

“Lets stick around here for a while first while Mom is off on a shopping spree. Make yourself comfy, and would you care for a drink?”

“My goodness, have you become an adult with lots of surprises. Okay, I will have a shot in water with an ice cube.”

“Marvin, I was thinking of a coke or tea! Are you trying to be a bad ass?”

“Not really, a shot of whiskey in a coke sounds even better, thank you.”

“You got it, and I will have one also, though I should make you sing for your drink!”

Years ago, after my Bar Mitzvahs, it was decided by my family that I should be a Canter. After a few voice lessons I realized that life style was not for me; however Bobby always thought of me as a rock star!! So I croon a couple of songs for her while we are sipping our drinks.

Afterward Bobbie gets up comes over to me putting her arms around me and starts kissing my face, turning me on. I retaliate with kisses, pulling her close to me while her cooperative body is now clinging to mine. This sensuous contact stimulates me to start passionately kissing her, with her mouth freely opening to my invading tongue. After probing each other’s mouth, my cousin separates, smiles at me – and then bits her lower lip with a bit of worry appearing upon her face.

“Lets go to my bedroom so we can make ourselves more comfortable.” She takes my hand and leads me over to her bed and we sit down.

“What’s going on Bobby, I know one little drink shouldn’t have this kind of effect on you.”

“Marvin, I really have deep feelings for you, and need you to hold me. I feel so comfortable in your arms.” We start kissing again and I can’t stop myself from putting my hand on her breast and rubbing her nipple. The delightful smell of her hair, coupled with her physical acceptance by soft sighs, has me now with a big bulge in my pants.

She then lays down on the bed and closes her eyes. “I love you Marvin.” I raise her leg and notice she is now separating them to assist me. With my lips now on her thigh kissing her and licking while slowly migrating toward her womanhood, my left hand is disappearing under her dress sliding up her thigh until a bit of slippery goo is felt close to her pussy.

She is starting to breath hard, and to my surprise she pulls her dress up totally exposing her panties to me. “Marvin, come lay on top of me and let me feel your hardness,” her voice almost a whimper. I feel her legs start to wrap about my torso that is almost as exciting as my cock now rubbing against her cunt. We are kissing and dry fucking for about 5 minutes when I stop, and tell her this is just too much. “If you insist on doing this, let me remove your panties.”

“God, I thought you would never ask. Please do, I want to feel you just as bad as you do me.”

I remove the ‘sacred barrier’ from her body while she is panting in excitement; while noticing the adhesive effect of her greasy discharge clinging to the crotch gusset of her panty, and then I am sliding them down her beautiful legs, and off and clear, to observe her inflated pussy lips that has a reddish glow to them, beneath a tangle of short black pubic hair – sheer sexual beauty! The odor of her sexual arousal is now permeating the air, and I am truly intoxicated by it. It blocks conscious thoughts of protection, that incest is ‘unhealthy’, and accelerates my animal lust. My lips are again sliding along her thighs with her knees in the air bent and a bit further apart. She is making delightfully soft moans of encouragement as my tongue makes contact with the junction of her thigh allowing me to taste her lubricious discharge. “Oh yes,” she cries escort bayan as our lips and my tongue collide – permitting me to enter her vagina with the tip of my tongue by pushing her lips aside.

“Oh shit Marvin, I never dreamed it would feel so good, Oh Yes! I can feel the tip of your tongue on my clitty. That’s it, up and down my cunt, now diddle my clit. Oh God, don’t stop!”

I intensify my assault of kissing, nibbling, caressing her cunt until she is shaking with excitement. “Too sensitive” she is panting. I back off and open my pants and remove my cock from its confinement. I lift myself and glide over her body until my lips are kissing hers, and both are tongues are wrestling about. Her eyes open wide when she realizes that my naked cock is pressed against her pussy. “Please be careful, I am still a virgin, and would prefer not to be a pregnant one!”

“Don’t worry, you are in good hands,” with me being a coward by not telling her that I am a virgin also.

Her face lights up with a big grin thrilling me as I slide my cock up and down her delightful slot. “I can see this fucking thing can be habit forming,” she giggles. Her legs are now around my torso and I feel her cooperation and I am in heaven.

Now our kissing is intensifying, her undulations are now tilting her groin upward as I am thrusting against her. “Oh God, I can’t stop, Marvin please don’t cum into me,” as we both feel my cock entering a cunt for the first time.

“Shit, I am so close – this feels so fucking good,” as she feels me nibbling on her neck because we are both in the throes of passion. She is now humping my cock violently that is barely into her by a couple of inches. I am doing my best not to fill her pussy. More exciting wild kisses are landing on my face and her body is stiffening up and shaking wildly. “I am cumming, and she shoves her crotch sharply against mine, while I attempt to feel her depth better is when tragedy strikes! – I am now buried to the hilt in her pussy.

“OooOh Ouch, it hurts! Dam it! Take it out, take it out now, dam it! Ow! Oh , whew, that feels a lot better. I am sorry Marvin, it just hurts too much.”

Getting off the bed we do a quick damage control to see a few drops of blood on her dress. She quickly runs to the bathroom to clean up. My cock has a few streaks of blood also, that I wash off and gain relief by a bit of masturbation. After our cleanup, and Bobby is in a fresh pair of panties with a pad, she pours us another drink.

“Well Marvin, I don’t think I am a virgin anymore.”

“I really do hope you didn’t cum into me, although this experience taught me that I couldn’t blame you if you did! What a wonderful intense experience that was!”

She then hugs and kisses me. “I love you Marvin, and I am happy about giving up my cherry to you. Mom should be home shortly, so can I owe you one?” Her face now showing a freshly fucked glow, and her eyes dancing within a frame of a knowledgeable smirk.

* * * * * * A month has past since our adventure together and I have talked to Bobby a few times, and am starting to miss her. I am hoping that what we did together didn’t harm our relationship, and as far as I can tell everything seems to be fine…but I still had concern.

“Hi Marvin,” was a blast of delight when I picked up the phone after the third ring. “Bobby, its so good to hear your voice again, it has been about four days since we talked last.”

“I have so much to tell you, let me know when I can come over. In fact I have this whole weekend, so you can pick the time.”

“Uh, wow, uh, I have to take care of a few small things, however how about right now! Come on over and we can do a bit of planning. I hope I am not scaring you with my eagerness to see you.”

“Marvin, you are the love of my life. I just dumped Rodney (I will tell you all about it), and I just want to spend some time with you. Mom has loosened my leash, and I can share all my secrets with you because you make me feel so safe. I miss you Marvin!” I sense a bit of eagerness on her part.

“Okay Baby, I got a big hug here with your name on it!”

“See you in about 20 minutes.”

* * * * * * *

The door opens and Bobby walks by me into the room. After closing the door I turn and there she is right up in my face. “I am going to collect my hug now!”

We both reach out to embrace, her cheek is now against mine, and after a moment she moves her head, looks into my eyes and her lips form an little impish grin before she presses them against mine. I feel the tip of her tongue impetuously dart against my teeth before I quickly remove that barrier, and start fencing hers with mine. I feel a spiritual melting of our bodies together, while the clamp of love seems to make us merge into one. I also feel an eager cunt pressing against my hardening cock. We separate, a little shaky from this deep emotional coupling, and I view her loveliness.

“Bobby, you look great. But aren’t you concerned about altıparmak escort bayan this much exposure? You are dressed like a hooker, with your miniskirt, fishnets on your long legs, and heels that make you walk on your toes. Baby, you are really hot!”

“Marvin I did this just for you, I wanted to get your blood circulating. Now I am going into your bedroom, and make myself comfortable, that is if you don’t already have a girlfriend in the closet! In either case, I will need you to help make our little party memorable – whether you have a friend in the closet or not.”

“Hey Cousin, how did you get so aggressive?”

“Its payback time, Roberta is going to give thanks to her maker. I will fill you in with all the details, after your sperm is dripping from my pussy! Let’s get this show on the road, and get your ass in here! I do need you, and suspect you’re in the same state.” She goes into my bedroom while I dawdle a moment to recover from shock, only to follow her enjoying the flurry of her motion as she discards her clothing.

“Dam, you’re so beautiful, and you are right, I am going nuts with lust! This again is a first time for me seeing you in the nude. We never went skinny dipping because you were my cousin, and I felt it was wrong to feel excited by you. Thank you again for proving nature is normal! Oh, you still have your panties on?”

“I am giving you a choice, if you remove them, I become your secret mistress; whereas, if I remove them, we are only engaging in recreational fucking!” [Her giggling is becoming infectious.]

I almost trip over my pants as I move in and remove her cotton barrier, and plant a kiss below her cute little bush, directly onto her vagina’s lips – while I enjoy her tremble of excitement. She then moves onto my bed fluffing a pillow for her head, while separating her knees.

“Now where were we after you popped my cherry? Or, do you want to start all over? This time I am safe. I’m on birth control, and my girlfriends taught me how to use a diaphragm (so that our men can enjoy us naturally). Your choice for all the way.”

With that I dive for her cunt, and slide my tongue up and down her dewy slit while enjoying her shuttering response.

“Oh yes, yess!” she cries out with the shock of contact, rolling her hips to amplify intensity! “God, it has been so long – Rodney just wouldn’t do this beautiful thing for me. That’s it Marvin, lick my clit while I play with my tits. Oh God, this feels so good. I am such a bad girl because I feel so open for you. When you are ready, I want you to shove your cock all the way into me. Oh, my, I really need you! Please fuck me. And I want to feel you squirt inside, good and hot! Oooh Shit!”

I move up and look into her smiling face that has a touch of concern as the tip of my cock finds the mouth of her vagina. She starts undulating her hips to assist penetration as my bulbous tip returns into her velvet glove of pleasure. She is softly moaning as we fuck together in shallow penetration.

“Remember when we were fooling around like this, and then the accident?”

She then quickly moves her pussy to impale my full length inside her. She is now kissing my face with little kisses while panting out “I love you.”

I am now hanging on with my first experience of full intercourse. “I never realized this would be so much fun Darling, Oh Bobby this feels so good. I hope I am not hurting you, (gasp) because I love you so. Oooh, I can’t stop.”

That’s it Lover, keep your cock moving in me, uh, Puleeze uh, let yourself go, MMMf , this one is on me! Oh, oh Shit, I can’t hold back anymore, God, I can’t help myself, (screech) I am comminggg!”

She is shaking in excitement and I cannot control myself either. It is as if my sperm is generated in my brain and is copiously launched, spurt after spurt, into my loving cousin’s receptive womb. After we calm down, our tongues intertwine leisurely as my softening cock is preparing to leave my new Mistresses dilated cunt.

We separate, and I get a glimpse of her scarlet pussy autographed with a small dollop of my sperm clinging to a lip as Bobby moves to the bathroom to cleanup.

She calls out. “I am here for you when you get ready again. For now meet me in the kitchen, we have a lot of talking to do about this adventure, and I have lots of answers for your questions.”

I slip on a pair of boxer shorts when I see Bobby slipping into my T-shirt – that crazily amplified her beauty as a freshly laid woman.

* * * * * *

“Have a seat Mister, and I will make some coffee. After a good fucking a little Irish coffee is fabulous, at least for me, if nothing else to prepare me for round number two!” (Snicker)

“Bobby, you have become so worldly and brazen, what the hell happened. The first time I got your panties off to fool around, I saw the lust within you, and was captivated by your willingness to fuck to the point of intensely popping your nilüfer eskort cherry. But now your open frankness, that is normally kept as private secrets, scares me a bit.”

“Look shit-head, I really love you enough to be totally honest! I save dishonesty for my Mom who saw the evidence on my stained sun-dress in the laundry, and two days later realized my period started to ask me questions that I answered with – Rodney and I were fooling around, and we sort of had an accident!”

“I am impressed with your protection of our affair, and hope it remains ongoing honey.”

“Yes, I will be getting to that. After Mom went mildly ballistic, she sat me down for a talk about my discovery of womanhood. She shocked the crap out of me with her humanistic concern for Rodney by handing me condoms to “drain the bastard!” A woman has to bear the responsibility of satisfying her sexual partner, who would otherwise suffer the pain of rejection. So she then made arrangements for me to go on the pill quickly! In the meantime, I made Rodney very happy day after day, thanks to your assistance my love.”

“Now I am totally confused, if that’s true, why are you here cheating on him?”

“You’re still a shit-head, my hero. Rodney is now out of my life, and Mom is comfortable with me dating others. Being a free agent and realizing I love intense recreational sex, I came to you for you to finish what was started. Neither Rodney, or my other dates, would lick my pussy, so realizing I had a winner with you, I just wanted to be your Mistress and enjoy completion with you, my love. In fact lets make this an ongoing pact, Cousin!”

“Gosh Bobby, I am a bit overwhelmed with all this! Coffee is ready, and do you want one or two shots of brandy?”

“Just one, I want to stay randy for you, so don’t ply on the unnecessary tranquilizer, that would interfere with seduction!”

“I keep forgetting you are a genius my dear, and I am totally willing to be your sex toy. So Mistress, outline our agreement to prevent damage to our ‘recreational’ relationship.”

“Simplicity works best. When either one of us needs a good fucking, we just get together! And this will be ongoing for the rest of our lives. If we develop needs for family, and marriage, it will not interfere with our prime relationship, unless it is for the best interest for either one of us to break apart.”

“Oh Darling, I can handle that. Dam, this discussion has me totally aroused, look at the little soldier sticking out! I wish to gaze at your ‘cream pie’ and lick your cunt until you scream “too sensitive,” kiss you with our juices on my lips while I am reentering you to replace what was licked out of your pussy.”

“Okay buster, I am in heat, you get on the bed and I will be there. I got to pee first and check to make sure my diaphragm hasn’t slipped. Oh, and I do have the morning-after pill that I will take just in case – to be safe! We both don’t want little Marvins running about.”

I am in heaven as I plop my naked body onto the bed with my cock reaching for the stars.

“I will do anything for Love, and I will do this!” I croon to my love as she enters the room.

“I think we are going to add a new dimension to Meatloaf’s song,” as she grabs my cock gasps at the magnificent boner she constructed, while engulfing the specimen into her hungry mouth.

“Oh god, you’re so sexy Bobby, turn yourself around so I can pay homage to your pussy! That’s it girl, I can taste my cum dripping out of you. I wish society wasn’t so, mmm, uptight to thank Rodney for teaching you this wonderful skill.”

“Shut up Marvin, save your breath for licking.” She returns to minister a bit of deep throating that makes me thrash, and moan a bit. I feel the cold air on my cock as my love comments. “A girl can’t talk with a cock down her throat. Oh shit, you have my clit between your lips. Suck on it sweetheart Oooh shit, its getting too sensitive. You lie there and let me turn about. That’s it lay back and relax, and let me do the driving this time,” as she sensuously lowers her body to impale herself on my cock, until our pubic hairs mingle.

I actually feel the bubbles of my sperm within her making the confinement of my cock extraordinary with the touch of effervescence. After a few undulations to fully merge our organs together, she leans forward while I rub my palms on her nipples, and then I tweak them for her pleasure which makes her respond with her pussy muscles twitching in little spasms of delight. As we copulate, the squishing sounds of cock and cunt become rhythmic music, with her soft moans a song for accompaniment. She is beautiful with her tits a swinging, and a euphoric smile upon her face. Biting her lip she proceeds to demonstrate the true purpose of Belly Dancing!

“Take it easy Girl, I just don’t want to turn myself inside out gushing into you just yet.”

She bends forward with her hair brushing my face amplifying my lust. We start kissing, darting tongues demonstrating passion and need, while we are delightfully copulating slowly now, savoring our passions, giggling immaturely when we get a bit exuberant as my cock accidentally falls out of her dilated vagina, only for it to be quickly returned.

“I love you Bobby, will you mmm marry me so we can stay like this forever, uhh?”

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