At the Library


I’d noticed him in the library countless times before, but we had never officially met. He was one of those “dangerous” types…you know, with a motorcycle and leather pants. Well, this one drove a Fiat and wore well-pressed slacks, but you get the picture.

Anyway, as the librarian, I made it my purpose to meet everyone who came into the library. So, after a month of ogling this wonderfully beautiful man, I approached him.

“Can I help you?” I smiled my biggest “forget the books, and come over here and fuck me” smile, but he just shook his head and went about his own merry way. I walked around, attempting to tempt him, but my dress pants and sweater were not doing their jobs. I slowly approached my desk, discouraged.

See, I had a great home life. I had two great house-mates and a dog, two parents and a brother who lived less than an hour away, and plenty of “friends with benefits,” if you know what I mean. But this was the one guy I wanted, but it didn’t look like he wanted me back.

“Ma’am? I actually do need your help. Where could I find this book by Voltaire? I need it for class tomorrow, and the bookstores are out.”

“Hmm…Let me see. Oh, you’re looking for Candide. We have it here it the back room. Follow me.” I led my object of lust, also known as Trevor, to the room where we kept the classics. “Here we go, the last copy. Come to the antep escort front, and I’ll check you out.”

Trevor laughed. “Honey, you’ve been checking me out for weeks. Why do you think I come in here every day? I don’t read that much.”

I stumbled. “What do you mean?”

“You don’t think I’ve seen you? ” he asked as he walked to the door and locked it. “Oh, I’ve seen you. Why do you think I stay in the collection room? I jerk off to you every fucking day. I keep a box of condoms in my bag just to keep from cumming on the books. Bitch, you’ve been driving my poor dick crazy!”

“Why haven’t you said anything before now? ” Oh, no. My voice was trembling. The look in his lust-filled eyes was scaring me.

“I figured if you wanted me bad enough, you’d say something. You never did, so I finally got tired of waiting and jerking. I decided I wanted you bad enough to approach you myself. So here we are.”

What he was saying slowly penetrated the fog in my brain. “Where are we exactly?”

“When I came in here today, I came prepared to fuck your brains out, whether you liked it or not.” With that, he quickly put his hand over my mouth, in case I decided to scream. I had absolutely no intention of doing that.

I licked the inside of his hand and grabbed his crotch at the same time. When he released my mouth, I quickly kissed him, enjoying the feel of his tongue in my mouth. I knelt down and kissed his bulge through his pants, then unzipped them. I pulled down his pants and underwear, surprised when his throbbing dick almost hit me in the face. Ecstatic, I took his member in my mouth, loving the sound of his moaning from the pleasure I was giving to him. I teased his dick by running my tongue down his shaft and taking his balls into my mouth. Finally, he forced his dick back into my mouth and began face-fucking me. All 7 inches of his cock pushed into my throat, gagging me, but turning me on at the same time. Suddenly, he stopped, and I felt globs of cum hit the back of my throat.

He pulled out and picked me up, plopping me down on the only table in the room. Trevor pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles, just like his were. I almost moaned loud enough for the whole building to hear me before I caught myself when he buried his face in my burning pussy. Juices poured out onto the table before he could lick them all up. He purposely ignored my clit until I grabbed his hair and forced his tongue onto it. Immediately, I was taken with the biggest orgasm of my life. Luckily, he stuck his finger in my mouth before the rest of the library heard me.

By this time, his dick was rock-hard again, and he picked me up and kissed me before he turned me around.

“Bend over.”

Those two words turned me on immediately, and I obeyed, showing him my pussy. I felt his dick teasing my lips, and unable to stand it, I pushed back onto him, loving the way he filled me. I’d had longer dicks inside me, but Trevor’s just felt, I don’t know, right.

I though since we had both already cum once, Trevor would go easy. But no, this was a man on a mission. Once his dick was well-lubed, he rocketed his hard cock inside of me. I held on to the table; if I hadn’t, I’d have been on the floor. However, my pussy was enjoying the attention, so I held on and enjoyed the ride. Suddenly, Trevor pulled out and flipped me over. He finished pulling my pants off and smiled. “If I’m gonna cum in you, I want to see your eyes when I do it.” With that, he positioned his dick and forcefully penetrated me again. While he pumped, he rubbed my clit, bringing me to another orgasm while he fucked me. Soon, though, we were both ready for another cum.

“Cum inside me, you sick son-of-a…aaaaahhhh!” Both his and my orgasm caught me off guard. Trevor’s sperm filled me up, and I could feel it running down my leg as his dick pulled out of me.

Trevor looked at me. “Whoa, that was fucking amazing. You wouldn’t happen to have the rest of the day off, would you? I don’t think we can do this just once.”

I smiled. “I believe I’ve earned some time away from here. Meet me here,” handing him a business card I kept in my bra, “in about thirty minutes. I’ll be there.”

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