Ashton’s Spring Break


By the time Spring Break rolled around, my relationship with Ashton had bloomed into something beautiful and perfectly strange. All of her friends knew we were together, although very few of mine did. Michael thought we had grown to be particularly good friends, but he never let on that he saw us as more. Maybe it was willful blindness. But more than who knew about us and what we publicly did, the status of our relationship began to bother me. Ashton and I fucked all the time, sometimes like crazed animals in heat. She told me she was my girl, and sometimes when we were curled up together in bed at night, she told me she loved me. But I had always sensed something in Ashton. That animal part of her that made the sex so hot and carnal, it didn’t want to be owned. It wasn’t like she wanted to cheat on me, and she always said she loved being with me, but she was very open about her interest in other men.

For spring break, Ashton, her roommate Elise, and their friend Mary decided to get a motel room at the big lake two hours from our campus. It was a local spring break destination, and all three of them invited their boyfriends. I didn’t even tell Michael I was going, I think he thought I was staying back on campus while he flew with some of our friends to Cancun. Elise had ditched her loser boyfriend and was becoming semi-serious with this tall, skinny nerdy guy named Brian. I liked Brian, he seemed like a nice guy, but for some reason Ashton thought he was creepy. Mary lived down the hall from Ashton and Elise and the three girls had grown close. Mary had a pretty, angular face with short blond hair and blue eyes, atop a tall, thin body. Ashton and Elise liked to describe Mary as lithe. She had almost no breasts to speak of, but I thought her thin, toned body was pretty. She had the shape of a ballerina. Her boyfriend Randy was much shorter than me, but wiry and lean. He flirted with Ashton a lot, and she liked hanging out with him. I thought he was one of those typical college douche bags, all full of himself. Mary was sweet while Randy was brash, and Mary was also at least two inches taller than Randy. I often wondered what had drawn them together.

On the drive down to the lake, Elise, Mary, Brian and Randy drove down in Brian’s car, while I drove with Ashton and most of our beach stuff in my beat up old Ford Taurus. Ashton chose to wear her lime green bikini because she knew how much seeing her in a bikini drove me wild. She had one of those wrap around cloth skirts when we started the drive, but with her moving and shifting, it was quickly lost. On the long stretches of open road, I stole peeks at her toned bikini body, and she laughed at me. My free hand found its way to Ashton’s smooth, shapely leg and she didn’t resist as I slowly slid it up her creamy thigh. She spread her legs for me as I began to massage her bare thigh with my strong fingers, and sighed contentedly as we flew down the highway.

When I dipped my hand down between her legs and my fingers made contact with the heat of her crotch, she turned to me and said, “Are you sure this is a good idea? Don’t get into an accident and kill us, driver.”

But I could feel the heat of her sex through the thin fabric of her bikini bottoms, and she spread her legs even wider for me. I could feel the wetness of her slit through her bottoms, and ran my fingers up and down the lips of her sex. At the top of her crevice, her hard clit was unmistakable. I rubbed slow circles around it with my fingers, never taking my eyes from the road, and she moaned in appreciation. Ashton crossed her arms above her head and slumped down in her seat as my fingers began slowly rubbing against her clit. She knew I liked to see her like this, her firm breasts thrust outward, her chest flushed, her flat stomach expanding and contracting rapidly as her breathing quickened with her arousal. I kept up a soft steady beat against her clit with my insistent finger, rubbing my finger tips against her most sensitive spot. I rarely took my eyes off the road, but Ashton was staring at me, her moaning getting louder.

“I wish I could fuck you, babe” she said breathlessly.

“I wish I could too,” I returned, laughing.

“I want to ride that hard cock so bad, you’ve got me so hot already.” She lifted her ass off the seat a bit and my finger lost contact, “Hold on babe,” she instructed.

When she settled back down and my hand was back between her thighs, my fingers made direct contact with her bare pussy. She had shifted over her bottoms, and I could now feel that she was positively dripping. I moistened my finger in her juices before sliding my digit back up her slit. When I brushed against her exposed clit, Ashton let out a half squeal, half moan. My finger resumed its steady beat, rubbing softly and insistently against the engorged clitoris. Ashton was moaning continuously and began thrusting her hips gently against my finger tip.

“You’re so wet already, babe,” I said.

Ashton looked at me and moaned again. “This is so gaziantep bayan escort dirty, don’t you think?” she asked. “Any of these cars going by might be able to see you playing with me.”

“I want them to see you cum on my fingers,” I replied, and began rubbing just a little faster against her little nub.

Ashton let out a low, throaty moan, her chest heaving with her deep breathing as my finger squished back and forth over her slippery lips. She was so wet, my finger rubbing against her slit was beginning to make squishing sounds in the quiet car. Her hips were thrusting back against my hand now, but I kept up the steady beat on her clit.

“I’m going to cum already, babe,” she whined. “Not like this, I can’t cum like this, so quickly. I want your cock in me. I want you to fuck me.”

“Just cum for me, babe,” I responded.

“Ohhhhh, I’m going to cum so quick,” she complained. Her mouth was telling me she didn’t want to settle for just my finger, with its unceasing attention to her sweet spot, but her body was flushed and ready to burst.

“Cum now, Ashton. Cum on my fingers for me,” I insisted. “Cum in front of all of these people on the road.”

That did it. There weren’t any other cars really close to us, but Ashton’s eyes flew open and then she was cumming. She screamed just a little bit, her body tensing up against my fingers, and then she was shaking as the orgasm took her. She bit her lip a little as my insistent finger flicked against her hard bud, and then she let out a long, high moan as the tension inside her evaporated.

I withdrew my finger, and Ashton slumped over. We were almost to the lake, passing signs for hotels and attractions near the water. I figured we were about twenty minutes out when I felt Ashton’s hand on my leg. She didn’t just let it rest there. She was digging for my cock, and I was so hard from listening to her cum that she quickly found my rigid pole trapped against the leg of my shorts. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I was wearing swim shorts that didn’t have a flap or opening in the front. I was debating whether I should try to pull them down for her, when she gripped the bottom of my shorts and forcefully pulled the leg up. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, with the shorts fabric now tight against my balls and my hard cock trapped against my thigh, but my cock head was free of the shorts. I felt Ashton’s hair brush against my arm as her head dipped for my cock. Any thoughts of the awkward positioning were quickly lost as I felt Ashton’s warm, wet mouth close around my cock head.

She sucked the fat tip of my dick between her soft lips and released it with a pop. “Ooooo, pre cum,” she cooed, as her tongue slathered around the hole and she made a show of licking a tiny drop of pre cum fro my cock tip. I moaned my approval, trying to remain focused on the road. Ashton slid her soft, slippery mouth down over my pole, her tongue rubbing against the under side of my shaft, before sliding her lips back up to the tip of my member. Her lips sucked a bit on my cock head again before she plunged her hot mouth back down my shaft. Up and down she bobbed on my big dick, rubbing wetly against my pole and causing my toes to tingle.

But there was a problem. We were getting very close to the hotel, and the traffic around us had gotten thicker. I was reluctant to remove Ashton’s sucking mouth from my now tingling cock, but there were also now people walking down the street.

“Ashton, we’re close,” I warned.

She released my cock with another loud pop from my mouth and said, “Good baby, cum in my mouth for me.”

I laughed, “No,” I replied. “We’re almost to the hotel.”

Ashton looked uncertain for a moment. “I can try to finish you off if you want,” she offered.

“No, it’s okay,” I said. “People will see you. But you can finish this later.”

We were pulling into the hotel parking lot and greeting the others less than five minutes later. There was no way I was going to get my throbbing cock to go down, so I tried to position my large T-shirt to help conceal my bulge. It seemed like it took us an eternity to check into the beach motel, which was very nice as motels go. We then had to take our bags up to our room, which had two queen size beds. I knew the arrangements would be awkward when I saw the beds, but didn’t realize just how much until later. Ashton and I sat on one of the beds, with me still trying to hide my erection, while the other four decided what to do.

“We’re going to go check out the beach,” Mary finally stated, “You two want to come?”

“I think we’re just going to relax here for a little while,” Ashton replied. “Kevin’s a little tired from the drive. We’ll see you down there in a little bit.”

“Suit yourself,” replied Mary.

The second the door closed behind our friends, I tackled Ashton. The wrap around skirt fell away and I landed on top of her. We were kissing passionately, the weight of my body on top of hers. I could feel her firm breasts pressed against my chest, and she slid her legs apart for me so my hard cock was positioned against her hot slit. Her soft lips met mine, and our tongues danced as we kissed. She ran her fingers through my hair as I held her close with my strong arms.

“My poor baby,” she said. “You’ve been stuck with that hard cock for almost half an hour. Let’s fix that.”

My shorts were off in a flash and Ashton had pulled her bikini bottoms to the side. My throbbing cock head slid up and down Ashton’s dripping wet slit, gathering her slick moisture, before I pushed my rod past Ashton’s tight opening. We both moaned as my cock slid home inside her pussy. Her tunnel was tight and stretched to accommodate my thick meat, but she was so wet that my skin slid easily against hers. I had been aching for release, and began pumping my hard pole in and out of Ashton’s slippery pussy. Soon I was slamming my cock into her, Ashton’s legs wrapped around my waist, while I looked intently into her sparkling blue eyes. Her face was flushed and she moaned every time I bottomed out my long cock inside of her. We could both tell I wouldn’t last long in her hot, slippery tunnel.

“Go ahead, baby,” Ashton said with a whimper. “Cum inside me. Empty your balls in my pussy.”

Her encouragement was all I needed. The powerful orgasm was building rapidly, setting my loins on fire as I furiously pumped my cock in and out of the warm crevice between her legs. As I felt my tingling cock head sliding against Ashton’s soft pussy walls, the orgasm hit me. I felt my hot seed splash into Ashton’s pussy, my cock pumping its load in spurt after spurt of ecstasy. I groaned my approval as I came inside of her.

I collapsed atop Ashton’s body, panting just a little from the rawness of my effort. Then I heard a voice behind me whisper softly, “Holy shit.”

Reflexively, I turned around and found Mary standing at the foot of our bed, her mouth hanging open. She was holding Randy’s hand, and he had a shit eating grin on his face. I hadn’t heard the door open, and blurted out, “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to know that no one else will want to sleep in that bed now,” came Randy’s wise ass reply.

Trying to turn myself around to look at them had the unintended effect of causing me to pull my body off Ashton. My still semi-erect cock plopped free for all the world to see. The protective boyfriend in me regretted exposing Ashton’s pussy to their eyes even more than my cock. I looked down and saw her sex inflamed and dripping with her juices. When I looked up, I saw Randy staring at the same thing.

“Get the fuck out, you perverts!” Ashton blurted out, weakly throwing her wrap at Randy’s face. With a lot of laughter, Randy fled the room, pulling Mary behind him.


It turned out Randy and Mary had grown tired of the walk along the beach and come back early. They were nice enough not to say anything to Elise and Brian, but an uneasiness hung between the four of us for the rest of that day and night. The next day was spent mostly drinking on the lake shore and soaking up the warm spring sun. Ashton didn’t seem to be holding the previous day’s awkwardness against Randy, asthe two of them spent a chunk of the day talking off by themselves. Their conversation often produced laughter and giggles from Ashton, and I wondered if the idiot was trying to hit on her in front of me.

Still, when Ashton approached me later that night,I was caught completely off guard by her proposal. We were all taking turns showering and getting dressed up to go out to a club. While I was gelling my hair in the bathroom after a shower, Ashton slipped into the room with me. She gave me a quick peck on the lips, but I could tell by the way she was looking at me that she wanted something from me.

“What?” I asked.

“You can totally say no if you don’t want to,” she began, causing my stomach to knot in anticipation of whatever she might be asking me.

“Great,” I replied, “Now I’m already worried about where this is going.”

“I was talking to Randy today,” Ashton began, causing the knot in my stomach to tighten. “Like I said, you can totally say no, but he already talked to Mary about it and she agreed.” Ashton paused for a moment, looking away from me before she continued. “I don’t know… but apparently Randy thinks I’m really hot, and after watching me and you he really wants to get with me.” I wondered why she was telling me this. “And he’s not nearly as good looking as you, and you know I LOVE you, but I heard through Elise that he can get pretty wild in bed and… I wouldn’t mind trying it once with him.” Now I was totally confused.

“But you know I’m totally loyal to you,” she continued, “I wouldn’t do anything without telling you. So Randy came up with an idea.” Ashton paused again, and finally looked me in the eye. “If you let us do it once, with your approval, we promise we will never do it again. And for the rest of this trip, you can have sex with Mary or anyone else you want as many times as you want and I’ll even help if you want.”

“What?!!” was all I could manage in response, with anger and surprise and sadness all trying to fight their way out of me at the same time.

“Like I said,” Ashton replied quickly, “You can say no. But I’ll set you up with girls we meet at clubs and you can have sex with as many as you want and you and Mary can do it as many times as you want…”

“Why would Mary want that?!”

“She already agreed, like I said.”

“I don’t know…”

“It’s just one time. Then I promise, never again.”

“Why would you…”

“I don’t know, I just want to try it once. I won’t do it if it’ll screw up things between me and you, but it’s like… I just want to get the curiosity out of the way.”


“It could be a lot of fun for both of us.”

I looked into her eyes, expecting to find a question there. Instead I saw anticipation, and a hint of excitement. I knew she wanted this. “You won’t go sneak off and do it, you’ll tell me so I won’t have to wonder?” I said sternly.

Ashton’s face broke into a huge smile. I knew instantly that I was screwed. “Of course!” she squealed, throwing her arms around me. “I’ll tell you before we do it. We haven’t planned it or anything, but when it happens, I’ll make sure you’re okay first.” Before I could change my mind, she had given me another quick peck on the lips and then she was bounding out of the bathroom. No doubt, she was on her way to tell Randy the good news.


The whole rest of the that night, I felt like an idiot. We went out to a club, got in with our fake i.d.’s, had a few shots, and I slapped a smile on my face for the pictures we took. But I felt nauseous and conflicted inside. What had I done?

I was pounding back drinks a little quicker than usual that night, trying to erase the conflicted doubt inside of me. So I was a little drunk by the time I found myself alone in a section of the club, standing next to Mary. Somehow, Randy and Ashton had wandered onto the dance floor separately, but soon found themselves together. Randy gently pulled Ashton towards him, and Ashton playfully slapped at his arms, but she didn’t pull away. Randy’s hands were on her hips as she turned, so that she was backing into him. They danced centimeters apart from each other for a moment, before Randy started thrusting his hips up towards her body. Ashton was quickly grinding her soft backside against him, their two bodies rubbing and bumping against each other with the rhythm of the music. And I was watching it all standing next to Mary.

“Why did you tell them this deal was okay?” she asked, never taking her eyes off her boyfriend mashing himself against my girlfriend.

“Because you agreed first. Why did you say it was okay?” I replied.

“Because I never thought you’d say yes.” I couldn’t think of a response, so we stood there awkwardly. “Randy can be a real shit sometimes, but he loves me. I never thought you’d let him take Ashton,” Mary finished, before walking away.


I wanted the night to be over and thought maybe I could tell Ashton in the morning that I had changed my mind about the deal. So as soon as we were back in our hotel room, I stripped down to my boxers and crawled into the bed. There were only two beds in the hotel room, so we decided we would sleep three in each. Despite what Randy had said earlier about no one wanting our bed, he told the rest of the group that he would sleep in the bed with me and Ashton. That was the last thing I remembered as I closed my eyes.

I woke in near total darkness. Something was poking me hard in the chest. My head was swimming a little from the after effects of the booze, and it took me a while to pull together my situation. I was lying on my side in the bed, facing what I realized was Ashton. She was lying on her side facing me, and I eventually realized she was poking two fingers into the center of my chest. I was about to ask her what she wanted, when I realized there was someone laying behind her. It was Randy.

When Ashton could see that my eyes were open, she stopped poking me. I was still wondering what she wanted when I saw that Randy’s arm was around her. The covers ran up to my shoulders, but they had been pulled down on Ashton so that they fell across the swell of her hips. She was wearing one of her tank tops, and from the exposed side of her full breast I could tell she had nothing on underneath. Randy probably couldn’t see me at all, and all I could see through the darkness and the positions of our bodies was his elbow. But I could tell in the dim light that he had worked his hand through the large hole in the side of Ashton’s tank top, and his hands were playing with one of her large melons. I could even see his fingers pulling gently on something, and understood that he was playing with her nipple.

I looked at Ashton’s face and without saying anything she mouthed the word “okay” in a question. I shrugged my shoulders. She nodded her head yes, and after a brief hesitation I nodded back.

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