Aphrodisiac Transformation Ch. 03


< This story is a continuation on Aphrodisiac Transformation, Parts one and two. Don’t worry though, it stands alone without needing to read the others, unless you want to! I urge you to read it with a loved one and watch the fireworks start. Please see my note after the story and by all means, enjoy! After the last two episodes of using the herbal aphrodisiac James had brought back from Bangkok, we starting cooking up a plan to have an all out, balls to the walls orgy that we would never forget. Once James had gotten a taste of my wife Karen’s exotic good looks and sexual talents, he wanted more – I’m proud to say. And I don’t blame him. No man could. At 5’7”, Karen is truly a statuesque beauty. Her black hair and dark skin tone highlight her iridescent green eyes. Couple that with her incredibly tight and firm body, featuring large, gorgeous tits, shapely legs and a perfect – just perfect ass. We had been thinking about a few different scenarios – the van, our houses, bed & breakfasts, the beach, etc. Of course, no one else knew anything about the special powder yet, or how it had worked. Nor would they. One thing about my buddy James and me. We’ve known each other since elementary school. Grew up in the same town in New Jersey, with the same friends. Stayed close all these years, through a few girlfriends, out of town college, etc. Trust was and never will be an issue with us. He can tell me anything and know it’s going to the grave with me. And James – man, you could light matches under his fingernails to try and get a secret, he’d sing you happy birthday. Anything we did or told each other stayed quiet – for good. After considerable thought, James and I hatched a plan. James’ stepsister, Diane, worked for a cruise line as an administrator. On occasion, new ships would have a brief “shakedown” cruise, special limited passenger outings to make sure all systems were operating properly and gave the crew an opportunity to get the feel of the vessel before taking on thousands of people. These cruises would only have perhaps 200 people, and Diane could get us on for practically nothing. That’s how we were able to afford the whole thing without going overboard (pardon the pun). Majestic cruise ships are beautiful, and the relaxation alone is a form of aphrodisiac. Then on the ship, James knew he could hook up with a girl, and we would use the powder to create a memorable evening. Karen was thrilled to get away from her law office and work on her tan on the high seas. She was also elated that James was joining us. Memories of her last encounter with him still simmered beneath her surface. I was sure she secretly longed to suck his cock again – to feel it inside her. I didn’t mind, really. Not with James. I understand the urge to want variety, and if it was going to be anyone, James was family. James’ stepsister Diane was a doll. When I first met her, James’ father and her mother had just married and merged families; four kids. James was 13 and Diane 10. She was a gangly, gawky kid with braces and blonde curly hair. She idolized James, who was very kind and polite to her because that’s James. Much more so than Diane’s brother or real father, two peas in a vile pod. Three years older, though, James never spent much time with her. We were into sports, then cars and girlfriends. Those three years were important ones. I myself never really gave her a second thought, just a quick hello and goodbye when I was at the house. She was just out of Barbi dolls and still enamored by the Boy Bands. She grew up quick, though. There was the one time, I recall, when Diane was 16 and a jerk went much further than she wanted. James tore him a new asshole, and he never showed his face again. Diane never forgot it, and looked upon James with an even greater reverence. In high school Diane was the blonde cheerleader that everybody wanted to sleep with. That’s right, the old stereotype of the high school cheerleader, but again, in this case true. And the things all that exercise did to her body – she was tight as a drum. She was rather small, only about 5’ 4”, but with perfect, full stand up tits and her legs – I’m telling you, just the perfect body. Anyway, James and I went off to college and when we returned, Diane was in college herself. Then when I saw her at 19 or 20 years old. Good God in Heaven. I know people always talk about blonde beauties, California blondes and any kind of good-looking blonde as the greatest thing on earth. Must be that ‘Bewitched’ or “I Dream of Jeannie’ fantasy kicking in. But in the case of Diane, it was all true. She was the real deal. And the stars must have been aligned the day she was born because her face, too, was gorgeous. Clear blue eyes; thick soft lips, a nose direct from the cute factory and a head of natural blonde hair. So five weeks later, there the three of us were, boarding the Love Boat. If anything, the travel brochures understated gaziantep bayan escort the opulence of the ship. It was nicer than the finest hotel. Everything was enormous, the lobby, the movie theater, the dining rooms, and all magnificent. They had live musicals, personal fitness trainers, a swimming pool and sauna, casinos, beauty salons, jewelry and clothing shops, just for starters. With just a couple hundred people on board, the place seemed empty.

Diane gave us the grand tour, even showing us some of the off-limits areas, such as the engine room and kitchen. We were impressed. James was particularly struck with the food preparation area, because he was in the restaurant business. A huge, new kitchen, which could serve thousands of people on a 24-hour basis, was something you don’t see often. James even chatted with the galley crew, who told him they were known for their desserts.

We hung out the rest of the day at the pool, sunning ourselves and enjoying the surroundings. At around 5:30, we went back to our rooms and dressed for dinner.

We hadn’t met that many girls for James yes, but he didn’t seem worried. On the way to dinner, he made a stop at the galley.

The crew was happy to see James again. It wasn’t often they socialized with any of the guests, and James was a pleasure.

James walked around, talking and laughing with the guys. They were having so much fun; they didn’t even notice James sprinkling powder here and there. In the cake batter, in the coffee grinds, all the ingredients for desserts. He was careful how much he put in. Although even a little of the powder was surprisingly effective, he wanted it to take a little longer to work. James bid the crew a pleasant evening and headed for the dining room.

“What are you going to do about the powder, James?” I whispered when he sat down next to me.

“All taken care of, Dave.” He replied. “Just wait a while, and the action will start on its own.”

Dinner was pleasant, though I was totally preoccupied about the rest of the evening. Karen looked wonderful, wearing a thin flowered spaghetti strap dress, which highlighted not only her outstanding figure, but her dark, perfect skin tone as well. The passengers were all seated in small groups, with Diane sitting with the three of us. I’m not sure how many single women there were for James, but I could see him eyeing a couple of pretty girls sitting nearby. It was hard to tell who was attached and who wasn’t.

I have to say, Diane herself looked delectable in a shimmering evening gown, with a long slit that rewarded the viewer with miles of shapely thigh and calf.

All through our coffee and dessert, James sported a wide grin. I took it to mean he found a girl who he’d like to get to know better, but he didn’t let on.

After dinner, we agreed to go to our room and change back into our bathing suits and go for a late night dip.

Back at our room, Karen changed out of her dress and into her bikini, which was a thing of beauty to watch. I love the way she looks getting dressed or undressed. When she removes her bra, her ample breasts appear to inflate and pop out like balloons just filled. They seem, really almost too big for her frame but hey, who’s complaining? Her stomach is board-flat. She’s not skinny, but you can see the outline of her ribs thanks to her lack of body fat.

Her ass, what can I say? It flares out from her slender waist in a most erotic fashion, joining her strong, toned thighs and exquisite calves. Her pussy, at my request, is free from hair, save for the area just above it, where it is shaved to a small straight line.

With her dark hair, magnificent complexion and sensuous lips, Karen’s face alone is worth a thousand words.

I quickly changed into my swim trunks and we were ready to go. Was Karen feeling the effects of the powder? Perhaps . . . she seemed very happy, very giddy, but had not exploded as she had in the past yet. We went out on deck towards the pool. That’s where all hell was breaking loose.

As we exited the passenger compartment onto the deck, a man was being serviced right there against the rail by his girlfriend, or wife. She had his pants down and was squatting down, sucking his cock greedily. I could hear her as we walked by.

“Bruce I . . . I don’t know why . . . . (slurp, slurp), but I have to . . . have to suck your cock. I’m so horny . . . .”

I happened to notice as we walked by that she was rubbing her own clit at well.

“Look at that!” Karen marveled as we walked away. “Isn’t that incredible?” I wondered if the powder was taking effect already.

As we rounded the corner near the pool, two young ladies were having each other’s pussy as an appetizer, lying across a lounge chair in a 69 position. I wondered if they had intended to “out themselves” this way, or if the powder had made the decision for them. Either way, they were licking and fingering each other’s pussies and appearing to cum all over the place.

Karen froze in her tracks and watched them – mesmerized. It was my first true indication that the powder had taken serious hold. She stood there transfixed, one hand beginning to lightly rub her crotch while the other squeezed a nipple.

“C’mon Karen,” I scowled, pulling her towards the pool as she began to breath hard, “let them have their fun.”

James was out of his formal dinner clothes and wearing shorts and a tank top when he answered the knock at his door.

Diane entered quickly and shut the door behind her. Diane – he hadn’t thought about the powder affecting her – or had he?

Diane, too, was out of her formal wear – way out. She was wearing a low cut spandex shirt that looked like it was painted over her perfect tits, and an ultra-short mini-skirt. Her high-heeled sandals highlighted what were already perfect calves.

“James,” she breathed, “you can’t believe what’s going on out there!”

“Out there?” James replied innocently.

“All over the boat actually, everywhere you look.”

“What’s going on Diane?”

“Well, coming out of my cabin, I began to get the strangest feeling. I felt sort of tipsy. Not bad, just, well, different. Kinda good really.”


“Well, I was walking up the hallway, and a man was kissing a woman.”

“What’s so unusual about that?” he asked.

“He was kissing her bare breasts, licking them really. Then he started taking off her dress and licking her stomach. She was touching herself all over, like she was on fire . . . like she couldn’t control . . . herself.”

Diane began to breathe harder and louder as she went on. Her legs began to spread and she was unconsciously rubbing the inside of her thighs as she spoke. Her face was taking on a pink glow. James knew exactly what was happening. He knew what to do about it, too. But first, he would wait until Diane was literally in heat – which he knew wouldn’t take long.

“What else, Diane?” James continued.

“Right,” Diane said, flustered, “then out on deck, first mate Stevens was with some girl, who was leaning over a table. She had her underpants down, and
he . . . it looked like . . . he was licking inside of her butt cheeks.”

“Inside her butt cheeks?” James questioned. Do you think her pussy was dripping wet at that point, Diane, when he was sticking his tongue on her anus, sending all kinds of feelings through her? Do you think her pussy was just purring?”

“James,” Diane exhaled, I am so . . . . I haven’t seen you . . . I want to . . . I really have to have . . .” Her eyes began to glaze over as an incredible warmth, such as she’d never felt before, swept over her body like a wave over the sand.

“Tell you what,” James continued, as if oblivious to her aching condition, “I’ll bet that right after you left, she turned around and stuck that dripping wet pussy in his face.”

“James, I can’t . . . you mustn’t . . . “ Diane was squeezing both of her nipples, which were sticking out of her shirt now like sewing thimbles, her tongue aimlessly licking her lips.

“And then he pulled out his big, thick, pulsating cock for her to lick, for her to suck. And she sucked on his cock from top to bottom. Right, Diane? You think? She sucked his cock hard?” His own cock was beginning to strain his shorts. Diane couldn’t help but look down and notice this. Her eyes flew open wide, like a starving person with a gourmet meal thrust in front of them.

“James,” she rushed over to him. “Please . . . please. I’ve waited for 12 years for you, and I guess . . . somehow tonight I can’t wait another minute.” Diane threw her arms around James’ neck and kissed him full throttle. Her tongue enveloped and sucked on his with utter urgency. Just the feel of her breasts squeezed against his pecs made her shiver. James noticed a small, growing dark spot at her crotch, and knew that her panties must already be soaked through with her own juices.

As they kissed, James ran his hands up and down the sides of Diane’s sleek body, causing her to kiss him with even greater passion. Her breathing was coming in ragged gasps, and her body was trembling with animal desire. James reached between them and took hold of Diana’s breasts, one in each hand. He compressed them with his palms, while his index fingers and thumbs squeezed her nipples.

Diane dropped her head back as an orgasm, as sudden as a tropical tidal wave and just as devastating, ripped through her. It was to be the first of many this evening.

“Oh God, James,” she grunted, “I’m cumming . . .cum . . .cum . . .brrrr . . . .” Her words trailed off incoherently.

As soon as the worst, or perhaps best of her orgasm subsided, Diane dropped to her knees. Her desire was unquenched, and the thought of James’ big cock in her mouth compelled her into immediate action. She deftly undid his zipper and pulled down his shorts. His cock was barely contained in his black ribbed briefs, and Diane easily removed the shorts and 2Xist briefs in one motion. She gasped when she saw his cock, smooth and strong, with pulsating veins and a large, purple head. Not in surprise, not nearly in fear. But in craving. She had to have it.

Diane popped James’ fat cock head in her mouth and began slurping and sucking with glee. With both of her hands holding his ass cheeks at first, she bobbed her head up and down on his tool, drooling all over it.

Diane had a great technique. First she would pop just his cock head in her mouth and lick all around, from the tip to the flared portion, lavishing particular attention on the sensitive underside, or frenulum, where she would flick her tongue quickly. Then she would pull his glans out of her mouth and lick up and down both sides of the shaft. Her tongue was way out, like a dog on a hot summer’s day, and Diane looking James’ in the face with seduction brimming eyes only heightened his arousal. Lastly, stroking his wet shaft in her hands, she licked and sucked each ball in turn, lapping all the way down to his asshole. Then she’d start all over again.

Before long, James started to get that wonderful feeling. A warm sensation that seemed to start in his toes and end at his jaw. Then it condensed; getting more and more concentrated until it was just in his groin, then just in his genitals. His breathing told him that he was about ready to blast off.

“Diane,” he moaned. “I’m gonna . . . cum . . . cum soon.”

“Good, James,” she slurped, never slowing down. “Let me have it baby, let me taste it.”

“Oh God,” James howled, his body tensing as a river of semen shot up and out of his swollen shaft. “It feels so . . . good.”

Diane kept sucking his cock, pumping every last drop of his seed she could squeeze out into her mouth, and swallowing most of it. Traces of white foam dribbled down the corner of her mouth, and she smiled up at him as it rolled down her chin.

James helped Diane stand up and held her tightly, feeling her incredible warmth and the intensity of her still quivering body. He knew what she was feeling, that she needed so much more than to just give him head. The only thing that could possibly put of the inferno within her was to be fucked and fucked good. To cum and cum and cum. James was up for the job.

“Diane,” he said, “Let’s join Dave and Karen at the pool.”

“But James,” she protested. “I want . . . I need . . . “

“I know,” he assured her. “I’ll take good care of you there.”

On the way to Diane’s cabin to grab her bikini, they saw two gay crew members kissing and fondling each other in a hallway alcove.

“Gosh,” Diane smirked, “I didn’t even know they were gay. I hope they don’t get into trouble.”

“I doubt it.” James replied, raising his eyebrows, “One of them is the Captain.”

Heading to the pool. They heard loud noises of passion and pleasure coming from inside many of the cabins. Passing the dining room, at least two of the large round tables were occupied with couples fucking or sucking each other.

“This is some cruise,” Diane innocently remarked, still aching to silence the buzzing in her pussy. A buzzing she still did not understand but seemed utterly powerless to resist.

* * * * *

Once we got to the pool, Karen was immersed in full lust mode. I could tell, but I wanted to tease her a little – see how long she could last. So I dove right into the deep end and swam underwater to the steps at the shallow side, which took all of 20 seconds. Then I sat on the steps; my feet and calves enjoying the cool water, watching Karen walk over to me. My God, what a body, I thought. I noticed that her nipples were fully erect, straining the top of her blue bikini.

As she got closer, I could tell from one look at Karen that she was hopelessly horny, that her desire was overwhelming her. I knew from the way her lips stayed partly open, as if waiting for something to enter them. The way she rubbed her neck and upper chest, trying to massage the tingling sensations that she was feeling all over. The way her eyes locked on and looked at me like she was a lioness and I was her prey. The way her pace quickened with each step, until finally she reached the edge of the pool. Rather than test the water one toe at a time, her usual method which I always kid her about, she walked directly in and over to me.

“I want you,” she said in a low, husky voice, her eyes half-lidded while her brain was flooded with enough sex hormones for several women. I’m gonna make you cum so hard, David, so hard . . . “

Taking my head in her hands, Karen kissed me hard, never letting our lips lose contact. Her kiss was so passionate, like my lips and tongue were her life force, and she needed them to give her strength. I turned to face her, never breaking the kiss, and fondled her magnificent breasts. Karen shivered and moaned deeply into my mouth. As I massaged her breasts, she kissed me even more savagely, reaching her hand down and rubbing my shoulders and chest with shaking hands.

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