Another Reunion with an Ex


“Emily comes next weekend’ Isabella tells me. We’re naked together in her bed, having made love a half hour prior followed by some nice cuddling. My cock throbs involuntarily at the mention of Emily’s visit. “I see you are excited!” she jokes. Luckily in the darkness she can’t see my embarrassment.

“Yeah,” is my only reply.

“I am actually excited to meet her. I have seen her picture and talked to her on the phone a lot, but meeting her in person will be great.”

“Yeah, it has been almost six month since… I saw her.” ‘And fucked her hard!’ is the unspoken understanding. Isabella consented to me making love with my ex-girlfriend when I visited her, and things had changed a bit, almost entirely for the better.

“Tell me about it again,” She whispers, pressing her ass against my once again hard cock.

“Well if you’ll recall, she wasn’t wearing much when I arrived, and told me she was a free woman…” I embellish the story a bit and maybe mix up the order of details. She doesn’t mind, she’s heard it a number of times before, though it always excites her to hear how I screwed my ex-girlfriend. She starts sucking on my cock as I relate the blowjob Emily gave me, and how I fucked her on the couch. She occasionally asks me for a detail I might have forgotten in the past. She has heard Emily’s version too. She’s heard all about the rest of Emily’s sexual history too: Steve with his small cock that didn’t please her, Bryce who was acceptable but lacked confidence, and Troy, “Mr. Horsecock,” the good looking and well hung asshole, the idea of whom both repels and yet excites both girls.

Emily and I both know of Isabella’s history too. She was a bit of a slow bloomer sexually, and seems to have a lot of pent up energy as a result. I know of Ernesto, her boyfriend who took her virginity shortly after she turned 21. Despite being on the shorter side he was hung almost as impressively as me, and unleashed the sexual animal within her. We also know of his dishonesty and infidelity. We’ve talked about the stories of the couple of others who she messed around with but didn’t find to her liking to take within her. And even of Mike, a mutual friend who is a tremendously sweet guy, but not terribly skilled nor does he have a sex drive that matches Isabella’s. I have privately wondered if sex was part of what made Isabella and Mike best of friends who couldn’t stay lovers.

But the cock Emily and Isabella most often discuss is the cock Isabella now sucks. That cock is mine. Obviously its not just the cock but the user as well that has impressed these women; the Latina beauty sucking on it now and the busty blond thousands of miles away who will likely be doing the same thing in a week’s time.

Isabella slides up and sits on my cock slowly, letting it fill her.

“Are you sure you don’t mind sharing me?” I ask her, staring into her beautiful green eyes. We’ve talked about this a lot since she suggested it. Sex with Emily, even with both these women at once would never be worth losing Isabella.

“Yes…” she hisses. “You know I do. It scares me, but makes me so horny. Tell me what you’re gonna to do with her.”

“With both of you,” I correct. “I’m going to pretty much use you two as my private pleasure toys the whole time. You won’t wear clothes unless I want you to. In fact, I might keep you two tied together.” Her pussy clenches me at the mention of that, a fact I file away for reference in my mind.

“The first time you’ll just watch, in lingerie I think. I’ll have her get dressed up for me, then suck my cock a bit. Then I’ll eat her out, let you watch me please her and see how it drives her wild. Then I might just go straight to doggy style sex. You both seem to love that a lot when I do it to you.” She comes hard at the mention of this. I almost chuckle at the thought that since we decided to invite Emily to come share our bed, Isabella has almost had the female equivalent of premature ejaculation. Not that it matters, a few moments later and she’s back into the fucking. Of course, when Emily arrives I will be able to go back and forth. Two women might prove to be a challenge.

Isabella is a highly orgasmic woman. Most of my lovers have had an easier time coming with me than with others. Part of it is my genuine desire to please and make the woman I’m with feel good. At the same time I’ve learned not to pressure a woman to climax, and truly understand that a woman doesn’t have to climax to enjoy sex. It’s a fine line to walk at times, caring if a woman climaxes yet not pressuring her.

After helping Maria get off on my dick, it’s all about my pleasure. I squeeze her ass and slam her hard from behind. I reach around and grab her small firm tits, teasing her nipples. I picture her licking Emily’s fully waxed pussy while I penetrate her and this sets off my orgasm. I explode into her with a grunt and gently collapse to the bed. We both drift off to sleep.

Finally the weekend comes and Emily arrives. Isabella comes with to gaziantep bayan escort meet her at the airport. Emily hugs me first, extremely fondly, pressing her body against my quickly hard dick through our clothes while pressing her very noticeable breasts against my chest. Moments later she’s hugging Isabella. The two are soon giggling like sisters. The conversation in the car ride back to our place is non-sexual, but the two are getting along quite well.

With Emily’s suitcase in the spare room, the three of us relax in the living room. There is tension in the air, and the girls are obviously looking to me to take the lead.

I pat the couch on each side of me, and soon have my current lover on my left and my former on my right. I wrap my arms around the girl’s waists; they put their hands on my thighs. I turn and kiss Isabella while Emily watches; she’s never seen me kiss another woman with such passion before. Isabella gets to witness the same first as I kiss Emily, and I feel her tense up a little bit.

“Isabella” I say clearly looking into her eyes. “Go change into something sexy.” She looks at me, realizing this is the moment of truth. It would be awkward to stop it at this point, but possible. If she leaves the room she knows she’ll probably come back with my dick in Emily’s mouth.

She rises slowly, not breaking eye contact with me. She looks at Emily, pressed against my side, my arm over her. Isabella gives me a final kiss on the lips, tender and sweet. She then bends over and kisses Emily softly on the cheek while Emily remains still. She then gives her a small wink as she glides out of the room.

I attack Emily, stripping her of her clothes. I shed mine in the process. First I’m in boxers, her in a tiny black g-string and matching black bra. My eyes are drawn to her pierced navel. ‘That’s new,’ I muse. I suppose now that she has a stomach she’s proud of she wants to show it off as much as possible. Then her amazing tits are free. I’m sitting on the couch, naked. She’s standing before me, hooks her fingers under the tiny string, and pulls it down, revealing her certainly freshly waxed pussy. Isabella’s timing is amazing. She’s wearing a see-through lavender baby doll with matching g-string and thigh high stockings. She returns to the room just as Emily sinks to her knees and takes my long cock into her mouth.

It’s sensory overload. I haven’t come for three days in preparation, insisting on only eating out Isabella the night before. Emily’s mouth feels wonderful after six long months since the last time. The image of her blonde head sucking my dick is fresh in my mind as I look Isabella in the eyes. My girlfriend is watching my ex suck my cock. It’s too much, and I explode into Emily’s mouth three strokes in. She’s shocked at the rapidness and volume, but swallows it all up as it erupts. She turns to see what I’m looking at and smiles sheepishly over her shoulder at Isabella.

Isabella glides across the room and kneels down next to Emily. She takes my still hard cock in her left hand, slick with Emily’s saliva. The fingers of her right hand intertwine with Emily’s. She smiles sweetly at me, and then lowers her mouth to my still sensitive prick. I’m in heaven. I stay fully hard, but since I just came I can enjoy the situation, the feeling. Emily watches with rapt attention as Isabella sucks on me. She takes her time, mostly just licking my shaft at first. I realize this is the first time either of them has seen another woman suck my cock, and likely the first time they’ve seen any woman suck any cock up close outside of porn.

Emily is entranced. At first Isabella’s eyes focus on my cock, then she looks up into my eyes, expressing her love for me with her mouth on my dick. Then she looks over at Emily, whose hand she is still holding. My cock pops out of her mouth and she smiles shyly at the blond woman, using her free hand to offer my manhood back to Emily. Emily accepts, placing her own hand at the base and replacing my girlfriend’s lips with her own.

Thank god for the previous orgasm because now I’m able to just sit back and enjoy the amazing sensation of two beautiful women on their knees before me taking turns sucking my dick. The two most important women in my life, symbols of past and present. But in this present they’re both mine, if only in the short term. Visually it is an amazing thing, having two beautiful women between your legs, swapping your hard cock, slick with both of their spit.

The girls are looking at each other now, perhaps trying to decide who’s going to go first. I figure its time for me to take control and make a decision. I stand up, the girls remaining kneeling on the floor. I place a hand on the side of each of their faces, and caress down to their cheeks. I look both of them in the eyes and then move my hands to the back of their heads. I gently guide them both to my cock at once, Isabella on my left, Emily on my right, guiding them both down to lick the base at once. They silently agree, and start to lick the sides of my cock simultaneously. They work their way upwards, and as they reach the head I guide Emily back down to my balls. She licks and sucks them for me while Isabella sucks me as deep as she can (which is about five inches). Then I switch them, Isabella sucking my scrotum and Emily taking me to the back of her throat. I guide them both to the head of my cock so their tongues are dancing around the same areas, faces inches from each other. “Kiss” I command gently. They do.

It’s a tender kiss, more familiar than strictly sexual. Their hands have been interlocked since we started. Their tongues largely stay in their own mouths, only darting out to lick the other girl’s lips. It lasts only a few moments, and they look back up at me.

Isabella kissed a woman once before. It was at a party; she’d been drinking and was very flirtatious. The girl was totally her type. They snuck off to a back room and made out for a couple minutes, nothing more. I wasn’t at that party, but fucked her hard when she told me about it.

“Stand” I say, and the two breathtaking women stand and I guide them each to one of my sides, their hands separating at last. Each one places a hand on my cock, Emily’s at the base, Isabella’s nearer to the tip, with an inch or two to spare. I caress each’s hip and squeeze each girl’s ass cheek, going up under the short baby doll on Isabella, bare flesh on Emily. Two bodies present such opportunity. I compare the two asses silently. Isabella’s is slightly softer and with more womanly hips, while Emily’s is taught and tight. I realize how many men would give everything they own to be in my position at this moment.

I take the girl’s hands and lead them to the bedroom. I don’t bother shutting the door. There’s no one else here, and it seems somewhat symbolic.

I turn to Isabella, take her in my arms, and kiss her tenderly and passionately. I try to show her physically how much I love her and how tonight won’t change it. I then pat the bed and say “get comfy carina.”

I then turn my attention to Emily. I swear she could almost be in Playboy, with her long blond hair, her large natural breasts, her firm stomach and pierced bellybutton, her firm legs and waxed pussy. She’s a stereotypical vision of American sexuality.

“Come here” I say to her, though she’s only a step and a half away. She closes the distance and I fill my hands with her body as Isabella looks on, still. My hands cup Emily’s almost unnatural breasts, being wonderfully reminded of the size and softness of them. My mouth bends down to suck one pink nipple into it and make it hard under my suckling. My hand reaches around to caress her lower back, drifting down to cup her firm ass. My mouth moves to the other nipple, my hands caressing her hips and thighs, hers resting gently on my shoulders. She moans softly. She’s half facing Isabella and I know she’s extremely aware of the other woman’s presence as I pleasure her body. She’s fucked me before when I was Isabella’s boyfriend, but not in front of her.

I kiss my way down to her tummy and play with her new navel jewel. My fingers tease her wet pussy lips as I look up at her, expecting a story. She giggles. “Like it?” she asks. I nod.

Later she would explain to Isabella and me how she got it done after having her first threesome with two guys. It happened after our reunion and was an experience she enjoyed. She’d wanted one for a while, and decided it was worth marking the occasion. I marvel at how much more open and wild she is than she was when we were together.

I continue trailing my kisses lower until I grip Emily’s hips and lick her pussy gently. She shifts uncomfortably; she’s still not that into receiving head. I tell her to lie on the edge of the bed and finger her for a little bit. Isabella watches closely, occasionally brushing her fingers against her own body. She’s still wearing the lingerie, and looks amazing. I smile and wink at her. She smiles back. I can sense Emily is feeling nice but ready for something else.

I slide onto the bed between the girls on my back. I kiss Emily on the lips, pulling her to my side. I look at Isabella and say “baby, would you suck on my dick to get it ready for Emily to ride?” My cock is already like a bar of iron, but Isabella smiles and places her mouth around my cock. I kiss Emily while Isabella sucks me, darting my tongue in and out of her mouth. My arm is wrapped around Emily possessively and my other hand is entangled in Isabella’s silky dark hair.

After a few minutes of head I stop Isabella with my hand and use my other to motion Emily on top of me, With practiced ease she slowly slides her pussy onto me. She’s incredibly hot and wet, even the outer lips. She very slowly sinks herself down on me, Isabella watching with eyes wide and my shaft disappears into her shaven pussy. “Oh godohgodohgodohgod…” Emily exhales rapidly. It has been 6 months since she had something so thick in her, and it takes some getting used to. But she’s plenty wet, so it doesn’t hurt her. I reach up and pinch her nipples a bit, letting her set the pace for depth of penetration. Isabella has her hand between her own thighs rubbing the outside of her g-string, her other on my shoulder gripping me tightly. Her eyes are glued to the sight of me disappearing into Emily’s bare snatch.

“Fuuuuuuuck!” Emily moans, and climaxes, her pussy clenching me tightly. I hold back only due to the release from the blowjob earlier. Emily always was pretty quick to come, and I’m sure she was extremely aroused by the build up.

I kiss Isabella with my cock still rigid inside Emily’s spasming pussy. I feel tension in her body. She’s both aroused and a bit jealous I’m sure. I reach over to cup her ass cheek as I kiss my girlfriend. Emily slides off me, not terribly gracefully. “Your turn” I whisper to my girlfriend. She quickly takes off her g-string and takes Emily’s place straddling me, leaving the baby doll on.

She braces herself with her hands on my chest as she slides onto me. Between her wetness and Emily’s juices on my cock it slips in really easily. She smiles at me a bit quizzically, obviously not used to my dick being quite so slippery, wet from my former lover, who is watching with rapt attention to her own live porn show. My eyes frequently dart to my girlfriends hard nipples, perched atop her small lovely breasts.

I grab the Emily and pull her in for a kiss as the Puerto Rican on top of me begins to ride my cock slowly. Isabella closes her eyes to fully enjoy the feeling as I fill her up. Emily breaks our kiss and turns to watch, entranced.

We’re silent aside from some heavy breathing. Isabella grinds against me, leans down and kisses me. I focus my attentions on my girlfriend, looking her in the eyes as she rides me. Emily watches, her large chest still heaving from her climax. Isabella lowers herself in to kiss me as she continues to make her hips rise and fall, her velvety pussy holding onto my erection tightly. When we break I look over at Emily, who reads my mind and leans in to take her turn kissing me. I alternate between kissing the girls, then push their heads together for more kissing, this time with my cock buried deep in my lover. I add myself to the mix and soon our kiss is three-way. I’m rock hard but still not too close to orgasm, but know Isabella wants one soon. I flip her over via Emily’s side, never exiting her, so I’m now on top with her on her back. “Lick her nipple Emily” I command as I resume fucking my girlfriend’s lovely cunt. Emily starts licking the slightly darker woman’s nipple with less hesitation than I expected, and Isabella climaxes almost instantly. I wait only a moment before quickly moving behind Emily and sliding my cock into her still wet pussy, beginning to fuck her doggy style. Emily’s mouth doesn’t leave Isabella’s tit, and from the sounds coming from both of them I can tell they’re enjoying their foray into bisexuality.

Isabella slides away a few inches and I focus my energies on ramming Emily hard from behind as Isabella rests and watches. I grab Emily’s long blonde hair at the base and pull back gently, smacking her ass with my free hand as I fuck her. She moans loudly.

“Talk to my girlfriend, lover.” I say. Tell her how my cock feels in your pussy.”

“Isabella… your boyfriend’s cock is so good. Wow. I mean it’s fucking me so nice right now.”

“Is it better than Steve?” “yes” she moans. “Bryce?” She hesitates and I smack her ass hard. “Yes….” She hisses. “Troy?” “Oh FUCK yes! Damn it, you fucker your cock is the best!” and she comes again.

I feel like a stud having racked up 3 orgasms between my lovers since my first one from their oral performance. But I’m not done just yet. I glance between my two angels, both panting, chests flushed with arousal. I figure Emily might be feeling a bit shy after our recent performance, but such things also have a way of opening people up and breaking down inhibitions.

“Isabella, don’t you love Emily’s tits? They’re so big but still so firm”

“Yes baby, I can see where you like them so much”

“Why don’t you show her how much you like them?” Isabella smiles at me and reaches over to cup one of the blonde’s huge breasts in her hand.

She plays with them just with her hands for a moment as Emily closes her eyes. Emily jumps a bit as Isabella lowers her mouth to the rock hard pink nipple. My cock almost erupts as I watch my girlfriend suck on a tit for the first time. She couldn’t have had a nicer rack for her first. Yet Isabella’s tits are a wonder themselves, high and firm, and fill out a shirt surprisingly well for their size. Seeing Isabella lick her first nipple reminds me just how great Emily’s tits are, and I quickly join her sucking the other tit. Emily cradles our heads with our hands, caressing my short light brown hair and Isabella’s longer dark hair. Her mouth not leaving the lighter girl’s tit, Isabella’s hand gropes to grab my cock and start to stroke it. I reach over and grab her ass, which is sticking up slightly, squeezing it both reassuringly and possessively.

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