Amish No More Ch. 03


The week that Martha would be released to me had finally arrived.

I would be going alone to Arthur’s Estate in Martha’s Vineyards to get her.

Arthur would be flying home from Australia from a business trip and she would be waiting for me there.

In the event that he was delayed I was to wait for him and Maud would see to my needs.

A point of clarification; I mentioned earlier that after Maud’s Tribunal I made no claim on her person.

On paper Maud is the community property of the Sanctorum.

For practical purposes she is now Arthur’s personal secretary… perhaps his lover.

She is also a cook and housekeeper on occasion; Maud is forever a slave.

As community property it is my right to have Maud if I so desire as may any Master or Grand Master.

Maud has served several Grand Masters now and she was deliberately passed around to humble her as part of her punishment.

No doubt it was Maud’s hope that she would be immediately purchased and shielded by Arthur or myself.

Maud has been with Arthur for the past four months.

I know for a fact that Arthur eventually intends to purchase her from the Sanctorum and I doubt that anyone out of respect for him will stand in his way. I certainly won’t and I have first consideration if Maud were to be put up for sale.

Therefore if problems do arise I remain Arthur’s ace in the hole.

The thought has occurred to me, the desire to have and to own the former Grand Mistress, Maud.

It was and is my right to ravage Maud upon her being found guilty and Minerva as well; that precedent was set long before I was born. Their actions could have resulted in my death if I was found guilty of their false charges and planted evidence.

Fortunately I had taken precautions.

I remember well the first time I met regal Maud. In saying this I am in no way being sarcastic or flippant.

Maud held audience as if she were a Queen and I a serf being granted a favor or indulgence by her offer to purchase Sarah.

She was gracious yet aloof, dignified and refined; in short Maud was a presence not to be ignored…. so much better challenge.

Maud was wearing a deep purple dress. This rich purple is reserved for Grand Mistresses for all formal Gathering of the Sanctorum. Maud’s long dark brown hair was pulled back into a braided chignon at the nape of her neck.

I observed barely noticeable hints of silver gray at the roots of her temples as I studied her.

Most likely she dyed her long hair. Maud is as tall as Minerva and at that time 30 lbs heavier and is exactly 20 years older; they share the same birthday. While Maud may have let herself go a bit, however she remains a beautiful woman and was by far… by far wealthier then Minerva could ever hope to be; most of her wealth is now mine.

Maud was also wearing an 18- karat gold filigree tiara in her hair.

It was adorned with a flawless marquee cut 6-carat amethyst gemstone of a magnificent dark purple color.

The tiara represents the Grand Mistress’s symbol of office and was something that Minerva always coveted.

Masters and Grand Masters have a simple gold signet ring with the seal of the Sanctorum.

The upper right hand corner shield of the coat of arms on the Master’s ring is left blank.

When a Master achieves Grand Master a single carnation is engraved in this mentioned corner.

Masters and Grand Masters did not have an official color and we dress as we please.

Maud was in her mid-fifties when I first met her, when I first looked into her haughty blue eyes.

Those same blue eyes sized me up and dared me to refuse her offer and then counter offer.

I was polite and met her gaze. I was thinking; “so much like Minerva.’ “I would love to take her hair down to see how long it is.”

These were the censored thoughts while the rest… I am sure that you get the idea.

The last thing that Maud expected from me was that I would turn her down; politely of course and be looking for tells.

Her hands were folded on her lap when I refused her. I watched Maud catch herself as she squeezed her bottom hand with her top hand in annoyance or anger at my audacity. Plus the fact that Maud was aware that I observed her hand movements and saw the amusement in my eyes at discovering her tells. Maud was watching me intently as well.

Minerva was absolutely beside herself with anger and embarrassment although she concealed it well; aside from the flashes of fire in her beautiful green eyes. I had every right to refuse Maud, Grand Mistress that she was then.

The laws of the Sanctorum are few. A slave, Master, Mistresses, Grand Master or Grand Mistress are expected to know them by heart and they are to be carried with them always.

Justice is swift and sure and the penalties are determinant and harsh. As a case in point, you are either innocent or guilty.

Extenuating circumstances are seldom taken into consideration.

Appeals are rare Pendik Türbanlı Escort requiring the seating of the fifty and are not to be taken lightly.

Back to Arthur’s estate:

Arthur has a large estate complete with a stable and barn for his riding horses.

The servant’s quarters are separate from the main house and remain unoccupied.

He keeps a Holstein cow for fresh raw milk. He has a small fieldstone chicken coop with chickens for fresh brown eggs; bacon & eggs with home fried potatoes and buttered toast being his favorite meal by far.

Even though he is a man of immense wealth and power Arthur has never forgotten his roots having grown up on a farm.

It is not beneath him to clean out his stables, barn and coop or to feed and care for his animals and I dare say that he enjoys it.

By contrast Arthur’s house is opulent with marble, slate and granite floors.

It has 11 full baths for each bedroom and many other rooms and galleries.

If I decide to add Martha to my household every bedroom upstairs will now be occupied; bedrooms that Martha once hoped would be full of children; bedrooms that I one hoped would be full of children.

When I arrived at the airport the limousine service brought me out to Arthur’s gated estate and we went through the two armed security checkpoints. At the second checkpoint I got out of the limo and sent the driver on his way intending to walk the 1000 yards or so to the main house carrying my waxed canvas duffle bag.

I had not seen or talked to Maud since her Tribunal. We had much to talk about and I was still curious to find out how long her hair was among other things. Assuming that Arthur made no changes to Maud’s hair because I doubt the other Grand Masters did.

As I said before out of respect for Arthur…or perhaps fear.

When I arrived at the Mansion one of the two cleaning ladies, Paula answered the door while glancing over my shoulder looking for the limo. Arthur employs two frumpy and plump ladies of Italian decent to come in every other day to clean.

They are sisters and spinsters, discrete, very well paid and fiercely loyal to him. They lost their childhood home to taxes, further complicated by the actions of crooked land developers and politicians; politicians being crooked is a given.

Arthur paid the delinquent taxes and then put a halt to the bogus claims of eminent domain. The limousine service that brought me here is the same one that brings them to and from work and for them that is a perk of the job.

“Good afternoon, Paula. You are looking as lovely as ever.” I smiled at her as I watched her touch her hair and then return my smile. “Is Maria working today? Sarah sent 3 pounds of her pecan fudge.” I opened the large side pocket on my bag intending on giving it to her.

“Maria is in the kitchen preparing you a little snack. You must be famished from your long trip.

Ms. McCabe (she was referring to Maud) is waiting for you in the East Drawing Room. She has been primping like a peacock all morning. Please thank Sarah for the fudge…. such a cook she is! Are you sure that she not just a little Italian? Well, at least you are half on your Mama’s side! And Catholic, praise the Madonna.” She said, making the Sign Of The Cross.

These two ladies had no idea that Maud was a slave of the Sanctorum. It was explained to them by Arthur that Maud was his personal secretary. On the surface that was exactly what she was.

From the tone of Paula’s voice I believed that she resented Maud being there. Although they were approximately the same age as Maud, Paula and Maria are not as beautiful, or as refined or as educated. However they are both fabulous cooks and Maria’s Veal Marsala surpasses Salvatore’s. Maud and Minerva are Harvard Graduates with a PhDs in Business/Mathematics as well as a M.A. in English Literature. No doubt these Ladies may even be a little intimidated by Maud…. as for me; Maud will be my bed partner for the duration of my stay.

I gave Paula the fudge and followed her into the kitchen. Maria was laying out platters, plates and bowls containing Genoa Salami, sweet and sour headcheese, hard dry pepperoni, capiccola, soprsotta and sharp provolone cheese. There were black olives and green olives stuffed with raw garlic; the black olives were sprinkled with coarse sea salt and red pepper flakes.

There was crusty Italian bread, plus sweet or hot roasted red peppers tossed in olive oil with whole roasted garlic cloves.

There was a cold refreshing salad made with pealed segmented orange sections tossed with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and freshly ground coarse black pepper and finally… homemade cannolis… just a little snack.

I sat in the kitchen with them and ate while they fussed over me. I was enjoying my meal with a small glass of Carlo Rossi Paisano Chianti an inexpensive table wine that they favored and something that my Italian Grandfather, my mother’s father drank.

While they cleaned Pendik Otele Gelen Escort the kitchen to their exacting specifications, I was working on the cannolis trying to make them go away and drinking cappuccino; salute Grandpa.

When, tired of waiting Maud came walking into the kitchen and was quite annoyed with them.

“I believe that I asked you two ladies to inform me immediately when the Limousine pulled up in front of the house did I not?”

Maud asked in a demanding tone while standing there tall and regal like the Grand Mistress that she once was.

“Yes Ms. McCabe, you did.”

Paula answered, looking at her sister, knowingly.

“Then why didn’t advise me that Mr. Buckley was here?”

Maud asked a second time.

“Because the Limousine did not pull up and Mr. Buckley walked from the second checkpoint and he looked famished.

We can’t have a guest and friend of Mr. Arthur go hungry, Ms. McCabe.” Maria replied slyly.

“Your ride is here Ladies and we won’t need your services for the next five days. I will telephone you if things change.

We will definitely discuss this matter at a later date when there are no distractions.” Maud informed them before turning her attention to me.

“Mr. Buckley.”

“Yes, Ms. McCabe.” I replied just as formally for the benefit of Paula and Maria.

“Ms. Cardoso (Maud was referring to Martha’s maiden name) is waiting for you in the East Gallery.”

“Thank you, Ms. McCabe. I am looking forward to seeing her, but first you and I need to clear the air about a few things.

We had so little time the last time we were together. Please wait for me in the Billiard Room. I need to see these lovely Ladies to their chariot.” I then offered Paula and Maria an arm and then escorted them out leaving Maud standing there.

When I returned to the kitchen I finished my cappuccino before going the Billiard Room carrying my duffle bag. I closed and locked the door before putting the bag on the floor by the dry bar. Maud immediately assumed the position on the floor now that we were alone.

“You may heel, slave.” I said, keeping my voice neutral. Maud put her hand at the base of her throat; a gesture asking permission to speak and I shook my head for no. This is something that I taught all my girls and something that was no doubt was brought up in conversation between her and Minerva when they were free women; Grand Mistress and Mistress.

“You will now stand with your hands at your side so that I can get a good look at you and so far I like what I see.”

Maud was wearing a navy cocktail dress with a black lace embellished bodice plus a sheer black lace elbow length sleeves and a scooped off the shoulder neckline. The shirred natural waist gave her figure the appearance of a slight hourglass shape while the pencil skirt accented her curves.

This dress had what Minerva would call a flirtatious black lace hemline… very nice.

The silver open toe high heels that she was wearing definitely added a nice movement to her hips as she walked; while the dress accented her ample bosom… very nice indeed.

Especially since Maud had lost a good thirty pounds since I had last seen her.

I walked up behind her and put my hands around her waist rubbing her taut flat tummy thinking; “It is hard to believe this siren is a woman pushing sixty because if I didn’t know better I would have guessed late thirties or early forties despite the hair.”

I could smell her complex perfume mixed with her natural scent…. much like the nose of mature vintage Merlot, rich and complex…. each sip a subtle taste or nuance. Being close to her like this was like a carnal epiphany…. no wonder Arthur wanted Maud all to himself and I envied him. With Arthur’s tacit approval I would savor her and I was looking forward to it.

Maud’s hair was stripped of the artificial brown dye that she once used to hide her gray; however hers was not an ordinary gray.

Maud’s hair was now her own natural burnished silver gray color that suited her much better.

Her hair was pinned up in a simple cinnamon bun at the back of her head.

Judging from the size of her bun, I would estimate that when Maud’s hair was down and loose would now fall to the bottom of her shoulder blades. At some point Maud’s much longer hair had had been cut.

She was wearing minimal makeup, but wearing it well; eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and such.

Maud has wonderfully clear, wrinkle free skin, the exception being the laugh lines at the corner of her eyes.

These gave her face character; character that a young woman if lucky might eventually earn.

Even though Maud’s posture was that as a slave, her intelligent blue eyes were still all encompassing although no longer haughty.

God bless him, Arthur had no intention breaking Maud’s spirit.

And the process he spoke of, the one used to help Martha forget her nightmare about that scumbag Abzug must hold Pendik Ucuz Escort other surprises.

“I want you to walk to the end of the room and then stand by the billiard table. You know exactly what I am talking about.

You are dressed this way to entice me and you have succeeded. You still do not have permission to speak.”

I commanded as she once did and then I slapped her shapely ass most disrespectfully.

Maud did exactly that and her hips were swaying nicely as she slowly walked on the silver heels and stopped where I pointed; at the floor in front of the pool table.

“Very nice my dear, very nice; obviously you have been dieting and exercising I approve of your hair.

It is such a beautiful burnished silver gray that I will have my hands in shortly.

You look quite exotic and the silver color sets off the blue of your eyes.

You have permission to answer questions only; turn around and face away from me.”

I unzipped Maud’s dress and then slid it down her shoulders and hips and letting it drop to her ankles for her to step out of.

Underneath the dress Maud was wearing a lacey black bra, lacey black panties and black garter belt to hold up her stockings.

As I was removing her bra I asked. “How long was your hair before Arthur had it cut?”

“It just touched the bottom of my buttocks, Master.”

I stroked her breasts watching her shudder as her nipples hardened at my touch leaving me to wonder if this was a result of the process that Arthur mentioned. I then kissed and blew on the back of her neck watching the goose bumps on her arms and shoulders… interesting; I never took her for the goose bump type. As for her panties, I simply ripped them at the seams leaving her dressed in the garter belt, stockings and silver heels.

I again blew on her neck and then kissed Maud behind her ears while smelling her perfume while my right hand was lightly caressing her shaved vagina and I commented. “Such an interesting scent; I can’t place the perfume it is very complex; I also notice that your clitoral hood has been pierced.

“Arthur gets the perfume from a little shop in Egypt and it was blended especially for me.

I’m not sure what it is called or if it even has a name…. that feels so good, Master. The piercings heighten my arousal.”

“I wouldn’t have guessed that you are so easily aroused and those precious goose bumps.”

Have you always been this way?

“No, Master?”

“You may address me as Master Michael for the present.”

I offered while removing the hairpins to take her hair down.

“Under the circumstances those changes are for the best as no doubt they will be for Martha…yes, the last one.

I dropped the last hairpin to the floor and stroked her long thick ponytail.

“No layers, this is just the way I like it, blunt cut to all one length.”

I let go of her ponytail and then took a step back. “Take the elastic tie out of your ponytail and then shake your head.”

Maud did as she was told tossing her head and I watched her silver tresses flow over her neck, back, shoulders and then caress her breasts.

“Excellent…how I envy Arthur!

As you remember I treated you with respect and kept my word to you about Minerva before the Enforcers took you both away for trial.

I did not publicly rape or beat you after your Tribunal as is my right.

That was then and this is now…you have a debt to pay and if I am well satisfied I will not beat you.”

I stepped to her and roughly buried my hands in her hair and kissed her lips.

“You are mine for the moment and despite everything I have brought you a gift.”

I walked over to my duffle bag and returned with a bottle of Gekkeikan, a Japanese Plum Wine that I knew to be her favorite.

I put the bottle on the pool table and then picked her up.

I put Maud on top the pool table so that her feet hanging over the edge.

Her surprised reaction to being manhandled handled in such a manner made me smile.

Inspired and pleased I kissed her mouth a second time followed by whispering in her ear and blowing on her neck to be rewarded with more goose bumps. “You will remove your remaining clothing while I get a glass from the bar.”

I returned with a small glass; the type having a wide body, narrow mouth and a straight lip; a glass perfect for this type of sweet wine. After pouring the wine, I held it up to the light to admire the pale amber color before dipping my index finger into it and then tracing my wet finger on Maud’s lips for her to taste while I took a sip.

Maud licked her lips and my finger. Then she took the glass when I offered it to her, sipping from it and then handing it back to me to take a sip. Pushing her long hair aside I then dipped my finger several more times painting lines from the base of her throat to the middle of her breasts.

Then I traced the outline of her areolas, nipples; and finally her mouth before draining the remaining wine from the glass

I dropped the glass to the slate floor and then ground it violently beneath my engineer boot certain that a woman of Maud’s intellect, imagination and instincts would realize the symbolism of such and act and she did by closing her eyes and waiting; Maud was trembling.

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