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“God Janet – I’m telling you that I’m nearly climbing the walls. I mean at first it was really sweet. But we’ve been dating for over two months and he hasn’t done anything more than just seriously gropes me. Matt is driving me crazy!” Miranda complained into her phone as she became increasingly aware of a severe itch between her big toes that hadn’t been scratched in a long time. Her hand moved absent-mindedly up her thigh and under her skirt. “I mean I know it isn’t that he doesn’t like me…everything else is great. It’s just we haven’t done it…”

Miranda’s finger was slowly teasing the gusset of her panties. Her finger slid across a swollen wet lip as she listened to her co-worker. She was having trouble following the conversation as her finger pushed slowly rubbed languidly over her clitoris. Janet was saying something about Matt and the fact that he hadn’t had sex with any of the women he’d dated from work.

Miranda listened distractedly as Janet told her about a friend who suspicious that Matt was hiding something had done some checking up on him and uncovered something outrageous.

Miranda’s eyes widened in amazement. “Are you saying that Matt pays for it?”

Janet sensed she had Miranda’s full attention. “Let me put it this way. Some men join Country Clubs, some join yacht clubs, Matt is a member of a ‘gentleman’s pleasure club.’ The full-length version involves Matt’s former fiancée and his former best friend – I think you can fill in the blanks. The short version is Matt decided it was cheaper to just date women for the pleasure of their company and pay for his pleasure to a company elsewhere – hey, he seems happy.”

“He seems happy? He seems happy…well screw that! I want to be happy too. How can he just pay for it and walk away? He fucking pays for it? I’ll make him fucking pay for it!”

“Ah Miranda are you OK? You’re not going to do anything crazy are you?”

Miranda felt a strange calm envelope her – a purposeful peace. “Crazy? No nothing crazy – so Matt likes to pay for it. OK, I can deal with that.”

“Oh hi Matt, come on in. Sorry, but I’m running a bit late, I’m not even dressed yet.” As Miranda turned away from the door her robe opened momentarily. Matt caught an all too brief glimpse of dark areolas and nipples pushing against sheer material. Where he thought he should have seen a dark patch of pubic hair, he saw nothing but the soft shading of her skin. The robe closed and Miranda ran to her bedroom calling back over her shoulder, “Opps – sorry about that, give me about ten minutes.”

Five minutes later Matt heard a scream and ran to the bedroom as Miranda call for him. The door slammed behind him. Turning he froze Miranda had removed the robe. In her left hand she held some kind of gadget that buzzed menacingly as a blue spark arced between two points. Miranda stepped forward and pushed Matt in the chest causing him to fall back on the bed.

“Miranda, what’s going on here – are you OK?”

“No Matt – I’m not OK. I’m confused, angry, hurt, insulted…disrespected, deceived, de…”

“OK, OK, I get the idea, obviously you think that I’ve done something…”

“Shut up Matthew.” Miranda picked up her wallet. “One hundred dollars ought to cover it.” She stuffed the bills into Matt’s pants pocket smiling as she noticed the tenting in his pants. “I want oral sex – now.”

At the sight of Matt’s jaw dropping open in disbelief Miranda laughed, “Yes keep your mouth just like that.” She crawled across him until she was straddling his shoulders. Pulling her lips apart she directed Matt’s head between her thighs, “I’ll let you know when you’re finished.”

“Stop! Stop! Too much! Oh God!” Miranda rolled off of Matt’s face and covered her clit. “Oh shit! Oh that was worth every penny.” She felt the bed move as Matt rolled onto his side his hand reaching out to touch her breast.

Miranda forced herself to roll off the bed. “Phew!” She repositioned her panties, “These are soaked!” and then removed them. She pulled on a dress and smoothed it over her hips, “Too short? No? Ok, I’ll just be a minute.”

Matt sat on the edge of the bed utterly confused. Miranda came bouncing out of the bathroom looking absolutely fantastic. “Matt you’re not going out like that are you?” The expression on his face became only more confused. “Your mouth and chin are covered with my cum.” Miranda wiped him clean. “Well come on – I’m starving.”

Throughout dinner Miranda flirted and touched Matt. One moment rubbing the back of his hand the next stroking his leg with her foot. On the drive back to Miranda’s she gently stroked his inner thighs.

“Oh Matt, tonight was wonderful. I really enjoyed walking down by the beach after that terrific dinner – that was so romantic.” Miranda leaned in and kissed Matt lightly and sensuously on the mouth, her tongue teasing his lips. “Goodnight.” Miranda opened the door to her apartment and started to move inside.

“Goodnight?” Matt had been off-balance all evening, seemingly a step behind every move nişantaşı escort Miranda had made. “May I come in?”

“Well, just for a minute.” Miranda touched Matt’s cheek then let her hand trail down his chest. She walked slowly towards her bedroom looking back over her shoulder. “I need to get out of this dress, go ahead and make yourself comfortable.”

Matt stood in the bedroom doorway as Miranda, her back to him, slid the dress off and stepped out of it. She unclipped her bra and bent over to pick up her dress. When her wet cunt flashed into view Matt gasped. Miranda spun around, “You shouldn’t be spying on me? You are a very bad boy if you see me like this you might get all excited. Oh you are excited.” Miranda walked to Matt and looked directly at his tented pants.

“Now I suppose you want me to fall on my knees and suck that big ol’ cock you’ve been hiding from me until you cum in my mouth. No doubt you’ll want me to swallow, then you’ll want to fuck on my very own bed – maybe a couple of times. Is that what you want Matthew? Is that why you’re still here?”

Matt was shaking with desire. The evening had been a never-ending series of teases and temptations. After the cunnilingual session earlier (he had felt the wad of bills in his pocket all evening) they had driven to a restaurant. Miranda had allowed her dress to expose her thighs ‘almost’ to her hips. When Matt had placed a hand on her leg she had politely but firmly lifted it off placing it on his own. During the meal she had tortured him with flashed of her thighs and casual glimpses down her dress as she would brush her breasts against him to offer him a taste of her food. But this was nothing compared to the walk along the beach!

They had walked arms entwined until they came to a bluff top overlook. Miranda had shivered so Matt removed his jacket and wrapped it around her. She had taken the arms of the jacket and crossed them over her breasts saying, ‘I wish these were your arms,’ as she turned to gaze out at the view. Matt had walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her his hands capturing her breasts. He felt her nipples swell and harden under his touch. He leaned forward and nuzzled and kissed her neck.

Miranda had turned and protested but Matt ignored her demurs and kissed and fondled her freely. His hand found her wetness and he had fingered her to orgasm as she screamed into his shoulder. Miranda had insisted he take her home and he had been only too happy to comply. Now this!

Miranda stood before him her dress held to cover her left breast. Matt reached out and touched her right breast and nipple. “Yes. I want you. I want to make love to you.”

Miranda slowly lowered the dress until she stood naked before him. Her fingers circled her nipples and traced down to the wet cleft between her thighs. A finger coated with her juices was lifted to Matt’s mouth and then used to paint his lips.

“You want me?” Miranda kissed him. “You want to have me? All of me?” She plunged her tongue into his mouth. Matt kissed her back and joyously fondled her breasts.

“Fine – that’ll be $500?”

“What?” Matt’s mind was now reeling.

“$500 bucks…cash…now.” Miranda rubbed the length of his cock. “That’ll get you a suck and a fuck for five hundred bucks. If you want to play with it – time to pay for it.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand…”

“Oh yes you do. You understand all about paying for sex, don’t you? Well, so do I. Five hundred bucks – suck and a fuck.”

“I don’t have that much…” Matt opened his wallet and fumbled through his pockets. “I have three hundred and twenty nine dollars…”

Miranda snatched the money from his hands. “That’ll be enough – but you have to eat me out, you can’t come in my mouth and you’ll have to wear a condom.”

Miranda dropped to her knees and worked quickly to get Matt’s pants pooled at his ankles. Miranda grasped his hard cock and stroked it appreciatively. “I think you’re going to like this Matt.”

Matt shook and moaned as Miranda stroked and sucked him vigorously. Miranda would take matt to the edge of orgasm and then back him off, She did this three times before matt was barely able to stand. Sensing he wouldn’t last another round Miranda pulled his cock from her mouth, “I think we’ll start you off with a nice visual – time for you to give me a nice big pearl necklace.” Matt roared as he splashed hot cum across Miranda’s breasts. She licked off what had dripped on her hand and then cleaned the head of his cock.

Miranda stood and slowly backed away from Matt. The feeling of his cum dripping down her body was intoxicating. Crawling onto her bed she leaned against the headboard with her knees bent and feet spread wide apart. Her fingers moved back and forth across her cunt and inner thighs. She glanced at the clock and smiled, “The meter’s running big boy, my time – your money.”

Matt stripped and dove head first between her legs. Miranda laughed and squirmed as Matt’s relentless çapa escort tongue tried to be everywhere at once. Miranda got a special thrill as she watched Matt lap up some of his own cum as it dripped into his area of focus. Miranda groaned as Matt penetrated her with his fingers, curling them up and stroking inside her. A huge orgasm rose up suddenly and she arched her hips as Matt lashed at her clit. She was still cumming when Matt pulled her down the bed and move his hips between her thighs. He aligned his cock and pushed slightly forward, he kissed her on the mouth as he pushed deep inside her.

Miranda locked her legs around his waist and pumped her hips up taking him as deeply into her as she could and holding him there. Matt began to pump as best he could given the leg lock she had around him. Eventually Miranda relaxed her legs and Matt proceeded to fuck her with long deep thrusts. Miranda loved a good missionary fuck after an orally induced orgasm as it often hastened her next one.

As she recovered from her third cum of the night Miranda glanced down at Matt’s cock. “Hey, where’s the condom? No glove – no love.”

Matt looked down at his wet cock. “Oh…sorry…I don’t know if I…do you…maybe we can just…”

Miranda rolled to her nightstand and pulled open a drawer. She tossed a foil packet to him. “Do you want me to do that, honey?”

Miranda smiled as she rolled the industrial strength condom onto Matt’s hard cock. She had found these at a medical supply ‘.com’. They were the thickest latex she could find. “Hmm, looks like you’ll need a little lube with that.”

Miranda reached into the drawer again and pulled out a mangled twisted nearly squeezed out empty tube of KY Silk. “Looks like I need to order another case. I tell you Matt, business has been something this last couple of months.”

Miranda gave the tube a hearty squeeze. Nothing came out. She tried to untwist and roll the tube to get more out – nothing. “Well it looks like we might have to give you a slight refund…”

“Here, let me do that.” Matt grabbed the tube and squeezed hard. A large dollop of gel polled into Miranda’s hand and she enthusiastically applied to Matt’s condom encased cock.

Miranda got onto her hands and knees. She reached between her thighs and spread her cunt lips apart, “Get a move on stud. I don’t want the lube drying out before you pop your nut.”

Matt was behind her in an instant and was soon fucking her as hard and as fast as he could manage. No doubt the desensitizing quality of the thick latex helped because Matt fucked Miranda for a good thirty minutes before he came with series of loud grunts. Miranda had deliriously lost count of the number of orgasms she’d had.

The next thing Matt knew Miranda was wearing a robe and had placed a warm wash cloth in his hand. Then she gathered his clothes from about the room and placed them on the bed next to him, all but telling him ‘time’s up.’ She took the money from the nightstand and pulled a wooden box from under her bed. The money was placed inside and the box slid back into it’s place.

Once Matt was dressed Miranda escorted him to the door. She allowed him to kiss her on the cheek as she slowly closed the door behind him.

“So that’s how it all started. Matt called the next day and invited me to his place for dinner and a DVD. I asked him if dinner and a DVD was just dinner and a DVD or was he interested in something else. He asked how much to stay till morning. I told him a grand would keep me till noon. He had ten one hundred dollar bills fanned out on his pillow. Ever since then we pretty much always pay each other for it.”

Stephanie looked at her friend. “OK. I understand the need for the ‘sticker shock therapy’ to get him into bed. But why are you still doing it? I don’t get it?

“Well, because it’s become very liberating for me Steph. It’s allowed me to do things I would never have done otherwise.” Miranda smiled as she refilled Stephanie’s wine glass.

“You mean like kinky weird stuff? You don’t do dangerous things do you? I mean he hasn’t tried to pay you to do a gang bang or something – has he?” Stephanie was all too aware of her own hard nipples and growing wetness.

“No. No gang bang Steph, and remember, this is money that flows both ways. I’ve paid Matt to do things he would have never done on his own.”

“Oh really – like what?

“Like – that particular bit of information will cost you five bucks.”

“What? You kidding me – oh my God, you’re serious. Fine. Here.”

Miranda took the offered bill and rolled into a tube and stuck it halfway into her bra.

“We were vacationing at The Islands. He paid me to walk naked at a nude beach and to hook-up with another woman at a lesbo bar. We ended up back at her place where he watched her have her way with me…”

“Oh my God.”

“But I got what I wanted too. Before we left I paid him to ‘69’ with another guy – until they both came. That cost me dearly – but it was worth every cent.”

“No fatih escort you didn’t! Matt sucked another guy off? I don’t believe it.”

“Yes I did and I enjoyed it and Matt enjoyed it too. So you see when everything is negotiable – anything is possible. Don’t you agree?”

Stephanie sipped her wine as she mulled over the afternoon’s conversation. She had to admit that the idea of consensual payment for sex was appealing, and Miranda seemed to be as happy as she ever seen her.

“Hi honey, I’m home. Oh hi Stephanie how are you?” Matt hugged Miranda and gave her a deep passionate kiss. “Oh, I’ve seen that look before. What have you two been up to? Stephanie are you corrupting my Miranda here?”

“No sweetheart, I’ve been telling her about our financial arrangement and how freeing it is.”

“Oh – have you now?”

Matt turned to Stephanie and smiled warmly at her. He held her gaze until she looked down at her hands. “I hope she hasn’t been telling you tall tales or anything like that. She really does have a gift for creating interesting situations though. As her old college rommie I’m sure there are some stories you could tell.”

Stephanie looked at her empty glass. Miranda was soon filing it again despite her protests. “Well we did have some fun in college…thank God there weren’t any video tapes made.” Stephanie began to laugh and soon Matt and Miranda were laughing with her.

“Tell me the wildest one.”

“Oh no. Miranda would kill me.”

“Oh, now I absolutely have to know.” Matt reached into his pocket and placed a five dollar bill on the table in front of Stephanie. A second overlapped it when she looked up in amazement. The third appeared after she said she couldn’t. The fourth and fifth were followed by pleading glances at Miranda.

“You might as well pick up the money and tell him Steph. I’ve already been paid for all of my college stories. I’d like to know which one you’re thinking about. Is that why your nipples are all hard?” Miranda pulled the five dollar bill from her bra and placed it on the table. “Who knows, maybe I forgot one – tell us.”

Stephanie looked at Miranda then Matt. “God, I can’t believe I’m doing this. I guess I’ll look at this as lunch money.” She picked up the money. “Sophomore year – spring break. Remember? We went to Florida? They guys with the house on the beach – the orgy.”

Matt settled onto the couch between them. “Go on.”

Stephanie emptied her glass. “We had met some guys at a bar and they invited us to a big rocks party that weekend…”

“Rocks party?”

“Yeah, basically everybody who attends is supposed to get their rocks off during the party. Naturally the bedrooms were getting a lot of use. I’d just finished an oral thing with this really cute guy and so I went in search of Miranda to go home. I found her in a bedroom having sex…”

“Well I certainly hope so…isn’t that the point of an orgy, to have lots of sex?”

“Yeah, but she was having sex with two guys – at the same time! One guy was fucking her and the other guy was getting head. She kept it up until they both came.”

“Good for her! I’m glad to see that she held up her end of the bargain.”

“I’m not done. She said she hadn’t cum yet! So she went off looking for more. I saw her fuck at least three other guys at that party. She told me later that she had fucked 7 altogether.”

“You never told me you fucked seven altogether – where would all the cocks go? I mean I can see one in your cunt, one in your ass, one in your mouth, one in each hand – that’s only five. Where do the other two go?”

“No, I didn’t mean all at once. I meant total. Seven total.”

“And how many did you fuck Stephanie?”

“Two…don’t look at me like that. I only had sex with two guys at that party.”

Matt looked at Miranda and smiled. “Now Steph, when Miranda told me this story she said she did do seven guys but I do believe she said that you had fucked five.”

“No way…I told her later that I had been with just two guys. Don’t you remember Miranda?”

“Oh I do…two guys. I remember that…I also know you were with three different women at that party Stephanie. I saw you in action with the two Latina girls – that was so amazingly hot. Tongues and fingers everywhere.”

“Oh my God…you’ve known all this time. And you never said anything?”

“Didn’t see any need to. Anyway I told you about our little adventure at The Islands, so it’s not like I’m going to judge you or anything. My…my…my; would you look at the effect your story has had on Matt. That’s quite a wet spot there.”

“Oh I bet the two of you are much wetter.” Matt adjusted his pants into a more comfortable position. “Well Steph, see how easy it is to play when there’s a little incentive. What do you think?”

“It’s very interesting.”

“Excellent. How much to feel how wet you are? Twenty bucks?”


“OK- forty. Sixty, but it’s got to be a thorough grope.”

“You’re crazy Matt.”


“Matt! Miranda, stop him.”

“One hundred dollars, and the skirt goes too. One twenty.”


“One hundred.”

“What happened to one forty?” Stephanie blushed as she realized she was now actively negotiating. It was incredibly thrilling.

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