A Mistress on the Plantation


My name is Louise Antioch and I am a female psychopath. Having antisocial personality disorder isn’t a disease. It’s a lot of fun to me. Trust me on that one. A five-foot-ten, plump, green-eyed, blonde-haired woman without conscience. That is yours truly. One of the free spirits out there who can do anything at all without feeling guilty. These days, it’s the early 1900s and I live in rural Georgia. My family has owned the Great House Farms for years. We’ve become short-staffed, so I hired some people to work for us. A lot of folks from the local black village were looking for work and I hired them. I paid them decent wages, and expected some good service.

My most unruly worker was Sheila, a tall and muscular black woman from Atlanta. I decided to teach her a lesson. I invited her inside for some tea and crackers. As soon as she got inside, I cornered her. I had a demonic light in my eyes and I could tell it scared her. Good. Sheila was a large black woman and thought she could intimidate me with her size and stature. We fought, rolling around on the carpeted floor. Sheila was a lot stronger than me and had me pinned in no time. Damn, this woman could have been a collegiate wrestler. She would have won if I fought fair. I didn’t. I scratched her and she howled. I subdued her, then proceeded to teach her a lesson. I bound and gagged her on a large wooden table, then got ready for some fun.

I stripped naked in Ümraniye Escort front of Sheila and she watched me, fascinated. Yeah, I knew a lesbian when I saw one. Black lesbians are often closeted but anyone who is gay or bisexual can spot their own kind. I am a bisexual femme fatale if there ever was one. My body was sexy as hell and being plump worked for me. I had large breasts, a thick and curvy body along with a huge bubble butt. Both men and women found me attractive. I reveled in that. As Sheila watched, I saw how fascinated she was with me. I asked her if she fucked women and she nodded. I asked her if she wanted me and she nodded as well. I smiled. This was too easy.

I walked up to Sheila and placed her face close to my groin. She could smell my pussy. I ordered her to lick it. Sheila began licking my pussy. I unbound her hands so she could finger me and she did. See what I mean? Total dyke! Put a pussy in front of her and she starts to salivate like a horny bitch. Both men and women were weak when it came to sex. I’ve always known this and used it to my advantage. As Sheila licked my pussy, waves of pleasure ran through me. This black lesbian really knew her stuff. In no time at all she made me cum. I screamed loud enough to wake the dead.

Once I was pleased, Sheila looked up at me, smiling. I smiled, then smacked her like the bitch she was. Then, before she could react, I Ümraniye Escort Bayan snapped the bindings on her hands and feet, immobilizing her once more. I smiled wickedly. This dyke was going to have some more wicked fun with yours truly. I fetched my favorite sex toy. A big strap on dildo. I put it on and stood in front of Sheila. The black lesbian looked at me defiantly. I smiled and ordered her to suck it. When she hesitated, I smacked her again. Finally, she complied and began sucking on my dildo. I thrust the dildo down her throat, ramming it down there. Sheila gagged on it. It was big and long but she could definitely handle it. Yeah, she sucked it like a professional.

Judging by the way she was performing fellatio on the dildo, she wasn’t a total lesbian. Lesbians make lousy cock suckers. Gay men and straight women are the world’s best cock suckers. Bisexual men and bisexual women are pretty good at sucking cocks too. Sheila must be bisexual. A bisexual black woman working on my farm. How nice. Time to show this dame some southern hospitality. I pulled the dildo from her mouth, letting her rest a bit. She sighed, thinking the torment was over. I smiled. If she only knew.

I grabbed my dildo and dipped it into a large vat of oil. You really needed lubricant for what I had in mind. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Speaking of butts, you’re in for a surprise. I moved behind Escort Ümraniye Sheila and admired her sexy black buns. Damn, this woman had the sexiest and fullest ass I’d ever seen. I spread her plump butt cheeks wide apart, and saw her tight little asshole. So tight and sweet. I was going to have so much fun with it that it’s not even funny. Slowly, I pushed the dildo into Sheila’s asshole. With a swift thrust, I went in with all I got. Sheila’s howl of pain mixed with surprised pleasure was music to my ears. Grabbing her ample hips, I thrust into her. I began fucking her, hard and fast. I buried my strap on dildo inside the black woman’s tight asshole. Sheila screamed as I fucked her mercilessly. I loved fucking that tight ass of hers more than anything in the world. We went at it like this until she completely surrendered to me. I owned her ass.

After I had my way with her, I undid Sheila’s bindings. She rose and stared at me, completely dominated by yours truly. I smiled, reveling in the feeling of power that washed over me. This woman was mine and mine alone. Sheila looked at me pensively. I could tell she was eager to satisfy my every wish. I smiled and stroked her cheek. Then I smacked her. I told her that she had certain duties to perform around the farmhouse. She would perform her duties, or else. I also told her that I expected her to come to me with a willing mouth, pussy and asshole ready to be probed by my super strap on dildo whenever I demanded them. Sheila nodded obediently. I smiled and clapped her plump buttocks before sending her on her way. I sat in my chair, pleased with myself. This is how I ran things around the farm. And in all my years of ruling with an iron fist, it has never failed me.

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