A Cottage Caper Ch. 01


Susan becomes a MUCH better best friend.

My story is written especially for Mike and Angela by way of thanks to them for their extraordinary hospitality – and love.

With thanks also to MagicaPractica, my fabulous Literotica editor for her help with this chapter.


So, Susan started it! At least, this is the story as it was told to me.

Susan’s husband, Bill, died unexpectedly a couple of years ago. Her lingering grief was tending toward depression. Angela, her best friend, suggested a girl’s long weekend up at their cottage, reasoning that getting away from familiar things, even for a short while, might help turn the tide.

Angela and Mike’s secluded cottage is set back from a small beach amongst the pine trees on a remote northern lake up in the Muskokas: perfect for a quiet getaway.

Sitting by the fire one fall evening the girls’ conversation roamed over many topics – but inevitably came back to reminiscences of Bill. Susan became weepy and emotional, conversation died, and long silences were punctuated only by Susan’s soft sobs.

Angela moved over by Susan to give her a consoling hug. She rubbed her back and murmured words of comfort. For several long minutes, Susan was inert and unresponsive. Eventually, Susan raised her face ostensibly to give Angela an “innocent” peck on the cheek by way of thanks – a spontaneous response to her best friend’s kindness.

However, at that very same moment, Angela also moved to give Susan a brief friendship kiss: intended to be on the top of her head.

Unplanned, they came face to face. What was intended to be a brief peck between friends became a brief kiss full on the lips.

A spark ignited between them.

“Oh, that felt good,” said Susan, surprised. They gazed into each other’s eyes, and after a momentary hesitation, leaned back into each other for another, much longer kiss. This time lips parted, and flickering tongues danced and jousted with each other.

Tentatively Susan reached up and gently cupped one of Angela’s breasts. Emboldened when she did not pull away, Susan began to rub fingertips over the soft fabric covered flesh and felt Angela’s nipples firming in response.

When the kiss ended, they broke apart looking for a response in each other’s eyes. Angela’s dimples deepened with a widening smile. The glint in Susan’s eyes which had so recently been shimmering with tears of sadness, now transformed to a bright sparkle of burgeoning arousal and excitement.

“Oh, what I miss more than anything,” said Susan, “is the loss of intimacy since Bill’s been gone.”

“Tell me more,” encouraged Angela, a huskiness creeping into her voice.

“I often thought Bill too needy of affection,” said Susan, “and most especially for sex.”

“But now that he’s gone, I find myself craving that very thing, even more than he ever did. Angela, why am I so fricken’ horny these days? ”

“Hmm. That’s a good question. But, girlfriend, I need to point something out to you. I’m afraid that at the moment there’s only the two of us,” Angela smirked with a giggle.

“Afraid?” whispered Susan, becoming more serious and wanton.

“No, Ang. No, I’m not afraid,” she said hesitantly. “It’s just that I’ve, well I’ve never been with a woman before. But, somehow if I ever did, I do know, I absolutely know that I’d want it to be with you,” and her voice trailed away as she stood to kiss Angela’s lips again.

Angela reached down, cupping her hands under Susan’s butt and drew her in close, then sighed heavily.

“Ditto, Susan” she whispered softly. “Me too. Oh, me too. And you know, I’ve never been with a woman, either. But I have to admit that I have often fantasized about making love with you.”

And so it began.

In between passionate, soul-searching kisses and exploratory caresses, clothes gave way to nakedness. Soon the two women moved off to Angela’s king-sized bed in the next room.

The abandoned fire slowly burnt down to dry ashes, while under the covers in the adjoining room a smoldering lust blazed into a multi-orgasmic passion of a kind and intensity those two women had never known before.

Angela gaziantep bayan escort and Susan discovered unexpected new dimensions to their lifelong friendship. They explored the joys and exquisite pleasures of lesbian sex. They simply could not get enough of each other.

The rest of that long weekend was spent mostly in the naked arms of each other. In the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the lake, and even once fully exposed out in the sunshine on the small patch of sandy beach in front of the cottage.

Eventually, they returned home with much-kneaded breasts, topped with sore-but-tingling nipples; mildly aching pussies; slightly stretched anal puckers. And a passionate resolve to “make up for lost time” whenever – and wherever – they could. Which worked out to be a few times a week, mostly in the afternoons while Mike was at work.

Over the weeks that followed Mike began to notice things. Little things, such as a pair of half-full wine glasses left forgotten on the deck one afternoon, and then on another day, he found one of Angela’s earrings deep between the cushions of a sofa she that hardly ever sat on. And on yet another day, the bed sheets were rumpled under the duvet when they went to bed.

Mike began to have his suspicions. However, he had little cause for complaint. Angela was as loving and attentive as ever, and her sex drive seemed to have gone into hyperdrive. She demanded sex almost every night and with a fervor that Mike could only remember from when they were newlyweds.

Then one day he saw a pair of panties in the laundry hamper that he didn’t recognize as being Angela’s. And putting things together, he realized that Susan and Angela had been seeing much more of each other recently. More than that, Angela had seemed a bit distracted whenever Susan was around.

By then Mike had a fairly good idea of what was going on. So that evening while cuddling in the post-orgasmic glow after a session of particularly steamy lovemaking, he confronted her:

“Are you seeing anyone else, Angela?” He asked her softly.

She appeared a little sheepish. They’d never kept secrets from one another, and she wasn’t about to start now. However, this was concerned lesbian love, so she didn’t quite know where, or even how to begin.

Mike saw her discomfort, smiled, then gently let her off the hook.

“You’re sleeping with Susan, aren’t you, Babe?” He smiled, then kissed her on the cheek, which by then was blushing a rosy red.

Angela’s eyes shimmered with imminent tears, and she murmured in response:

“Oh, Mike, I really do love you. And now more than ever. Yes, Susan and I have been having sex together. And yes, I find that I love her too. But only in ways that I could love another woman. I’ve discovered so much about myself. If anything that has made me love you even more. First you, and now Susan, have made me feel more contented, happy and loved than I could ever have imagined. I love you. I love you both, but very different ways. I don’t know how else to explain it to you,” her voice trailed off struggling for the right words to explain all that she felt inside.

“You don’t have to explain it to me. It is what it is,” said Mike with understanding. “And I’m thrilled that you’ve not let your love for Susan come between us. In a strange way that seems to make our love for each other somehow richer and more robust – and honest. I’m very happy for you. And you know, to be perfectly honest, I don’t even feel even slightly threatened. The very thought of you and Susan having sex together I find exotic, erotic and exciting.”

“You do? Mike, you really do,” Angela’s dimples deepened with her bright, relieved smile.

“Oh, I do so love YOU. Now more than ever.”

After a long, probing kiss Mike asked her teasingly:

“And so, Angela, when are you and Susan going to invite me to join in?” Mike asked, only partially teasing.

Angela smiled broadly and thought a while.

“That’s if we do, my darling, not when we do,” Angela responded.

“Well, would you?” Mike persisted more seriously now, with a pleading expression.

“We’ll see, My Darling, we’ll see. Perhaps,” was all that Angela would say, but inwardly hoped they would, and soon.

Two days later Mike happened to come home early in the afternoon. He knew that Susan was visiting because her car was in the driveway. He half expected to find the girls chatting in the kitchen or perhaps out on the deck by the pool. But as he entered the front hallway he immediately knew they were elsewhere. Soft sounds of passion emanated from their bedroom upstairs. Taking off his jacket, tie, and shoes he crept silently up the stairs, aroused by what he knew he would find.

The women were so engrossed that neither of them heard Mike, or even noticed as he tiptoed a few steps into the bedroom and stood, quietly enthralled, watching them.

They were fully naked with Angela on top and Susan spread-eagle below her. Susan’s legs were spread wide and her knees were bent so that her pelvis tipped up towards Angela. Her heels dug into the bedding and her toes were tightly curled in ecstasy.

Angela had her hands planted on the bed on either side of Susan’s chest and was up on extended arms. Her back was arched as she humped and thrust her pussy rhythmically against Susan’s, who rocked and rolled her hips in in perfect synchrony, reaching out to massage Angela’s breasts one in the palm of each hand. Their breathing was ragged punctuated by soft cries and whimpers of purest passion. Their gaze was locked on each other as they mutually strove towards orgasm, seemingly oblivious to all else.

With fascination Mike watched the side of Angel’s butt cavitate with each contraction which ended in a gentle gyration that mushed wet pussy against pussy, meshing labia and aligning clits which danced with each other in a rhapsody of passion. A large bead of perspiration rolled from the crack of Angel’s ass down into the hollow at the base of her spine, then dissipated to the wings as Angela arched her back for the next sensual downward thrust. Her impending orgasm was heralded by goosebumps over the high curve of her buttocks.

Distracted by lust, Mike reached down to rub the burgeoning lump in the front of his trousers, which caught Susan’s attention. She suddenly turned to look right at him.

“OH NO! MIKE …” she cried out in alarm. Then vainly tried to cover her breasts and roll out from under Angela.

Angela also turned to look, smiling sheepishly. She noticed Mike rubbing his trousers over his blatantly stiffening cock, and grinning from ear to ear. Then she knew that all was well. Though caught in flagrante delicto, Angela quickly moved to calm and reassure Susan.

“Wait, Susan, wait,” she pleaded, then leaned down to kiss her full on the lips.

But when the kiss broke apart Susan desperately tried to cover up and roll away. Yet Angela restrained her. She pressed her pelvis firmly down over Susan’s, pinning her to the bed, and moved a hand to hold down the shoulder that Susan was attempting roll away.

“Susan,” Angela said with some urgency, “Susan, Sweetheart, Susan, I swear that this wasn’t planned. But now that it’s happened, I’m not upset, not at all.” This time her smile was genuine: full of love and arousal.

Susan blinked several times looking embarrassed and perplexed.

“Wait, what . . .” she began with a furrowed frown across her forehead.

“Hush, my love,” answered Angela bending forward for another kiss on the lips to silence any protest.

Then Mike spoke in a gentle voice, “Susan,” he said “for some time now I’ve known about you and Angela as lovers. And I want you to know that I’m very happy for you, and I really do approve. And damn, you two are simply awesome together.”

“Oh, my God,” whispered Susan, finally breaking Angela’s kiss. She didn’t know what else to say.

“I’m sorry that I startled you,” Mike went on, “and I’d love to join you – if you two would have me.”

In the tension-filled, pregnant pause that followed Angela released Susan’s shoulder and gently slid the freed hand under the one Susan was using to cover up her breast.

Angela’s fingertips found Susan’s nipple and gently caressed it in a swirling motion. Soon that sensitive nub began to harden and swell once again.

“Well, Susan, Sweetheart, should we let him in? What do you think, should we let him join us,” Angela whispered?

Susan looked bemused and conflicted. The room was silent.

Then as he watched, Mike saw Susan begin to rock her hips in response to Angela’s still relentlessly, shamelessly thrusting pelvis. Emboldened, Mike took the last few steps towards the bed close to Susan’s shoulder.

Mike continued to stroke his cock through his trousers. He had softened a little with Susan’s outburst, but was now swelling and stiffening anew.

With passion mounting, Susan’s eyes seemed to glint their approval, although her response to Mike’s request was essentially nonverbal. She reached out to hi, caught the flap of his fly between thumb and forefinger , then slowly and deliberately ran her fingernails hard up the roughness of the length of his zipper a couple of times before she grasping his belt buckle to loosen it as she pulled him closer.

Mike hurried to help her. He opened his trousers, then with his boxers as one he shucked them down his knees. Fully exposed, he quickly stroked his cock to full erection while Susan cradled and played with his balls heavy in the palm of her hand.

Mike shed his shirt, then leaned down to peel away his socks and trousers. As he did so he lent into Angela to give her a loving tongue probing kiss. Susan gazed up at them then closed her eyes to concentrate on her warm and wet pussy, heavy under Angela’s persistent gentle thrusting. Gasping in ecstasy she soon shuddered through a mini-orgasm with one hand caressing Angel’s breast and the other blindly searching up between Mikes legs.

Susan opened her eyes just in time to see a pearly bead of precum drip with a long slivery thread and land on her shoulder narrowly missing her cheek and ear. Mike then milked a second tiny drop which he caught and smeared around the head and upper shaft.

In that moment Susan decided that she really, really liked the look of Mike’s hard, glistening cock, and moreover, found herself becoming as powerfully attracted to Mike as she already was to his mate.

“Yes, yes Mike’ “she sighed, “I’d love you to join us.” And for emphasis she reached up for his cock midway along the shaft, rose up on one elbow, briefly kissed the head, parted her lips and sucked him in deeply. Softly moaning with pleasure, Mike arched his pelvis towards her while he unbuttoned and removed his shirt.

For her part, Angela adjusted her position slightly so that her pussy was once again in contact with Susan’s, and resumed the delightful rhythmic roll and thrust of her pelvis.

It might be debatable as to who came first: Angela or Susan. But there is no question that both had intense orgasms before Susan finally released Mike’s cock, begging him to put it into her.

“I want you in me, Mike. Now. Fuck me, please fuck me. I want you. No, I need you. Right now, all the way,” Susan pleaded.

Mike stepped back, peeled off socks, trousers, and boxers together in an untidy tangle and kicked them away.

“But first things first, Honey,” Angela said, getting up and rummaging in a bedside drawer. A moment later she returned tearing open a condom packet. She deftly covered Mike’s upward-arching, bobbing cock. And then, taking it by the shaft, she helped guide him home into Susan’s wet and waiting pussy.

That afternoon and evening led to an ongoing, delightful ménage à trois which existed a few months before I ever became involved.

Mike told me that he thoroughly enjoyed having two women to share his bed several times a week, and never tired of having two pussies, two asses and two sets of boobs to enjoy and play with. And whenever he needed a rest to get it up again, he loved watching the two women together: spurring them on, doing whatever he could to augment their arousal, passion, and love for one another.

After a while Angela began to talk about what it might be like to have a threesome of a different kind: she, Mike – and another man.

Mike agreed that if the time and place were right, with the right person, then he was open to the idea. In fact, his erection rose more quickly and was generally harder whenever they discussed it during their foreplay.

The seed was planted.

(To be continued in Chapter 2)

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