Zara’s First Time

Adriana Chechik

It hard been another long boring meeting in the hotel conference room, I was glad to be heading back to my room again. All I wanted to do was grab a quick shower and head to the restaurant for dinner, fingers crossed Zara would be there again.

I first met Zara last night at dinner While I was waiting for the menu, when I saw a dark haired girl almost float across the room towards me, she had a wonderful figure, just amazing, her pure white shirt showed her own purity but it was also nicely being pushed out by two firm small breasts, could I also see nipples at attention?

My jaw almost dropped onto the table when I saw the short skirt she wore, surely it wasn’t standard uniform, I swear if she’d bent over I would’ve seen an amazing firm ass just asking to be pinched.

Standing alone in the lift thinking about seeing Zara again was causing my cock to become hard, maybe I’ll have a good long play after dinner, or if I’m lucky I may meet someone in the bar.

My mind kept wondering back to Zara’s body though, I couldn’t help but imagine how tight her pussy would be, and how much she’d moan at feeling my hard cock pounding deep. I felt ready to give her a good fucking right away, if only she was with me.

As I stepped out of the lift I looked down the hall to make sure I was alone, I didn’t fancy just anyone seeing the major hardon in my trousers. But if I was to bump into Zara it wouldn’t bother me at all.

As I approached my room I noticed the ‘do not disturb’ sign was hanging on the knob, had I put it there? I didn’t think so, entering the room I decided to leave the sign where it was as I needed to sort out the throbbing in my trousers before I exploded.

Something wasn’t right as I entered the room, the lights were on and music was coming quietly from the bedroom, had I completely forgotten to switch it all off when I left this morning? To be honest I didn’t care, I headed towards the bedroom when it suddenly hit me, there was perfume in the air, I thought I was dreaming when I realised it was the same as the perfume Zara wore last night. Throwing my jacket over the chair I walked into the bedroom to be welcomed by an amazing sight.

Lying there on my bed waiting for me was Zara, I could hardly believe my eyes, I don’t think I had ever seen a more beautiful sight in my life.

She was wearing a denim skirt that was so short I could just make out some pink undies, her top was a tiny little strappy top that hardly covered her perfectly firm breasts, I think I had died and gone to heaven.

All I could do at first was smile, I wanted to say something but Zara beat me to it

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

She has the voice of an angel with the body to match I thought, again I smiled but then managed to speak.

I was about to ask how she had gotten into my room when her hand lifted up, my eyes followed it as she indicated for me to come closer, I moved forward and lay down along side Zara as if I was under a spell, maybe I was, but I didn’t care.

“I saw you looking at me last night in the restaurant, how your eyes were stripping me naked, you wanted me there didn’t you?” she asked.

I went to reply but Zara pressed a finger on my lips to stop me. I reached up and held her hand, lightly I kissed the tip of her finger, then moving her hand aside and slid closer.

For a moment we just looked deep into each others eyes, I could see the eyes of a beautiful young girl, but there was also passion and fire. It was then that I realised Zara was a virgin who wanted me to be her first, at this thought my heart slipped a beat, I was sure many men before me had try’d but failed.

Slowly we moved closer until our lips finally met, we both went for it, it was the most passionate kiss I had ever felt, our tongues fighting for space, we had both flung our arms around each other, Zara’s nails were lightly but firmly running over my spine. Following every bump and contour there was.

Carefully I began to move my hand over Zara’s back, slowly working forward, I just had to feel her breast in my hand. As my hand worked şişli escort around Zara’s side she moved just enough to allow me access but without breaking the passionate kiss.

Finally I made contact, I gently massaged Zara’s firm breast, feeling each little bit of it, but also giving the bullet like nipple a gentle squeeze. Slowly I moved my hand All over and around each breast giving each nipple some attention, then Zara broke the kiss, I realised why when she began to pull off her top.

Slowly a pair of perfectly formed breasts appeared, even though Zara wasn’t wearing a bra her breasts stayed firmly in place. As she threw the top to the floor I looked deep into her eyes, smiling I slowly moved closer and carefully moved Zara down the bed so she was flat. I then moved in close to kiss her deeply again.

As we kissed I could feel hands fumbling at my shirt buttons, I lifted up enough to make it easier, then threw my shirt next to Zara’s top on the floor.

Slowly I began to kiss down Zara’s neck and onto the top of her chest, looking up I saw a huge smile. Kissing lower slowly I moved onto her breast, they were now rising and lowering fast, then as my lips touched a nipple a small moan escaped from Zara. I licked around the nipple and very gently took it between my teeth, lightly tugging at it, this caused a gasp followed by a slow moan.

Looking up and grinning I moved across to do the same to the other nipple. Kissing lightly I worked down between her breasts and back up to find a fresh nipple waiting for my mouth. Again as I sucked and nibbled it a long moan was released. While I sucked and licked I moved my hand down over Zara’s body, stopping at her skirt, this had to come off, I tugged lightly at it and Zara lifted her hips just enough to allow me to pull it off.

I slowly pulled the skirt down over Zara’s smooth legs and kissed down her body, working towards her sweet pussy. As the skirt slipped off over her feet I began to kiss down a leg a little, I could smell a sweet aroma coming from close by, it was as if it was drawing me closer.

Gently I parted Zara’s legs and positioned myself between them, looking up I could see the a huge smile, I grinned and lowered myself down to place a kiss on the pink thong in front of me, as I went closer I could see there was already a small damp spot, the aroma was like heaven, I placed a kiss right onto Zara’s covered pussy causing a slight moan. Lying down between her legs, I kissed again, another moan but a little deeper this time. Now I licked up the length of Zara’s covered pussy, I could just make out the sweet flavour of the damp area, tasting this caused my cock to throb, it wanted to be deep inside her.

Carefully I hooked my fingers into the pink thong to pull it down. As I started to pull on it Zara lifted her hips again to help, as I pulled the thong off I stood up so I could remove my own trousers and pants.

Zara lay watching as I slowly unbuttoned my trousers, I could see a smile appear on her face as my boxers came into view, she must have been able to see how my hard cock was straining to be released.

Slowly I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down.

As I did I heard a gasp coming from Zara, I looked over at her smiling as I stepped out of my boxers, Zara was grinning all over, and lightly massaging her breasts.

I stepped closer to the bed and reached forward grasping a foot in each hand, gently parting the legs so I could begin to kiss my way up one.

Moving slowly higher I placed kissed all over Zara’s ankle, I looked up grinning just as she moved a hand down to cover her wet pussy.

“Feeling shy” I asked, Zara responded to this by lifting her hand a little and then pushing her middle finger in deeply and moaning “not at all” she moaned. Seeing this caused my cock to jump, quicker this time I kissed my way up over her knee listening to the moans. As I worked my way higher I could smell that sweet aroma again, I just had to taste the juices deep inside her wet tight pussy.

Moving faster I kissed up and over Zara’s thigh, when I was close enough I reached up to move her hand aside, at first she resisted a little, so I placed a kiss just beside her hand and nudged it with my nose. Zara then slowly pulled her finger out from deep inside her wet pussy, it glistened in the light, I moved close to lick it off, but before I could get to it, Zara had managed to get it out of my reach.

Looking up I saw the finger disappear into her mouth as she licked the wet finger clean, then with a smile she slowly pulled the finger back out and began to circle her hard nipple.

Again a little moan was let out, hearing this made my cock and heart jump, looking back down I could see the most beautiful pussy ever, there was no sign at all of any hair, the skin all around it was perfectly smooth. Just peeking out were two neat little lips surrounding what I guessed was a very tight and wet hole, right where I wanted to slide my hard throbbing cock over and over.

Lowering my head down I kissed all around the smooth skin, being careful to not yet touch the lips, then with one long lick I ran my tongue all the way up and over Zara’s pussy, just feeling a little bump of a clit at the top, my tongue lingered on this for a second longer before placing a kiss there, a louder moan escaped as I did this.

Moving my mouth lower I kissed down and then gently pressed my tongue between the two lips, pressing deeper in I could taste Zara’s juices. Reaching up I pulled the lips gently apart and pushed my tongue deeper in, this time a loud long moan filled the room, we were both in heaven and loved it.

Just as I was about to push a finger in deep along side my tongue I felt hands gently tugging my head, looking up I could see what Zara wanted. I could’ve happily stayed there licking and fingering all night, but how could I not do what was wanted now?

Slowly moving my way up Zara’s body I kept eye contact, there was fire and passion glowing deep in those beautiful eyes, as I neared her hard nipples I gave each one a quick kiss and suck before moving again.

I now lay on top of Zara, my hard cock just pressing against her wet pussy, all I wanted to do was push it in as deep as I possibly could. Zara saw this in my eyes and whispered “hold on”, she then kissed me deeply while wrapping her arms around me.

We lay like this kissing, tongues fighting, for a minute of two, my cock still lightly pressing and waiting to slide in deep. Suddenly Zara shifted herself on the bed causing me to roll onto my side, our embrace never broke as we carried on rolling until I was pinned to the bed with a goddess on top of me, my hard cock still only millimeters from being encased by a tight wet pussy.

While still kissing deeply and passionately I felt Zara moving her arm’s, her hands slide down from my shoulders pulling them from behind her back, as the reached my wrists they tightened, Zara gently pulled my arms up over my head and pressed them against the headboard. Grinning at me she let go and pushed herself upright from my chest. I could now feel the warmth of her pussy right on top of the shaft of my cock, how I managed to hold back from slipping in before I would never know. Zara smiling and moaned a little as she began to rotate her hips slowly, I could feels my cock slowly become wet from her juices as she ground down onto it.

Then almost as suddenly as it started she stopped, slowly Zara leaned back down and kissed me again, at the same time I could feel her pussy lips glide along the shaft of my cock wetting it even more.

We again lay still kissing passionately and deeply, once again a felt the head of my cock just brushing two very wet lips, breaking the kiss for just a moment Zara said the one thing I was waiting for, very quietly I heard her say

“I want you to fuck me now, be my first, make love to me please”

Slowly I lowered my arms and wrapped them around her, kissing deeply I lifted my hips and felt the tip of my cock pushing its way between the lips, as I pushed I could also feel Zara pressing herself down onto me, slowly impaling herself on my hard cock.

Inch by inch I could feel my hard cock slip deeper and deeper into Zara’s tight pussy, I had never felt my cock being gripped so tightly before. After what seemed like an hour our bodies were pressed tightly together, we lay still, kissing as Zara got used to being full of cock.

Once again Zara lifted herself up and began to very slowly rotate her hips, as she did this I could feel myself doing the same to maximise her pleasure, I lifted my hips up suddenly causing a loud moan as my cock pushed in deeper. With a huge smile and moan Zara looked down and began to lift herself up off me, I lowered myself back down onto the bed.

I had almost completely slipped out when Zara slide back down again slowly, my hips automatically lifted to meet hers.

We both started to moan loudly as we carried on moving up and down, with each stroke if my hard cock we speeded up, my hands lifted up and massaged Zara’s firm breasts, rolling each nipple between finger and thumb.

The headboard started to bang against the wall as our movements grew faster and faster, sweat was pouring down Zara’s beautiful body making her glisten in the light.

I could feel Zara’s already tight pussy being to contract with her coming orgasm, this just made me lift my hips higher with each thrust, pushing my cock deeper then before.

Suddenly Zara placed her hands down on my chest and began to shake. The orgasm was so strong she screamed out as loud as possible. My cock felt like it was trapped in a vice.

This feeling only lasted for a moment as I felt my own orgasm appear, with a loud moan I pulled Zara’s body down against mine, my hips thrusting my hard cock deep as it exploded shooting hot sticky cum deep into Zara’s pussy.

We lay together holding each other tightly and slowly kissing for a little while, my cock was still buried deep and being held tightly. I could feel some of my cum sliding down the length of my cock.

Very gently Zara lifted her hips just enough to allow my cock to slip free, in the same movement she rolled beside me and rested her head on my chest.

Together we lay panting and glowing, our hands met and joined, giving a little squeeze I raised Zara’s hard up and kissed it.

Looking down I could see Zara was slowly dropping off, I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes, as they closed I could still clearly see the most beautiful girl ever bouncing away on my hard cock.

Around an hour later I slowly awoke, looking down I suddenly felt alone for the first time that evening, Zara was nowhere to be seen, all her clothes had gone, and the stereo had been turned off.

Had the previous few hours been a complete dream?

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I noticed a small piece of paper propped up by a glass.

I stumbled across the room to see what it said. Picking up the note I could smell Zara’s perfume on it, on the front was written

‘To my lover’

in very neat handwriting.

This brought a big smile to my face and caused I little stirring below, I unfolded the note, in the same neat handwriting I read


My darling Chris.

I am so sorry I will not be there when you wake up, but I had to leave before my shift started in the bar.

I had the most amazing time ever with you, I never believed it would feel like that.

I would very much like to leave the hotel with you tomorrow when you are due to leave and start a new life with you.

If you decide this is not possible for any reason I understand fully and will always love you no matter.

If we can spend our lives together meet me in the bar at 12.

All my love and heart.




Quickly I looked around the room for a clock, it read 11:45, I had 15 minutes to find all my clothes an make it to the bar.

Saving time I left my boxers in the corner and pulled my trousers on. The shirt and jacket were easily found hung over the chain.

Grabbing my room key I ran as fast as I could to claim my new life, only just hearing my room door slam from down the hall.



Writers Note:- All characters depicted are 18+ years old.

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