Yours Lustfully Ch. 10


Have you ever had two dreams come true on the same day? Rory was thanking his stars he could fuck the gorgeous Steffi on the backseat of his car. But the rain gods are offering him Maya too! Can this night get any more giving for Rory the driver?

“Yes, ma’am,” Rory answered the phone, as he turned into Steffi’s neighborhood. It had been a quiet journey this evening, and neither party had made any attempt to initiate conversation. It was only when his phone rang that Rory snapped back to reality.

“Ok. I can reach in twenty minutes. Terminal 3. Ok.” Rory hung up the phone and dropped it on the passenger seat. Although Steffi was curious, she was still in a state of delirium, and chose not to ask.

“That was Maya madam,” Rory said, looking into his rear-view mirror, to catch a glimpse of the coy beauty. “Was saying that Uber services are down due to some system failure. I’ll be going to the airport to pick her up. Would you like to come along?” Rory smiled, shifting gears, not expecting a response.

“No, just drop me home,” Steffi requested, pretty sure that it was a rhetorical question, “in fact, drop me at that bend. I’ll walk from there.”

“But there are puddles all over and it’s still raining pretty heavily,” Rory retorted, concerned for his passenger. “Let me drop you off at your place, please.” With no further opposition, Rory snaked his way through the puddles and pulled up outside her house.

“Just a second,’ he said, as he got out of the car and ran over to the passenger door to let her out. “Go,” he yelled, as she stepped out in the pouring rain and darted towards her apartment stairwell. ‘Wait, ma’am,” she heard behind him, “you’ve forgotten you purse!”

Rory ran over to the trembling figure, drenched in the rain, as she took shelter in the dark corner under the building stairwell. Under the lashing drops and the flashes of thunder, the two stood face to face. Taking advantage of her vulnerability, Rory pulled her towards him and sent his tongue down the wanton throat of his object of desire. Steffi was extremely nervous, given her parents were just a few floors above her, but her body was deceiving her once again.

“Please go,” she finally managed to say, pushing him away with from herself.

“Not without a souvenir,” he replied, pulling her back into his embrace.

‘What do you want?” she asked, as he pawed her rear while licking her wet neck. He answered by reaching under shirt and unclasping her bra. She felt it slide out of her shirt.

“Go now,” he said, opening the top buttons of her shirt. “I want to see you run up the stairs like this.” He chewed on her nipples, as they poked through her wet shirt, before finally letting her go.

Steffi stepped back and ran up the staircase, hoping his eyes would not see how her juices had mixed with the rain water, as they dripped down her legs.

It wasn’t the easiest of drives, not the least because it was pouring cats and dogs, but also because he could now feel the sourness in his groin. Her musk was still in his car, and he could only imagine how she’d be feeling right now. The traffic had come to a crawl, but thankfully the airport exit lane was moving swiftly. Just as he pulled into the terminal drive, he noticed another missed call on his phone from Maya. He chose not to answer it as he knew exactly what she was going to complain about.

Rory pulled up in front of a crowd of passengers, huddled under the limited steel cover. There is always a sense of urgency and anxiety involved in stopping at the airport, but Maya didn’t make him wait. In the dim light of the late evening, he saw her silhouette push through the crowd, and he got out of his car to open the boot.

“Thanks for coming, Rory,” she heard him say, as he jimmied his keys into the boot. “Sorry this is taking so long. Some mechanical failure. Leave the bags here and get in the car, madam,” Rory instructed, as the rain pelted down on them. “Just put them on the back seat. I’ll sit in front,” she reasoned, and Rory obliged.

“Wow, that’s some heavy fucking rain,” she exclaimed, as Rory skillfully maneuvered the car back into the moving traffic. Maya reached out for the tissue box, conscious of being wet to the bone. She dried her face and neck, making it difficult for Rory to focus on the erratic traffic. “Is Steffi home?” Maya asked.

“Yes, dropped her home around 8 p.m. and came straight to the airport.”

“Thanks Rory! It’ll take us at least an hour in this traffic. Let me call aunty,” Maya was talking to herself.

(Phone rings)

The shrill of her phone made the crushed housewife stir in her bed. There was a stench of piss in the room, and her clothes were clinging onto her body due to all the dried fluids that were gelling them together. Had her phone not been at an arm’s length, she would have probably let it ring out. She let it ring out anyway, noticing Maya on the other end of the line, but made sure to read the following text: “Hello aunty. I’m stuck in some pretty büyükesat escort heavy traffic here. Will be home in an hour. Will go straight to bed. See you tomorrow am.”

(Maya sneezes)

“Wow, I hope I don’t have to spend this weekend in bed. We haven’t moved an inch for the past 30 minutes!” Maya cursed, wiping her nose. She could see the cars backed up till her horizon, and it wasn’t a pretty picture.

Counting on his lucky stars for the day, Rory chimed in with a suggestion. “Madam, I had to send home some money to my wife, and my neighbor is leaving tomorrow morning for my village. I live five minutes from here, and it isn’t much of a detour. If you’re OK with it, can we go to my place first? You don’t even have to get out of the car; it’ll take no more than a couple of minutes.”

Maya chewed upon it for a few seconds, and then looking at the logjam ahead, nodded in the affirmative. “You would have been home right now, had you not come to pick me up. This is the least I can do,” she said. Rory felt his tired manhood stir, but at this point, he simply thanked her and shifted lanes, amidst the angry honks of the cars behind him.

His judgement was correct. Despite the pouring rain and the snarling traffic, Maya found herself observing a neighborhood she knew existed, but had never visited. The alleys were tight, and the roads were partially paved, to say the least. Most buildings were only a few stories high and were haphazardly packed together without much thought or planning. The family owned shops that would have congested the footpaths during the day for now shut for the evening. Massive hoardings and promotions competed for airspace, by hanging between the opposite ends of the road. Most of the hoardings were in tatters, as Maya struggled to locate a good discount.

Rory finally parked in front of a packed apartment complex. From the first look itself, the building looked tired and old, with patchwork covering the recently painted sections, with no regard for the previous distemper. There were no balconies or visible windows on the front façade, and one could easily feel suffocated if they were not from this section of the society. Rory pulled out his phone and mock dialed his friend. “Hi, yes, an hour? But I am already home. Can you hurry?” is all Maya heard him say.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but he isn’t back as yet. He seems to be stuck in traffic and will take an hour at least. What do you suggest we do?” Rory asked Maya, who was still observing the neighborhood. “Well I would have suggested you drop me home first, but I don’t want you to miss him.”

“Ma’am, I appreciate it. By the way, would you like to come up? We’d be very humbled to have you over,” Rory suggested, optimistically. “Oh, Rory, that is very sweet of you. But I’d prefer to wait in the car,” Maya replied, uneasily. “Ma’am, there is nothing to worry. Moreover, I am a bit concerned that the neighbors might talk if they see us out here. I hope you understand. Our society is a bit old fashioned.”

“And you don’t think they’ll talk when they see me come up?” Maya reasoned. “No ma’am. My house is on the second floor and the flight of stairs is behind the building. I don’t think anyone will be standing out in this rain.”

“OK, Rory. Let’s hope your friend comes back quickly. It’s already quite late,” Maya said, fiddling with her phone. “Great, let me drive up behind the building, so that you don’t have to walk in this rain,” Rory said, revving up the engine.

“Alright ma’am. Please go first. I’ll lock the doors behind you. And take care while you go through – it’s a bit dimly lit and I’m sure there is a puddle somewhere.” Rory cautioned.

“Great!” Maya smiled, as she opened the door and hopped onto the uneven concrete. In the thundering showers, Maya tip toed her way to the base of the staircase, and grabbed onto the cold, steel rails, which were more slimy and slippery than she had anticipated. Thankfully, this part was covered, and she turned around to watch his silhouette sneak through the gap between the car and the wall and run towards her. There was barely enough visibility in this landing area for him to avoid running into her.

“I’ll follow you, ma’am. It the second door to your right on the next floor,” Rory yelled over the clamor of the torrential rain. Maya turned around quickly and started carefully walking up the staircase, lest she slip and fall. Even in the darkness, Rory could see how her wet pants were sticking to her bony ass, dipping into her crevice with every step she took up. The outlines of her panty were very visible, and he noticed that they barely cut through the middle of her cheeks. During their short walk up, there were many moments when Rory controlled the urge to pinch her panty folds out from her ass. He had put the plan in motion, and so far, it was looking pretty good.

The hallway to his flat was much better lit, and as soon as Maya reached the landing, she could clearly see cebeci escort down to the last door on the floor. She had never been introduced to this level of poverty – the paint was peeling off the dilapidated walls; there was a stench of alcohol or pee, or both in the corridor; and each door had its own tale to tell. She was relieved that his door was so close to the staircase, as she would have probably thrown up had she had to walk till the end.

Rory swiftly pulled out his keys and unlocked the front door, walking past her to get in quickly. He flicked on a few switches, and his tiny apartment came into her view. She walked in behind him, and shut the door, optimistically blocking out the stench from the corridor. As Rory went about picking clothes off the floor, Maya noted how limited his means were. There was a small kitchen on her left, which had just enough utensils to feed a small family. She noticed a mini-fridge too, which seemed to pre-date the Soviet era.

Clearly, he hadn’t cleaned the utensils from whenever, as they sat in the kitchen sink. The tight pass way led to some definition of a living room, which had a run-down couch, a trampled carpet, and a TV set which was held together by electrical tapes. The sole window opened out to the back alley, where he had parked his car. The only other room was to her right, and she guessed that would be the bedroom, with some sort of a loo attached.

The blinking tube light in the living room gave her an eerie feeling for the first time since her acceptance of his offer, and the reality of her current situation dawned on her. In a matter of seconds, she transformed from a study of poverty to a potential victim of circumstances.

Rory emerged out of his bedroom, having finally put the remnants on the floor to bed, quite literally. “Please come in, ma’am,” he said, respectfully, leading her to the defunct couch, which was no more than knee high. “Have a seat,” he offered. “Oh, I don’t think that is necessary, Rory. Why don’t you call your friend and check where he is? Moreover, I don’t want to soak your sofa.”

“Don’t worry ma’am. I just got a text from him that he is still stuck in traffic but should be here in less than an hour. Here, please use this towel, if you don’t mind. More than the sofa, I am concerned about you catching a cold.”

It would be rude to refuse his offer now, but Maya was particularly concerned about the hygiene of the towel. Holding it by her fingertips, she placed it on her forearms and applied just enough pressure to soak in the droplets. Handing it back to Rory, she sat down on the couch.

Rory disappeared into his kitchen, and then called out to Maya, “Ma’am, I have beer and the bottle of whiskey you once gifted to me a long time back. What would you prefer?” Rory was glad that there was a wall between them, as he had already started crushing some very effective pills that had given him good success in the past.

“Well, whiskey will be good. And neat please,” Maya responded, concerned about the quality of the water. Rory knew the next steps very well, and he was sure to celebrate this day for the next few years of his life. He slipped a very potent quantity of the powder into a steel glass and poured a generous amount of whiskey over it. For himself, he poured just enough to get him in the mood again.

“Here you go, ma’am,” he said, handing down the glass to Maya, too concerned to not drool into her ever-visible cleavage. “I’m glad we could do this today, in spite of the weather. I don’t share this whiskey with everyone,” Rory said, sitting down opposite to her, squatting on the ground. Maya studied the edges of the glass and convinced that this was as clean as it could be, tipped it over her lips.

“It tastes a bit different, but it is still one of my favorites,” she commented, taking another small sip. “God, this rain shows no sign of abating. I hope your friend doesn’t get stalled too long.” Another sip. The drink felt good to her.

“He’s on his way, Maya. You know, this house hasn’t had any guests in months.” Maya didn’t realize how he had changed his approach to addressing her. This drink is really so good, she thought, taking a larger swig this time.

“I can see that. Is that a picture of your wife?” Maya asked, pointing to their portrait on the wall. “She’s very pretty.” Another swig. She thought she had to slow down, but this was much needed after such a long trip. She could feel her body ease up, as she settled her back against the couch.

“I dropped Steffi over today. She looked a bit upset. I think she had an argument with Jason,” Rory said, dangling the hook in the water again.

“Well she’s too sweet. Doesn’t know when to say no. That man just wants a fuck, and calls it love.” Maya was now through with her drink, and as she placed the glass on the empty floor, it fell to a side.


“Here, let me make you another one,” Rory said, picking up the glass and getting back up to his kolej escort feet. His wet pants were beginning to highlight his semi erect state. “But you are right, Maya. I feel the same way too. But then, we all have needs, right?” Rory disappeared into the kitchen and filled up her glass again, this time with a smaller proportion of the mixture.

“We do. But, we can’t just rub ourselves against every pole on the street,” Maya responded, completely intoxicated now. She had now stretched out her legs against the floor and struggled to wrap her hands around the glass. This time, Rory sat down by her side.


“I agree. I mean, I wish I had someone right now. I can’t explain how lonely my nights have been ever since we found out about the baby. It’s been over six months. The village elders told us to abstain,” he said, taking a small sip, while Maya was busy sipping from her own glass. She hadn’t noticed that his hand was now on her thigh.

“You mean you haven’t had sex in six months?” Maya exclaimed, too fuzzy to think about where she was and who she was speaking with.

“Well, we did. I used to put it in her mouth, but it isn’t the same as this, right?” Rory put his glass by the side of the couch, on the floor, and freed up his hands for any reactions.

“No, it isn’t!” Maya yelled, drunk in her stupor. “Even when I am down, I ensure my guy has the tight hole in my back as an option. Your dicks need grip, man!” Maya drank the last out of her glass. Her head was spinning, and she was exactly where Rory wanted her to be now.

Rory placed his hand on her wet crotch and grabbed the underside gently. For a few minutes, there was pin drop silence in the room, with the sound of the rain lashing against his window.

Maya placed her hand over his and moved it aside. “Rory, I want to go home,” she said, dropping the glass to a side, and it danced for a bit before rolling across the floor. Rory observed as his prey tried to prep herself up, and then, all of a sudden, fell right into his lap.


“Please Maya, stay for a bit,” he said, slowly unbuttoning her shirt. “It’s raining outside, and you are already wet. See how wet your clothes are. Do you want to catch a cold?” he asked, pulling the shirt tucked into her pants. Lying full frontal on top of him, Maya was too disoriented to move. She could feel his hands settle on her tight belly and gradually make their way up to her petite breasts. His touch gave her a heightened sensation, something she hadn’t felt before.

“No, I don’t want to catch a cold,” she responded, as he gradually opened the knot in front of her bra.

Rory leaned forward and kissed her shoulder blades, moving up her neck, and drove his tongue into her ear, biting gently on the lobe. With his fingers, he gently pinched her erect nipples, which were equally under the effect of the medication. He had seen outlines of these for so long, but today, he had complete access to them.

“Good. I’ll drop you home when your clothes dry up. But let me first squeeze all the rain water out of your skin,” he said, giving her breasts a nice tug.

“Unbuckle your belt,” he whispered, and Maya hazily responded to his command. Once unfastened, Rory let go of her breasts temporarily, and dug his hands into her pants, pushing them down as much as he could with Maya leaning against him.

Bit by bit her bush came in his view, and once the pants were down to her thighs, he gradually lifted her buttocks and put them down by his side. Maya was too weak to sit steady, and fell onto the side of the couch, her bare ass facing Rory.

Soaking in the view, Rory unfastened his pants and took them off completely. Button by button, he got rid of his shirt and dropped it next to the couch. Sitting stark naked, he turned towards Maya and rested his head on his palm, pushing his elbow into the velvet of the couch. “Maya, I see the water has gone inside you too. Let me take it out.”

Very slowly, he pushed his middle finger inside her pucker asshole, and shoved it all the way in. “Thanks Rory,” Maya cooed, as Rory expanded the confines of this tiny aperture.

What a day it had been so far! From watching Steffi get ridden, to riding her himself, he was now in the comfort of his own house, fingering the young girl who could have potentially been responsible for a few accidents over the past few months. He knew she had just about enough in her to stay awake, yet not enough to spur his advances. His penis, recently at service to her heavy-set sister, was still showing remnants of where her fluids had dried. But, it was back up again, and it needed the covering of Maya’s soft, fleshy inners.

Rory withdrew his finger completely, started fisting his erect penis. “Maya, my finger can only go in that far. I need to ensure there is nothing more inside you. I need to push in something longer.”

“You’re the best, Rory,” Maya confirmed with her eyes closed, as she felt two strong hands on her shoulders, pulling her upright. She then felt those hands under ass cheeks, propping her up from the comfort of the sofa. For a few seconds, those hands spread her cheeks wide, and then she felt something thick and bulbous enter her vaginal cavity. Although she could feel some pain, a hand on her mouth covered whatever she was about to scream out once her cheeks settled on his thigh.

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