Your Hired


Jeff and Brianna were a happily married couple. Jeff was a local firefighter and Brianna was a local business owner. So needless to say they had no time to keep up with the house work, so they decided they needed to hire a maid. Brianna put out Ads in the paper and waited for responses.

Not even 3 days later they got a bunch of replies and set up interviews. One after another they interviewed women after women… and no one seem to just fit. Jut when they were about to give up all hope a young women, about 23 years old came gliding in. She was about 5’5, long dark hair, very curvy, even Brianna couldn’t help notice how lovely this girl was, and Brianna was getting turned on just looking at her. Jeff was just trying to control himself, no one ever turned him on like that except his wife!

Her name was Jessica, and she was more then qualified for the job, yet Brianna and Jeff knew se was hired as soon as she walked in. However there was something else about her they just liked instantly… she was wearing really tight jeans with her thong popping out of her jeans when she sat down, and a tiny tank top that barley covered her huge breast. She also kept looking at Brianna in a way that if it was any one else Brianna would have been uncomfortable, Kadıköy Fetiş Escort however Brianna felt very confident and just wanted tot jump this girl. And Jeff could just feel all this tension and could barley take it.

Just as the interview was almost over, Jessica blurted out how beautiful and sexy she thought Brianna was. Brianna was a little shocked and embarrassed, but replied with how sexy she thought Jessica was. This girl was definitely hired, especially if Jeff had anything to say about it.

The next day Brianna and Jeff both had the day off so they could show Jessica what to do. Jessica showed up right on time, wearing a jean mini skirt, heels and a tight shirt. Brianna focused all morning to get ready, secretly hoping something might happen with Jessica. She knew it has always been Jeff’s dream to see her with another girl, so she knew he wouldn’t mind.

Jessica must have had the same idea, because as soon as they got to the bedroom to show her what to do, Jessica bent over and pulled something out from under the bed. It was Brianna’s vibrator that her and Jeff used the previous night. Jessica just smiled as Brianna and Jeff squirmed a little. Jessica then came up to Brianna and told her Kadıköy Gecelik Escort not to worry and turned it on and rubbed it against Brianna’s jeans and then kissed Brianna.

Jeff was so shocked he just sat down in the chair and just watched what was unfolding. Jessica was still kissing Brianna and Brianna was getting into it., when Jessica stared to take off Brianna’s shirt and she had no protest. Brianna then started to take off her shirt. Jessica then started to kiss down her neck and took off her bra, then continued down to suck on Brianna’s nipples. Brianna moaned with pleasure, and just wanted to get her lips on Jessica’s nipples. So she lifted Jessica’s head and worked her way down to Jessica’s beautiful huge breast. Jessica threw her head back in pleasure and looked at Jeff, who had his hand down his pants, she just smiled and said “its only going get better”.

Jessica then pushed Brianna onto the bed and pulled off her jeans, armed with the vibrator she ran it up Brianna’s leg and around her clit, Brianna couldn’t really take the teasing anymore, just when Jessica took off her underwear and started licking her swollen clit. Brianna was moaning out of control as Jessica slipped her fingers in and started Kadıköy Genç Escort finger fucking Brianna. Just when Brianna was about to finish Jessica stopped, looked at Brianna and said “now the real fun starts”. Jeff did not know what was going on, but Brianna knew exactly what she meant.

Brianna walked over to her husband, whose pants were now off and his throbbing dick was in his hand, wanting more. Brianna knelt down in front of him and wrapped her mouth around his dick, but then she stopped and Jessica knelt down and wrapped her mouth around it. While Jessica was doing that Brianna was sucking on her breast and rubbing her clit, she then lifted her skirt and laid down under her and teased her wet pussy with soft little licks on her clit.

Just when Jeff was about to finish and Jessica wasn’t to far behind Jessica stopped. She then when to the bed and laid down on her back, Brianna climbed on top of her so her pussy was right in Jessica’s mouth, Jeff then got behind Brianna and stuck his dick in and fucked her nice and slowly while Jessica licked and sucked her clit and played with Jeff’s balls. Brianna returned the favor to Jessica and licked her clit and fucked her with the vibrator. Brianna was the first to finish, but wanted more and Jessica was second, and just as Jeff was about to finish Jessica told him to cum in her mouth, so he fucked Brianna hard, giving her just what she wanted and just before he came he took out his dick and cumed all over Jessica’s mouth and chin.

Safe to say she was definitely hired!!!

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