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As he walked nearer to me his smile gleaming at me I reminisced back to the day I met him, so innocent, so sure, and so confused:

I met him on a bus ride, and as I nibbled on his fingertips in the back seat that day I somehow knew without knowing that these days of ecstasy would come. The days when together we would arouse each other touching, and passionately kissing, until finally, fully clothed we would find ourselves lying on the floor hopelessly staring into each other’s eyes wishing and hoping for those precious hours we would have together later that day. Almost always we got our chance to spend those hours together they would come, and our fingers hungrily grasped at shirts, belts, waistbands and matching underwear. Our lips would meet not only in passion but in forgives for the sin of letting so much time pass since last we did this. As the clothes came of the naked skin was covered in kisses, and slowly our bodies would lower to the ground, and laying me there he would go to close the door.

And now there he was smiling at me from the door, laughing at my apparent nakedness. He wasn’t so pure anymore I had made sure demetevler escort of that…:) as he walked towards me, I hold my hands out to him, and helped him lower himself to me. I feel his erection rubbing against my leg, as his kisses move down my neck to my collarbone and then to my breast. He always spends so much time there, loving to watch the reaction of my nipples to his sucking, licking and nibbling. Meanwhile my hands are running through the course hair on the back of his head, down his back, and deftly venturing to the manhood that stood at a great attention between us.

He looks as me as I place my hands on his throbbing member, moaning at my sweet touch, he kisses me deeper, attentive to what I like best. As I slowly start stoking him, his kiss becomes harder, and moans and gasps escape his throat. His hands run up and down my skin, and between my legs, and with all the strength he can muster, he pushes my legs apart. I know what is coming next, and it’s always best if delayed. I push him of me and he is amazed at me, but nonchalantly leans back and smiles… otele gelen escort I straddle him, my wetness hovering over his erection, ever so slightly teasing his head with my lips covered in my sweet juices. He moans as I kiss his chest and I slowly lick his neck to his ear and nibble softly.

Grabbing my ass he tries to push me onto him- but I take his hands from my ass and pin them above his head, and his eyes flash with passion as I take control. Slowly, inch-by-inch I lower myself on to him, and in one swift thrust of his hips I am filled to the hilt with his manhood. Gasping for breath at this sudden filling I sit and rock back and forth on his erection. As my orgasms start to come closer, my breath coming in all at once, he lifts me off of him and lays me in front of him. With my legs wide open I watch as he slips his already slippery rod into my awaiting hole.

He impales me with such force that air I breathe is pushed forth from my lungs in gasps and sputters. I tighten my muscles in my legs, pussy and wrap my legs around his ass. I hear myself screaming! balgat escort Writhing underneath him, as he thrusts away like there is no tomorrow. My hands grasping at his shoulders, my finger nails digging into and scratching on his back, leaving marks that will render him painful for days. He throws his head back and yells my name through grinding teeth… but I won’t let him cum until I get my most favorite position.

I kiss him deeply tasting the sweat that has begun to collect on his upper lip. I push myself away from him and turn over to hold on to the headboard, waving my as sin his face. He knows what I want; this is his favorite part too!! He enters my pussy with no hesitation as before, ramming his throbbing manhood deeper than ever before. Exhilarated by my screams of pleasure and pain, he releases his tightly held grasp on my hips, and reaches to play with my clit, immediately my screams become louder, the dogs barking downstairs at me and the sounds of my wounded like animal screaming, and my body spasms in an amazing orgasm.

As my orgasm subsides he is still pumping away at my pussy. I tighten my muscles, and push against him, willing to take a little more pain to see my darling cum…I stroke the sensitive skin on his inner thighs and turn my head to look at his face as he uses one final thrust to finish. Feeling his warm crème explode inside me I turn around and smile… “I’ll let you rest, but then we are going again.. and this time, I’m getting the rope…”

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