You Never Know


Tamara was tall, thin, and beautiful. The type of woman you only see in the movies. Despite her thin frame, her breasts were quite large and her bottom round and firm. She seemed to have everything going for her, but that was all about to change. Bored with small town living, Tamara decided it was time to hit the big city. Not very sophisticated, she didn’t know what she was getting herself into until it was too late. Still a virgin at the age of twenty-three, she vowed to stay that way until she met her one true love. Although it had not been easy for her through high school, she’d had many dates, and most of them ended the same, with hands groping her breasts and trying to tug at her skirt, but she never gave in.

She arrived by bus one chilly Monday morning in September, with only a few hundred dollars to her name. After searching for a place to stay, without any luck, she finally found a rather run down building in a bad part of the town. She was to pay weekly, which took up most of her money, to her disappointment. After checking out the depressing room with its 1970’s furniture, and peeling wallpaper, she at once began to question her decision. The room was furnished with a bed, nightstand, and table with two chairs that had seen better days. The curtains were disgustingly dirty, and in the corner sat a very old black and white television set.

Tamara could feel her stomach growl, and decided to head to the café next door. Not much cleaner than her apartment, but the food was cheap, and it tasted quite good. She decided tomorrow she would look for a job, but for now, she wanted to study the city. If only she’d known what awaited her, she would have gone back to her room and locked the door behind her.

Almost immediately after leaving the café she began hearing footsteps behind her, and she became very nervous, not daring to turn around to see if someone was following her. All at once a man was on top of her, stealing every piece of jewelry she had on, as well as her purse. He groped her, while she screamed for help, but he was gone before anyone came to her rescue. Not such a great day after all.

Back in the room, she bolted the door and sat on the dirty bedspread and wept. Everything was in that purse, her identification and what was left of her money. What was she to do now, she wondered. She fell asleep crying and trying to rid her mind of what had just happened to her.

Early the next morning Tamara awoke, and everything that had happened Kartal Escort to her the day before came flooding back. She began to cry again, but quickly recovered her composure. She would purchase a paper with the change she had left in her pocket; at least he hadn’t gotten that, and look for a job right away. Anything at this point would do. Sadly, most of the jobs she found, she was not qualified for. Two ads caught her eye, one for waitressing and the other was one looking for models. Of course not really knowing any better, she set an appointment with the agency and was too arrive at 2 p.m. dressed in her sexiest outfit. Well, that left her with only a tight sweater a short black skirt and a pair of heels as an option.

Almost time, she thought as she headed out the door. Tamara arrived at the office and took the elevator up to the twenty-second floor. As she entered the office, she was taken aback by all of the beautiful women in the waiting room. No way could she compare to these women, and she almost turned and walked out, but the receptionist called out her name, and told her to have a seat. “Mr. Jenkins will be right with you”, she said. By the name, she had expected to meet an older gentleman, in maybe his sixties, but when she was called into the office, she found herself face to face with one of the most handsome men she had ever met.

Mr. Jenkins was not as nice as he was handsome, that she could tell right away. He had an ugly side to him, almost cruel really, she sensed it. He did not smile, just told her the facts regarding the position and then instructed her to get up and turn around so he could take a look at her. She could feel her face turning red, but did what he had commanded. He stopped her when she had her back turned to him. She could feel both of his hands on the hem of her skirt, as he yanked it up exposing her ass. She tried to stop him, but he was a very strong man, and he told her if she wanted this job, she would have to do as she was told, and not ask any questions. She could feel his hand tugging at her panties, but not removing them to her relief. He allowed her to fix her skirt and instructed her to sit. They went over the expected pay rate and the kind of work that she would be expected to perform, and none of it sounded bad to her, especially for the amount of money she was to be making. She told Mr. Jenkins of her plight, and he immediately gave her an advance and told her to get the hell out of that neighborhood that very Yakacık Escort night. She was ready to leave when he asked her the strangest question; “Tamara, are you still a virgin?” Her face turned bright red and she guessed that was enough to answer his question.

She packed her things as quickly as she could and went to the address Mr. Jenkins told her to go to. She was to share an apartment with two other models named Jill and Nicki. When she got there, they were waiting for her. They were full of smiles, and so very nice. They helped her put away her things and asked all kinds of questions about home, and if she had a boyfriend; all the expected girl talk.

As she settled into her room, she was amazed at how beautiful it was. There were silk drapes with matching sheets, and fresh flowers surrounded the room, as well as a closet full of new clothes in her size. Wow! How did Mr. Jenkins get this place ready for her so soon, she wondered. It was getting late, so she decided to go to bed early and thanked her lucky stars that she had applied for the job, and found such a beautiful place to stay. She just knew the following day was going to be one of the most wonderful experiences of her entire lifetime.

She awoke early the next morning to a sharp knock on her door. A woman that she had not seen the night before stood in front of her. The woman was so big she could have been a man. She barked orders for Tamara to shower and get herself ready for work and be downstairs ready for inspection in less than fifteen minutes. That did not leave her a lot of time, but she somehow made it. Tamara noticed the other girls were standing in a line waiting to be inspected as well. They were not the girls she had met the night before either. Now Tamara began to worry about what was going on and who these people really were.

It was only about eight a.m. but the liquor and drugs were already flowing throughout the apartment. Now she was becoming really confused. She heard a key in the lock hoping it was either Jill or Nicki there to explain to her what was going on, but it wasn’t. It was Mr. Jenkins, along with two of his business partners. Mr. Jenkins pulled her to the other side and introduced her to a very well dressed fellow named Tom. He then instructed her to go with Tom and take care of him as it was his birthday, and she was to be Mr. Jenkins’ gift to him. As Tamara was lead to the bedroom filled with different sorts of devices she had never seen before, Kadıköy Escort she started to cry. She was frightened about what was going to happen next. Being a gentleman, Tom whispered to her that he was not here to hurt her, but to make her transition easier, as Mr. Jenkins had already told him she was a virgin. He didn’t want her to end up with some sicko who would hurt her, and he assured her he would be treating her just fine. The only thing Tamara had to do is follow his directions and everything would be alright.

Tom offered Tamar a drink which she took eagerly, and downed in one gulp. He refilled her glass right away. He then pulled out a little white pill and told her to take it; that it would make things a lot easier for her. Tamara did as she was told. About twenty minutes later she was relaxed and willing to do whatever Tom wanted her to do, no matter how disgusting she thought it was.

Their clothes were off within minutes, and she stood before him naked. He was excited right from the beginning. The first thing he went for was her tits, squeezing and kneading them, pinching the nipples and rolling them around between his finger tips. He started sucking her nipples hard as he laid her on the bed. Tamara’s mind was in a fog from the drug he had given her. She was aware of everything happening, but didn’t seem to care at that moment. She felt him climb between her legs and start to push his huge cock inside her tight virgin hole. It hurt a little bit, but not as much as she had expected. He began to pump harder and faster, grunting and groaning like an animal until he shot a huge load in her now stretched pussy. She was no longer a virgin. She had been with her first man. Well, that wasn’t so bad, she thought; she had imagined it would be worse. What she didn’t know was that he was not done with her yet. He picked her up and turned her over, and started to spread her ass cheeks apart. Dipping his fingers into a gel like substance, he started to enter her with two fingers, and she had to admit that although it did hurt some, the pleasure was more unbearable than the pain. She could feel him insert his huge cock inside her and start to fuck her like an animal once more. No matter how much she begged him not to, he continued on. Then, she felt it, a feeling she had never felt before. It was like the whole world didn’t matter, just the pure pleasure she was feeling. She screamed out and begged him not to stop, to please keep fucking her.

Four hours had passed. It did not seem it had been that long at all, and she was feeling very satisfied and happy. That is until she saw Tom slip money into Mr. Jenkins’ hand. It was then she realized what she had done; given up her virginity to a John, which made her a whore.

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