Subject: YOU KNOW HE’S SUB, DON’T YOU? – PART FOURTEEN +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ THE USUAL WARNINGS APPLY TO THIS TALE. PLEASE CONTACT bit IF YOU LIKE TO PRAISE OR MOAN. SEARCH NIFTY FOR bit or link TO READ MORE ^sharp TALES. REMEMBER TO MAKE YOUR DONATION TO WWW.NIFTY.ORG !! HERE fty/donate.html +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ YOU KNOW HE’S SUB, DON’T YOU? – PART FOURTEEN Monster lowered his mouth right to my ear like I was deaf. “You like to suck cock?” he said as though he was a librarian asking me about my favourite book. To which I answered, yes. “You hear that?” he said to Baldy standing just behind him. “He likes to suck cock. He actually admits it! Fag!” “Dis gust in’,” said Baldy. With that Monster kneed me in the groin and I fell to the ground, sliding past the cliff face of his enormous body, defensively holding where my stuff was mashed and holding it, or trying to, cause I could see he would kick again soon. “Fag,” he muttered. “Look at it. Fuckin disgusting.” I was curled down on myself and thinking they might stop but they were just starting. Monster kind of nudged me with his foot, like he was kicking a dead bird to see if it was dead. Then he put his foot in my face and I wondered if I should, you know, kiss it, cause I know that’s one way to show you know who you are, if you kiss their feet and lick the soles of their feet, you know, acknowledge their superiority sort of, they like it, and I’d get to, you know, experience it. Which I sort of wanted to see what that was like and possibly he would like that. But all he did was balance like that and then Baldy came up so Monster stepped back and Baldy stood there, his big feet spread apart, and he squatted in front of me, held my face and slapped it, “Don’t you got no balls? Fight back!” Which was a stupid idea, obviously. All I could see was the stretched way his jeans pulled across the seam between his legs and the bulge huge and full where his cock was. It looked super big and I thought, ‘Get it out. Get it out. Let me rub my face in it. Let me show you what I AM worth. Let me show you what I can do!’ But instead he was spreading his big legs in front of me and displaying his crotch almost like it was this juicy fruit and holding my head with one hand and slapping me with the other and laughing because I didn’t fight him. I mean, what a moron. If I should alsancak escort get his junk out and do what I do he’d soon shut up and then not admit it but still respect me and this skill and this willingness to be this cock worshipper for any guy with a cock – which is what I am. I was looking at his balls and trying to think how we could move past this stage to where I was sucking his dick when Jake stepped in, “Hey man, stop hitting. Not done anything to you and that’s our cockslave not yours. Serves US. Does what WE want. And we don’t give any choices, so he can’t help it see? He just does what he’s told!” It surprised me to hear Jake acknowledge this. And I thought, yeah, that’s what I am, and all my friends know it, and they all accept it, and they value me for what I am. Jake dodged past Monster and grabbed my lead and held it and dragged me back from Baldy by the neck. He was quite rough so I fell over onto my hands before I could crawl, and then I scrambled to follow him away from the two tanks. I got behind Jake’s legs and sort of hid so that Monster and Baldy had to face him down before they could get to me. I was so grateful. I held onto Jake’s hot leg and put my head up against the back of his knee and kissed the hard top half of his calf through his trousers and the dark fold behind his knee. It felt so intimate and private suddenly to be holding onto him like this. Like I was alone in this cave where … the cave was him and I was protected within. “You bunch of poofs!” said Baldy with disgust. “You’re all getting sucked off by pretty pansy boy here; you’re all pansies!” Jake stayed reasonable, “You don’t understand. We’re not like that. But this gay we’re just making use of yeah? And not just that, but getting stuff and doing whatever we say right like our slave. It’s cool cause it does what we tell it!” “Yeah,” said Dean, “we own it. We like it. So leave it alone. You don’t own it so stop hurting it. WE say. If you want it to suck your cock we can let you. Is that what you want?” Baldy looked at Monster and they both snorted in disgust. “Yeah,” added Luke, “Like, no one’s gay except the cocksucker and truth is gays do know how to suck cock, it’s like an instinct they have. Yeah? Let me tell you, it’s fucking cool it is getting that neck on your junk. It’s just cool! It really knows how to suck cock. It’s like aliağa escort a machine.” I loved that. I loved being called a machine. A machine for sucking cock! And nothing anyone said was a word of a lie. They were gradually moving round Baldy and Monster in a rough circle. Luke and Dean to the sides; John and Po behind; Jake with me. I thought, ‘There’s gonna be a fight!’ It was like they were my friends and they were protecting me … or likey owners and they were protecting their property, more like. The tanks looked around and seemed to reassess their situation. Baldy stood up, really slowly and he and Monster started to look around like there might be an attack. “You realise this is sick, right?” said Baldy, looking at everyone. “Well mad,” agreed Monster. “But hey it’s cool,” said Baldy, “I get it. Your little cocksuck keeps you happy? Have it. That’s not how I roll frankly but you …” “… Don’t know any better,” said Monster. “It isn’t a clean way to live. Gays and faggots … It’s disgusting what they do. They live like animals and when they die they go to hell – and that’s not me, that’s everyone decent knows that!” “Hey fellas, you get it where you can. No problem. You enjoy yourselves. Yeah?” Baldy finished. I mean, they were big; they could easily beat us even all of us if we’d been in a fight, but I don’t think they could be bothered. They moved away, past Luke and started to walk up the street away – I was kinda disappointed because I reckoned, Baldy really knows how to facefuck – but just as they left our sight they shouted out that the whole gang was poofters and everyone knew it. That upset everyone except me. Luke was for going after them, but John, who had taken little part in the whole situation, said, “You do know they’re right? This whole thing is sick. I’m sick of it man.” “Sick of what?” said Jake. “You never do anything. All you do is watch. Then he shook his leg, which I was still hugging like a lemur, and kicked me, “Get the fuck off! You’re not a baby. Have some pride. Stand up! Fucksake you make me sick. Fuck! You need to …” “I’m sorry Jake, thank you, sorry, I … I’m really grateful.” “Don’t be pathetic.” “Sorry Jake. Sorry. I’m just grate-” “And stop fuckin’ apologising! And fucking stand up like a man! Fuck!” – I leaned on my knee and got up, standing, brushing my knees – “Now were going tire escort to HAVE to protect you! Jesus man I’m sick of this.” Jake kicked the dirt in a really cute way. “I feel sorry for you,” he said, “and not in a good way, like I think you’re such a loser … You walk around like you got a pole stuck up your arse. I mean look at you now the way you dress, and your hair, even now you’ve got your hardon on display. You’re always hard. Even now you’re looking at me like all you’d like to do is suck my cock. I know you’re thinking about my cock. All you think about is sucking cock. You’ve got no self respect. You’ve lost all shame. No wonder people beat you up! And we’ve got to protect you cause no one else and you won’t stand up for yourself. Think about it man! Something’s gotta change!” He was right but fuck it was so fucking cute the way he told me off like he cared for me and actually liked me and was worried. I really loved him. “Sorry Jake,” I said, then checked myself, “Sor- I mean, yeah you’re right. I need to …” He raised his hand threateningly. ‘Oh here we go,’ I thought, ‘when are people going to stop hitting me?’ But also I wanted him to hit me, cause: it was proof he cared, wasn’t it? I mean, that really made me hard! I pulled back and thought of his dick but he didn’t hit me. All the strength, I thought of all the strength he was controlling so as NOT to hit me. His chest and his arms were tense. He was controlling his anger. I could feel his anger. It was radiating out of him like uranium. “So why are we doing this then?” said John. He was standing behind Po now and observing things. “This needs sorting.” Po agreed, “Yeah, cause now he needs protection. If blokes are going to … he could get hurt … or something.” “Protection?” said Dean. “Yeah!” Jake added. “Moron! Protection. We got him into this. He’s still a mate. Do you want to see him hurt? He just a little poof. We’re the real men. He does what we say. He gives what we want. He’s been loyal and obedient. He’s kept doing what we tell him. What do you say?” “I say it can look after itself,” said Dean. “Poofs get by but they have to learn to get by. They have to learn to do what has to be done. We all do. Life’s tough. Poofs have to get by just like we do. They just have to manage, that’s all. They just have to take the knocks and cope. They just have to …” “Or we can help,” said Po. Which I saw was him trying to get the whole gang to agree, or follow Dean. And Dean saw that either he could split the group or he could agree. So he did. Reluctantly. “Oh do what the fuck you like,” he said. “Do what the fuck you like.” +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ END OF YOU KNOW HE’S SUB, DON’T YOU? – PART FOURTEEN

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