Yoga Class for Two

I have been super sore lately from working out, so last Saturday I decided to try a Yoga studio I had never been to before. I was sort of sick of my usual, the teachers were all bland and boring. I decided last minute so I grabbed a random pair of yoga pants, threw them on and ran out the door.

I walk in and notice there is literally nobody there. Thats not uncommon, most people stroll in totally last minute, so I put my mat near the back and start stretching and warming up. As the minutes ticked closer to the starting time, I kept getting more and more nervous that I will be the only one in the class. That has never happened to me before, one time there were only two other people in a class, but never just me and the instructor. I hadn’t even seen the instructor yet so I decided to leave. As soon as I made up my mind, the instructor strolls in. He looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place him so I put it out of my mind. He was attractive, looked to be about my age (32), and was wearing loose fitting shorts and a black t-shirt.

“Sorry, I can come back another time!” I said.

“No don’t be silly. This happens more than you might think, I teach one on one pretty often. My name is Jamie.”

I was so nervous and anxious, this was going to be so awkward. But something about him made me feel a little at ease.

“I’m Jasmine, nice to meet you.”

“Since it’s just you we can tailor this class to exactly what you need. Are you trying to address something specific with this practice?”

“Just stretch out my body after working out every day the last week. My legs are super sore.”

Jamie nodded. “Great, follow my lead and I’ll adjust your poses if necessary, is that ok?”

I felt too awkward to say no. “Yea, thats fine.”

He set up at the front of the room, not too close to me, probably to make me feel more comfortable. We started in, sun salutations, chair pose, a normal warm up. On one of my downward dogs my gaze went down between my legs and I noticed a flash of color on my black yoga pants. Anxiety coursed through my body. I could see my pink thong through a small hole right near my pussy lips. I completely panicked. I went into child’s pose to collect my thoughts. Jamie took this as an invitation to come and put some pressure on my lower back, thinking the stretching was too intense. I was panicking inside. He placed his hands on my lower back and gently started pushing down. His hands on my body made me tingle all over, an experience I was not expecting at all.

“Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, and I’ll help you stretch deeper into your child’s pose,” he whispered near my ear.

I took a deep breath in and released. He pushed down a little harder, and I felt a gush of warmth in my underwear, and a tingling sensation course through my body. I was completely shocked. Something about knowing there was a hole in my yoga pants right near my pussy and having him literally almost touching it turned me on. He couldn’t see it in my position, but I knew it was there. My body was anxious, nervous, and tingling with excitement at the same time.

He moved away from me.

“Ok now set up for some cat cows, that will help open up your back and provide some space to stretch out your legs.”

I could only hope he didn’t walk behind me for some reason. I started in on my cat cows, he remained at the front of the bursa escort room. He could not see the hole in my yoga pants, but knowing my underwear was showing through to the back of the room made my pussy gush again. Every time I arched my back, my whole body tingled.

“Ok now move into a downward dog.”

I remembered he said he would adjust me if I needed it. At my other studio the teachers would sometimes come behind you in downward dog and pull gently on your hips to deepen the stretch. If Jamie did that, the hole in my yoga pants would be on full display. I was terrified he’d come over and adjust my pose, but then almost without thinking I hesitated on fully committing to my downward dog. I guess I was putting it up to chance, if he saw my sub par pose and came over to adjust me, then he’d notice. He started moving towards me and I immediately regretted it, I considered collapsing and making some weird excuse and running away, but before I could, he was behind me. I sensed him pausing for a moment, but probably decided to pretend he didn’t notice. This almost made me angry, I had just done something crazier than I had ever done and he didn’t seem to care. I have no idea what I expected him to do, but regardless at this point I wanted some sort of reaction. I was confident in my body, I know I am attractive and have a great ass, this jerk better at least be secretly turned on by seeing my thong through a quarter sized hole in my yoga pants.

I committed to this strange side of me that had never reared its head before and pushed my ass back as far as I could, practically touching his chest. I wondered if my pussy was so wet at this point that it was showing in my yoga pants. I sensed hesitation from Jamie, but then something in the air changed and he slapped my ass, pretty hard.

I was startled, shocked, offended, humiliated, but fucking dripping wet. He moved back to the front of the room and I had no idea what was going to happen next. He calmly resumed his instruction as if nothing happened. We moved through a few more poses, and then he instructed me to lay on my back and move into happy baby. I knew this was an invitation.

If you don’t do yoga, happy baby is when you lay on your back, grab the outsides of your ankles with your hands, and pull your knees back towards your shoulders. Yoga is not a sexual practice, but if it were, this would be the most inviting pose. I fully committed, opening up my legs and hips as far as they would go. The hole in my yoga pants stretched and my thong was on full display. Jamie moved slowly over to me and kneeled in front of me. He put his hands on the underside of my thighs and pushed down slightly deepening my stretch. Then he casually reached down to my wide open pussy, grabbed the hole in my pants with his fingers, and ripped it wide open. There is nothing hotter in this world than that moment. He stared down at my pink thong lustfully, and I opened my legs even wider. I looked down and saw his shorts bulging. Then he got up and moved back to the front of the room.

I smiled, knowing he was going to tease me for a while and enjoy the experience that I am sure every man that does yoga has dreamed about, combining deep stretching with lustful fucking. He moved me through all the poses I’m sure he has dreamed of seeing women in with their yoga pants off, cow pose, chair pose, all the warriors, my ass was on full bursa escort display. Then he instructed me to move into a shoulder stand, which I did. This is when your legs are straight up in the air with all your weight on your shoulders. He moved over to me and slid my yoga pants right off. I moved out of my pose and ended on my back with my legs spread. He kneeled in front of my and pulled his cock out of the top of his shorts. It was already glistening with precum. He pulled my thong to the side and teased my clit with the tip of his dick, then plunged it in.

I gasped, savoring that moment when his cock filled up my pussy as deep as it would go, his balls pressing against my asshole. Neither of us spoke, but I could feel pussy juices literally pumping out of my cunt surrounding his cock. I could feel juices sliding down my ass, coating his cock and his balls. He kept slightly pushing, not fucking, just gently pushing his cock deeper as if he were deepening a yoga stretch. He reached up and pulled my tank top down, exposing my tits. Then he pulled out, took off his shorts, and told me to get in downward dog. I quickly obeyed. He moved behind me, grabbed my hips and pulled back, deepening my stretch. Then he grabbed the top of my thong and slid it down to my ankles. I had never been this exposed in my life. He grabbed my hips again, and basically adjusted my stretch onto his cock. He pulled me back until his cock was buried deep in my cunt and started fucking me.

“Thats it, deepen into the stretch,” he teased, his balls slapping against my clit. My entire body was on fire. I felt like we both could spontaneously explode like filling up a water balloon too much. He fucked me hard until I collapsed; it’s difficult to hold downward dog with a thrusting cock pushing you forward. I fell onto my belly.

“Straighten your legs, place your hands on your mat and look up for upward dog,” he said breathlessly. I obeyed. He firmly slapped my ass then slid his dick in between my legs, finding my clenched pussy. He waited for a second, “Take a deep breath and deepen your stretch,” and as I breathed out he plunged in as deep as he could and started frantically fucking me. He crouched with his feet planted on either side of my ass, guided his dick downward and into my cunt and started thrusting fast and hard. He grabbed my tits which were peeking out the top of my tank top and squeezed my nipples, holding on for stability. I could feel a massive orgasm building, picturing that water balloon finally popping.

“Now move into child’s pose.”

I was confused, how would that physically work? But he clearly had thought it through, probably jerked off to this in his imagination before.

His cock still in me, I put some weight on my knees and started to push up. He was still crouched on top of me and he gently started shifting his weight back with my movement. He placed his hands behind him, spread my ankles out to the edges of my mat, and in one movement he pulled my ass up, sat down, and guided my lower half on top of him. My ankles were on either side of his ass, his knees up, feet planted, me in between him with his cock still buried. It was as if he’d practiced it a hundred times. He guided my torso down for a child’s pose, but sitting on a cock. I didn’t think I could ever do yoga again without needing to change my underwear after. He grabbed my ass and started bursa eskort moving it up and down on his cock. Every time it bottomed out he would push a little bit more, deepening the stretch and deepening his cock in my cunt. I could feel how close he was, it was like we were the same water balloon ready to explode all over each other.

He took his shirt off and laid down all the way on his back. He started shifting his legs to the ground so I raised my upper body and moved my legs out from under him and planted my feet on either side of his torso, his cock never leaving me. Now I was squatting on him. I pulled my tank top off, letting my tits fall. I put my hands on the ground and started thrusting my pussy on his cock, looking down and between us, enjoying the site of my bulging clit smacking against him. He started slapping my ass, sending waves of pleasure all over my body. I put my knees on the ground and started grinding into his cock, feeling my clit rub intensely against his balls.

“Turn around,” he said.

I moved to get up but he grabbed my hips and firmly pressed my cunt down onto him, reminding me that his cock hasn’t left my pussy for at least 10 minutes. I planted my feet and basically sat on his pelvis and rotated my legs around to the side, and then all the way around so I was facing him. I went to put my knees on the ground, but he grabbed my heels, keeping them firmly placed on the ground on either side of him, my legs wide open. His assertiveness send another gush of pussy juice visibly leaking from my cunt onto his belly. He saw this and gathered some up into his fingers and started feverishly rubbing my exposed clit. I started rocking back and forth, mashing my pussy and clit into his cock and balls, deciding that this was the best feeling I have ever felt. A stranger rubbing my clit, my pussy completely full, right on the edge of what I assumed was going to be my biggest orgasm of my life. I decided I needed a little more control so I put my knees on the ground and started fucking him wildly. He grabbed hold of my tits, putting one in his mouth while tweaking the nipple on the other. This sent us both over the edge.

I fell forward, my tits pushing into his chest and kissed him deeply. I had never uttered words so dirty in my life but I heard myself saying practically into his mouth “I am going to come so fucking hard on your cock, you will be absolutely drenched in my pussy juice. When I do, your job is to pump my swollen cunt completely full with your cum. I want so much cum that it spurts out the sides of my pussy as you fill me with your load.”

“You got it,” he said. Then the water balloon popped. I felt like my pussy turned completely into hot liquid and started pulsing through every pore in my body. At the same time, I felt hot spurts of cum coating every inch of my insides. He squeezed my nipples as we came together, making me feel like my tits might start spurting pussy juice. Images of a waterfall entered my mind, and I closed my eyes for the most intense orgasm, maybe of all time. My orgasm slowly subsided and I noticed his cock was still twitching in my cunt, still pumping cum. I sat up on his cock and savored the feeling of my pussy juices and his cum beginning to leak out all over us. I planted my feet and slowly pulled my pussy off his cock. His cock fell out of my pussy, landing on his belly and what seemed like a gallon of cum and pussy juice dumped onto him.

I moved up a bit and sat on his chest, rubbing the juices all over him just for fun. He laughed, slapped my ass, and I got up. He lay there, covered in pussy juice and cum, and smiled at me.

“How do your muscles feel now?”

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