Worshipping Joan


He was chatting away with Joan outside one day about work and she was explaining that he might be in line for a permanent job there. “Thanks a lot Joan, I mean, that’s brilliant” he said, genuinely. At 21, he was quite new to the office, while at 30, Joan was effectively his line manager. With it being mid-summer, Joan was wearing a denim skirt again and he couldn’t help but wonder, the unlikely scenario of performing oral sex on her……..but he knew it would never happen.

“Phew, its warm today. I’ll need to get toned up for my holiday” she said, musing to no-one in particular.

“Um, you have fantastic legs Joan already” he blurted out. They were in no way perfect legs but they she had supple thighs and just that perfect shape leading to an equally shapely ass.

“Fantastic legs, is this you trying to give me a compliment for the job?” she joked to him.

“No Joan, honest, I mean, I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t talk like that to my boss and everything but I think they’re perfect” he said again.

“First time I’ve had a compliment like that for a while, as if you’ve had other thoughts too, ha ha” she joked, then stared at him as he blushed.

“You have had thoughts? About me? What then?” she quipped, really putting him on the spot.

“I shouldn’t say, I mean, you’d be furious, I’d rather not” he replied.

“No no. What’s it they say on mastermind – I’ve started, so I’ll finish. And I’ll know by your face if you’re lying. Now, tell me” she said, coming across as a little vexed but in truth because she was inexplicably eager to find out what he was going to say.

“Well um, please don’t take this the wrong way or anything, but erm, well, the thing is. The thing is, I just had this sort of you know, like a fantasy. Okay, I’ll just tell you straight. I thought about being under your desk pleasuring you while you sat there for ages and enjoyed it” he said, going bright red.

Joan didn’t say anything, but turned away from him. Her mind was reeling and incredibly she was thinking how exquisitely enjoyable it would be if that scenario was real.

“This Sunday, are you doing anything?” she said to him instead.

“No, but, I’m really sorry, I..” but he was cut off.

“That’s enough. Now go back to your desk. I want you down for overtime this Sunday. Start at 12, finish at 4, double time. I’ll work out how many people I need in that day but I’ll let you be one of them. So?” she asked.

“Um, certainly Joan, thanks” he said quickly.

“Alright, lets get back to work. My my, you’re a dirty sod aren’t you?” she laughed at him then went inside.

That night, Friday, he couldn’t settle and was sure he was in trouble but that Joan was just stewing over it. He arrived at the office on the edge of town and entered. Perhaps most of the others were late, as he seemed to be the only person there. About 10 minutes later, Joan walked in. He got up and walked to her desk as she sat down, noticing her legs slipping under the desk, in the denim skirt again.

“Hi Joan, um, I guess we’re first 2 people in today” he said cheerily.

“Other people? Oh, didn’t I tell you? Most of the others, well 4 of them came in yesterday. Just us down for today” she said nonchalantly.

He shrugged and went back to his desk but after just a few minutes, he noticed Joan get up and exit, most likely to the toilets. She returned a few minutes later and sat down again.

“Could you come over here please?” she called out to him and he immediately got up, coming round the isle to her desk.

“Hi, what is it you need me to do?” he asked innocently.

“Ha ha, very well put question!” she said laughing.

He looked puzzled at her but didn’t reply.

“Remember Friday? Well, after our conversation, I got to thinking. I mean, you’ve got some dirty thoughts going through your head but I’ve thought about the idea and there’s no harm in making that little fantasy reality, is there? We’re due here until 4, my husband will simply expect me back whenever I get back and trust me, and I’m in no damn rush to get back to him anyway. A relatively sexless marriage is pretty boring, trust me. Anyway, I think we’ve spent enough time talking about it, if for any reason anyone does come in the office you’d best get under the desk before they see you. Well?” she said, lounging back in her seat which was turned slightly to face him, her legs on full display.

Without saying anything, but shaking a little with nervousness, he found himself going to his knees and crawling under Joan’s desk. Once there, she turned her chair back to the desk and moved it under a little bit. He gingerly moved his head forward as Joan simultaneously brought her thighs up and over his shoulders, settling them in place.

“Okay, you can begin, I even removed my knickers for you already” she said, her mind made up already.

At the first touch of his tongue against her lips, she let out a sigh. “You know, I’ve been looking forward to this all morning. Just take your time though. We’ve got a good 4 hours to kill” and smiled Maltepe Grup Escort as he gently parted her lips, his tongue gently caressing her slit and dipping down to start at the bottom then slowly work his way up again. After about 10 minutes of this, Joan stole a look down at him. It was turning her on watching him doing this to her and feeling his silky tongue take its toll.

“Use your tongue to fuck me too, that’s it but go as deep as you can. Mhhm, you’re not bad at this, but right now I need an orgasm, then you can take your time. Up to my clit now” she ordered and he responded instantly, sweeping his tongue all the way up after withdrawing it from her cunt hole.

“Fuck, oh that’s it, faster though” she hissed, cuming hard as her legs squeezed against him. After a few minutes, she stole a glance at him again. He was sensibly avoiding her clit as she was brought back down to earth.

“Okay, now its time to do something I’ve had a fantasy about. Do you know what rimming is?” she asked him.

“Um, yeah, isn’t that when someone licks someone’s….” he said slowly.

“Someone’s arse? Yep, dead right. Well, you’ve thought about doing this and don’t worry; you’ll be doing it for the rest of the afternoon. But fairs fair. I want my fantasy to be reality too. So if you can start to rim me right now and later, you can go back up to my pussy. Right now” she said and smirked to herself as she eased her thighs a little wider on his shoulders and let his tongue start to caress her bum hole. In just a few minutes a combination of her pussy juices and his saliva had allowed him to gain entry and he began a steady, slow rhythm of fucking in and out of her, rimming her as best as he could.

“You know, I could get used to this a bit more often. My husband and I are heading for a separation, probably permanent. He doesn’t appreciate me at all, we haven’t had sex in ages and to be honest, he’s so boring; I don’t really have many feelings for him now. I’m not into cheating as such. A bit of oral, that’s fine, but penetration, well, not for now at least. However, by 2 months time, he’s going to be moving into another place and after that, I’m free as a bird, relatively speaking” she regaled, while below he continued rimming her.

“Anyway, here’s the important bit. I’m going to need something to look forward to in the next 2 months so it may as well be this. A few hours of relief a week would work wonders for me. And another thing. I’ve always harboured a few ‘fantasies’ if you will, of my own. The big one is being a little dominant. You know, having this sort of thing all the time, a man at my beck and call, that sort of stuff. And it looks like you might just be the perfect candidate, so let’s not beat about the bush. You’ve been happy to play along so far, so from now on, let’s do this every Sunday. And give me your mobile number before we go today. If I can sneak in an evening visit to your flat, so much the better” she mused.

By this time, he had been rimming her for 15 minutes and her thighs were heavy on his shoulders. “Okay, you can go up a bit but go slow remember” she said to him.

He had been too tired to reply to her and simply continued with the task of working his tongue around her pussy. Licking gently, he felt her thighs contract whenever he went too near her clit and moved to her slit.

“Not bad, you can do all that silky stuff later. I need a good tongue fucking now. Nice and steady, yeah, keep doing that” she said as his tongue began to spear in and out of her wet pussy hole. His jaw was becoming more tired but Joan showed no sign of letting up, casually informing him that luckily they had over 2 and a half hours left for ‘enjoyment’. He slowed his pace, keeping his tongue going in deep in a gradual rhythm, while he heard Joan typing away on her pc above him.

“Mhmm, that’s good. With practice you could get really good at this, you dirty bugger” she said smirking down at him. Glancing down at him she was pleased to find that she felt she could last quite a while like this. The problem of course was that as good as it was, the next time wouldn’t be such a novelty and she resolved that perhaps over the next while, it would be worth living out a few fantasies.

“You know, this is good but I think perhaps we’ll have to vary things a little. Certainly until I’m away from that fool of a husband. I know I said we can do this every Sunday, so we can at least look forward to that. But I might spice things up now and then, so I guess I’m saying just make sure you are responsive to changes in the short term, okay?” she said.

“Whatever you say” he replied, not really knowing how else to respond. His promotion was up to Joan too and it was best if he kept her happy for now. Besides, if he said too much, it would leave his tongue out of her pussy for too long and he began to thrust it back in and out.

“I could definitely get used to you saying that. Now you can do the silky stuff. Yeah, but softer, I mean really silky” she said and smiled to herself as his Maltepe Manken Escort tongue gently caressed her entire slit, achingly slow and deliberate, running gently over her lips and scooping up her juices to swallow them down. Curiosity getting the better of her, she clicked on a website for kinky gear and found herself looking at collars.

“What collar size are you?” she said. “Um, 16?” he replied then went back to licking her gently. Finding a size 16, she tried to switch off from the tongue on her cunt and checked the price.

Over 2 hours later, Joan finally pushed his head away from her crotch. “Not bad at all. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve had 4 good orgasms” she said to him. Rising up, she let him get out and to his feet, as he rubbed his neck and felt his tender jaw.

“Right, lets go” she quipped and headed out to her jeep. Taking his mobile number she said goodbye and headed off.

On Tuesday night, his doorbell went. Joan had called him an hour before and told him of her imminent arrival. They headed to the bedroom and Joan immediately stripped off her trousers. “Lie down on the bed” she said and he did so, puzzled. Once in place, Joan quickly mounted him, her pussy planting itself on his mouth.

“Okay, we have about an hour and a half so make it worthwhile” she said. “I’ve been looking forward to sitting on your face, I think we’ll be doing this a lot” she said while his tongue explored her pussy from front to back and side to side. True to her word, she fucked his face until it was time to go and the following Sunday, he was back under her desk again for the entire afternoon. After 3 weeks like this, she showed up on a Wednesday this time.

“Your appraisal is on Friday and obviously, that promotion is on the cards for discussion. So, I was thinking. I’m obviously your boss at work as we know. But how would you like it if I was your boss outside of work too?” she asked him.

“Um, I guess, that would be………” he said until she mashed her pussy into his face.

“Yes, that would be brilliant wouldn’t it? Now, keep your tongue out straight for me” she said and began to gyrate herself against his outstretched tongue. Reaching an orgasm in a little under 15 minutes, Joan turned to face down his body.

“Do you want me to rim you, Boss?” he said.

“Yeah. You’re getting a little better at oral, only a little but still an improvement. You could do with putting a bit more effort into rimming though. By the end of this Sunday afternoon, I want your tongue to go another inch deeper. Your promotion depends on this” she added smugly and settled onto his face, relaxing to let his tongue into her arse.

A few weeks later, Joan’s husband had moved out and divorce proceedings had started. To celebrate, she had met some friends for a drink and he was told to pick her up when she called. Around 11, the girls called it a night and Joan had him arrive in the car. “You can give my friends a lift back first, okay?” she said to him, poking her head in the car.

“Um yeah, sure” he said amiably.

“My Joan, you’ve got him well trained! Well done girl” one of her friends commented, clearly impressed at Joan very much in the driving seat with such a good looking young man, as they approached the car.

“He knows who’ll be sitting on his face tonight, that’s for certain” said Joan smugly and the other 2 women giggled along with her as they got in the car. On the way back, the women continued banter back and forth while he wisely concentrated on getting them to their destination.

“Bye Joan and don’t leave it so long next time. Let’s do it again next month!” said her friend Helen as they got out.

“Good idea, maybe we should have a monthly night” quipped Joan back and they drove off. She didn’t say much to him on the way back and once in the house, flopped down on the bed and began to unbuckle her strappy heels. “Take these things off will you” she said to him and he immediately dropped down to take her shoes off. “Rub them” she said offhandedly and lounged back a little on the bed while he began to do so.

“Hang on, let me get ready for bed then you can do it” she said, standing up and walking away from him. Once her clothes were off, Joan brushed her teeth and returned to the bedroom. She relaxed on the bed while he knelt by the side of it again and began to rub her feet. After 10 minutes, she seemed to be in no hurry to get him to stop so her went a little higher with his hands, while his mouth caressed her toes. Taking each one in turn, he swirled around it with his tongue, before sweeping up her calf, while Joan made herself comfortable.

It was simply meant as a half joke, half suggestive comment in passing to Joan. All he had said was “How about a blow job later?” in her ear as she walked back from the toilets to her desk, as he passed the other way. Nothing more was said by her until later, when she called him to come round to her house. He arrived and followed her into the lounge. “It’s been a tiring day, relax me” she said simply to him and Maltepe Masöz Escort sat on the sofa. He knew what she meant by that and helped her off with her trousers, before letting her familiar thighs settle over his shoulders. Beginning by taking one of her lips into his mouth, he sucked on it gently, before darting to lick her moist slit gently. Moving to the other lip, he repeated the process, before starting again. Joan was regarding him coolly. And 20 minutes later, when he was trying to speed her to orgasm, she pressed down on his head, keeping him away from her clit.

“What’s the rush?” she said to him. “Um, no rush just can’t wait to fuck you” he said back to her.

“Can’t wait to fuck me? Can’t wait to see if you’re going to get a blow job or not more like, eh?” she quizzed him. “Um, c’mon, it was a joke…….” he explained to her but she cut him off. “Do you want to be treated like a man, or like a little boy, eh? You’d better start realising I’m not some bumbling, giggling, inexperienced 18 year old cocksucking, dumb novice” she declared to him. “I’m a woman who wants a real man for a lover. And I have a real woman’s needs. That means I need satisfaction. And that means if you want to be treated as a real man, you start waking up to the fact you are with a real woman. It takes me a bit longer than 2 minutes to get off. I need an hour or so before I even think about fucking you. And as for blow jobs! I’m after a man who keeps me satisfied, not one that whines on about himself. So, either get with the programme or I’ll find someone who will, understood?” she finished at last.

He was surprised and taken aback, but Joan had cleverly challenged his manhood, making it clear in no uncertain terms that she would continue to expect him to satisfy her thoroughly, especially with his mouth and never to ask for anything sexually in return. “Um, yes, I understand” he replied. “Good. Well, where were we? Go down a bit now” she said, releasing the hand that had gripped his hair so tightly and flicking on the tv with the remote.

Joan waited in the interview room with Lorraine, as he knocked and entered. A functional table separated them and although both women wore A line skirts with it being summer, they came to their knees and he decided to concentrate on passing this interview and getting promotion.

“Take a seat” said Joan in a neutral tone. She seemed distant, a far cry from the woman who had sat on his face for over an hour on the Tuesday night. Now, on Thursday, he was determined to remain businesslike. It began well. Lorraine in particular seemed to be nodding at his answers, as if he was convincing in his measured solutions to their questions. Lorraine was in her early 30’s, as was Joan. Where Joan had dark hair, Lorraine was a natural blond, darker than peroxide, but still sunny. Neither woman was a stick insect, both being regulars at the gym and possessing fit supple legs. Eventually, they reached the 2nd part of the interview, when he would be expected to do a presentation to them. Lorraine said she would fetch the appropriate apparel; board and marker pens. As soon as she left the room, Joan looked him in the eye. “Kiss my feet” she said, staring at him.

“What? But Joan, I mean boss, if Lorraine comes back in, then….” But she cut him off. “I said, kiss my feet and my legs for that matter. You are going to do it, because you are trying to make a good impression and you will do as I say” she added with finality.

He knew it was futile to object and slipped off his chair, under the table, taking one ankle in his hand and kissing it. He rained kisses on her calves while Joan sat, with just the expression she wanted to have – disgust. As she predicted, Lorraine waltzed in, depositing the board and closing the door before realising what was going on. Joan had a look of disgust on her face and was valiantly trying to push him away.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Lorraine said to him, coming to stand over the other side of the table, by his chair.

“Lorraine, I’m as surprised as you are. This one here seems to have a fetish for feet and legs. Dropping to his knees, kissing all over my legs, even said if I would only let him use his tongue on me, it would be the biggest toe curler ever. And that’s not all. He said he’d do anything to do the same to you!” she added.

Lorraine had went from being furious to annoyed, then puzzled and was now struggling with a new emotion; arousal. The thought of this young lad, under the table……….she regained her composure quickly though and looked down at him.

“Well, this certainly changes the interview, doesn’t it?” she added. Joan got up and beckoned Lorraine to the corner of the room. “Don’t move” she said to him and as he crouched under the table, puzzled, nervous and not sure what to do, he could see the 2 women talking animatedly. Lorraine was soon nodding and smiling then they turned back to the table and both took their seats again. As he started to emerge Joan barked at him “I thought I told you to stay put” with anger in her voice. “Now then, as we’ve said, this certainly changes things. I really don’t think you should be trying to annoy us, under the present circumstances. Now, I want you to show Lorraine what you were doing to me when she came in and what your further intentions were” she said, glaring at him.

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