Workout Session


My husband and I work hard and lead busy lives. With two kids, professional careers and a house in the suburbs, we’ve lost the time we used to have to explore new aspects of our relationship. After fourteen years together, we spice it up as much as we can, including role playing, video taping our love making sessions and having sex in public places on occasion. But lately I’ve fantasized about more. This past New Year’s Eve, I promised myself that, one day, I would plan a weekend getaway where we could indulge our wildest fantasies. I thought of this as our “immunity weekend.” I had no idea how rewarding this New Year’s resolution would be. In our spare time, we began talking about it. Although he was supportive of my notions, and clearly became aroused at some of my secret suggestions, I don’t think he ever took my idea as anything other than just talk.

Sam was away on business. After dropping off the kids at school, I went to the gym to work out. In the women’s locker room, I removed my shoes then slipped out of my dress. Standing in my bra and panties, I looked at myself in the full-length mirror. Not bad, I thought. Mid-thirties, great boobs, long strong legs and a nice heart shaped ass. Great assets to use in making my fantasies come true, I thought to myself.

As I admired my body, I could see reflected in the mirror over my shoulder a young woman wrapped in a towel sitting on a bench gazing at me from behind. She was petite and dark complexioned, probably in her early twenties. Although I wasn’t focused on her at first, subconsciously I noted she kept her gaze steady as I stood in front of the mirror, removed my bra and stepped out of my panties. Did she think she knew me? Was she admiring my body? Was she lost in a daydream?

With unexpectedly heightened senses, I turned back to my locker. Her gaze averted slightly as I walked toward her. I felt a rush of adrenaline at the thought that this lovely young girl would admire the curvature of my naked body. I wondered if I was imagining her attraction to me.

Despite a couple of innocent encounters in college with my best friend, I did not consider myself bi-sexual. The older I got, however, the more interested I was in exploring my own sexuality no matter what the form. I admired beautiful women, their curves and sensitivity. I enjoyed the form of intimacy they offered that was different from a relationship with a man. And, now in my mid-thirties, I was neither as judgmental of myself nor as jealous of others as to be paralyzed by fear. My thirties brought me greater self awareness, more confidence, a certainty of life and love that I lacked in my twenties. I was no longer fearful that exploration of my own sexuality, even explorations beyond my normal boundaries, would cause me to lose something — my husband, my standing in the community, or my sense of identity.

Slowly, I bent at the waist and unzipped my gym bag. I could feel the tension in my back as it arched, my knees locking in place like piano legs, my breasts swinging freely as I moved. Was I intentionally posing for this girl? The thought, which came more consciously now, aroused my senses. While I never considered myself attracted to women, the thought of this young, supple girl being attracted to me felt empowering. She didn’t speak, but I could feel her eyes gliding across my body. She didn’t seem to move.

My movements were slow and deliberate. I slipped into my white socks. I stepped into a pair of baggy gym shorts, pulling them up little by little, my rear angled pointedly toward the girl. I stretched into a snug tank top, pretending not to notice the prominence of my nipples through the taut fabric. A quick glance confirmed she was still staring at me.

As I walked past the girl I smiled confidently at her. She smiled back, sqwunching her nose with a wink. For the first time, I detected that during the entire time she watched me her left hand was hidden beneath her towel, disappearing into her private regions. As I ascended the stairs, I smiled a smile I’d never felt before. I hoped she enjoyed herself.

On the treadmill, I worked up a sweat. Kadıköy escort bayan CNN reported the news over the grunts and pants of all the struggling athletes. I glanced occasionally at one of the trainers doing bench presses. Lying on his back, he strained to push up the weights. His legs were spread wide open. I could clearly see his package wrapped in a jock strap.

“How’s it going?” a familiar voice startled me.

“Jana,” I cheered, “You’re late.”

She kissed me on my sweaty cheek.

“You know I couldn’t leave the house without giving Will his daily send off,” she replied.

“His send off or yours?”

“Well, I do like getting my day started with a good licking,” she retorted.

“You tramp!” I teased.

Jana was my closest friend. We shared everything, and there was no intimate detail we didn’t know about one another — our jobs, our mothers, our most embarrassing moments, descriptions of our husbands anatomy. It was hard to believe we were so much alike inside when we were so different looking outside.

She was younger and more petite than I was. She was dark skinned with dark hair and dark eyes. She was more ethnic, almost Spanish or Black Irish, but with an amazing regal quality. Her dark princess features were accentuated by an undeniable self-confidence and sensuality. I thought of her as a goddess. Contrasted against my lean height, fair skin, blonde-blonde hair and blue eyes, we made quite a pair of bookends.

She hopped on the treadmill beside me and gradually worked up to my speed.

“Did you notice a chic in the locker room that looked a little bit like you?” I asked.

“You mean the chic I startled when I went to my locker who was in the middle of a raging orgasm,” she responded.

“No way!” I jolted.

“Absolutely true,” she continued. “She stopped short of a full-blown blackout just as I turned the corner and surprised her.”

“I think she may have been fantasizing about me,” I confessed, blocking my face with one hand in embarrassment.

“Shut up!” Jana slapped my arm.

“No, it’s true. She was this total voyeur while I undressed and I swear she started diddling herself while watching me change into my workout clothes.”

“You little hussy. Like you didn’t egg her on? Look at how hot you look.”

“Well,…” I paused.

“You did egg her on! How utterly…” she paused, considering her words carefully, “How utterly exciting!” Jana’s voice rang with applause. “Just remember,” she joked, reaching over and tweaking my tit, “you’re supposed to save yourself for me.”

“Yeah, right,” I replied.

Jana and I often teased about doing each other. Partly, it was because we were both oversexed and flirtatious. Partly, it was because the idea was still somewhat taboo. Partly, it was because we really were attracted to each other in a best-best friend kind of way — so much in common, such intimacy, such love. I truly admired her, as I’m sure she did me, and I knew that it my friendship with her was safe — that if I ever did it, it would be a mutual experience and nothing more. She was totally devoted to her Will and, while clearly more of a risk taker than I was, there was thread of complication because she was as devoted to her Will as I was to my Sam.

I backed off my treadmill and joined Jana at the weight machine. She adjusted the weights and started with leg thrusts. I sat on the machine next to her.

“Hey, Jan,” I started, “Remember my New Year’s resolution? I’ve been thinking about a couples only weekend to celebrate Sam’s birthday. Kind of an immunity getaway.”

She paused mid-thrust, lowered her head and looked at me with a wry smile.

“Immunity weekend?” she asked. “Okay, now you’ve really got my attention.”

I started describing my idea, knowing that it wouldn’t take Jana long to help me fill in the details.

“Next Friday night, I’ve got access to my company’s private jet. It’s a sleek, plush, sexy little thing. It’s got a full bar, some video equipment, reclining leather seats. It seats at least eight people comfortably, Escort Kadıköy with plenty of room to move around. I was thinking maybe you and Will, Nikki and Sean, and Sam and I could hop a ride to Vegas for guiltless, uninhibited, action-packed weekend.”

“A group mile high club?” Jana volunteered.

“Yeah, something like that,” I said. “Plus a couple of days and nights in Las Vegas.”

“And anything goes?” she asked.

“Well, we might need some rules. I mean, everything would have to be consensual. But, yeah, that’s the general idea,… anything goes.”

“Well, if the tingle between my legs means anything, I’d say I’m interested.”

We talked about it in hushed tones while we worked out. I had some specific ideas. Jana had some great suggestions. The men lifting weights in our vacinity craned their ears to hear the details of our little plan.

Later, in the women’s locker room, the talk continued.

“I’m glad you thought to include Sean and Nikki,” Jana said. She sat on a bench and took off her tennis shoes. “Nikki would be an easy travel companion and, besides, she a real hotty,… I love her blond hair and great smile,” she continued. “She’s like a smart cheerleader.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” I said, stepping out of my shorts and grabbing a towel from the locker. “I picture her as your type,… you know, blond, built, smart.”

“Like you?” she smiled.

“And Sean!” I ignored her and went on, “What a hunk he is!”

“You may not remember this,” Jana interjected, “but at your Christmas party this year, he came on to me.”

“Really?” I feigned surprise.

“Yeah. Gee, I can’t believe I didn’t tell you. Remember, we were all hitting the egg nog pretty hard. Bing Crosby’s White Christmas was on the stereo. Sean goosed me and I spilled my drink all over his trousers.”

“Yeah, I remember that part,” I said.

“Well, I felt so terrible that I followed him upstairs to help him clean up. We were laughing and kidding around. We went into your bathroom where he pulled off his pants and put them in the sink. He said that it was only fair if I took off my dress, too. He couldn’t have thought I would take him up on his offer, but I did.”

“You did not!” I shouted.

Jana chest and neck flushed red at the memory.

“I sure did. So there we were. In your bathroom, Sean without any pants and me in my holiday bra and panties, the ones with Santa and the reindeer. What did it matter, I said to myself, he’d seen me in a bikini before, what’s the difference? Then I noticed for the first time that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His dick began to poke through his shirt tails.”

“And what did you do?” I asked.

“I stood there at the sink and washed off his trousers.”

“That’s it?”

“Well, he stood behind me and sort of dry humped me from behind for a second, kind of a lighthearted, funny gesture. His cock was huge — not as big as Will’s, of course — but huge.”

Thinking about seeing Sean naked from the waist down turned me on. He was a prominent public relations executive, always the life of the party, funny and intelligent. His eyes were steel blue and I’d always been slightly attracted to him.

“What did he do?” I inquired breathlessly.

“He just sort of poked his cock between my legs and rubbed it in and out for a few seconds while I stood there scrubbing the crotch of his pants in your sink. I think he kissed my neck a few times. I can’t remember. It was all truly innocent enough. Besides, we’d both been drinking and the whole party was getting a little frisky at that point. Remember, Nikki had already flashed her tits for Will?”

I remembered that Nikki was smoking hot that night and that all the boys had noticed how great her breasts looked.

“Yeah, with the low-cut dress she was wearing, I think the boys saw plenty of her tits that night.”

Jana nodded agreement then continued, “And, as I recall, my very own husband had shown you his cock.”

This is true, I thought to myself. What a great party. Will and I had been kidding around in the kitchen Kadıköy Rus Escort while everyone else gathered around the fireplace in the den. I love Will,… and, I had to confess, if I wasn’t totally happily married and if he wasn’t totally happily married to my best friend, I’d chase after him. He was shorter than either my husband or Sean, but broad-shouldered with sandy brown hair and a smile to rival Tom Cruise’s million dollar grin. Secretly, I’d always had the hots for him. At the party that night, he’d lifted my skirt from behind to catch a glimpse of my ass. I was standing at the kitchen counter cutting a cheese roll to serve as appetizers. In return for his glimpse, I’d shamed him into showing me his dick. It was only fair.

“It’s was merely clinical,” I responded sheepishly. “We were arguing over the benefits of circumcision and he offered his dick as Exhibit A.”

“Well,” Jana acknowledged, “he does have one enormous cock. And he likes to show it off every chance he gets. Truth is, I really don’t care if he shows it off, especially if it’s to you. That’s the thing about turning thirty years old. You loosen up a bit, try some things, and realize that all the glances and thoughts and minor infractions that troubled you in your youth simply don’t really matter. Bottom line is he adores me, and nothing will change that. Where else would he go for the kind of attention I give him?”

“So, how’d it end with you and Sean?” I asked, changing the subject.

“I helped him put his pants back on — they had a big wet spot in front — then I slipped back into my dress and kissed him goodnight. The party broke up shortly after that and we all went home.”

After a few more repetitions, Jana and I finished our routine and headed for the showers.

In the shower, the steam and hot water felt great against my back and neck. My muscles were sore from exercising. Jana walked brazenly into the group shower — she never covered herself with a towel. Her toned muscles glowed with a fine mist of perspiration. Her nude body was beautiful. At the far end of the showers, a lovely black girl finished her bathing. She paid us little attention when she exited, leaving us alone.

Jana stood in the warm spray next to me.

I stood facing the shower with my eyes closed, and she must have seen me rubbing my own sore neck.

“Here, let me help you with that,” Jana said. Her small, strong hands reached my neck and began to rub my tense muscles. Keeping my eyes closed, I could feel the closeness of her body. She was shorter than me, so I imagined her on her tiptoes, one of her hands kneading my neck, while the other pushed back my hair. The warm water sprayed my face. The heat traced the front of my body. I could feel Jana’s breasts brush against my back. The touching was constant, nipples moving left and right across my back, but it was so casual as to be unintentional.

“Ah, that feels good,” I heard myself whisper.

“I know,” Jana said softly. “Just relax.”

My thoughts drifted to the locker room girl from earlier in the day. I could see her watching me. Her soft features took me in. Her fingers disappeared beneath her towel. I became aroused.

Gradually, my nose picked up the faint scent of flowers. Just as I recognized the smell, Jana’s hands moved to my hair and began massaging in shampoo. “Ah, that’s good,” I whispered. My long blond strands fell about my shoulders. Jana’s fingers massaged tenderly. The motions were rhythmic, nearly primal.

“Nothing beats getting your hair shampooed by someone else,” she offered. “Well,… almost nothing,” she quickly added. My back still turned to her, I could envision her mischievous smile.

“You can do that all day,” I added.

“Nope,” she said abruptly. “You’re done.” And with that, she hugged me from behind, grabbing my boobs briefly with her lathered hands. I could feel the length of her body against me. She smacked my ass when she pulled away.

“Owww,” I squealed.

“Don’t be such a crybaby,” she retorted. “What do you say we finish up here then call Nikki and see if she and Sean can meet you, me and Will for a private-jet-mile-high-club-to-Las-Vegas-birthday-party-planning-session? Let’s say your house around seven o’clock? Since Sam is out of town, you can arrange for childcare and I’ll come over and cook. Whadda ya say?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

And it was.

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