Working Late


Madeleine rubbed her eyes and stifled a yawn. It was 6:00PM and she was still at her desk, trying to wrap up work for the week. She knew she just needed to get through these last few items on her to-do list and she wouldn’t have to think of work again until Monday.Maddy was pretty sure she was the only one left in the office. One by one, her coworkers had trickled out, wishing her a good weekend as they headed into the balmy summer night. Maddy saved the file she was working on to her desktop and glanced at the clock. 6:10 and she could finally head home. She was restarting her computer when she heard the rustling of papers from one of the offices by the window. She froze; she had thought she was alone in the office. She leaned back in her chair to get a better look, and her heart leaped in her chest – it was her boss, Viraj.Maddy suddenly didn’t feel tired at all. From the time she had met Viraj, she thought he was cute. The more she got to know him, the harder she had fallen for him – he was patient, kind, smart, and incredibly sexy. She knew that she couldn’t act on her feelings because he was, after all, her boss… but a girl could dream. And fantasize. And google endless amounts of porn starring Indian men that she could pretend were Viraj.She hesitated for a few moments, thinking. She knew the responsible thing to do would be to head out, but the opportunity to talk to him alone for a few minutes was too tempting to resist. She took a deep breath and walked over to where he was typing at his computer. She tapped on the wall as she approached. He looked up, startled.“Maddy, you’re still here? Go home!” he said, smiling up at her. Maddy loved his smile; he had deep smile lines that emerged, and Maddy loved being the reason that they appeared.“I’m heading out right now – and what about you? You’re here late too,” Maddy teased gently.“True Ankara escort – I’m heading out now, though. What are you up to tonight?”Until that moment, Maddy had been planning on heading home, getting into her pajamas, and pulling up Viraj’s Facebook page. He barely had any photos of himself up – his profile picture was the Mets’ mascot – but there were a few that Maddy had discovered after a few minutes of scrolling that, along with her vibrator, had helped her have some truly excellent evenings. She decided quickly that she would fudge the truth a bit.“Oh, I was going to stop down the street for a drink. Want to come?” Maddy’s heart thundered in her chest. She told herself that this was just two coworkers going out for a drink – didn’t that happen all the time? Hadn’t she seen that in a sitcom or something? Luckily, Viraj’s adorable smile lines returned.“Sure!” he said. “Give me a sec to pack up.”Maddy returned to her desk to grab her bag and quickly looked into her now black computer screen to check her appearance. Her messy blonde curls looked pretty cute today, and she had – thankfully – worn one of her favourite outfits, a white blouse with a red pencil skirt. She looked over her shoulder quickly to see if Viraj had left his office yet and quickly adjusted her breasts in her bra so they swelled enticingly under her blouse. She hesitated for a moment and then unbuttoned one more button. It could have happened accidentally, after all.Viraj came out of his office, swinging his messenger bag over his shoulder. Maddy fell into step beside him, and they made small talk as they walked to the bar, talking about the recent concerts at the hall where they worked and how they thought it went.“I liked the Debussy!” insisted Maddy.“It was boring as hell! La Mer was a way better choice the next week. Prelude Ankara escort bayan to a Fawn is so dull. Plus, there was no one in the audience – I had a box to myself!”They continued to laugh and bicker as they made their way up to a dimly lit bar. Viraj ordered Gin and Tonic, and Maddy did the same. The bartender started mixing their drinks. “Did you want to keep a tab open?” she asked.Viraj glanced at Maddy. “Yeah, sure,” he said, handing over his credit card. “We can split it later,” he muttered to Maddy. “She doesn’t seem like she’s in the mood to split cheques right now.”Maddy bit back a laugh as she eyed the surly bartender, who was currently mixing their drinks as though it had recently insulted her mother. She poured them and Viraj and Maddy thanked her, leaning awkwardly against the bar.“Um, do you want to go grab a table?” asked Maddy.“Sure,” Viraj answered, and they set off to the side of the bar, where they found a two-top tucked away in a corner. They slid onto their chairs and continued their conversation.Maddy was amazed. She knew that Viraj was smart and funny but spending time with him outside of work was a lot more fun than she imagined. The conversation flowed easily, and the pair laughed loudly and often as they got progressively drunker and their conversations got laced with more innuendos. They got another round – beer this time – and then another. Maddy kept waiting for the moment when Viraj would start looking at his watch and make an excuse to leave, but it never came. He seemed to be enjoying himself as much as she was.They started talking about their childhoods and they learned that they had both been raised by less-than-stellar parents. Maddy could feel herself leaning forward toward Viraj as they laughingly tried to one-up the other with insane childhood memories. Maddy Escort Ankara felt like they were completely in sync with one another; she had never spent time with someone else with whom she connected so easily and instantly.Maddy didn’t want to miss even a moment talking with Viraj, but she had now consumed three drinks on an empty stomach.“I’ll be right back,” she said, grinning like an idiot. “I’m just going to head to the washroom.”“Oh, it’s downstairs,” answered Viraj. “When you go down, check out the lower floor. It used to be a swimming pool.”Maddy smiled and headed down the stairs, feeling pleasantly wobbly. She used the washroom and stopped at the mirror before heading back. Her cheeks and chest were flushed, and her hair was looking wild from the humid night. Liquid desire pooled in her belly. She had never wanted a man more than she wanted Viraj right now. She took a deep breath and splashed some cool water on her face after washing her hands. Then she tugged her blouse down a bit – just for good measure. The top of her bra peeked over the top of her unbuttoned shirt. Maddy paused, wondering if she had the nerve to go back up looking like this. Before she could talk herself out of it, she whirled around on her heel and marched back up the stairs. As she came out of the stairwell, she caught sight of Viraj from behind. His broad back stretched his shirt in a very distracting way, and Maddy noticed that his shoulders were particularly broad. She had a sudden image of herself gripping those shoulders as she straddled him… Maddy shook her head, trying to clear the thought from her brain. She wanted to be present while she was still with him.“Back!” she said cheerfully as she slid back on her bar stool. He grinned at her and Maddy’s heart skipped a beat. She felt herself grow warm and her panties get moist. Jesus, all this from just a smile? she thought.The last half of her drink went by in a pleasant blur. They made their way to the bar to pay the tab which was, of course, outrageous given that it was downtown Chicago. Maddy got Viraj’s Venmo info quickly, not wanting him to think that she was going to stick him with the bill.

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