Working for a Living


Pulling into the job site, I noticed the house was really taking shape since I’d last been here. It would only be a month until my mountain home was completed and I started to move in to the place. Getting out of the truck, I pulled my jacket up tight against my neck as the cold wind tried to bite my skin. Looking skyward, it wasn’t a question of if it would snow tonight but how soon would it start.

I stepped through the front doorway and looked for Rudy, the general contractor on the project. I said hello to a couple of the guys I recognized from his crew and one of them pointed me towards the basement to find Rudy. I looked around the house before descending the stairs to find him in the mechanical room.

“Hey Rudy, just checking up on my investment.” We shook hands as old friends. This is the third house Rudy has built for me. After a couple minutes of small talk about the project, his helper crawled out from behind the heater. I didn’t recognize him as anyone from Rudy’s crew.

“Chris, this is Jamie. She started working for me a couple months ago.”

I’m sure the surprised look on my face was obvious. You don’t meet to many females in the trade. She smiled at my reaction. And she has the kind of smile that will light up a dark room!

“Nice to meet you,” as she extended her hand. “This will be one nice place when we’re finished. The view of the lake and mountains is gorgeous.”

Rudy followed me upstairs and he showed me a few of the changes they had made based on our earlier discussions. A few minutes later I was headed up the road to attend to some business in town. “Snow’s definitely coming Rudy. Don’t stay too late tonight.”

Four hours later with the sun behind the mountains and snow already piling up on the road, I passed by my property. For some reason, I turned down the dirt road to the place and saw an old pick-up truck parked around the side. I had noticed it when I’d stopped by earlier in the day. A stiff wind hit my face as I hopped out of the truck. Stomping my boots on the deck, I hollered as I entered the house, “Is anyone here?”

“Chris … it’s Jamie. I’m back here,” as she walked towards me with her cellphone in hand. “I can’t get a signal.”

Smiling, “yeah, the coverage up here is pretty spotty. Why are you still here with the snow coming down?”

“I stayed behind to finish up the heater duct work then my truck wouldn’t start. I’ve been trying to reach a friend on the other side of the mountain but no luck.”

I went outside and tried a few things under the hood but didn’t have any better luck. By then it was pretty dark with the moon hidden behind the clouds and the snow getting thicker. “Even it starts, I don’t think you’re getting down the pass tonight with this snow. I was heading to dinner. Why don’t you join me?”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

“What are you gonna do … go without dinner and sleep in my house? Damn that will be a long, cold night! Come on, there’s a good place in town.”

I left her digging her toe in the snow as I climbed into the cab of the truck. Turning the motor over, I yelled out the window “Sure is warm in here.” Before I could put it in gear, she was running towards the passenger side of the cab.

We headed down the dirt road towards town with the snow falling fast. Twenty minutes later, we parked on the street across from the diner. We walked inside and I was greeted warmly by the hostess. I looked at Jamie and gave an ‘I’m a regular’ kind of shrug. Jamie removed her cap and jacket and pulled her sweatshirt over her head. For the first time, I could see her shoulder-length blonde hair and a bit of her female curves. A couple beers and a steak dinner and I was hearing bits and pieces of her life story. I kept finding things to say so I could see her smile. It was intoxicating. She had high cheekbones and a bit of crooked nose, but in a sexy sort of way. “So Jaime … I’ve got a couple istanbul travesti extra rooms at my house. You can stay there tonight and we’ll see about your truck in the morning.”

“That’s very sweet of you Chris, but we just met. I’m not sure what I’ll do but you don’t have to do that for me.”

“Don’t be silly. You don’t need to spend $60 on a room when I’ve offering one to you. I really don’t mind at all.”

She smiled and we headed for the door and into the driving snow. The drive took a little longer than usual because of the weather, but Jaime chattered the whole way. I’m not sure if she was nervous, the effects of the beer, or just her personality but I found it engaging. I pulled into the garage and we made a run for the door. I offered her a beer and showed her around the place. Flipping on a switch, “You can sleep here. There’s a bathroom through there so we won’t cross paths in the night.” I sized her up. “I think I’ve got some things I can give you to sleep in tonight.”

We headed back upstairs and I lit the fireplace to take the chill off the room. Grabbing another couple beers, I steered her to the couch. She pulled off her work boots and crossed her legs on the couch. I sat on the floor near the fireplace, opposite her. Thirty minutes of talking, she stood up with her empty bottle and made a motion asking me if I wanted another. I watched her ass move as she walked away from me. As she returned, her nipples were very visible through the long-sleeved t-shirt she wore. “You have room for two near that fireplace?” I patted the rug beside me as I reached for the cold beer she offered.

As she sat beside me, her hand rested on my thigh and she made no effort to move it. I thought she had been flirting, but had dismissed it as male ego. This left no doubt in my mind so I turned and kissed her. Her lips were very receptive and my tongue slid between them. As our kiss grew in intensity, her right hand began to slide up my thigh.

I thought of slowing her down until I slid my right hand over her breast and all thoughts disappeared. My hand cupped her round breast as my thumb stroked her hard nipple. Her tongue explored my mouth as mine did hers. Jaime reached down and pulled her t-shirt from her jeans and my hand quickly slid against her skin. Finding her breast again, I rubbed my thumb harder over her nipple feeling it rise with my touch.

Jaime’s right hand now pressed hard on my growing cock. I wanted to feel her slip her hand inside so badly. I knew she had strong hands given her job. My mind was already imagining the sensation. We broke our kiss and I pulled her t-shirt over her head exposing her gorgeous torso. Her blonde hair fell around her face. My hungry mouth moved to her left breast, surrounding it with my lips. My tongue flicked and traced circles around her areola and nipple as my hand squeezed her other breast, teasing her skin.

Jamie unfastened my belt and the buttons of my 501’s. Her hand slid under my briefs, brushing my skin as her long, strong fingers circled my cock for the first time. Though I knew what she was doing, I still jumped so slightly when I felt her touch. My mouth attacked her nipple with new urgency as her hand stroked my length. She had me nearly rock hard by now. Finally Jamie pulled her hand away and crawled between my legs. She pulled off my boots as I watched her skin glow in the light of the fireplace. I helped her with my Levi’s and she took my briefs with them as she did. My seven and a half inch erection lay against my belly. She smiled up at me before moving further between my legs.

I watched as she lowered her lips to the crown. Her tongue darted out and just flicked at my pee-hole sending sensations through my body. Slowly, she circled my crown before lowering her lips around me. I could feel her warm mouth encasing my hard cock as she slid down my length. Her left hand took my sac and squeezed softly. anadolu yakası travestileri My hands ran through her hair as I clinched my toes. Her tongue was driving me crazy working over the sensitive underside of my cock. My eyes alternated from watching her beautiful face riding up and down my length and her sexy jeans-encased ass swaying as she propped herself on elbows and knees.

“Ohh Jamie, I’m sooo close,” I hissed between my teeth. I was trying to hold out as long as I could but her actions and my visions were making me crazy with lust. Her mouth rode me faster and she tugged harder on my sac. “AAAAHHHHH!!!,” I cried out as my first hard stream launched into her waiting mouth. As she pumped me a second, then a third warm, white stream shot into her mouth. Jamie slowed her pace and released my sac.

She crawled up my body with a chesire cat-grin, her breasts rubbing against my chest. Our lips met and her tongue slid inside. I could taste my own cum as our lips pressed tightly together, our tongues fighting for dominance. My hands returning to her bare breasts, squeezing them with more urgency this time.

“Damn Jamie, you certainly know how to suck cock!”

Smiling, “Like any good craftsman, it takes practice to be good!”

“We need to get you out of those work jeans and I need to get into them to return the favor to you.” I reached between her legs and squeezed her crotch. Jamie pulled back a bit but could see by the look on my face she was too slow.

“Chris, please don’t be mad at me. This just got so intense so fast.”

I wasn’t mad but I was still trying to register what I thought I just felt through her jeans.

“What do you want me to do now?,” she asked with obvious concern in her face.

“Well why don’t you start by standing up and taking off your jeans. I guess I should see what you’ve been hiding from me all night.”

She stood slowly, my eyes moving from her sexy round breasts to the crotch of her jeans. Jamie turned around and walked to the kitchen. “I think you might want another beer. I know I could use one right now,” she joked as she returned with two cold ones in her hands. After handing me a beer and taking a long pull on hers, she sat the bottle down and stood four feet in front of me. She pulled down the zipper then turned around, facing away from me. As she pulled the jeans over her hips, that sexy ass came into my view. I watched as she slowly pushed the jeans down her thighs before stepping out of them. Just a sexy thong bikini was barely visible as it disappeared into her crack. A brightly-colored floral tattoo spread across ten inches of her back at her waistline.

As Jamie turned around, the front of her thong was now in full bloom. The delicate fabric barely held her in place. She started to pull it down when I stopped her.

“Come closer to me.” I wrapped my hands around her sexy asscheeks as she was now within two feet. With me sitting and her standing, my face was nearly even with her crotch. My right hand moved around and I lightly stroked her thong with my index finger. I could see goosebumps rise on her skin. “I’ve never seen one of these on such a sexy body.”

I could feel Jaime’s body relax as my comment broke the tension for her. I looped my fingers inside the waistband and pulled the thong out from her body and lowered it twelve inches. Her hard cock sprang forward at forty-five degrees from her belly. She wore just a small triangular-shaped patch of pubes. She was not quite as long as me but I was sure she was thicker than my own. My eyes couldn’t leave the site of this cock standing just inches from my face. I had never been with a many and definitely had never been with a transexual. Finally, I pulled the thong over her hips and when she relaxed her asscheeks, it fell to the floor.

“Well Chris, what do you want me to do now?,” as she absent-mindedly istanbul travesti dropped the long fingers from her left hand around her shaft.

“Well Jaime, I’ve got to tell you I was mesmerized by that sexy ass of yours. Why don’t you turn around and let me take a closer look.”

Jaime slowly turned away from me. She bent over and put her hands on her knees, pushing her ass closer to my face. My hands moved over the soft skin, rubbing and massaging her cheeks. I brought my lips to her left cheek and gave her a wet kiss, my tongue sliding gently over her skin. As I sat back and played with her asscheeks, I could see her smooth sac hanging between her firm thighs. I was intrigued but unsure of my feelings at this moment. My right thumb slid between her crack near her lower back. Sliding south, I could see Jaime arch her back ever so slightly as I neared her rosebud. My hands pulled her cheeks apart as my thumb covered her hole. I applied light pressure to gauge her reaction.

Jaime’s low moan told me she was even more turned-on than I was. And I thought I was about to explode as I caressed this gorgeous woman’s ass. I pressed harder with my thumb and I felt her expanding around it, her body begging for more.

I stood up and turned Jaime around to face me. Stepping closer so our bodies touched, I felt her cock against my inner thigh, my cock against her belly. We kissed with hunger and lust, our lips crushing one another as her strong hands caressed my back. After what seemed like minutes, I broke off our kiss. “I want to fuck you, if that’s good with you.” I thought she would cry as she smiled and nodded at me.

Jaime dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth once again. I was fully recovered from earlier, but the feeling of her mouth around my organ made it feel like it was made of flesh-covered steel. I finally pulled away from her lips and dropped to my knees as well. Jaime leaned against the couch, her elbows supporting her upper body as I slid in behind her. My head was already covered in her saliva but I spit into my hand and applied it to her beckoning rosebud. Pressing the tip firmly against her, I pushed inward and felt her opening up for me. I wanted to go slow, but my body wanted to go fast and so I pushed deeper inside her. My cock sliding inside her hole and Jaime pushing her hips back at me as well.

I was soon buried to the base inside her sexy ass. We rocked together, my thrusting becoming more forceful as we grew comfortable with one another. After a couple minutes, I could see that she was using her left hand to stroke her own cock as I filled her ass with mine. I could feel myself growing close but I knew I wanted more. I slowed my thrusting and leaning forward I whispered in her ear, “I want you on your back so I can watch you cum.”

I stepped back and Jaime quickly lay on her back in front of the glowing fireplace. I lifted her thighs over my shoulders as I pressed my cock back into her still-open hole. I began to thrust in earnest as I watched her body shake underneath me. Her titties bounced, her nipples so hard. Jaime’s right hand quickly stroked her thick cock. I soon found myself slipping over the edge and thrust deeply inside her as a thick stream of cum shot inside her. I held myself tight against her as a second stream filled her up. Opening my eyes and looking down, I saw a thick jet of cum explode from her cock. Her hand continued to slide up and down with a second and third stream landing on her tits. I lowered her thighs around me and lay down on top of her. I could feel her draining around my cock and her pool of cum between us as we lay in one another’s arms.


“No problem Rudy. I figured it would be no fun getting up the hill with all this snow anyway. I’ll see you Monday.” Jaime was talking as she walked into the bedroom with two cups of coffee, wearing just a long sweatshirt of mine. As my eyes focused awake, I could see her smiling at me with that same sexy smile. “Hey sleepy head. I guess I have today off … snow-day. Any ideas what we can do?”

Jaime stood beside the bed with the two coffee cups in hand. I reached under her sweatshirt and grabbed her flacid but still thick cock. “Why don’t you put those cups down before you spill and show me what this guy does.”

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