Woman’s Best Friend


Let me begin this story by describing my gorgeous girlfriend, Brittany. She is 5-5, 125 lbs., long blonde hair, blue eyes and a sweet little ass. Her tits are all natural 34 C’s which give her the all-American Barby-Doll look. When I go out with her guy’s heads turn, especially when she wears tight pants or a tight shirt. Every time I see her naked I can’t help but stick my dick in her. Just this morning I lifted up her nightie and fucked the hell out of her over the kitchen sink. She is just so hot, and is so horny. She is the perfect nympho.

All of her friends are also very hot. I would fuck just about every one of them without hesitation. She has one friend, Alissa, whom I had not yet met. Not only was she a friend, but Brittany said she was her best friend, who she lived with during college. I had seen pictures of the two of them, and in every picture they were embraced. I used to joke with her that they were lesbians, but gave up the notion when Brittany never showed any other inklings to be a lesbian.

Alissa looked very hot from her pictures. She had dark hair and dark eyes. Her tits did not look as big as Brittany’s but an ass shot of her in a bikini, looked like she made up for it in other ways. Brittany and I finally got 4 days off together so I agreed to fly up and visit Alissa with her. Even though Alissa now had a boyfriend, there was always a chance for action.

When we arrived I noticed the pictures didn’t lie. Alissa was wearing tight jeans, and her ass was beautiful. My girlfriend and her hugged each other then gave a quick peck on the lips. Alissa then turned her attention toward me and gave me the same treatment. To say the least I was getting excited. My girlfriend asked her where her boyfriend was and she replied that she forgot that he had to go to California this weekend. That’s too bad I thought, sarcastically.

That night I took them out to dinner at a Mexican escort tanıtımları restaurant and filled them full of Margaritas. We all began to loosen up and talk freely about our sexual relationships and how many times we have sex etc. The topics became very heated by the time the bill came. On the way home the girls were quiet. I misunderstood their quietness as them being tired. The truth was they were probably thinking about how horny they were.

When we got to Alissa’s house the girl’s continued with the sexual conversation as I put on some music and pored some wine. They continued to talk about penises and other guy anatomy while jokingly asking about my input. Brittany sat between me and Alissa, and the more drunk she got the more touchy feely she got with her best friend. I watched how my girlfriend kept patting and caressing her friend’s upper thigh and how her friend returned the favor. I began to get extremely aroused by all of the sexual energy. My girlfriend must have sensed it because she turned her attention to me and grabbed my hard dick through my pants. She looked at me through those lustful eyes that she gets when she is very horny. “Umm, what do we have hear,” she asked. At that moment Alissa said while I’m going to get ready for bed, I’ll bring your inflatable bed in a minute.

When she left my girlfriend asked, “ Do you think Alissa is pretty?” Not knowing what to say I danced around the question and answered with the universal she’s O.K. “Would you fuck her?” she asked. I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t think of what to say. “ Would you like to fuck both of us?” she then asked. She answered her own question by grabbing my head and making me nod while she said yes. She laughed and said of course you would. What had come over my girlfriend? I had a hunch at one time that she may have licked a little pussy, but I could not gaziantep escort tanıtımları imagine this. Brittany then got up and went to Alissa’s room telling me she was going to help her with the inflatable bed. Se was in there for about 10 minutes. The first 5 were very quiet and the last 5 were full of giggles. Finally Alissa emerged from her bedroom carrying the inflatable bed. She was wearing only a tight T-Shirt that went to her belly button and a pair of black lace panties. Alissa said she hoped her outfit didn’t offend me, but she felt comfortable enough to dress like that in front of me. I said that I was fine, even though I could barely breath while watching that lace ride up the crack of her beautiful ass.

She laid the inflatable bed right in front of me and began setting it up. She was bent over with her gorgeous round ass inches from my face. Mesmerized I didn’t notice my girlfriend standing in the archway watching. I finally looked up and my girlfriend was standing there completely naked. Expecting to be in trouble I pulled back, but my girlfriend motioned to me to grab her ass. Being a good listener I obliged and grabbed a big handful of Alissa’s ass. Alissa looked at Brittany and she just smiled. Then it happened, my girlfriend walked over to Alissa, fully nude, and began making out with her right in front of me. Brittany pulled her shirt and panties off and pushed her pussy right into my face.

I was in heaven I had to beautiful girls going at it and I gat some of the action. Brittany told Alissa to sit down; on my dick but to face her while she ate her pussy. What a sight, as I sat on the couch I had a sexy brunette sitting on my pole with a gorgeous blonde licking her pussy. I had always heard that it was proper edicit to pay attention to your own wife or girlfriend while in a threesome, but my girlfriend wanted me gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları to fuck her friend. We finally got up and headed for the bedroom, but on the way they cornered me in the kitchen. Brittany said to me you decide who gives the best blowjob. Alissa laughed and told her to go first. As my girlfriend sucked my dick I stood there and licked her friends perky tits. Brittany then stood up and told her it was her turn. Without hesitation Alissa got down and gave me one of the best blowjobs I had ever had. When Alissa got up I had to lie and say they were both awesome and I could not decided. They laughed and said I guess we’ll need a new competition.

When we got to the bedroom I found what they were laughing about, it was a gig strap-on. My girlfriend immediately walked over and began putting it on. Alissa walked over to her nightstand and pulled out a tube of Kay Y and I began to get worried. My fears disappeared when she began putting it on her own ass. My girlfriend asked me do you want the front or the back. Stupid question I thought, I guess I’ll take the ass I said. Alissa was quite a nympho, I couldn’t believe it. She was telling me to hurry up and stick it in her ass. I laid flat on the bed while she eased her beautiful ass onto my awaiting dick. When I was in her ass, she laid back so that Brittany could take care of her with the strap-on.

As she road me the thought of what was happening drove me crazy until I came all up in her ass. They both laughed and said you can’t take it. They were right, it was way too much for a normal guy. I watched them go at it for a while and joined back in. I had 6 holes to choose from, this kept me busy throughout the night. Eventually Brittany fell asleep leaving her friend all to me. I fucked the hell out of her little pussy until dawn. I came for the last time all over her stomach and tits. She gathered thecum from her chest with her hand and greedily slurpt it up. “Umm Brittany was right you do taste good,” she said. We continued this fuck feast through the weekend, we never even left the house. Alissa visits us, by herself, frequently and we continue where we left off. There is never jealousy about who gets all the attention in our encounters. This should be good since Alissa is considering moving here real soon.

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