Witness Protection


“Are you fucking kidding me? What the hell are you doing here, Lauren?” I bitched, grabbing her arm. “Do you have any idea how fucked we could be now?” I inquired, pulling her to her feet. “You drove three-hundred miles here to have sex with her?” I asked, looking at both of them. “What the hell is wrong with you two? Don’t you remember what WITSEC is, you stupid ladies? Your girlfriend here is in Witness Protection, and you might just have put her life in danger. And for what, just to get laid?”I didn’t get an answer from either of them, but then I grabbed Lauren’s clothes and dragged her out to the door. “Don’t you ever come back here, you skank. You could be putting her life in danger. Put your fucking clothes on and get the hell out of here. If the trial goes well, she’ll testify, and then you can fuck her all you want. Not until then, and I swear if you come back here, I will do what Martin Jenkins wants to do to your girlfriend, got it?””I’m sorry, whinny-ass,” she complained, getting dressed. “Your neighbors could see; don’t you think this might draw attention?”I just closed the door and went to bring her to her room and push her down on the bed. I tried to contain my anger by pacing back and forth for a moment as I knew she eyeballed me. I felt my heart racing too, but I couldn’t slap her.After a moment, I stopped and looked at her. “Cover yourself.””Why? You’re in the one that interrupted me fucking Lauren, so look at my tits and pussy.”I took a deep breath. “Do you know why we’re here, Beth Rattle?””Because I witnessed some bad stuff, and Martin Jenkins wants me hurt badly if not murder me.””First of all, who the fuck is Beth Rattle?””That’s my name, dumbass.”I laughed and covered my face with both hands for a moment. I tried to contain myself yet again as I felt the angry monkey throwing shit around in my brain.”No,” I said, moving my hands down. “Your name is Sally Thompson; do you not remember that?””So, what, you just called me by my real name to screw with me?””No, it was because I wanted you to grasp the situation you find yourself in here, you bimbo. Martin Jenkins wants to find you and hurt you, if not kill you, remember? The trial is next month, and you’re supposed to testify there. That’s why you’re in the Witness Protection Program one state over, Sally. You’re supposed to have a different identity to protect yourself and, most importantly, not contact anyone from Beth Rattle’s life,” I explained, coming toward her. “And guess what, that includes your ex-girlfriend too, chicky. What if someone followed Lauren here, or even into this state? No one other than me is supposed to know who and where you are, do you not understand that? You could’ve compromised everything, you fucking…””Fucking what? Bitch, tart, floozy?””How about yes to all?””Hey, it’s not like witnessing criminal activity suddenly makes you hate the woman you love, Brianna. I still love Lauren, and I needed to feel her naked. The program wouldn’t let her come with me because we’re not engaged. Do you have any idea how badly I need to get laid? Believe it or not, masturbation only gets you so far,” she explained, before a gap. “Yes, maybe this was a bad move, but…””But nothing, Beth! We’ve been together for over six months now, and you pull this shit? I thought you had better sense than this. You know how dangerous this could be, but yet, you did it anyway. So, can I officially not trust you now? Do I need to be on you like white on rice? Look through your phone or what?””You just called me ‘Beth,’ so which is it?””I’m sorry, do you just want me to do the job for Martin? Did you hear anything I said? Because right now you’re daring me to strangle you, I bullshit you not. Again, I thought we were far enough along for you to realize that you can’t contact your friends and family right now. You’re going backward now. We’re gonna have to relocate now.””No, we don’t, Brianna. She’s not going to tell anyone about shit. I told her not to tell a soul where she was going, and she knew the possibilities just like you. Only you’re going apeshit about it. We’re in a relatively crime-free area; what the hell is gonna happen? Do you really believe Martin had Lauren followed across state lines?””He might have, yes. It doesn’t fucking matter; we still have to relocate.””No, Eryaman Escort we don’t, Brianna,” she stated, getting off the bed. “This was like killing a fly; it makes no difference with the actual world. Zip, zero, nada, do you catch my drift? I just needed to have sex with Lauren because I miss her and love her more than life itself. Maybe to you, she’s just an annoying redhead you had to kick out, but to me, she’s my life. I’ve been going mad without her, and I needed her, and she needed me. It’s so hard to understand, we both needed each other, and we went crazy enough to at least do this. Again she was careful and didn’t even make the trip in one day. She stayed at the hotel and paid cash. She got gas with cash and ate fast food from the drive-through too. So, really, what is the big deal here?””Okay, I’m still mad about this, but if she’s so important, why didn’t you two marry each other?””Believe it or not, you don’t need a piece of paper or a ring to know how you feel about someone, Brianna. It’s simply a technicality that she’s not living here with us now. When push came to shove, us sending each other nude selfies only made me want her more.””What?””Oh, for fuck sakes, we’ve been texting each other.””You broad, what the hell? Are you just trying to give yourself away now?””I bought my phone under my fake name, Brianna, and she even agreed to get a phone under a different name too. Don’t get your panties in a knot, and it’s not like Martin or his people could possibly think that Sally Sollace is Beth Rattle and that Lauren Jones is Peggy Love. Does he just randomly hack both new phones and see both of us that way? I mean, really? Why are you getting so pissed off? We covered all of our bases, yet you have smoke coming out of your ears. Do you need to get laid too? When was the last time you got to see a woman naked in person, other than me right now?” she asked, before a gap. “With all due respect, you’re checking me out and have been since you brought me in here too.””You really have, Brianna,” we heard Lauren add.”Are you fucking kidding me?!” I shouted, peeking at the window. “Put your clothes on and get out of here.””I drove over three hundred miles; I’m not just gonna leave because you’re a prude,” Lauren let out.”It’s alright, Brianna,” Beth told me, closing the gap. “We all need our releases from time to time; it’s nothing to be ashamed of, you know. Hell, if you just admit it now, I’ll respect you more.””Me too,” Lauren added, coming into the bedroom with us.I looked at her as she came right to Beth and kissed her. I couldn’t help but enjoy it. I felt my panties getting wet, and I shuddered too. I willingly weakened myself by getting all pissed off over them breaking the cardinal rule, so I was left defenseless.Then Beth grabbed my blouse. “This isn’t even an office; you could at least dress the part,” she told me, undoing it.”I agree,” Lauren added, undoing my skirt too.”Now we’re both naked, and you’re just your bra and thong, Brianna. Are you gonna get upset and let us make you feel better?”I couldn’t answer, but feasted on the eye candy for a moment. Lauren just made it sweeter by doubling it when she came around with Beth. They defied me and pulled some dangerous shit, but my pussy didn’t care as I saw them push their tits together and kiss too.My anger didn’t let me appreciate their beauty before, but then they pounced on my weakness. I got to see the feisty redhead make out with the rulebreaking brunette as they were both naked. Needless to say, my eyes didn’t come off them for a second.I saw them both peek at me with one eye, so they were happy with the results, and then they both came to me. They helped themselves to feel my boobs and caressed them too. After a moment, Lauren brought her lips to mine.I vibrated even more and felt like taking off like a rocket. Beth got in her kissing, too, as they kept touching me in sexy places. After a moment, I couldn’t help, but feel both of them as well. I placed a palm on their butts.So, I brought them closer to me and felt them push their bodies onto mine. I got to feel both sets of melons on my arms and have my pussy leak nonstop too. I couldn’t be pissed off by then; it just wasn’t in the cards.I Sincan Escort kissed them both, and I fondled both of their butts. So, they essentially let their sexy bodies and personas do the selling and didn’t look back. Even though I still had my thong on, I barely felt it by then.Then Lauren suddenly got behind me and pushed herself on me. Beth pushed herself onto my front and let out boobs come together as we were roughly the same height. She even stole my hands and brought them to her butt again.”It’s against the rules to fuck me, but I won’t tell anyone; expect Lauren here.””Shut up, smart-ass.””Yes, feed your angry monkey, but don’t bite my head off,” Beth whined, before kissing me.Then I suddenly felt Lauren move my thong a bit and stick her fingers into my slit. “Be nice, Brianna, but don’t worry, we can see that you need to be fucked. That’s enough foreplay, don’t you think?” she asked before pushing me down to the bed and grabbing onto my thong.She didn’t delay at all and yanked it off me. She placed her palms on my thighs and went down on me.”Oh, words can not express how much you two suck now,” I moaned, reaching over to Lauren’s head.”You’re only human,” Beth reminded me, bringing her lips to mine. “Just like us, so we’re not playing fair,” she added, before kissing me and pulling me up with her. “Let’s watch her go to town on you, and maybe she’ll lick all the bitchiness off you,” she added, pressing her boobs on my back.I just endured all the pleasure I could take and rubbed Lauren’s head even though I was throwing her out of the house minutes ago. Whether I liked it or not, she instantly got back into my good graces.Beth held me up perfectly and just watched her girlfriend eat me out. Regardless of her motives for letting this happen, she had it happen and even encouraged her by rubbing Lauren’s head as well. So, she let her tongue go all over my lips and made me shake.”Holy shit, you’re an awesome pussylicker.””And you were bitching too,” Beth added, rubbing my boobs. “It’s alright; you’re still human, so just stay here with us and take the thrills. I know how good she is, so pace yourself.”I tried to do that the best I could, but I had no idea what I signed up for, though. Lauren failed to go easy on me at all; she just fucked the shit out of me and made me love it. I had no idea how we’d get past this, but I was too hot and horny then.I felt her head moving around constantly too, but she didn’t stop even for a second. All the while, Beth caressed my boobs and pecked my shoulders. So, she was having fun too, enjoying the show and her twat also gave that away with a wet snatch.”Oh, yes, just like that, Lauren. I knew there was a reason I had you drive three hundred miles to see me. That tongue of yours is to die for, literally. Wouldn’t you agree, Brianna?””Shut the fuck up, Beth.””Oh, it sounds like she needs more convincing not to be a tart,” Beth added, getting out from underneath me.She went down to my jugs and grabbed both of them. “You have a nice pair, too,” she complimented me, before licking my nipples.I felt the intense pleasure from both of them, and they nearly seemed to be rubbing my nose in it. Neither of them went easy on me and made me feel like I died and went to heaven. I loved girls, but I never thought of Beth in that sexual context until I caught her.Although, as I saw and felt her licking my nipples, I wondered how I had never thought of her like that. I couldn’t fully wrap my head around that, but managed to keep my head upright enough to see both of them please me.Beth even kept her head far enough to the side for me to see Lauren feast on my snatch. They both looked at me as they made me feel good. They even knew I wasn’t mad by then, but still fed me intimacy and had me loving them somehow.Beth titillated me perfectly and moved her tongue slowly, but hardly all over my nipples, but she also made sure to move her lips to mine from time to time as well. She proved not to have her head entirely up to her ass by not bragging.When Beth was gonna go back to my tits again, I stopped her and had her move over her melons over my head. “Oh, yes, these are some sexy jugs too, Beth,” I complimented her, before licking her nipples as well.So, we Etlik Escort thrilled one another simultaneously all the while; Lauren got even feistier with my pussy. She let her tongue in there somewhat deep and let her tongue roam around in there freely. She got every single centimeter of my slit, or at least it felt like it.”Oh, you’re making her moan now, Lauren. Don’t go too hard on her; we don’t want her going apeshit too quickly. Make her beg for an orgasm, and then she’ll make it, so you have to move in here with us. It’s not like she’ll hate the idea, so listen to me, I know this woman. Didn’t I tell you she’d freak if she caught us?””Hey, shut up now, Beth, keep your head out of your ass.””Be nice, you two,” Lauren interjected.Beth and I went back at each other again and made it count too. I sucked on her nipples and made her jiggle around, but of course, Lauren made the same happen to me too. So, we both had to follow each other a bit, but that only made it sexier.Despite Beth’s words, Lauren still went hard on me. She teased my labia from time to time and made sure not to make me go apeshit just yet. So, it seemed like she listened to Beth somewhat, but was still pushing hard.I still fought like hell to keep myself together, but I set a high bar for myself with Beth, making me feel good and feeling her hooters. I grabbed onto both of them and felt every single centimeter of them too.I constantly tasted them for all of their sexy goodness and felt like I was in a sauna with a beating heart. After another minute, though, Lauren came up with us, and Beth moved so she could kiss me.She let our boobs clash, and Beth watched us closely. “Oh, yes, cheat on me with my hot WITSEC agent, Lauren.”We kept going for a moment, but then Lauren rose to Beth and kissed her too. “If I’m a cheater, then you’re a cheater, bitch. Now get that twat right over her mouth, and let her taste your juice. Cheat on me right back if you want; I won’t slap you unless you want me to, that is,” she explained before she dropped down to my hooters.Beth watched Lauren go to town on my nipples for a change for a moment, but then she followed her girlfriend over and let her cunt right over me. She even leaned down a bit, so I had the best access to it too.I helped myself to her pussy and had her jolting again within seconds. She held the sides of my boobs for leverage, so Lauren had to share them. They worked together perfectly as a team and made it work like nothing I’ve ever felt before: doubled-loving intimacy.Lauren went even slower on my nipples than my pussy, so she knew just how I liked it, different from down there. They knew the female body all too well it appeared and used that for their advantage.”Oh, yes, just like that, Brianna. The pissed-off ladies are always dynamite in bed, they have sexual tension, and they need to use it on someone. We’re more than happy to help with that. So, lick those lips all you can down there, and enjoy that bush too.””If I move in here, you have to shave it, though, woman,” Lauren clarified.”Shut the fuck up, Lauren.””Ladies, if I have to be nice, then so do you.””Sorry, Brianna,” they both mumbled.I laughed and kept going on Beth. She kept her juice flowing out perfectly and soaking my neck and chest a bit. All the while, Lauren licked and sucked on my nipples exceptionally hard, though. She threw me the best curveball possible, but I dealt with it the best I could.I moved my face all over her slit and got my face even wetter, which I loved to no end. I let my tongue slather her lips all over and felt the vibrations like mad. Feeling her so close did make me feel her emotionally, so I couldn’t help, but let them both win.I shed a few tears and took the pleasure with a grain of salt, but of course, all my efforts were futile considering who I was dealing with then. Lauren gave me such suction on my nipples I almost thought her mouth was a vacuum.I was too busy making Beth feel good to peek at her even for a second. Added to the fact that Beth wasn’t shy about pushing her pussy on my face. I already knew I was in my odd version of heaven, but whether or not they shoved it down my throat.”Yes, suck on those lips too, Brianna. Make me fill your stomach with all my juice and then some. Do it while Lauren makes you feel good on those big titties. I’m surprised you didn’t break protocol and invite some chick over here. Let’s face it, we all need to get laid from time to time. So, let your freak flag fly, and we won’t even need to leave the house. Martin definitely won’t be able to find me if I never leave the house, even if I have a different name.”

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