Winterthur Love


We set up the picnic blanket and basket of goodies, and sat on the edge of the lake, toes dipped in the water. I splashed my legs back and forth, spraying water up in a small arch. Jumping up suddenly I walked over towards the blanket, turning I saw Leith was following me.

He swaggered over to me and kissed me. It was a good kiss, the kind where in the movies the girl lifts her foot. I didn’t do that of course, I wasn’t stupid in love, not just yet anyway. But it was a damn fine kiss.

We stumbled past the lake and I barely heard the sound of the water sloshing against the shore, or the birds twittering away in the distance. By contrast Leith’s breathing was fast and hot, almost a pant.

By the time he got near the picnic blanket he was getting impatient. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, bending my spine so I could reach he ear with my mouth. Leith moaned as he carried me, barely pausing, before gently placing me on the floor.

The grass was cold against my toes; it acted as an anchor to the ground as I felt my head şişli escort float above my body. I closed my eyes concentrating on the feel of his hands running over my, ridding me of the encumbrance of my shorts, the restriction of my bra.

Dropping to his knees in front of me on the grass. Leith wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his head against my stomach, as he clung to me, trembling slightly.

I gasped to feel him lift my breast, bringing as much as he could into his mouth. He pulled gently on my nipple, his tongue hot against my skin, his mouth demanding.

I moaned, burying my hands in his hair, my head thrown back, eyes closed. His hands trailed down from my breasts to my waist, then eased my panties over my hips. The thin cotton hit the floor seconds before he picked me up once again, then laid me on the soft material of the blanket. I had a single moment to think as I heard his zipper go down and the soft brush of denim against skin as his jeans followed suit.

Leith’s face appeared over mine and his weight dropped onto me, heavy and warm and so very real.

He propped himself up on his elbows and I stared up into his eyes, gold specs sparkled in the blue of his irises glistening through.

“I’m scared.” I whispered, gently hooking my legs around the back of his.

“Me too.” He admitted. I felt how his heart beat faster and knew it was the truth.

He moved against me, then inside me.

I exhaled as I felt a slight twinge of pain. Then he said my name and suddenly there was no room for pain, no room for fear. Leith took up all the room there was in my head. In my heart and inside me.

He filled me, not just with himself but with memories of what we’d been, of what I could lose. My fingers skimmed the lines of his arms up and over his shoulders then down his back. When I got to his back, his hips I added pressure urging him on as I rose to meet him. Leith matched my pace, apparently eager to spend his pent up energy.

When I finally remembered to breathe again, our combined scents overwhelmed me. The smell of sex itself was almost enough to bring me screaming to the edge.

I put my hand on Leith’s chest, begging him with my eyes to wait. I wasn’t ready. Not yet. I needed much much more.

He smiled, a hint of satisfaction glinting in his blue eyes. He altered our rhythm, watching my face as he slowed, moving deeper with each stroke. Each time our bodies met, sparks tingled through me, racing across my nerve endings in violent jolts of pleasure, bordering on pain.

I arched in to him, desperate for one more touch, one last powerful thrust that would bring us both peace.

Leith knew what I wanted. He tangled one hand in my hair and tugged my head back, opening my mouth. He thrust into me hard, his lips covered mine swallowing my scream of release and claiming it for himself.

He pounded into me over and over again, fighting for control. My nails gouged into his skin and that was all he could take. He shuddered against me, moaning into my mouth. And finally he collapsed on top of me, his cheek against mine, his lips brushing my ear

“I love you Storm.” He whispered still inside me. And then so quietly I could barely hear him

“Don’t ever leave me.”

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