Wild Oats – More Florida Lobster


Naked, I crawled into bed with Nick and we began kissing. This was the first we had kissed and we enjoyed exploring each other’s mouths and tongues. Nick can really kiss.

My whole body was on fire for sex and I knew that I was willing to do anything this man wanted.

He made love to my breasts and nipples. He circled my areolas with his tongue, making them crinkly. My nipples were standing erect like small corks and he took them into his mouth one at a time – sucking, nibbling, and licking.

Nick worked his way down my body, licking and nibbling all the way. When he got to the top of my neatly trimmed pubes he suddenly moved all the way down to my feet. He massaged my feet and began sucking on my toes. He licked the inside of my legs, pausing momentarily behind my knees and then moved on up to love my womanhood orally.

He licked me from ass to clit and explored the folds of my vagina. He explored my woman opening with his tongue and repeatedly stuck it in as far as he could reach. I know that I was producing my woman juice because when he came up to kiss me again, his face was wet and shiny. When we kissed I could taste myself on his lips.

“Sally, I cinsel bilgiler want to sink deep into you and make love with you.”

“Nick, I want you too and you can do anything you want with me tonight.”

He moved into position with the head of his penis just touching my love opening. I took my hand and guided him into me.

I was so loose and wet from an evening of love that he slid easily into me until our pubic hair meshed.

We made slow sensuous love for an hour. We changed angles and speed, but we made love and truly enjoyed each other.

Our door was open and Jason must have heard us because out of the blue I heard him say, “Is that offer to join you still open?”

Nick rolled us over so that I was on top and he wrapped his arms around me, holding me close and again explored my mouth with his lips and tongue.

I felt the bed move as Jason positioned himself between our feet and felt his cock at my filled vaginal opening.

He slid his erect cock along Nick’s and gradually worked it into my vagina. I had two cocks in my vagina at the same time and felt deliciously full.

The guys began cinsellik bilgileri moving together. One pushing in while the other pulled out. It felt really good, but I couldn’t move with either one to establish a rhythm. I just had to lay there sandwiched between them and enjoy the full, sensuous feeling.

The tight, slick feel of their cocks moving against each other inside me must have triggered something in the guys because they began thrusting together with a purpose and now I was able to join them. I felt my orgasm coming and the boys both began to swell. As I came, I felt both guys shooting stream after stream of warm, creamy cum deep into me. As we moved together I could hear the squish of the fluids inside me as their cocks slid in and out of me.

Jason collapsed onto me and then slowly withdrew his floppy penis. Nick was still in me, but he was floppy also. I gathered myself and stumbled off to the head to drain their cum out and clean myself.

I came back to bed, cleaned off both cocks with a warm, wet washcloth and we all cuddled and went to sleep.

During the night both Nick and Jason came in me cinsel bilgi one more time. In the morning I sucked off each of their woodies and swallowed their cum. We met in the galley for a light breakfast.

We all remained naked and teased each other about this or that in a friendly way.

At 8 AM our cove was still empty so we decided to do our lobster hunting nude today. We wore our snorkel, mask, fins and gloves, but that is all.

As we were collecting our limit of lobster we noticed several more boats pulling into our cove but did not think much about it until we noticed several guys in scuba gear. I guess my swaying DD’s were a distraction to them because they sure did a good job of inspecting me from about 6′ away. They just stayed motionless in the water as I returned to the surface for air and dove back down to the bottom again.

Once we had our limit for the day and headed back to the boat, the scuba guys were able to begin their lobster hunt.

The interest of the scuba guys turned me on and as soon as we were on board and our catch on ice, I ask Jason and Nick if they would please fuck me before I went down for my nap on the bow.

They thought that would be a fine idea and both fucked me on the bow in full sight of anyone who might have been watching.

They slathered me with sun screen and I napped in the sun while the boys prepared our fresh lobster lunch.

The three of us made love several more times before Jason and I headed back to Tampa on Friday morning.

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