Wild Child Ch. 04


I downloaded the pictures from my camera to the laptop and resized them. It didn’t take long for my dick to return to its former shape of rock hard and standing up against my belly. I pulled up the picture of Rita’s Mom from years ago and compared it to the last two I had taken of Rita. Man, other than the backgrounds, they could damn near have been the same person.

Well, Rita’s got twice the boobs that her mom does but other than that, their facial expressions and the way their sexes look, there’s very little difference. My mind drifted back over this afternoon and then wandered down memory lane from years ago.

I was startled by a sudden gasp from behind me. I closed the graphics program quickly and looked around to find Rita standing right behind me with a towel on her head and nothing else. She had another towel in her hand. Her eyes were still glued to the blank screen and then she shook herself slightly and looked at me.

“That was my mother, wasn’t it?” She asked in a whisper. “That’s the whole picture of the one I saw of just her face, right?”

I nodded and opened the program back up. Rita moved closer and looked over my shoulder, studying each picture intently. After a while, she whispered, “Wow, other than the boobs, we look like twins. Even our expressions are the same.” She glanced at me and asked, “Was that mama’s first time too?”

I nodded and whispered, “Yes, it was. She was on that old twin bed at the cabin and I was on my knees beside it.”

“What happened next?” She asked softly.

I chuckled and replied, “She fell asleep, and I climbed up to cuddle up with her. After I covered us up, I fell asleep also.”

A grin spread over her face slowly and then she asked the next logical question, “What happened when you both woke up?”

I laughed and answered, “Don’t try to read ahead and you might just find out. You already know that we never made full and complete love but we had fun anyway.”

Rita turned, sat down in my lap, and kissed me. I kissed her back. The kiss started out soft and sweet but soon the passion grew quickly. Just as quickly, I could feel the heat from her sex on my bare leg go up about two thousand degrees. Suddenly, she broke the kiss and laid her head on my shoulder, our breathing ragged and quick. About then, Mary cleared her throat behind us and we both jumped; Rita getting off my lap and grabbing her towel.

Mary giggled and said, “Hey, girlfriend, take it easy. You looked so natural kissing him and sitting on his lap.”

Rita was trying to wrap the towel around her bare body, when Mary reached out and stopped her. “You can leave that off, if I can take mine off,” she said looking from Rita to me and back.

Rita looked at me and said, “That’s up to Uncle Rick, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve seen you naked before.”

I shrugged and then grinned. “I’m getting used to having you running around naked, as much as I can stand anyway. If you’re cool with Mary being naked, then it’s cool with me,” I said slowly.

Rita grinned and tossed her towel over onto the old sofa next to the wall. Mary looked at her friend for a second and then she slowly took the towel off and tossed it on the couch also. Rita and I both looked Mary over from her feet to her head and back. As our eyes traveled over her body, she blushed a deep red from her small boobs up to her blonde hair.

Her trim, slim legs led up to a set of wide flared hips, with a small blonde vee of very fine hair covering her mound. The rest of her sex that I could see with her legs closed as they were, was shaved smooth and bare. Her narrow waist and flat stomach made her hips look even bigger than they were. Her very small breasts were nothing more than small mounds but the nipples sticking out of them were thick, long, and hard. As my eyes reached her cute face,

I smiled and said to Rita, “You have one mighty fine looking friend here.”

Rita nodded and smiled as she said, “Yeah, she is but she thinks her boobs are way too small and her hips are too wide. I keep telling her not to worry, that her breasts might still grow and anyway, she won’t ever have to wear a bra or worry about them sagging.”

I nodded as Mary blushed again. “Yeah, and get a load of those nipples; they could poke an eye out. I’ll bet you a dollar, that she goes boom big time when the boys suck on them,” I said with a grin.

Rita giggled, reached her hand out toward Mary’s nipples, and said, “It doesn’t even have to be the boys.”

Mary blushed even deeper and yelled, “Rita, shut up!” Her hands coming up to cover her tiny breasts and large nipples. As her hands touched them, she shivered and made a soft whimpering sound.

“And just what were you doing sucking on her nipples?” I asked Rita with a grin.

Rita giggled, shrugged, and replied, “She slept over one night, and we got to wrestling on my bed. Her pajama top came unbuttoned and she had me in a headlock. It was right there in front of my face and I already knew how sensitive her nipples were. So I sucked it into my mouth Anadolu Yakası Escort and flicked my tongue over it. Man, she went ballistic, yelling and moaning like I had bit her. Later, I noticed a big wet spot in the crotch of her pajama bottoms. When I said something about it, she got all mad and blushed like crazy. I couldn’t figure out whether she came or peed but either way she had an accident.”

“I didn’t pee,” Mary said quickly and defensively. Then she grinned and added, “Yeah, girlfriend, you gave me my first orgasm from someone other than myself. Actually, the only one that way, so far.” Then she grinned evilly again and asked, “Doesn’t that make you a lesbian or something?”

Now it was Rita’s turn to protest, “Hell no, I ain’t no lesbo.”

I laughed and said, “Technically, you gave another woman an orgasm, so that makes you one, whether you want to be one or not.”

“Hey, I thought you were on my side,” she said heatedly.

I laughed and shook my head. “Nope, I’m on the side of truth, if I’m on anyone’s side. I don’t play favorites.”

“All right!” Mary said, “This is sure going to make our sleeping together a lot more interesting.”

Rita looked at her friend a moment and then looked over at me. Slowly a smile came over her face. “Hell no, I’m not a lesbo; I’m bisexual, my gates going to swing both ways.”

Moving toward Mary, she went on, “Well, I guess I’ll have to start with you. Get your little ass over on that couch so I can practice my pussy eating. Uncle Rick can eat mine again as I do.”

Mary’s eyes got as big as saucers as she looked at first Rita and then at me. Her mouth was hanging open. Rita paused as she pushed Mary back toward the couch and asked, “What? You don’t want to be my first piece, I mean, victim?” When Mary shook her head, Rita let go of her and said, “Hey, I was just kidding, don’t freak out on me.”

“No, no, it’s not that. It’s the last thing you said, about him eating your pussy again.” She stressed the word, again. “Like in, he’s already eaten you once?” She asked.

“Oops!” Rita said as she looked over at me, a scared look on her face. When I frowned, she added, “Sorry Uncle Rick, I didn’t mean too.”

I nodded and said, “Yeah, I know but what happens when you make that kind of slip around your mom? Mary shouldn’t know but she can keep her mouth shut.” I looked at Mary and asked, “Right?”

Mary nodded quickly and made the sign of a zipper across her lips. “My lips are sealed,” she said.

“Man, I hear those rocks rattling around in my head again,” I said softly as I shook my head.

Rita moved over and sat back down on my lap and hugged me. “It’s too late to chance things now, I’ll just have to be more careful and think before I speak. I can do that if I put my mind to it,” she said.

“I sure hope so,” I said equally as soft as I kissed her forehead.

To lighten the moment, I said, “Ok, now, get your hot little ass off my lap before you put another brand on it. If that little pussy of yours didn’t stay so wet, you’d burst into flames.”

Both girls giggled as Rita stood up. Then she ran her hand over my thigh and found the hot spot. “Damn, that is hot. I didn’t realize….” She let the sentence die as she giggled again. “Mine is as hot as yours is.”

“Uh, how do you know how hot his is?” Mary asked.

“He let me touch it on our way home.” Rita told her and then looked at me. “Anything else she knows can’t do any more damage than what she already knew,” she said to me.

“That’s true I guess.” I replied and then I looked at Mary as she nodded in agreement. Then a slow grin crossed her face.

“What?” I asked as if I didn’t already know. I was surprised it took her so long to figure it out; after all, Rita had said she had a big fantasy about an older man.

“Well, it’s like this, Rita seems to be having all the fun, and all I’m doing is hearing about it,” she said slowly.

Rita giggled and said, “Well, we could show you the pictures, although, what you said, sounds a lot like blackmail.”

Mary looked at her friend for a second as a grin came to her lips. “Yeah, it does, doesn’t it and that’s the second time you’ve mentioned pictures. Now I’ve got to see them.”

“If Uncle Rick will show them to us, I don’t mind you seeing them,” Rita said and looked at me.

“It won’t take a second to pull them up. Do you want to show her all of them? The ones in the truck are the ones, I mean,” I said.

Rita licked her lips and glanced at Mary, after a second she said, “Yeah, you might as well, I’d end up telling her about it anyway. We girls have to teach each other as we learn. It’s the unwritten code of women.”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” I muttered as I got the pictures together and set up a slide show. The girls both giggled and moved to stand, one on each side of me.

I brought the first picture up of Rita sitting on the picnic table at the park. “Wow,” Mary whispered. “That’s so sexy.”

“You ain’t seen anything yet,” Rita whispered as I Pendik Escort displayed the second one.

“Holy shit, you’re beautiful,” Mary said.

When I opened the third picture, Mary didn’t say a word. When I looked up at her, she had her mouth open and a strange look on her face. She noticed me looking, closed her mouth, sat down on my knee, and leaned closer to the screen.

“Holy shit!” I said under my breath; she was as hot as or even hotter than Rita had been on my leg.

Rita heard me and grinned as she sat down astraddle the other knee. Now I had two branding irons pressed to me.

“Oh, shit,” I whispered as I let out a soft groan.

When Mary looked around at me, Rita grinned and told her, “We’re about to set fire to him. You must be as hot as I am down there.”

“No shit!” I said, “Now I know how a calf feels at branding time.”

Both girls giggled and wiggled their bottoms; the heat went up as if that was possible. I put a hand on each of their hips and said, “Sit still before I do go up in smoke. You’re making it even hotter.”

“Poor Uncle Rick,” Rita said before she kissed me on the cheek.

“Yeah,” Mary said as she kissed the other one and then giggled.

I ran my hand up Rita’s side and cupped her left breast with my hand. She took a shuddery breath as I gave her a gentle squeeze. I reached with my right hand and pushed a key to switch to the next picture, the start of the playground pictures.

Mary looked over at my hand on Rita’s tit and whispered, “Hey, you can do the same to me, I can push the button to change the pictures.” She giggled as my hand slide up along her side and added, “Well, I think I can, anyway. You’ll be the first man to touch me there or anywhere else, for that matter.”

When my fingers bumped over her rock hard nipples and then cupped her whole breast, she gasped loudly and then groaned deeply, the heat from her loins getting even more intense. Her hips rocked back and forth for a second, and then there was a wet heat just above my knee, as she came long and hard.

Rita and I both watched as her body jerked and trembled through a giant orgasm. I had to hold onto her side to keep her from falling off my knee. Rita reached out and put a hand on her friends shoulder as a funny expression played over her face. Then she smiled and looked up at me as it turned to a grin. She winked and blew me a kiss. I grinned and winked back, as I knew exactly what she was thinking. She was thinking of the way she had exploded when I first sucked and licked her sensitive nipples.

When Mary started to come down, she leaned forward and laid her head on her arms at the edge of the desk. I ran my hand up and down her back, petting and caressing her. Rita caressed her neck and shoulders before brushing her fingertips along her cheek and jaw line.

Mary blew out a big long breath and then sighed. After a moment, she whispered, “I don’t know where that came from but it liked to have killed me.” She took a deeper breath and blew it out noisily. “I knew my nipples were connected directly to my pussy from playing with them or brushing against something but I wasn’t ready for the intensity of that. It was even more jolting than when Rita sucked on it.”

She slowly sat up and added, “Maybe it’s the fact that I’m naked and sitting on your Uncles knee or that I’d been looking at naked pictures of you. Hell, it was probably hearing about him eating you out. God, I’d probably die or explode if he did it to me.”

Rita giggled and said, “He could, you know.” I gave her a sharp look and a frown. “Well, maybe that might not be such a good idea.”

I moved my hand back to Mary’s waist and slowly caressed her side as I moved it upward. I stopped at the first swell of her breast and brushed my fingertips along the bottom of it. I moved my hand and cupped just the bottom third, keeping my hand away from her sensitive nipple. She sighed and took a deep breath arching her back to press her breast firmly against my hand.

“This is good enough for right now,” she whispered softly after I gave her a little squeeze.

Rita stepped us through the rest of the pictures of the playground. At the one of her on the monkey bars, Mary said, “Oh, I like that one.”

Then she laughed at the one of Rita hanging upside down. “Now that’s interesting,” she said as she grinned at Rita. “It causes things to run around in my imagination. If your head was low enough and the guy was tall enough, it would be an interesting sixty nine position.”

Rita laughed and said, “Dirty minds run in the same gutter, I had the same thoughts.”

Mary looked over at Rita and blushed as she asked, “Uh, you haven’t, you know, sucked on him or anything have you?”

Rita squirmed on my knee and replied, “No, but I thought about it a lot, especially when I was touching it. You know me and my oral fantasies.” She glanced around at me and grinned.

“Don’t even think about it, either one of you. In the state I’m in, I’d blow your head off your shoulders Kurtköy Escort in a matter of seconds,” I said in a whisper. My body giving a little shudder of its own.

Mary looked at me funny for a second, but before she could say anything, Rita giggled and said, “Anyway, I don’t think I could get the damn thing in my mouth. Well, the head maybe.” Mary’s eyes moved over to her girlfriend.

Rita grinned and added, “He’s bigger than what we saw in your dad’s girly books.”

When Mary looked back at me and started to open her mouth, I shook my head and said, “No way. You two are enough of a problem with my shorts on. I’m crazy enough as it is, so lets not get carried away. Go on, look at the pictures, and leave me out of it.”

Mary sighed and looked back at the computer screen. Rita changed the picture and Mary leaned forward to look at the picture closer. This was the one of Rita on the slide.

“Damn girlfriend, you’re kind of showing it all off, aren’t you?”

Rita giggled and nodded, “I was having fun teasing Uncle Rick. There was a hell of a tent in the front of his shorts and with him looking at me and taking pictures I was hot and wetter than I’d ever been in my life. I wanted to touch myself but….”

She flipped through the rest of the park pictures and then she came to the first one of her in the truck, when we got home that night. Mary looked at the picture for a moment and then said with a grin, “I know that look, I get it when I tease myself to the edge several times in a row and then hold back.”

Rita changed to the next two pictures, the one of her hands near sex and then the one with her touching herself, in quick succession. Mary laughed and whispered, “Get you some.”

When Rita flipped to the last shot, the one of just her face. Mary gave a little shuttering shiver and whispered, “Damn, you did, didn’t you?”

She glanced over at Rita and then licked her lips. “I’ve tried to see what I look like as I get off but it’s hard to do, even with a mirror. Anyway, I keep forgetting to open my eyes and look, but it does make for a good excuse to masturbate.” He ended with a giggling laugh. Rita joined her.

“Horny little brats,” I said under my breath, which made them laugh again. “Ok you two, get off me for a minute, while I get the burn cream for my knees, and load the rest of the pictures.”

They got up giggling. Rita asked if Mary wanted a coke and they headed for the kitchen. I watched them walk across the room and then gave a big sigh as they left the office. Damn, a man should have his head examined for messing with two young ones like that but…. I thought as I turned back to the computer, not daring to go past that but.


I had the pictures pulled up by the time they got back and Rita brought me a beer. They sat back down on my knees as I thanked her and brought up the first picture; the one of her standing out in the sun. None of us had seen any of these, except for me.

Both girls liked the first two and at the third one, the one of Rita bent over from the rear, Mary said, “Now, there’s a really great ass. Mine is too small and my hips are too big. Talk about being screwed up, that’s my ass.”

I started to chuckle as she said the last part of that and then I broke up, laughing my ass off. Both girls looked at me sharply for a moment and then Mary must have figured out what I was laughing at, because she started to blush even deeper than she had earlier.

Rita looked from me to her friend and back again a couple of times before her eyes lit up and she started to laugh. “Hey, that’s not what I meant and you know it,” Mary said quickly but she chuckled a little herself and added, “Well, we could call it a Freudian slip, I guess.”

Rita looked at Mary sharply and said, “Huh?”

Mary blushed lightly and glanced at me before she said, “Well, it feels good when I touch my asshole with my finger and I’ve even made myself come just playing with it. I know it sounds perverted but what can I say, I like it.”

“That’s gross,” Rita said and giggled.

I chuckled and said, “You’d be surprised how many women like it.”

Mary grinned and Rita looked at me funny. “See, I knew I wasn’t the only one,” Mary said.

I nodded at Rita and asked her, “Do you remember when I touched it with my tongue? For someone who didn’t like it, your hips were sure jerking and jumping.”

Now it was Rita’s turn to blush lightly. She looked back at the screen and whispered, “Everything you did was driving me out of my mind. What can I say; I was totally out of it.” She brought up the next picture, the first of the ones of her in the tree.

Mary grinned and said, “There she is folks, Jungle Rita in all her glory. All you need is a long vine to complete the picture.”

Rita laughed and said, “Uncle Rick had the long vine, although it looked more like a pole than a vine at the time.”

“Hey, I had good reason to be in that shape,” I said and chuckled. “Naked women in trees, does that to me.”

They laughed and Rita reached back and ran her hand over the front of my shorts, lightly touching my rock hard dick. “Naked women sitting on your lap, seems to have the same effect,” She said with a laugh. “Hell, that things been hard ever since I first came in here dressed in my trampy clothes.”

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